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    Maybe nica.

    Hi Guys Am thinking of a C. A. Destination from Jan. Until April. It was going to be El Salvador and Guatemala but now might just fly in from Chicago to Managua and probably bus it to hang out in Costa Rica and Panama a little, If anyone has any good info on this post back here for sure.

    Oh also in Nicarauga what places can I find the biggest breasts too?

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    HAPPY NUDE YEAR for 2008 HERE...

    HI Its Still Fucking Dead HERE??? No One CAN Post info on Nicaruaga??? I might cross thru here in April After Bussing FROM EL Salvador then ON To Costa After NICA.. MY Friend FROM Shitcago Likes NICAS But All I Have seen on them is they are very small just like Girls from Guatemala Spinner Types... ARGHHHH But Why Are There NO Busty Types??? Maybe IN Bluefields and other places on the Coast?? The Little or Big Corns??? Shit Man I know a Good Mixture of Black Girls on the other Coast But NO Big Bust Areas??? My Friend says try The Capital Managua.. But one other Poster here from Before Said its Very Very Hard to Really Find a Busty Girl anywhere in NICA.. Anyways Now its 2008 Hope Man That People Can Even Post here IN MY Section and update ME Here ON Whats UP For Once in Awhile,,, That Would Kill For Sure,, Fuck YEH... Like I said I am trying to Conquer All OF Central America from Fucking April To June,, So Some Good info on NICA. I would BE so Very Happy for Thats a Fact MAN,, NO Lies About That,, SO Come ON People post here.. Anything Here.. Is there A Swingers scene Here??? Nude Beaches HERE??? Come ON why So Fucking Dead HERE?? Post For the New Year a Happy Nude Update here,,, NIBU.....

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    Fucking Dead Here....

    NO ONE Posts HERE Anymore??? No One Can Even Make a December Update Here Or Last Year Update Here??? I am Hated SO Much??? Damn Man I am Here,,, I try MY Best,,, I Figure Man Why not I post Here People Gave UP ON ME??? At Least Post Cheap Nibu Type Updates Here I BE Happy,,NIBU.

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    I Guess I am The Rambling Gambling MAN....
    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Pollo
    Leave me out of your ramblings, please. Thanks. I've read your posts and you seem literate enough to read what I wrote which is precise and clear to anyone.

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    Mountain Guy????

    When You Back In Central America????

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    GUYS Anything new here??? SW Scene and other info??? Is There Any Good Swingers Scene Here?? Post back here,,,NIBU...

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    Big Tits In Nica????

    HMMMM MY pal MG I am now like Crazy on this site called Maybe I check and do some searches on the Girls of NICA... MY friend told me to try in Managua thats where THE Big Titters I would find for sure He Said.. What about on the other coast where The Negros are basically and Negra Girls like in Bluefields??? UMMM Help me on this if you can,,,NIBS...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain Guy

    I'm back home in the tundra. Why a month in Honduras? From what I've heard, you'll never get any action there. Spend a few days and then head to Guatemala and make your way down to Nicaragua. Or skip Honduras completely.

    You will like Nicaragua, except it is hard to find those big titted types you like so much!

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    Nica Love...

    IS it True that Nicas Are really skinny and no tits??? WHY is that??? UMMM Are they like that in Bluefields too??? Can anyone explain on this?????

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    Cool Dude...

    UMMMM I will not be in Central America until very late in the year.. I am now off to Peru for a few months in july... I just came back from Mexico.. I am in my late 30s myself and very slightly overweight but the chicas do not think so,, Ok then if your still interested in this post back here or send me a private message for sure,, And Monger Stop Fucking Lurking....
    Quote Originally Posted by Ddh7522
    When in July are you guys planning this BUS RIDE. I ride the bus every so often when I go to Mexico. I live in Texas where its just a quick 10 hr trip. I'm in on the BUS RIDE. The line also lets you make stop-overs as well and from the Mexico point to Panama is less than $90 USD. I speak fluent Spanish and can help if you guys skills are in need. I have extensive travel experience in Mexico but would love to BUS RIDE through Central America. I can break away since I own my business with at least a week or two in advance. I plan to go to Colombia in May but would love to do the BUS RIDE also. Recently divorced and ready to MONGER all the way to Panama then made jump a flight over to Medellin. Let me know. Need to pay Jackson so I can receive PM's. I'm 34 little overweight but never had problems even with the non-pros. Keep me in the loop.

