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    Need info regarding FS spa in Pune

    Hello friends,

    I am new to this forum and would require information regarding FS spa in the area. Lately I see many spa getting closed down line why spa in kaly. Can any one help in this regards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlowJob1  [View Original Post]
    Any indies with place?
    Ritu hw is available with a place. But she is a MILF and on the older side of age. But service is good and she is known for her BJ. Only thing is her older age. She must be more than 35 years.

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    Your PM is full please clear it. Need this contact can exchange some contact

    Hello Puneboy80,

    I am new to this group need good contacts I have couple of contacts of genuine SP which I can provide please clear your PM so I can send msg.

    Quote Originally Posted by PuneBoy80  [View Original Post]
    Thanks a lot Handlabour for sharing contact.

    Contacted this girl and went to her place. The Place is bit shady. But she says it is temporary. It is in Wan.

    Greeted me with water. Chit chatted. Shy girl. Lots of foreplay. Moaning a lot. Very very smooth and spotless body.

    Handful boobs. Tight pussy. Nice DFK. Open for every thing. And no time watcher.

    With share contact with genuine members expecting new contact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawman82  [View Original Post]
    The better choice between Pune and Mumbai will be of course Mumbai only, because of obvious reasons. More choices and more variety of prices. In fact girls from Mumbai come to Mumbai occasionally for this stuff. Most of Pune is dry and hardly few indies. Some of them are average looking with very high price and not worth. There are few SP here who you can try but the quality will be very bad. Most of the girls they shoe are heavily photoshopped and the girls are maid quality only.
    Thanks for the advice. I will be there March 2 and will see what I find. Thinking I will save some money and time for Mumbai.

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    Ritu again

    Had Ritu again on Sunday evening. Lot of FRs so won't go in details. I think age is a factor and all her juices have been sucked up. She is a lovely lady with very good attitude and GFE. I don't think I will be going again.

    Rates: 7.5 k for 2, Not a time watcher.


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    Read my FR

    Quote Originally Posted by SanjeevJain  [View Original Post]
    Got these pics from SP quoting 6 k 1 shot and 10 k for 2.

    Did any body try them yet?

    I'm still trying to lower the prices to reasonable level.
    I have tried the one in black and white. It's the same girl in my last FR. I would recommend.

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    Miss A Bhatt and Miss Burn lee Report

    Hello members,

    Writing post after many days because there was not worth of experience to write FR.

    Miss A Bhatt.

    After reading couple of posts about Miss A thought to try her and called at TT SP, ask lady on call who is available, she mentioned couple of names and name of Miss A Bhatt, told her to book slot of A Bhatt. I reached the place as per time, no name board on door, you need to identify it by the shop no. Written on its google page. Went inside and saw one old age uncle sitting on sofa, he asked me if I have a appointment with A Bhatt. I nodded yes, then he went outside of Spa and called Miss A as she was not present on location. She came after 10 minutes and ask which therapy I would like to take, quoted 1500 for 1 hour session, I just smiled and told her that this is not the correct rate, then she immediately came down at 1200 (by the way in entire Wakad, hinj. P.S. And K Phata have this standard rate for 1 hour, so if somebody ask for more, just deny, of course there are some standard places with higher rate). So Next she escorted me to room and asked me to change, she came back after 5 minutes and started massage. Then I asked her if she worked in hara gaon before, she sparkled and asked how do I know, I just told her I took her service 4 months back, then next question, how do you know that I started working here, I said just a guess. She was not happy on my answer and said you seems to be a lucky person who found her after so many days that to at new place, then she started saying many of her regulars are asking hara gaon people her number. After that she talked non stop. Massage was OK, full hints during complete massage. At last she asked about extras, I was not carrying packet so told her about HS and half open. Service was OK, her body is not worth of spending even 100, rough and poky. Anyways deed was OK.

    Damages- 1200 at counter+ 2000 for service.

    Body- 5/10.

    Attitude- 5/10 she is still in her dream of doing a big spa business and thinks nobody can provide service like her.

    Place- 6/10 Clean but shabby.

