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    First Ever Powder Massage

    Went to A SPA in Kh area opp to a School in the area.

    Counter charges 1. 3 K, negotiates the NB pieces directly. The counter lady / girl was wearing a deep neck top was wanting to ask her but she seemed more like the owner and was my first time.

    Did not ask for any particular therepist but they have all locals. Was assigned one named Miss P.

    She looked fine, fair skin decent face and most notable feature was a slight between the front two teeth.

    The Spa has only roll down curtains (two layers) and no does. In she came closed the curtain and asked you want oil massage or powder.

    "powder " massage was interesting and a first for me.

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    Solapur contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vishvas  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone please give any contact or leads in Solapur?
    Did you find any Solapur contact.

    I also require contacts.

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    Number PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by shubhamrock  [View Original Post]
    since last two years i have tasted different birds and have lot of fr's but i would like share my first fr.

    I started searching contacts on different sites. Also got numbers but did not dare to contact them directly. So next attempt was to sent mails to different accounts but did not get much response expect from one sp which sent few pics. So i selected one bird for 5 k (2 hours). This conversation was with mails only. This was first encounter so i decided for out calls only for more comfort and secure but still i was afraid of cheating. Finally called him and guided the location (where we decided to meet). He reached on time with bird and parked his bike behind my car and approached towards me and was trying to open car door but i acted smartly and rolled down window only and handed over 5 k.
    Can you upload on the forum contact details.

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    Hi everyone.

    I am new to ISG.

    I have seen a lot of posts about Pallavi, Pooja and Ritu.

    Can someone help me with their contacts.

    To anyone who has best among the rest.

    Kindly PM.


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    Great feedback. Just a small question.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigTimeMonger  [View Original Post]

    I visited this place 2 hours ago and such a rip off.

    I called J and the aunty picked up. She asked me to go to another location in Baner-Pashan link road. There's a famous company in Baner that sells world famous antivirus. Previously it's name started with S and now it starts with V. Synonym of V is Truthful. Behind that company is a link road and a famous coffee shop which also has a library, whose name starts with P. In the same plaza on first floor is a shop that starts with be.
    Nice feedback. Just a question. Was it b&b on first floor. A ladies parlour?

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    I too have a contact of afro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adityac1990  [View Original Post]
    She is OK OK types. Don't give more that 2 k. Have met her many times. They are total OK 4 fnds staying at a flat.
    I also have a contact haven't tried it yet but.

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    New to ISG.

    I am new to this forum.

    Kindly help me with this forum.

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    New to this forum.

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum.

    I don't know how it works.

    Can anyone guide me as to how this works.

    How to msg and chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuneExplorer  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Last week I was swiping through Tinder profiles where this girl came on screen. She had those decent features so I thought to read her bio. She mentioned that she is available on Insta and people should message her there. I thought to give a try, so requested her to add me there. She added me next day and I checked her profile where she mentioned that she is an Independent model in Pune.

    After decent conversation, she mentioned that she is staying alone in KP and has her own flat. She would be interested to meet me on Friday for 2 hours for a fee 2 K.

    Interested people DM me for further details.
    Bro, your inbox is full. Could you please connect me to her? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaughtyBoy22  [View Original Post]
    Can you PM me contact details.
    Afros contact is easily available on Loc. I got about 6-7. Thanks to Aditya I have set a deal of 2 k with one and will be visiting soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star1987  [View Original Post]
    Hello mongers,

    I have 11 girl's number whose name are.

    Mobile sim with run.

    She was an Indian film actress, who starred in a number of successful Hindi and Telugu motion pictures in the early 1990's Known for her acting versatility, vivacity and beauty, she is regarded as one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses of her time.

    Blue design.

    Capital of Italy.

    Grass v.

    South famous actress starting with K..
    Send me the details.

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    Can you PM me contact details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adityac1990  [View Original Post]
    She is OK OK types. Don't give more that 2 k. Have met her many times. They are total OK 4 fnds staying at a flat.
    Can you PM me contact details.

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    Please clear inbox.

    Dear friend,

    Can you please clear your inbox? Or PM me. Need some guidance. Thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyNewbie  [View Original Post]
    Hi folks,

    I have been mongering in Pune and Mumbai for quite some time now. Any newbie any info feel free to contact me through PM will definitely help newbies. I don't want newbies getting trapped or spending more on shit quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krishnu1  [View Original Post]
    I contacted Ritu 2 days back and she quoted 10 k for 2 pops within 3 hours, then I refused then saying too high and then she didn't respond then yesterday she pinged asking me for any plan, then again I told her your quote is high powt which she replied 8 K as final. Post reading all the post here I felt 8 k is too high for her.
    Quote Originally Posted by PrometheusAxe  [View Original Post]
    FR from 2 weeks back.

    I would like to begin with a big thanks to Mayhem096. He tried his best to find me something and it was his MP contact that worked in the end.

    So I was on a short visit to Pune 2 weeks back. A frustrated post from me led Mayhem to contact me and he provided some SP numbers. Although I was in touch with Miss are I was not sure about going ahead with her as did not find her fuckable from her pics.

    Coming to the Sp suggested by Mayhem, he shared 2 pics on whatsapp with covered faces. I agreed to the second one. He had been pretty cordial on call and Called me to a restaurant in Kharadi and took me to a society nearby where they have a pretty shitty place ont he third floor. The girl whose covered pic was shared earlier was sitting in the room with a mattess without even a bedsheet. She was listening to something and seemed totally disinterested. The catch was that I could make out it was the first girl he had sent who I did not like initially anyway. Looking at her face and attitude and the condition of the place I was totally pissed off. I asked the sp if he has anyone else he said nothing as of now. I said I can't work with and walked out wihtout paying a penny.
    Can you share SP S number.

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    New indie. Need reviews.

    Has anyone tried her. Claims to be an indie. Don't know the location where she operates from. Charges 6 K 1 shot, no place. Reviews required.
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