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Thread: FKK Samya - Cologne

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    Pressure cooker club. Christmas party.

    I call it pressure cooker because it smells of food. Vomit in the men's toilets. Shit from the girls toilets and the girls are all piled on top of you and you can't freaking escape unless you hide in the dungeons. Having said that. There is a lot to recommend this club I once called cheap and smelly. Spoiler. It still is, but there is one important thing here.

    The service levels do appear to be good. Still BBBJ still kissing. And some really quite pretty girls working.

    Service levels were actually worse a few years ago. I'm fact worse in summer too. So I think as well the presence of lots of Brits shows that finally FKK is competing with the local escort scene.

    Now they need to control the Muslim guys unused to alcohol getting wasted and losing the contents of their intestines all over the floor and maybe I will revise my opinions.

    I recommend Kasha. Looks like scarlet Johansen but without the piggy upturned nose. Kissing. Not DFK and tolerant of a heavy guy giving a damned good banging. Responds well to an hour. No extra charges for club standard service. Pleasant to talk to.

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    Thu Nov 23 Thanksgiving.

    Used my gutscheincard (cupon card) for free entry.

    Nikole is here, repeat! This girl is crazy, today she and I reached a peak of mutual chemistry. Started with BJ, then fuck in CG. Nikole got some nice moves and worked up a bit of sweat in a few minutes, which I like. Meanwhile, I kept my finger on her anus, and suddenly she asked "you want?" A little surprise LOL! I could tell by her enthusiasm she was really excited from sex we had and knew I was not going to hurt her. So Nikole became a brave girl and decided she wanted my dick up her lovely precious asshole! I asked how much and she quoted 100 eu. The routine thanksgiving evening turned into an elaborate turkey stuffing in one's very adorable ass. We made the first penetration with her still on top in CG. As Nikole adjusted and got comfortable, she started to move with a pretty good level of energy. Then we switched to mish, so I finished while looking at her asshole stretching during the moves and her hazy eyes of a complete "Schlampe". Time wise we were about 35 min total time together. I decided to extend to 1 HR and managed one more pop at the end of the session. This was my thanksgiving special.

    While chatting with Nikole before our session, I noticed my Samantha who I fucked last time in August. Over a meal Samantha told me she just got back from Romania.

    My second girl, Samantha. I find her face in an adorable 9 category, with innocent smile and naive sparky eyes. She reminds me of a girl at my high school. Very deceiving looks, which is the beauty of the FKK land. Samantha is a taller girl, dark brunette, smooth skin, slim body, nice hands and feet. Very relaxing, she cares about her work ethics and honest service. I stayed a bit over an hour, but She is sweet, not a clock watcher, I paid standard 1 HR time.

    Sauna, time close to 1:00 o'clock in the morning. My expectation was to just grab a cup of tea, enjoy the dancing queens on stage and leave shortly after. But I see Renata, a young looking 20-24 year old RO girl. Very slim, petite body, similar to Carla who was not in attendance that evening. Renata and I made plenty of eye contact sitting on opposite couches. She kept smiling and presenting various sides of her body in a sexy and inviting way. I got up and told her I need to call home since it's a big holiday in America and then we can return to business as usual in this busy evening in Germany. She got the joke, gave me a kiss and a heavenly smile and said she will wait for me as long as needed.

    I stepped out to Samya's parking lot to make a phone call. It was one of those pleasant nights in Rodenkirchen, nearly no wind and a warmer temps about 10 degrees Celsius. Once the talk with wife ended, I felt relieved I didn't have to sit at a dinner table with her and whole bunch of other boring folks. Instead, I am back breathing same filthy air with lovely prostitutes!

    About 15 minutes later at the bar I get my tea and see my lady of the hour Renata also in line to get a cola. I approached her and proposed to buy her a drink, but she politely declined saying she was fine with cola. Or perhaps she hasn't reached the legal drinking age LOL? We went back to the couches. While at the bar, I liked her body and sexy legs even more. Exactly right type of petite adorable little prostitute from Romania. I told her we go to the room once I finish my tea. Renata gave me plenty of relaxing couch time, gentle touching and smiles all around while I was hugging her little body and squeezed her beautiful firm ass. Absolutely no rush, no upsell, only pure love from this girl. In the room she put a small strip show undressing, lifting her perfect legs and playing with her feet touching me at the same time. It was very sexy. We started with DATY in mish and DATY in doggy. As I was ready, condom and mish. It was my late of the day, so we switched to BJ and playing hands. She did nothing extra and begged not to CIM accidentally in her loving mouth. I finished with HJ play watching her legs up in the air, her masturbating, and finally using both of her hands on my balls and johnny. Very sensual lady and excellent behavior in the room. 30 min 50 eu. Repeat.

