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    Quote Originally Posted by PuneHunter248  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone brought membership by Bitcoin? I have been reading the forum for a few months and wanted to buy subscription. But, bitcoin seems to be a roadblock due to the uncertainty.

    I have taken today through the procedure mentioned few pages back by fellow monger. Simple and straight forward.

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    Please give Ritu contact

    Hi senior Mongers, somebody please PM me Ritu contact?

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    Why Spa late post

    Quote Originally Posted by CougarHunter10  [View Original Post]

    Is the spa open again? Since past few weeks it was closed due to LE. Can anyone please confirm latest updates?
    No, I went there more than 3 months ago. Now they are operating only out of Kal. Nagar I think.

    Apologies for the late post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panvel1  [View Original Post]
    Great M. Jack. You certainly are lucky. Second one in a row.
    Thanks brother.

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    Europeans are hard to find. But there are few SP's who keep Russians but they have limited availability. True Russian is hard to find. I think you can't get less than 8 k for a shot.


    M Jack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ltyrion5  [View Original Post]
    Hi M Jack,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm new to this mongering world. I want to try European or Russian.

    But I don't know how much to set the deal for short time or for the night. Can you please confirm average cost for the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raj2121  [View Original Post]
    This is my first FR. Thanks to Mayhem096 bro for sharing Priya contact. I was in touch in with Ritu and Priya. After discussion on WA decided to go with priya.

    Went to Priya's location in mohammadwadi around 3 pm in afternoon. Her place is small 1 bhk. Her husband was sleeping in hall when I visited. She guided me to bedroom and we started the deed.

    It was overall an OK experience. Tried missionary and finished in WOT. She has a bit of tummy. Average boobs. Allowed kissing. Paid 3 k and left in about 30 minutes.

    WIR. Maybe.
    Is she in mohammadwadi or wanawadi?? Both places are far from eachother.

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    Locanto couple

    Fellas. Has anyone tried couple with locanto ID 'wife4 funpune'?

    They are only communicating through locanto and meet for 10 k.

    They are asking my face Pic to verify if I am known to them. LOL.

    Let me know guys if anyone had tried this.

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    Mahal spa, JD chowk P.S.

    The same name with Bhatt, in Mahal spa JD chowk

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoCupid1  [View Original Post]
    You can give spa name and area pointers. Let me try..

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    You are definitely wrong for Pune's spa

    You can not compare Delhi with Pune, Pune is very dry compared to Delhi. But most of the spa in Pune offer extras, I can suggest you some spa in Kondhwa, I am not familiar with Kothrud area. And hence costly

    Quote Originally Posted by Samarth123  [View Original Post]

    Can you help. Me with the spas as I see most of the spas in Pune are family spa and they do not offer any services.

    Also if you compare the charges and services they are not worth. Charges are too high. I was in Delhi for almost 4 yrs and have visited lot of spas. They are damn cheap and the services are also amazing.

    Actually I need some one in Kothrud. Where I can get a regular massage done with the services. Also if you guys can help. Me with BBW, MILF, newly married housewives that would be of great help.

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    Yes it's open since last 2 days.

    Quote Originally Posted by CougarHunter10  [View Original Post]

    Is the spa open again? Since past few weeks it was closed due to LE. Can anyone please confirm latest updates?

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    Any feedback of her

    Any review of her.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BDF673AD-197D-4871-AE7C-3CB61CFAD4BC.jpg‎   BB864C28-8332-4DCC-A9D4-121EACF4E23E.jpg‎   ACA02A92-2FC8-45E9-BF54-E4E9D4E22402.jpg‎  

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    Why spa Aundh open?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigTimeMonger  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellow mongers,

    I have tried Lita in why Spa Aundh. Though her service is top class, she has 2 navels and I believe she's a lady boy. Surprised no one reported this before.

    I am looking forward to try someone apart from Lita in why Spa, who gives as good a service and is biologically 100% female.

    Would someone please suggest some other therapist there?

    Thanks in advance for doing God's work.

    Is the spa open again? Since past few weeks it was closed due to LE. Can anyone please confirm latest updates?

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    Ritu on twitter?

    Quote Originally Posted by RockyHere  [View Original Post]
    Thank you very much to all Seniors who shared Ritu contact.

    I had fun with Ritu for 2 hours. She is very soft spoken and cooperative in positions.

    Is Ritu on twitter?I have not active PM. I am new to pune. Can anyone guide me

    BJ is her mastery, she does like she enjoys it.

    I am getting more hungry. Can somebody share any tall-fair type bird also?
    Is ritu on twitter? I am new to Pune. I am from gujarat. I have not active pm. I can share SP numbers from gujarat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panvel1  [View Original Post]
    They won't ask for advance.
    Summertime1985, please read older FR's from Panvel1. You will know the reason why to avoid this couple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerTime1985  [View Original Post]

    They not asking for advance and shared few pics of her.

    Il try and get more detials and find out more before going ahead.
    They won't ask for advance.

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