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Thread: Nibu Raphael in Panama

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This blog is moderated by Nibu Raphael
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    Golden Time Update

    Went last night to Golden Time, and to my surprise, it only had 10 girls available, it seems that a good number of girls were taking small vacations due to the holiday. I was informed that they are expecting new inventory (aka fresh meat) by the middle of January.

    Anyway, I was already there and I was fricking horny, so I took my chances with Isabela (No. 1). Boy, it was a good experience. First her looks: I give her a solid 8 out of 10, kind of small, good tits, firm body, nice ass. Attitude: 10 out of 10, extremely nice girl, I could ask her to be any sweeter. Fucking: solid 8, gives a good BJ. Massage: 10, she gives awesome massages. Overall: solid 9.

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    Happy Nude Year For 2008...

    OK I Think this is the year Nibs Finally conquers Fucking Panama.. I hope fucking March OR April I am Here For sure.. OK if anyone can update ME Also on THE Wild side of Panama too Like Porn shoots, Nude beaches,Swingers Clubs,,If Swingers Get GangBangs on in Any porno Cinemas IN Panama??? Where to Find SEXXXY Lingerie And Bondage Gear for Your Girl IN Panama Please Guys post it here for sure,,, NIBU.....

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    You May Be Fucking Right This Time Around Johan..

    YEH MAN JUST LIKE I Just posted in MY last Thread Damn But WHY Would They have a Bad Attitude in Panama?? Would it not BE Costa Rica With all THE Gringos there???
    Quote Originally Posted by Johan007

    I told ye so,

    Them Panama girlies are NOT easy;.) if ye want easy pickings better go off to to fucking Thailand. Or Laos! LOL Them girls all seem to have a contact issue iow they have a lack of communication skills. (I am NOT speaking about their english skills here) Only thing what flowers them up is some green backs.

    Eeerrrr and I do make sense once ina while Nibu;.) you should know that!

    Them US black girls are nasty looking. But have a nasty attitude too:.(FTS big time dude. You know I like them hot and black. But I aint an idiot! Any guy how is spending his $$$ on ass in the US must be crazy. Better go south. And have some real ass:.)

    So now you wanna go to the DR? Gawddddd help us. That place realy is getting a mayor turist trap and them girls are mega sharks:.(FTS.

    However they look nice. But I rather have a 7 fucking my dick off then a 9 that plays dead fish in bed;.) Hows that dudie?


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    Whats The Best Sites To Find Panama Girls????

    OK People Worst Luck SO Far I have HAD With Panamanian Girls HAS BEEN ON BADOO,,, Hi 5 so so,, MYspace not that many I have contacted,, AFF I got some good contacts from David,, AFF Seems Better Finding SeXXXy Swinging Ladies compared to IN Costa Rica,,,,SO Yeh It Seems promising on that note at least,, I am also on Netlog too,, Has ANY One HAD Girls FROM Panama ON Netlog????
    OK Switching gears AS Much AS KOS IS AN Asshole And Johan Complains I would say one thing those two buddies seem right on Panamanian Girls.. Like ONE example them over Girls IN Costa I have not Been to either of those countries YET,, BUT the Costa Girls in contact with ME Seem TO BE Sweethearts,, THE Panama Girls More Bitches and its THE Black Girls Like that OR Mulattas.. WHY they Have LIKE AN Angry Black American Girl Attitude?? Hope I am mostly wrong on this but So Far this is THE Results I AM getting,,NIBU...

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    MAYBE I AM IN Panama IN LATE March...

    OK I Still Need New Updates HERE,, What Can I Expect at this time in late march will Be Happening in Panama??? I Did watch THE Boss MANS site And Where Baby Gangster goes to The Hood THE PORNO MIDGET,,, It WAS Funny But Yeh looked like THE Black Ghetto Barrio in Panama City Crazy.. What ARE These Bad Barrios in Panama Shitty all about too??? Any Action to GET HOT BABES THERE??? I also know a Hot Babe Thats FROM las Cumbres a Black/Mulatta Type Babe.. I know her from Badoo.. Where IS las Cumbres too??? OK Updates HERE Would BE Great,,NIBU.
    Last edited by Nibu Raphael; 12-26-07 at 10:30. Reason: FUCKED UP WEBSITE...

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    Well, this time of the year is very slow for brothels and strip clubs, not for the lack of customers, but for the lack of *****s...most of them go back to their mothercountry (Colombia in 95% of the cases) the be with their families for xmas (hey, they are humans beings you know!).

    I went out last week and checked the following:

    1. Crystal Moon: 2 or 3 girls above average, the rest are below par. Too expensive for my taste.

    2. Midnight: total joke, they don't even take credit cards.

    3. Elite: one of the few places that's pack with colombianitas, lot to choose from, downside: expensive!

    4. Club Miami: fewer girls than usual...Natalia is the queen of the place.

    5. Golden Time: also fewer girls than usual, I recommend No. 12.

  7. #158

    Golden Time

    Instead of getting so hot, just do a search on the main board. Here is a previous posting of where it is as well as a tip to save $10.

