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Thread: FKK Cocoon - Wuppertal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Australiasucks  [View Original Post]
    Shit, this club is gone, it was off the hook.
    Yes. This place was off the hook! Oh the memories!

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    Is CIM included at this club or extra?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor_Skank
    Anybody try out the new digs?
    This club is now a DUMP. I truly miss Cocoon, it was my favorite club out of all I visited in 2007, the girls here have shit attitude and I really do not blame them considering the clientele who frequent this place. Cocoon's sister club Amnesia is still in business but is far from Dusseldorf.

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    Shit, this club is gone, it was off the hook.

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    is now being reported on in the partytreff section....

    Quote Originally Posted by Solid State
    I wanted to check out No limit girlies for the first time, had been when it was Cocoon. While changing I caught the back of a girl in a t-shirt which just about covered an absolutely cracking arse. Looked forward to meeting her later. The lounge has two main seting areas seperated by pilars. The girls seemed to be siiting on one side talking among them selves and the guys on the other side. I went and sat among them and felt quite invisible. It turned out the fantastic ass belonged to a baby faced little pocket rocket who was strutting around like a peacock.

    A bulgarian girl with nice face d-cups sat on the sofa next to mine so I tried to strike up a conversation. When I spoke in english she said she didn't understand, when I spoke in german she said she didn't understand and just gave me the brush off. In the end I made hand gestures to the effect of you me upstairs lets fuck. She started laughing. Well at least I'd broken the ice. It would take me a further 3 attempts before she eventually gave in.

    In the room started with CBJ-not a good sign. She would not let me touch her nipples but could grab her breast, no doggy and no c. O. B. I ended the session without shooting my load and she was quite friendly to me afterwards.

    After showering from this session I came across the pocket rocket. I gestured that I'd like to take her to a room. She gave me the dirtiest look and walked off. I wasn't going to put up with that, I finished what I was doing and went after her confronted her asking her why she was so rude to me. I was there a good 10 mins working my charm, boy was she stroppy but persistance payed off.

    In the room-oh no CBJ but wow what a blow job. She then climbed on top and what a little fire cracker she was. Asked for doggy she declined saying she was too petite I might kill her. She wasn't wrong there if she had turned around I would have well and truly murdered it.

    I wasn't going to cum quickly so she started complaining wanting to finish so that was the end of that.

    My last session was with a nice black chica from dom republic, nice face, nice big fat ass and small tits. Nice BBBJ-at last. Had a nice relaxing session with this girl but by now I had ahd enough of this place and wondered if sara's was open today.

    Started changing to leave and one of the staff who had ignored every attemt I had made to say Hello, while I was there asked if everything was ok.

    I said the girls were hard work. The lady from the front desk asked the same thing thinking that the amount of girls present(7) was the reason for my early exit. I said it was more down to the attitude of the girls. To be fair I hadn't tried to approach the over girls so I don't know what there response would have been but for me I won't be going back in a hurry.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Creature2

    There were a heavy rain in NRW and the drive from Dortmund to Wuppertal takes more than 30 min. I found the former-Cocoon and parked into the parking area in the backyard of the club. The parking lot was nearly full. This was a special "Arabian night" party (which I discovered it wasn't a good sign). They explianed me there were many customers inside but they had 28 girls. I asked how many rooms they have. They told me they have only 6 rooms. Even they had much girls, the shortage of rooms should deteriote the things but I wasn't that fancy to drive to another place in that heavy rain and wish to give it a try, with my 80 bucks.

    Inside, it was a total bedlam and hordes of customers. I didn't like the showers and locker room (which was described as perfect in an earlier post). Upstairs, there were maybe more than 20 girls, some of them attractive and some undoables. Agian, most of the clientele were Turkish guys. The guys taking the girls to a waiting line for a room and one guy is taking notes which girl went to room. Sometimes, the waiting takes 30 min because of the crowd. I saw some German guys left the clubs without sessioning, because they waited too much at the line. I had session with one Dominaca, one Brazilian, one German (I know her from Treff 188 in Frankfurt) and Polish girl. The rest of the skinny girls were from Romania and the undoable chubby girlies were from Bulgaria. Even Alexia from PT Willich was there, which I could managed to escape.
    In the club, there were some food but the display of the food wasn’t decent and god knows those meaty pitas were lying down there for ages, so no one dare to even touch them. I didn’t bother that much with the drinks because the bar was at the same area with the waiting line and the barmaid were not at the bar some times.
    All in all, the premises was nice, but the sessions were rushed because of the shortage of the rooms. I didn't also liked the waiting line for the rooms. You can't see the available girls when they are at the line.
    I will return but I don't rush. I will repeat this club in a weekday, when it is not that packed, and for a whole day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big30
    Why is this topic still existing?

    Amnesia + cocoon = now:

    Cocoon does not exist anymore, at that place we now have,


    Kind Regards,
    Anybody try out the new digs?

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    Why is this topic still existing?

    Amnesia + cocoon = now:

    Cocoon does not exist anymore, at that place we now have,


    Kind Regards,

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    [Non-English text deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all members, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English unless accompanied by a full English translation.Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wan King
    I've already asked Jackson to remove it from the FKK thread.

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    Turned into a partytreff

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    Did anyone see Laila, a tall blonde Ukrainian beauty that worked there in 2007?

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    anyone been to this club lately

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    Hi Licker69,

    I'm sorry I've bad news for you. Rebecca quit in October 2007 and is with me now :-)



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    Quote Originally Posted by Licker69
    ... Does anybody know if she is still at Cocoon or if she is at any other club now?...
    Hello Licker69,

    I'm afraid I've bad news for you. Rebecca quit the Job in October 2007 and is with me now :-)



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    Quote Originally Posted by Xavier Yves
    I don't understand their new concept, is the payment for girls still same?
    Prices for the girls: 25 euro/20m with condom. 35 euro/20m FO. I can not recommend this club. It is not clean not to say dirty. Line-up of the girls not that good. If you look for low price based clubs in NRW there are better options.


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