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    PIPER I am in Peru in july... You want to be my wingman with me in Peru in JULY??? Its up to you,, Think about it....
    Quote Originally Posted by Piper1
    Now that's funny. Okay Mr Nibu, pack your bags, and let's hit the road. Let's bring Mister Wonder along also.

    My current plan is to be in Central and South America in July, but I won't count my Conchitas until they're laid. Can you wait until then?

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    Who Is The Real Gringo Loco 2???

    I think it may be The Hawian Dude Larry DC ... I am more then sure on that,, Beware of this lurker for sure....
    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo Loco #2
    Greetings Nicaragua Forum members.

    Who is Nibu Raphael? If you are curious, please see the Peru Forum and view the Nibu Raphael Thread. You will see just how dangerous this guy is and how he is using thieves to rob Forum members such as John from Holland and Larry DC.

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    IF He wants to hook up with me in Peru in july I would be happy to be his wingman for sure,,, NO PROBLEM...
    Quote Originally Posted by Play No Games
    Just a suggestion for you Mr. Nibu Raphael. You might want to consider taking Piper along with you on this trip across Central America into South America. Reading posts by Piper you can see he is very wealthy, and just like you he loves big big breasted girls so he would make a great wingman for you, and I am sure he would be excited to accept your invitation. By way how is your spanish speaking skills? I wish you the best of luck on your trip and I am sure it will all work out for you as you are putting alot of effort into it. It is always good to have a wing man and I am sure Piper would be the perfect fit for you. Take care and be safe.

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    HI Pelicano Hey But Cybercupidos for Colombia Just fucking rules,, AN EX Friend of mine here Johan 007 on the board now my enemy says shit like cybers Sucks,, Man He is fucked... He mentioned some site called Latincupid or something.. I have not tried it yet... Another site I guess is Badoo and now But back TO Cybers for Colombian,Venezeulan And Peruvian Girls that site rules for sure....
    Quote Originally Posted by Pelicano
    Hello NIbs,

    Good to see that You are up to traveling again, too bad about Your Dad. Save your money, don't spend it online on those dating sites, for me cybercupido seems to be the best one, but even they have a lot of dogs. I just received the latest eddition (16th.) Footprint Mexico and Central America and I ordered online direct from the company in London, because the edition for sale on was not the latest one.

    This book has all the info needed for travel in this area, including addresses of hostels and cheap places to eat. Unfortunately not much info on las chicas, but that we can get here at ISG. I also have the South America edition and am studying and preparing for next year to do a monumental overland trip around the Americas ending up in Brasil.

    From Mexico to Panama there is a line that goes all the way, the trip takes several days, and they stop at most of the capitals you intend to visit overnight. They are based out of costa rica:

    Good luck: pelicano

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    Never made it...

    HI Piper hopefully in the year if 2008 I make it to NICA. How was Costa? I just came back from Mexico and off to peru soon,,Keep in touch...
    Quote Originally Posted by Piper1
    Relax Nibu - just pulling your strings. Too easy. You make more unfulfilled travel plans than I do (about 5,000 more). You're right, I'm just a virgin, but I plan to finally get deflowered in Costa Rica in a few months, so leave a few girls for me.

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    Under Ortega Now...

    HI Guys How is mongering now under Daniel Ortega??? Is he clenching it in Commie syle or waiting for the time??? Is he still probably allied with The Great Chavez??? Just wondering How Ortega is letting Mongering happen these days in NICA??? IS Aleman the EX Still in NICA??? Just wondering how the next few years of NICA. Will go with ORTEGA????

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