View Survey Results: What things do you DISLIKE about the Forum?

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  • The Username Guidelines (proper case, no numbers or symbols, etc).

    12 3.68%
  • The Posting Guidelines - No chat room style writing.

    11 3.37%
  • The Posting Guidelines - Need to use standard punctuation and capitalization.

    19 5.83%
  • The Moderation Delay for Regular Member's reports.

    50 15.34%
  • The Senior Member Requirements are too high.

    13 3.99%
  • The Subscription Membership Fee is too high.

    18 5.52%
  • The Private Message System isn't free anymore.

    60 18.40%
  • Only Jackson can start new threads.

    18 5.52%
  • The size limitation on photographs. (640x480 max)

    61 18.71%
  • The way Jackson edits the reports.

    12 3.68%
  • Jackson's slow response to flame wars and serial antagonists.

    41 12.58%
  • Can't post email addresses.

    28 8.59%
  • Can't post links to competing websites.

    27 8.28%
  • Can't post or request info about underage persons.

    7 2.15%
  • Can't post or request info about homosexual activities.

    4 1.23%
  • Can't post or request info about transvestites or transsexuals.

    25 7.67%
  • Nothing, I think The Forum functions well just the way it is.

    142 43.56%
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Thread: What things don't you like about the Forum?

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    On the paperclip would like to have the ability to sort pictures by date posted.

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    Sorry but this is the only forum in the world that needs to be read backwards.

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    Everything is awesome except the waiting period for regular members. It takes almost half a day for it to get published. It kills the whole concept of forum post where you interact.

    Either forums should be moderated more frequently or restriction should be avoided and members reprimanded severely for any violation of rules.

    It's good to have minimum and strict posting guidelines; however, it might be a hindrance to a non-native English speaker and person might feel dejected to post.

    My two cents; Guidelines are good to be in place, but can be applied slightly leniently, especially when posting in communities for non-native English speakers.

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    Change viewing order

    If the option was added to change the order of the post to have newest message last instead of first, this forum would be complete.

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    This forum works fine. Wouldn't mind knowing how to search for specific terms, and see the results list as individual posts. Had been easily done to prior to the most recent changes.

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    Things I don

    You put newest posts first, a pain. I can't even change it in settings. I don't remember any other forum that puts the posts backwards, though I've seen it as an option in settings in many. But no option to change it here.

    I'm new, but I don't think my "automatically subscribe to threads I post in" setting works. I'll try it again to verify.

    I've seen links that don't go to the correct posts, making search useless to me.

    Reports are reviewed by moderators before being posted, an unnecessary pain. See point 1 as well: you're doing two things that are unique, or close to it, in the forum world, and they're both a pain.


    Hi James Bond 1,

    Perhaps you'd be happier participating on another forum?



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    Sex facts about a particular place should be readily available

    The forum is fantastic and I have now forsaken all others and now cling to this just one. I could spend hours lauding the forum however as this thread is to identify possible improvements:

    The number one requirement for this forum should be that anyone should be able to readily find up to date sex facts about any sex club, place or country.

    However this is not being fully achieved because.

    1) The search function is cumbersome. If I search for a particular sex club in a thread which is devoted to a particular city for example then it brings up many pages many of which are not relevant. I therefore have to plod through them all. The search function needs to be more accurate and advanced so that you can put in several criteria and it will search the whole forum and bring up only a few pages which are really relevant. Alternatively details about how to use the search function more effectively should be made clearer on the forum.

    2) All of the facts about a place should be in one place. You could have a thread or sub-thread for each major city or sex club which would be called 'Facts about'. Then factual information for example about prices, public transport, services, etc could be lifted from other threads and entered into this thread with perhaps each entry being dated with a (as at such a date) so the reader could know how long ago the information has been entered.

    It might mean that there just become too many threads. So one way round this might be to make the first post a 'Facts' post and information in this first post updated continually.

    It would mean that there would have to be volunteer administrators appointed who would be given powers just to update that facts thread or facts post.

    3) With all of the essential facts safeguarded in particular places then it wouldn't matter so much what happened elsewhere in the forum. However for those looking for some decent discussion about places it can be irksome to find the following [I have made suggestions as to the possible solutions]:

    Juvenile unedifying quarrels breaking out and running to several pages [Administrators or volunteer administrators cutting out these posts when it becomes clear that this is happening]

    Long posts being re-posted so that the same information is repeated several times in a thread [Administrators or volunteer administrators cutting out these re-posts when it becomes clear that this is happening]

    Members using slang wordsand acronyms [A list of acronyms / slang relating to a particular place for example Germany or Thailand should be added to the 'Facts' thread and there should be a thread which lists all acronyms / slang which relates to sex tourism in general.

    Members just having 'private' chats amongst themselves [Some threads now have a 'cafe' style sun-thread for those who want to do this and this could be increased].

