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    Russian in town

    Hello everyone,

    Met this Russian girl a year ago through an SP. Received good services by her. She shared her number and told that she will contact me directly when she visit Pune.

    Met her 2 times in last year. She gives good service.

    Can share her number to seniors and one who can share good contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter0077  [View Original Post]

    Even 5 k is not worth for her. Any deed with her is like she is doing us a favour. We have to pay for her enjoyment, but she will not care about us. Not worth even 3 k. Her BJ skills is shit. Simply avoid her. Not worth.

    Keep safe.

    After all these negatives I have decided to not avail her services. Will look for alternatives. Any leads will be helpful.

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    Spa in aundh

    Hi bro,

    I don't have pm as of now as can't avail the subscription. Search of crosswords in Aundh and there is a so starting with why there. Hope you get it this time. Enjoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by AKS84  [View Original Post]
    Can you please PM me the name.



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    Spa seems closed for last week in Ban

    Hi fellows,

    Seems like LE are high on actions, I gone towards ban area in Pune, surprise to see that almost all spas are closed on weekends in this area. And in weekdays as well no-one answering calls.

    So returned with-out any action.

    Not sure about Aun though.

    Stay safe!! And Avoiding this area may be for a week.

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    Thanks for help

    Hi bro,

    Thanks for this tip. Will. Keep a note.

    She played the hard ball and since it was my 2nd exp. , got carried away.

    What should be the normal prices for BBJ at spas.

    Quote Originally Posted by CougarHunter10  [View Original Post]
    3 k is too much for a BBBJ. Negotiate well guys these Thai chicks look for money so you got to play hard balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaGa69  [View Original Post]
    Went to this spa in VN opp the mall on Nagar road. On weekdays they charge 1.4 k NB price for 90 minutes (75 + 15 for bath). Didn't know anyone so was assigned a regular NI. Miss K (story in Sanskrit). Told reception that don't need oil massage and they said I can take 90 minutes dry for same price. They filled and form saying 90 minutes and asked me to tell the therapist for dry massage.

    When she came was pretty happy to see a fair looking tall girl about 5'7" wearing a low neck T and light blue denims.

    Took me to a side to wash feet. While she washed had a nice glimpse of her largish tits and black bra.

    Took me to a room and asked to change. Changed to a dispo and wrapped a towel. She came in 5 minutes with the form, asked to lie down facing downwards, Removed the towel and started massage. Decent massage. Started with small talks and she told she had ran from her hometown Jodhpur and to try her luck in modelling. Didn't work out so she learnt massaging and joined spa.

    About 15 minutes in the massage, she got comfortable, removed the dispo and continued with back massage with her hands not touching balls and junior. But still she didn't say anything about extras.

    Some more massage and she asked me to turn and I was completely naked in front of her. No comments yet from her.

    After about 50 minutes of massage she said massage over. Reminded her that the form said 90 minutes and 40 minutes still left. So she asked what else I wanted so popped the question of extras. B2B for 3 k, BBBJ for 4 k. Asked if she does FS and she said she does but outside..

    I observed that you do not have PM activated so far. So can you share a hint about this spa. Please? Some name hint asnf oppo which mall?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scionf  [View Original Post]
    Greetings to the fellow members of the forum.

    I have been a silent reader of the forum for past one month. Got various ideas of rates of independent and spas.

    Recently I joined the Hub for better networking & by luck found a number for the independent of Moshi Pradhikaran Area.

    As I am very new to this was a bit hesitant to call her so contacted her via Whatsapp. Number is verified on truecaller.

    Does anybody has any info regarding Abhilasha number ending with 483.

    She is willing to come to hotel & has quoted 5 k for 3 hrs. +hotel extra.

    She had sent her pic & then deleted it. Was OK.

    Senior members kindly be generous & helpful in reviews.

    Anyone with a review would be truly helpful.
    Yes Abhilasha near Moshi Pradhikaran. I met her about two years ago. Just for clarification, her father is a school teacher / a principal. Is that right? I actually took her for free and dropped her back. She was like a dead fish. She was like. You do whatever you want. I am just here under you with my legs spread. Don't know if she has improved in the past two years. But she is cooperative in the sense that she will allow you to do whatever. She does not participate itn it. Does not even open her lips for a nice kiss. Go to her if you have no other choice and if you just need some release.

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    Wonder Ritu

    Hi guys,

    This forum has been a great source of information, FIRs have been really helpful. Just need one last help from you guys. There has been great rounds of appreciations for Ritu. All I request is for her contact. Will definitely stick to the general rates.

    What I can contribute is contact of couple of SP's that I and my friends have tried over the years.

