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    Any NE reference from Pune.

    I want to have personal service. Can anyone help me with contact.

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    Mizmar salon.

    Has anyone tried Mizmar salon and spa in Magarpatta, is it a normal spa or do they provide extra services.

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    Marathi HW.

    This will be a quick review. Thanks to ISG member for sharing her number.

    After I got mugged by the girl in black which I posted recently, I was of the opinion that its time to retire, but wanted to be sure about by having another bad experience.

    I messaged this girl on WA. And fixed the meeting.

    She operates around Mundhwa. Reached at her place was greeted by Soft drink and water. By a guy. I guess they are a couple (not sure).

    The girl is very friendly. Good attitude. She is clean down there so DATY was not a problem and she likes it too.

    Blow Job. Best in Pune so Far. Wet and sloppy. She loves it and takes it in really deep.

    She reminded me almost of a porn movie when the girl is done sucking and offers her ass to go doggy. Its very pleasing to see that.

    It was a good experience and for now I have postponed my retirement.

    Looks- average.

    Boobs- Handful.

    Pussy - 9/10.

    Attitude - 10/10.

    I went there for a short time, but will definitely share again.

    PM me for her details.

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    I know this is a long shot.

    There was this girl Vandana from Gangtok at the now closed Adeva spa in KP about a year back. Short, big boobs, pretty.

    Does anyone have her contact by any chance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SameerK6123  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    I am very new to mongering and has been silent reader for a while.

    I got one contact from one of the websites. Planning to meet her next week.

    I have never booked a hotel in Pune for this, so very new and scared of booking a hotel.

    Can someone suggest me a hotel around Wakad Hinjewadi and Baner area?

    Do they ask for ID? Will they object if I take a girl and ask her ID?

    Planning to use hotel only for deed. I guess couple of hours.

    Any tips will be very helpful..
    Use the app Stay Uncle No questions asked. But rates slightly on the higher side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DynoRulez  [View Original Post]

    Any one tried any Afros from Locanto? I have communicated with a couple but never got the guts to go in their "Lair". If anyone has been to them please share your feedback. Thanks.
    Yes, I have tried couple of times they are safe no issues.

    Service is also good. Most of them are around Pimpl G area or in and around salimar park.

    Also they do not look at time book for 1 hour and you can continue till you are done and dusted.

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    Pallavi 8 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by LulzAk  [View Original Post]
    Spoke to her recently. Completely agree. Though she has a good place. She is not worth 8 k. We must boycott her.
    8 k is too much. Must keep the price in check.

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    Shruti FR.

    This was the first time I was mongering in Pune. After RTFF, decided to meet to the famous inde's of Pune. Reached out to a couple of seniors from Pune but did not get much of a response. However a fellow newbie did respond with the Wakkad chick. However since reviews were not as positive as other seniors in Mumbai. Got a few responses but JustFishing from Mumbai was most helpful. He assisted me with Shruti's contact. Whatsapp'ed her and confirmed timing and location a few days earlier.

    She lives quite far away from KP and it took her over a HR to reach. She likes to smoke and she had informed me in advance. Had changed the room to smoking and turned out was a good decision, I too smoked after a long time. The pics she shares are a little flattering. Her bust size is no where close to what her pics suggest. She is definitely not a the Cup. Padded bras are a bane for all mongers.

    She arrived late. But now am used to that. She is dusky but I do not care for colour. She is definitely young and very smart. We started with a BJ and then proceeded to a shower. We finished off in a multitude of positions. Reverse cowgirl was my favorite position with her. After round one we started drinking but got a call from a friend to meet early in the morning. As she had turned up late it was already 11 in the evening by then. Had to curtail the session. My bad.

    Looks: 8/10.

    Bust: 7/10.

    Figure: 7/10.

    Damage: 10 k (one session) (amount negotiated was higher for 2 sessions but she asked for this).

    WIR: Yes!

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    Prepaid cards / Jasmin in BP


    Although I am not active in Pune forum now a days, posting this here as it is general in nature.

    Being currently in an extremely restricted environment at home, would like to know if any one is using or knows about pre paid cards which can be loaded with CASH. I need this card for hotel booking etc related to mongering activity. But main this, it must be loadable by cash as I don't want to appear in any of my bank transactions.

