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    Maids with benefits?

    I wonder if you get an AirBnB for a few weeks, whether there is a way to get a maid with benefits? One who cooks and cleans and keeps me warm in bed? In principle everything exists in India, just for a foreigner it moght be hard to unlock these levels?

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    Does Varsha Lodge still exist?

    Long time ago I tried Varsha Lodge. Does it still function?

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    Sucking boobs while getting head.

    Has anyone tried this ever. Like is these possible with some exercises or yoga.

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    Sam Sneha Couple

    Tried this couple based near Vishrantwadi (Bopkhel to be precise).

    Setup is one BHK flat with a dog.

    Guy seemed humble and guided well to the place.

    Lady tells age to be late 20's but seemed early 30's to me with lot of tantrums like no kissing, no pressing of boobs, starts taking your hands away as soon as you start feeling small sized boobs. Lacks participation and energy.

    Overall OK ok experience. Nothing to mention worth of ratings. Damages 4 k for single.

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    Two FRs

    Friends hope all well.


    Famous Nat* Spa 2nd floor opp. Petrol pump.

    Tried Chri#stie.

    Ratings 7/10.

    Damage 1. 2 K counter, 2. 5 K B2 B.


    Famous ST Spa Ban#.

    Tried Son#.

    Ratings 6/10.

    Damage 1. 5 k counter 2. 2 K B2 B.

    Please DM for any comments / info.


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    Hi all,

    Any review available on the this bird from MR?

    Thanks in advance.

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    ThreeSome FR.

    My regular SP pinged me with some chicks pics. I asked him for threesome. As threesome is my fantasy. He agreed and he arranged 2 ladies.

    One was "Re. Ma" she is mid 30's with avg look dusky.

    Second one was "n. Ta" she is early 30's. Dusky girl.

    Placed fixed. Nd I reached with beers and Breezers their, both girls already their and waiting for me.

    Started some chitchat along with drinks then went to washroom for wash and moved to bed. Started with DFK. And is at my Leftside and are is at my Right side. We all are nude. We are doing intense DFK to each other. Then are started liking my body. Slowly she went to jhony and started BBJ here I am doing intense DFK. Boobs sucking with and. Fingered to her wet pussy. Now and also went down for BBJ. Both ladies are sucking my cock one by one. It was pleasure. One was sucking balls and another one was doing Deep throat. Meanwhile I am squeezing boobs of are and started figuring her. I was enjoying. . and was super hot. She has realy good BBJ skills. Are Rolled condom and and Initiated that fuck. Started with WOT, Reverse cow girl then ended with Missionary.

    First session is done. Washed. And get back to bed.

    We had beer and breezers. Due to drinks. And was hanged.

    After some time and started intense BBJ and are started DFK. Are also has avg BBJ and DFK skills. Rolled condom and Started banging are. Meanwhile. And is also on me. Started kissing me. It was good experience. I unloaded my guns in missionary.

    Both girl has avg looks.


    Looks: 6.

    Body: 6.

    Boobs: 7.

    DFK: 6.

    BBJ: 9.

    Pussy: loose 6.

    WIR: Yes.


    Looks: 5.

    Body: 5.5.

    Boobs; 5.5.

    DFK: 7. 5.

    BBJ: 7.

    Pussy. Loose 6.

    WIR: may be. If I have no option.

    Both girl has good attitude, service total GFE but looks are not that great.

    One drawback is. Both are not doing Lesbo. That pleasure was missing.

    Total Damage 10 k 1 session with each.



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    Golden Rules


    Never forget below 2 golden rules of mongering.

    1. Never pay advance.

    2. Never break rule 1.

    Enjoy Mongering.


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    Isha Pimpri

    Can you please provide Isha pimpri contact or agent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gongronald  [View Original Post]
    This is my very first contribution to the forum.

    I was in the UK for 6 years, contributed a lot on the ukpunting website.

    Got this girl from SP. Isha, she is in Pimpri and has a place near Shagun Chowk. Not very great place but if you don't want to go to hotel it works. This is from 2 weeks ago.

    Coming to the deed. The SP had given her my details, she came on activa and picked me up.

    Figure looked great so I was already excited.

    She took me to the room, I was on bike as well so parking was quite easy.

    Went in, she switched off the light. Took off clothes.

    Nice girl with good face and nice figure as well.

    She was ok with lip kiss and not DFK. Not a deal breaker for me.

    Johny was up, she put cover on. Asked but BBBJ was not cards..

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    Tried this?

    Did anyone tried Amrita from FB? Seems operated from pics.

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    No matter who is in question never forget below 2 golden rules of mongering.

    1. Never pay single rupee online.

    2. People asking advance are frauds.

    Enjoy Mongering.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Star1987  [View Original Post]

    SP Subhash is asking advance, kindly guide.
    I know him for last 3 years and every time I have paid advance, but never had any issues of cheating.

    Many super seniors might have the same experience as I did.

    Anyways it's up to you to move ahead.

    Happy mongering.

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    I paid him and got the service

    So it's upto you

    Quote Originally Posted by Star1987  [View Original Post]

    SP Subhash is asking advance, kindly guide.

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    Tried tested

    Agree but this one is tried and tested. Seems to be a helpful guy

    Quote Originally Posted by KenTheRockstar  [View Original Post]
    Absolutely no advance to neither SP nor the girl. Make this a thumb rule. I stopped connecting SP in Pune for the same reasons. There were few genuine like SP Dev, Pravin, there one guy operating from kp I forgot his name. Etc few years back used to provide nice girls. But now it's difficult to rely on any SP.

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    Picked from Insta

    All these are picked from insta public profiles. A big no and stay away. Quite fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by PussyPanda  [View Original Post]

    Any review for attached birds? . shared by SP.

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