    WIR- No.

    Miss Burn Lee.

    She works in a Ruka hua paani spa at famous W building in wakad, I have taken massage from her multiple times, I would say she do excellent massage and far better than Thai beauties in Pune market. Of course extras are on plate but limited to HS and half open. Today I was very tired and gave preference to take massage from her, told her that I am tired and want good massage, she obliged. At end she asked for extra, today she was looking horny, asked her to remove complete top, she did and I fondled and sucked her assets like a wild horse, she got more horny, I asked her to lay down on massage bed, she started kissing me, also gave many kisses on neck, then I put hands in her pants and started rubbing lily and Bush, she was playing with my balls and licking my jhony like a ice candy (no BJ) , she was wet. After 10 minutes she realized that spa helper would be knocking door at any moment as time was over, then she did HS and I released load on her tits. It was superb experience with her today.

    Damages- 1000 at counter+ 1000 service.

    Body- 8/10 Soft and smooth but she is getting fat these days.

    Attitude- 10/10 very co-operative, not much of nakhras.

    Place- 9/10, they have got new stock of towels, so felt good.

    WIR- Outsource Yes.

    I understand many folks would like to visit these girls. Hints are very easy and little efforts (equivalent to sending PM) would help you to reach at them.



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    Indie Suchi

    Hi I got a number of an Indie named Suchie with number ending - 2872.

    Anybody tried her? Stays in Vishrantwadi and seems okay to chat.


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    Any indies with place?

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    Can anyone help me out with a contact

    I'm new in here, so don't know how things work. Thanks.

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    I have a contact of an Afro in Pune digits ending with 048. Any reviews on her?

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    KLPD in Pune

    Thanks to Sands007 and PbforU for sharing contacts.

    Unfortunately it was a KLPD. Tried to contact Ritu yesterday but she was not available.

    Then tried to contact Nisha and found her attitude strange! First was talking ok, then asked for my photo (I don't share any images neither do I ask anyone) and then she just stopped answering WA mssgs or calls. Tried a couple of times and now lost interest.

    I felt she acting this pricey with so much attitude is not good and the same would surely reflect in her services as well so just stopped. If someone is not interested to meet, she can just inform. Why show attitude?

    Unfortunately looks like a dry trip as will move out of town by evening.

    Anyways, thanks to seniors who helped without any expectations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictorBhai  [View Original Post]
    In the world where people are shelling 5 k plus for arrogant, time watchers and not worthy ones, I thing a ask for 3 k+ is fare with the kind of service one gets.

    Secondly, consider the factors for one to travel from one end of the city to another in that prices leaves very little for her. So next time when any of you want to meet her, be a considerate in choosing the area for hotel or be understanding if the ask is more.

    I am not her manager and nor a provider, but a little empathy takes it to a long way. Treat and respect the person and it would get reflected.

    It's hard earned money, so one should definitely be trying to save, but consider the others point of view as well. If it suits, go ahead, if not, move on. She's not the only one available for you (talking in general and not pointing to any individual) and nor are you (any individual) the only one.

    Keep exploring, sharing and enjoying!
    I fully agree buddy. If she is as per monger's taste, it's VFM.

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    Pune scene

    Thanks, Seems the trees that have lemons is not monger friendly. Managed another room temporarily and had an average Inde. Quoted 5 and negotiated to 3 k. It was an average experience and nothing much to write.

    The Regulars discussed in this forum asked me to come over to their place which was far from my hotel.

    Negotiating with some Afros for 1. 5 k for tomorrow which is some VFM.

    Can anyone feedback and on Inde Ragini? Asking to book oyo near place Kharadi.

    Another 3 days in Pune, hope I get some good dish this time.



    Quote Originally Posted by Rick5641  [View Original Post]
    There is one lodge (white building) at bhumkar chowk, just back lane of Big complex in chowk on service lane going towards Baner. Its very safe and rates are also cheap.

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    Got these pics from SP quoting 6 k 1 shot and 10 k for 2.

    Did any body try them yet?

    I'm still trying to lower the prices to reasonable level.
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