    We should also increase the use of reports of distinction by the administrator putting more reports into this category on a weekly basis rather than relying on the members to do so. Thus for any place the reader could have a small number of high quality and detailed reports to look through to complement the 'facts' thread or posts.

    I think also that the forum could find some way of rewarding those small number of members who by themselves contribute the vast bulk of the useful information on the forum for example.

    Promoting them to senior member faster than the normal waiting period when it becomes clear that they are useful and prolific contributors.

    Providing them with greater administrative rights over their posts e. G. To be able to go back and re-edit their posts after the deadline has passed for editing.

    Giving them volunteer administrative status with limited powers.

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    I will be sure to post a trip report on my return.

    And then they do not do so.

    How many times have we had members, new and old, request monger intel, reasoning; they had not gotten around to RTFF for their upcoming trip to, wherever, and will be sure to post a trip report upon their return. Do they?

    Hell no!

    They even say: Thanks Bros. LOL.

    Of interest. I believe of the 300k members, perhaps 0. 5% bother to keep the forum thriving. A figure I pulled from my derrière.

    Anybody else have a figure?

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    A dictionary needed for regional slang & abbreviations

    This post may not be in the appropriately placed, however the "[CodeWord140] & moan section should at least suffice temporarily.

    It occurred to me that an improvement for this website could be something like a dictionary section for regional slang & abbreviations
    which could include various search options. Many of the forums on this site use words, terms, & abbreviations that are uncommon except to a specific region which they are communicating to the reader about. It could be analogous or similar to shoptalk. If one doesn't belong to that particular trade or profession, then he isn't going to know what the hell the others are talking about. I know it probably feels kind of cool for some to "be in" on the secret shoptalk & handshakes, but I don't think that is what we want here.

    Ecuador -- chongos
    Indonesia -- bule, Blok M
    Brazil -- bunda

    There needs to be an easier way to find this type information.
    The alternative would be to read through the entire thread without knowing if the answer would be found. As we know, some of this forum's threads can be quite long; some are hundreds of pages if not thousands. That is a lot of reading to do to "just catch up" in order to figure out the meaning of some "shoptalk" term used in various reports on these boards.

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    Photo searches by user name

    Quote Originally Posted by Marauder
    I don't think anyone would argue that ISG is anything but the premier source of information for men who like to travel and enjoy the finer things in life.

    One small suggestion, however, would to allow photo gallery users to see pictures by forum name. I know you can sort by forum name, but it would be nice to see all pictures from say, the Shanghai.

    This far from a fatal flaw, however. Thanks Jackson.
    "One small suggestion ...... " Yes, I agree on this one as I found it quite inconvenient searching for pics posted by a particular forum user name.

    The current user name method (as I understand it -- correct me if I'm wrong) requires the user to "guesstimate" the page of photos that he's looking for. Of the more than 3500 photo pages, we are given the choice of paging inwards 5 to 9 pages at a time from either end of the alphabet.

    For example:
    To find (or find out if there are) photos posted by Marauder or Nibu Raphael (or anyone else who has a user name in this part of the alphabet),
    we would have to click more than a hundred times just to reach this "extreme" middle region of the alphabet. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong here)

    One suggestion might be:
    Provide a user name search option specifically for the photo section.
    Provide a page number search option in the current photo section when using the current alphabetically arranged page search.
    This might make "guesstimating" a bit easier.

    As far as not wanting to asskiss nor offend Jackson (or the "Administration") as I often see here of some of my brother sexhounds,
    I'm sure most sensible people would agree that no matter how excellent, perfect, or appreciated a website might be,
    there should always be room for constructive criticism and improvement.

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    Users should be able to edit old post indefinitely

    Quote Originally Posted by Bpd81
    Users should be able to edit old post indefinitely.
    Thank you for the post Bpd81.
    I agree that users should be able to edit old post indefinitely. Ditto !

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    Users should be able to edit old post indefinitely.

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    Small Suggestion

    I don't think anyone would argue that ISG is anything but the premier source of information for men who like to travel and enjoy the finer things in life.

    One small suggestion, however, would to allow photo gallery users to see pictures by forum name. I know you can sort by forum name, but it would be nice to see all pictures from say, the Shanghai.

    This far from a fatal flaw, however. Thanks Jackson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamma Ray 007
    Things I like: restricting PM to paying members is great. I don't mind the trivial amount I pay each year, especially as it is only a fraction of a single mongering event.

    I *hate* chat-room writing, and am so glad that Jackson shares my taste!

    I would like to see the option of uploading .kmz files that would pinpoint locations on Google Earth (or it's eventual competitors or successors).
    I agree - I hate chat rooms. FULL STOP. That is why I prefer messenger style chat.

    Too much insult takes place in chat rooms.


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    my pet peeve isn't listed... the limit to 5 smilies per post.


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