    When you take a cab directly to GT, the driver gets a $10 commission. If instread you have him drop you off at Noveys or even Popeye's and then walk over the rate is $84. Cabs are easy to find over there, often there will be one waiting, if not just walk out to the street and flag one down.

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    I Wish I Knew More On Golden Times United???

    SEEMS Like Most people have the info here but will not give it up,, Hopefully someone can post us also a good review on The Girls AT Golden Times,,,If So That Would Rule,, Maybe photos Of the Girls From Golden Times And phone Numbers too...
    Quote Originally Posted by United1
    Does anyone have the address for Golden Times? At least the cross streets. What neighborhood is it in?


  9. #156

    ITS SO Fucking Hard TO Answer ME?????

    WOW I Post interesting questions my last thread and no one can answer me on this???? Am I like THE Town Idiot OF the ISG??? Man I just want info and no one can give it to ME???
    OK On To United Did You finally Hit Costa??? If You do post back here IN the Nibu IN Panama Section.. Its only Fair Then,, NIBU....

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    Seeking for Panama IN March..

    OK I am still Here And thinking of Panama, Yeh Man It would Be Maybe The middle of March For a short time then off To Ecuador And Peru.
    I think before Though I arrive IN Costa Rica Like Feb. 26th From maybe Mexico Shitty To SEE Iron Maiden in San Jose.. Tickets from 14 to 70 dollars.. Who Knows I might Even Buy the 70 dollar tickets.
    Anyways Then Yes IN March I should Be IN Panama.
    What Can I expect IN Panama For March Time? Whats The Action Like? Since I am asking on all, I will Ask What United Said Any New info on Golden Times too??? Whats The Specials there too? Any New Updates ON The Scene IN Downtown with The Cheap ***** Brothel Bars??? Any other info on SW Zones?? While posting too Whats THE situation on The Swingers Scene in Panama? Any Good Porn Stuff To BE Found IN Panama?
    I have Heard That The Boss Man from Loves To Film IN Central America But mostly IN Costa Rica And Panama,, I heard He is Now IN Medellin doing over 200 shoots,, Thats Insane He wants to TAKE Bang Brothers For The Ride,, Yeh Check out his others sites too like HE Films around Many Latin Destinations for Sure,, OK People Updates ON Panama please,,, NIBU....

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    More On David...

    WHATS all The Clubs in David??? Are there ANY SWS IN David Too??? Any shopping places in the daytime you can meet girls in David???
    Quote Originally Posted by Johan007
    In David you can try the local Diskotheek "la BOOM". If it still excists? Or the pool bars close to the busstation. In fact you can meet nice girls also in cybercafees or in restaurants or the mall (if there is any mall now). Back in 2005 David didn't had a real mall. I don't know now. Make sure you speak some spanish.

    Getting your feet or handnails done in a salon de beleza always if GOOD to meet female shop workers;.) hahahahahahaahah;.) In my country I wouldn't dare to go in such a shop. But in latin countries it's quite normal men go there.



  12. #153

    Try Netlog... or the Version of Netlog Espanol Too The English one IS ok But the Version of Espanol much better,,, NIBU....
    Quote Originally Posted by Johan007
    IMHO hi5 still rocks for meeting panamenians. just click arround a bit. Cybercupido is crap regarding panama women.

    Personaly I think myspace is full of spam and a real ***** if ye want to search.


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    David And Colon...

    I would Say David And Colon And probably other small cities outside of Panama... I am thinking too If I get To Panama City Get down south of There Near the Darien Gap But Not There Yet Just the farthest south where its safe enough.
    Quote Originally Posted by United1
    Johan, thanks for your tips! Great help!

    Outside of PC, do you have any tips of where to go to meet hot local women. I am sure there is nothing as good as PC, but curious where else might we have a good time. With locals or horny tourists.

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    Maybe Nibs In Panama In March...

    YEH Guys I am still in Shitcago Yeh Changing Plans Like Crazy way More Then Johan,,, But I have a couple friends From Shitcago gloing to Costa Rica in Late Feburary,,, Also in Late Feburary I Have a Swingers couple From The USA That Might invite Me to some Swingers Resort IN Costa Rica,,, So I would Be in Costa Late Feburary Then Early March Bus it To Panama probably spending some good time in David For Sure As Panama Shitty From The Girls I know I am getting bad Vibes From Not From The David Babies,, Keep You Guys Updated on this and more,,,, NIBU....

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    yeh johan seems the white and mestiza girls of david are cool not sure why some of the negras of panama shitty are so stuck up,,, nibu...
    Quote Originally Posted by johan007

    well best changes to get laid you will have in pc. david is rather small (85. 000 peeps). besides them girls don't know english in david. but in pc you have more change on that.

    enjoy yourself. panama city is nice. and has a lot of hot black women that have curvey bodies. jejejeejejeje:.)

    beware of colombian hookies that ask toooo muhc dollar for pussy;.) they usualy start at 100 usd but if your rap is ok you can talk them down to 50 or so. ;.) if you speak good spanish you should be able to get some non-pro action too. go for the malls. or the bars;.)

    i myself am still torn between panama or ecuador.

    nibs if you read this: hell are there any pills out there for make up my mind?


    have fun dude.

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