    I agree with KingOfBongo's complaints regarding darkness in Samya rooms. Although many rooms are fine, some have problems with the light dimmer which doesn't adjust correctly and often reverts to the lowest light level possible. The dimmers are electronic, not mechanical, so there is no way to get a proper light unless the whole damn device is replaced.

    On the way out in the locker room, I overheard local men joking what WGs could twit on "MeToo" hashtag. It made me smile but at the same time sad because in a few days it still be a joke for these guys in Europe but a stern reality for me once I arrive back home in the US.

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    Samya Christmas Party on December 13,2017

    As in prior years, Samya invites you to a big Samya Christmas party! On Wednesday, December 13, guests can look forward to a lot of entertainment that is stimulating and of course also festive. Of course, this also includes live music that is always enjoyed. And since, as you would have previously experienced in the club, Santa Claus is very generous, he will give, in honor of every guest, a great gift this evening.

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    Wed Nov 22.

    Knowing LU is somewhat weaker on Wednesdays, I decided to finally take a day off. Taking a break and recharging. Sleeping until 14:30, then off to some walking and shopping in Koeln.

    Took stadtbahn to town, shopping and walking in 15 degree Celsius weather. Wide sidewalks, clean city, hop on another tram to Neumarkt. Bought 89.95 Eu perfume for my darling schatzi Carla from Douglas parfumerie, then two 2.80 Eu Christmas figurines for wife at DM store. These spending reflect my satisfaction in bed with Carla and wife, fair and square. Stop by Lidl supermarkt for food for tonight's supper and a breakfast tomorrow morning.

    At piece with the world and myself, a rare case. While drinking coffee observed a group of local schoolgirls enjoying shopping in altstadt Koeln. Classic short plaid skirts and sexy pantyhose. Pleasant sighting.

    Tonight staying in hotel, recuperating, eating sandwiches and apfelstrudel. Bananas, coffee and yougurt for breakfast. Drinking as much beer as I want since not driving on the autobahns tonight. Life is good!

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    You visited at a good time Smokelight, Samya had many girls in attendance and the 100 girls you speak of isn't unrealistice. I saw many more girls than prior visits and ratio was favorable for us guys. Buddy told me even on Mon there were many girls. I regret not visiting enough, I would have swapped out with my Aca visits.

    Katea is a bit plumper than her former self.

    On a Fri night, I was interested in a sexy German blonde that was dancing all night close to the entry. I wonder if she was around on slower days other than the weekend.

    Here's a video of how to get to Samya for those on public tansport.

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    Tue Nov 21

    My 4+1 samya plan has worked, on this 4th visit I am proudly awarded a black plastic gutscheincard for my free entry next time. It's good any time except Samya party days. Well done, Mr. Smokelight!

    First room with skinny Bianka. (Please don't mistake her with Blanka, another girl). So Bianka is the girl I talked to on Monday over the loud music, Reddish hair brunette with shades of pink, very petite. 30 min, 50 eu. CBJ only, no finish, no repeat. CBJ was toothy, not recommended. This was my miscalculation. Bianka makes a good impression of a naughty hot candy on the floor, topless dress code and dirty dancing. However, too vanilla and boring in the room. She attempted to upsell for 1 HR in the room. Obviously that didn't happen.

    Next room with Katya, RU from Moscow. DATY with her standing doggy, her head in the pillow, ass sticking up and her masturbating. She finished with me licking her ass and her rubbing her clit. After some 3-5 minutes of DATY Katya breathes heavily and says she is close to the finish, then she orgasms about 30 seconds or so. We both took a little break from the routine. Chatting and relaxing comfortably so her body could calm down. All good, we proceed to fuck in mish for a while, then I couldn't sustain erection, got the rubber off and to BJ resulting- you guessed it right, my friends- in intense CIM. Some more chat, she finally had her much needed cigarette. Katya has a wonderful sense of humour, quite intelligent and classy lady. Talked about her travelling home every other month, about various NRW clubs, polizei raids in Dolce Vita and PHG. She asked me questions about GT and LR since I visit these two clubs a lot. 1 hour 125 eu total. Katya is a little chunky for my taste, but pretty face with my cum on her lips and elsewhere makes it all worth the efforts. Highly recommended, repeat.

    After shower talked to Ellie on the couch, Bianka's friend. They congregate at the chairs next to the stage at the side facing the door to the dining area. She had gypsy or Arabic looks, face 7, body 7, wears black bikini outfit, almost all body covered by a net, white stockings with black garters, a taller girl, somewhat uneven teeth, but nothing ugly. My inquiry about her services was like "yes" to all the things I prefer, so I put her on my waiting list. I told her I plan to eat before the next room. However, our paths crossed again at the bar in a few minutes and she attempted to upsell for one hour. My alarm went off and I aborted any future contacts with her.