    [Email address deleted by Admin]. I am looking to buy the subscription from long time but due to non working of credit cards could not. Also finding it difficult to buy the bitcoins because India duh.

    Will be leaving Pune for good couple of years at least.

    Hope you guys understand.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyDream8  [View Original Post]
    I met her twice. First time experience with B2B was OK.

    Second time I opted only for TL + HJ in 1.5 k. When I was sucking her tits she got aroused To such a level that she removed all her clothes and wanted me to insert. My mind prevailed it's senses and released quickly to avoid control of my Johnny over brain.

    Looks and figure is great as you mentioned.

    Her Hindi doesn't sound from Rajasthan. It is north east style Hindi.
    Can you PM me the name of this spa?

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    I agree with you. She is not worth even half the price. This is not to hurt anyone but genuine advice. Guys, please smarty use your money. 25 k is just too much and you can get much more fun and gems in 25 k.


    M Jack.

    Quote Originally Posted by BondBond  [View Original Post]
    Wow. Another one at 25 k a night. Where are we heading towards? Requesting all members to negotiate a fair price rather than accepting whatever they ask for. Seems Pune is becoming the most expensive city for mongering.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I doubt whether these FRs are from real mongers or SPs or Indie selling their stuff here.

    These FRs are from relatively new mongers on this site.

    If you are a real monger then Please do not spend more and increase market price.

    Quote Originally Posted by BondBond  [View Original Post]
    Wow. Another one at 25 k a night. Where are we heading towards? Requesting all members to negotiate a fair price rather than accepting whatever they ask for. Seems Pune is becoming the most expensive city for mongering.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Wow. Another one at 25 k a night. Where are we heading towards? Requesting all members to negotiate a fair price rather than accepting whatever they ask for. Seems Pune is becoming the most expensive city for mongering.

    Just my thoughts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smithkk  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Banged this cute girl for whole night, new I'm business.

    Contacted one of our trusted groups.

    Then fixed the deal.

    She is college going girl.

    Little expensive (25 k whole night) but worth.

    Will not say much below is the report.

    Face 9/10 cute.

    Ass 10/10 nice in shape.

    Boobs 7/10 small.

    Pussy 10/10 super tight and juicy.

    GFE 8/10.

    Overall 9/10.

    Contact Only for trusted guys.


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    Hey 12 k for a session is a steep price. I know it's a college girl but let's keep the prices in control. Just my thoughts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kkn6414  [View Original Post]
    I got a contact from my friend, called her, first she was pretending differently but then I gave my friends ref.

    Then she agreed to meet last Sunday. She does not share pic.

    Talking about her, she is a college going girl with pretty face.

    I was surprised to see her. After chit-chat, we started smooching.

    Her pussy was a bit tight. Really enjoyed.

    Damage- 12 K.

    Face- 9/10.

    Body- 10/10.

    Boobs- 7/10.

    Pussy- 8.5/10.

    Attitude- 9/10.

    WIR Definitely yes.

    Will share contact only with guys having quality contacts in Pune, Mumbai Delhi & Bangalore.

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    Thanks Pratty69 bro for sharing digits.

    Called her anf gav ref and she agree to meet in evening. Decided to meet at Khadki oyo and checked in with her.

    Started with DFK and great slopy BBJ.

    Not writing in details as everything available in forum about her.

    Look- 3/10.

    Pussy- loose.

    BBJ- 8/10.

    Service 7/10.

    Enjoyed the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickRage123  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Writing a report after a long time.

    This was my second visit to a spa starting with why in Aundh above the famous bookstore there.

    I went there without an appointment and asked for Thai masseuse. They said one is getting free in 20 minutes. Shall we provide someone else. Flatly refused. Are counter was asked whether coming for 1st time here by mistake I said yes. So at the counter were hesitant to give further details and they suggested me to go for dry body massage.

    And waited. Booked for 1 hour session and entered the room. Comes in ms ona (rhymes with sona). She said wear dispo and will come in 5 minutes. I wanted extra services and wanted to be clear from the start so I didn't wear the dispo was in towel only. She said you don't want to wear I said no. She smiled and started the massage.

    Good massage on back and hints of massaging near the area. Then asked me to lie on back and then started massaging thigh and upwards touching those areas slightly. I didn't want to waste time so I asked extra services. She said what you want. I said full service. She denied we don't do that here. Then what I asked. She said hand job. B2 b massage. I went further asked for blowjob. She smiled first said no. Massage continued for another 5 minutes then she said OK. I asked how much. Had to negotiate hard but boy those last 20 minutes were heaven.
    3 k is too much for a BBBJ. Negotiate well guys these Thai chicks look for money so you got to play hard balls.

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