    I had met few time a very nice one from Darjeeling (She had NE Look) who went by the name Jasmin in BP. She had her own place. I tried her no after long time, but now that no. Belong to someone else. If any one knows her current no. Please Pm me.


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    Any good connects in Pune.

    Hi all,

    Can someone share new discoveries in Pune? Students, office going professionals, HW's. Kindly PM.

    Will reciprocate for Mumbai, Blr.


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    Review on Pallavi, Ritu, Shruti.


    Can someone review the girls in subject line? In touch with them want to know the experience, Value for money aspect, optimal reward to them. I can reciprocate for Mumbai & Bangalore.

    This Shruti is 256.


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    Please share contact.

    I am new to this city please share Ritu or other girls number.


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    MP in Hinjewadi.

    Hello fellow mongers,

    I am old monger of Pune sharing my experience of MP in Pune it hub area. Was in mood so book a appointment at A1 star spa in mall in that area. They have all Thai girls only. And best in that area. As I have visited all in area. Gave the nearby coupons rate at counter cash as they don't take card payment. Assigned a cute Thai of about 5.3 height. Girl name start with A. She is star and know what we want exactly. Age of about 25 I guess. Nice firm boobs of good size. And ass is best part. Massage started. A little chit chat at starting. Good oil massage. Touch my johnny 3 4 times. She is giving hints. And I like it. Back completed now the front massage start. I keep on staring her. She is giving a lots of smile. Then she asked do I need johnny massage by holding my johnny in her hand. I said what's on menu. She said HJ for 1 k B2B for 3 k. No FS on first meet. Bargain a bit and B2B for 2 k final. Now the best part start. She removed her clothes. Amazing body. Put a lots of oil on her boobs. And came on top of me. Kissed me like hell. Then rub her body on mine for 10 minutes. I also kissed her every inch of her body. Did a little DATY she was clean there. She rubbed my johnny on her pussy. That feeling is amazing. Come on her boobs. She take me to shower and help me in clean the oil. Put soap on my back Also. Dressed. Hugged and kissed her again. Left the spa. Overall good. Will repeat again for sure.

    Damage. 1 k counter. 2 k inside to that beauty.

    Got her number. I think she is new.

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    Main thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter248  [View Original Post]

    First of all, big thanks to Panvel1 for sharing her details.

    Messaged her on WhatsApp in the evening with Panvel1's reference. She was quick to respond and agreed to meet at her apartment in Keshav Nagar in east Pune. I went there around 7 pm.

    Its a bit difficult to find the apartment as it's highly populated area with so many small gullies. However, she does share enough pics of her society to help.

    Greeted me with a glass of water. She was wearing shorts and a black t-shirt. I was disappointed by the looks as it's about 50% of the pic we had on the forum. However, I knew this before as I had a video call before. So, if you want to decide whether to proceed or not, have a video call.

    She promptly guided me to the bedroom where a mattress is laid on floor. It's nothing fancy, but clean and okay. Asked me to cleanup and then started the deed.

    Coming to the deed, she definitely tries to please you and really engage in the act. BBBJ is really good as she licks it like a candy, deep suck and also plays with balls. Boobs are not big, but firm and beautiful. You can play with them as long as you want. After BJ, I started fingering her and she definitely enjoys it. Heck, my hands were tired as she kept pushing for more.

    After long foreplay, started in miss, switched to doggy and finished..
    Great FR. How's the pussy? Non- smelly and tight or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBfor  [View Original Post]

    Visited Bliss spa at NIBM last week as was looking for a good Thai massage. Allocated a Thai girl named start with na which was looking Ok, Received good massage. At the end of that she indicated if I required any other services in broken English. Though I was not in mood asked for the rate, she started with 1.5 K for HJ which I refused upfront. After few negotiation deal is final in 1 K to HJ and top less access. She is having quite good assets, sucks them hard and fingered base while she performing HJ. Satisfied.

    Damage - 1.5 K at counter + 1 K.

    WIR- Might be if not found any new one.

    Have they put doors now or still have curtains. Good to know that they have Thais now. Due to LE they keep in NE.

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