    Third room with Nikole, repeat for one hour plus the extras. As I was getting a bit worn out, no fuck, straight to BJ with two hands. Long and extremely pleasant play with my Johnny and the balls. Nikole's tongue techniques are well established and skillful, she reaches to lick the balls, too. Naughty eye contacts and smiles, proper spread of her legs exposing ass and pussy in the mirror, nice body language altogether. She does anal but with smaller sizes. Her ass and pussy look very delightful. On the floor she goes perfectly shaped bare boobs, be-cup, and black stockings dress code. She has beautiful long legs if you are into this kind of looks. CIM finish as doctor prescribed. Repeat without any hesitation despite steeper price tag.

    Plenty of Latin and Spanish romantic tunes mixed with Manelle and Turkish music this night. Many girls dancing nonstop, lots topless and sometimes fully naked on stage. Very pleasant views and it seemed a bit more tolerable with the sound level somewhat down this particular night. Or maybe I am just getting used to it LOL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeLight  [View Original Post]
    Second session with Kiara, very young looking blond who already has her steady flock of admirers on this forum. Ideally slim body, cute A cup titties, mandatory DATY, then straight BJ to CIM finish. 1 HR 125 eu. Repeat whenever you can!
    Yes Kiara looks like 18 although I understand she is 22. Amazingly slim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPoon  [View Original Post]
    So the Samya deal is that girls can charge from +25 to +100 for CIM?

    No standardization there? Terrible.
    I have experienced same variations in other clubs. 100 eu for CIM is rare at Samya, only two girls over 10 days. I admit, again, that I am a very poor negotiator, so perhaps you may work out a much better deal. Sometimes I get price breaks on repeats.

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    So the Samya deal is that girls can charge from +25 to +100 for CIM?

    No standardization there? Terrible.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeLight  [View Original Post]
    Guilty as charged, but at my age many already take Viagra, but I don't, so for me it is very difficult to refuse a girl based just on the price quote. If I feel I can finish with her, I am going to the room unless it's a really significant upsell. Also, I am gifted with a larger tool, and anal offers for 100 eu still rare for me, hard to refuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuddy69  [View Original Post]
    Anal should be 50 in NRW.
    Guilty as charged, but at my age many already take Viagra, but I don't, so for me it is very difficult to refuse a girl based just on the price quote. If I feel I can finish with her, I am going to the room unless it's a really significant upsell. Also, I am gifted with a larger tool, and anal offers for 100 eu still rare for me, hard to refuse.

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    Anal should be 50 in NRW.

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    Mon Nov 20.

    Early evening, 18:00 at Samya with LU about 100 girls in attendance! Not that many punters, but more Turkish men arriving past 21:30 HR which is the norm at Samya.

    First session with Alexandra, Moldavian girl. A surprise anal offered in room, and gladly accepted since her ass looked rather delightful. Alexandra may not be exactly my type but she is very nice in the room. Nasty BJ combined with eager ball licking, anal fuck in different positions, and back to very attractive BJ tongue play with CIM finish. Fast moving 30 min, 200 eu.

    Sauna break, then talked to my good friend Loredana on couch. Have sessioned with her on my last visit in August. Perfect service, my highest recommendations, extras are available for you guys to enjoy. She is so much fun to talk to, loves to tell jokes and hear my stories about sex trips to Europe. I told her I always forget her name and she said look at my boobs: they are called Lori and Dana, so my name is Loredana. Unfortunately I did not session with her this month because I was too preoccupied hunting fresh pussy. Loredana, next time when I come back.

    Also talked to Katya / Katerina Russian girl from Moscow. Escellent English. In one minute I felt like I knew her for a long time, she was so friendly. I was planning to session with Katya later that evening but suddenly she was booked all night long, only running to the bar in her client's club shoes. So. Katya remains on my to do list this week!

    Second session with my darling Carla, repeat. As it was already getting late, I mostly desired Carla's adorable tongue and lips working my Johnny to happy ending, but this lovely lady insisted on DATY first! This gave me much needed boost of energy. To my delight I finished Carla with her having another orgasm so strong that she was crying her tears again! It got to my heart, watching this pretty woman laying on her stomach, and her little hand wiping off tears like a little girl, ruining her makeup. A splendid moment to take a photo of her face, frame it, and hang in my office to enjoy the great memory. This time DATY took a few minutes longer as she was a little drunk after having a cocktail earlier. Today she started at 20:00, will be back at work on Wed. I plan to buy her some perfume to warm her heart for Christmas. I finished with nasty BJ and ended with CIM. This kind of late sex becomes my routine ending at Samya. 1 hour 150 eu. At the last few minutes Carla gave me a massage using her beautiful little feet walking and sliding on my back. I am in love with this girl. I did not see her later that evening, she was doing another room.

    Shower and a break for food. At midnight observed a small birthday party celebration for older gentleman who visits the club more than 10 yrs almost every day. The theke girl (I like her smile and attitude, she is manning the late desk shift, somebody can tell her name?) brought out a cake and champagne on stage while music played the happy birthday song. Five or six girls went on stage to kiss the guy and hug him and dance with him. Beats me why cannot men have this sort of birthday here in the US? My birthdays really suck compared to this!

    Started feeling horny again. Talked to Wendy RO. Shy girl always smiles, somewhat of an emo look. Very honest girl, enjoys her work, 25 extra for CIM finish, offered to swallow, but once I pop, I really don't care. A few min DATY on her, followed by terrific BJ using two hands playing nicely with the shaft and the balls. Excellent oral skills. Although this was my third room in the night, I came fairly quickly, and she sucked everything to the last drop. She seems to enjoy the taste of cum, holding to it in her mouth some time before spitting, which is now giving me a slight twitch of erection as I write this fucking report right now. 30 minutes, 75 eu. Repeat.

    Later talked to Beatrice or Branka or Bianka, the music was too loud to get her name right. Reddish brunette with shades of pink, very petite. I told her to grab me in 1 HR, but she got busy later. I saw her being taken to the room by a younger boy in his 30's. Oh well, there is always next time.

    Nowadays I can finish in condom only the first time in the room. Taking a day break improves the experience, so tomorrow perhaps a day off. Rediscovering my own sexuality, CIM appears to visually degrade beautiful women and creates a much needed turn on late at night. With a bit of extra money, works for me. The cost seems to vary between 25 and 50 Eu extra in the beloved NRW region. Anal is 100 eu standard.

    Music is getting too loud and makes me feel really tired, although I do escape to 20-min breaks in the quiet room downstairs. Left the club at about 2:00 in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon97  [View Original Post]
    I didn't quite get the pricing. Is CIM 25 or 50 ?
    Varies from girl to girl but I am not good at negotiating prices. With new girls I don't even ask if any services are provided, just take a new girl to the room, then find out what's available and at what prices. With regulars it's a bit easier, so I ask them if any particular services are available and what is the price. I will be posting more reports in coming days, so you can see the prices per girl who I sessioned with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeLight  [View Original Post]
    First session with hot RO MILF Bibi. Great slim body, wonderful Bee cups. She is another great friend of mine in this club. After less than 10 minutes of DATY she had her orgasm - a beautiful start. Multiple positions, CIM finish. 1 HR 150 eu. Repeat always.

    Second session with Kiara, very young looking blond who already has her steady flock of admirers on this forum. Ideally slim body, cute A cup titties, mandatory DATY, then straight BJ to CIM finish. 1 HR 125 eu. Repeat whenever you can!

    My third girl of the night was Carla. She has dark brunette Cleopatra style haircut. Very petite, healthy, slim woman. I know her real age, but she looks 19. And the bad news is, my friends, that I am in love with this prostitute. She is my ideal match, my soul mate, a perfection of a woman. Natural A cup, adorable girly smile, sly eyes, cute hands and feet. As you can imagine, we open our love session by DATY. I recommend that you start in Carla's clit area and process her vagina bottom up, periodically returning to the tiny clit button. It takes a while, but the reward is tremendous. She has absolutely unforgettable, strong orgasms that last a few minutes. She lays on her stomach and sometimes wipes off tears of joy in her eyes. I am not trying to embellish things, I am reporting the facts! After a few minutes of break we proceed to a delightful BJ with CIM finish. 1 HR 150 eu, priceless experience. At the end of the hour we have some chat and many jokes. Carla has perfect English and a great and sense of humor. She loves the horror stories of my family life and detective work by my wife to investigate my crazy sex adventures. I deeply miss you, Carla!

    Life is good. Samya girls who know me well are relaxed around me, jump on my lap on the couch, pull my hair, play with my ears and kiss my face like I am a small kid. People start to yell, DJ already in the house, the music sounding stronger. My first 2-3 days of the trip I feel a bit fatigue from wild sex, loud sounds, and so many people around. Stayed from 16:00 HR till midnight and left. Slept till 11:00 next morning.
    I didn't quite get the pricing. Is CIM 25 or 50 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedesco  [View Original Post]
    25-30 rooms, depnes on whether the ones in the 2nd floor are also in use.
    I thought there would be more with the two corridor additions. I went upstairs one time out of all my sessions. I believe 2nd floor gets occupied first since they are the large rooms, and therefore preferrable. I can't imagine how bad the wait of rooms were before the additions. Atleast Samya is able to expand, but LR unfortunately is not able to.

    Curious how many rooms were there originally before the two corridors of rooms, and the total.

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