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    She has been still very popular, and I must be one of frequent visitors, then I would like to describe about her in a bit different way from as the others reported so far.

    In the lcoal German thread, she was said to be some mental disorder, and I have to agree on that.

    She is always different.

    On the sofa, you would see;.

    (1) she is very cheerful, or.

    (2) she is very discouraged.

    Also, in the room, you would see;.

    (1) She is very cheerful.

    (2) She is very passionate, or.

    (3) She is very discouraged.

    So, you might experience 6 pattens (2 X 3) with her, totally not depending on whether you have played with her before or not, or whether it is morning, afternoon, or night.

    Also, she makes no efforts to keep her actual story confidential.

    If you can understand her language to some extent, she would disclose her love to her pimp who took away any modern communication tool from her.

    Usually, girls would not say any words on her pimp!

    (By the way, her pimp must have sufficient humor, because we might very easily hunch his name, in the both way from her name and from the typical name given to a pimp LOL).

    However anyway, I think her such naive character has also attracted many customers with her awesome body so far.

    We should thank lots to her pimp, and have to ask him to bring more hotties from his and her home country!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBull691  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know if the busty Raissa still working at Freunde 39.
    I heard she moved to great palace, but most likely just trying the club out.

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    Anyone know if the busty Raissa still working at Freunde 39.

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    Trip. Thanks yet again for a great report. I am headed off to Ivana today.

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    Lots of girls

    Forgot to mention that there were a LOT more girls tonight (Wednesday) than there had been Monday and Tuesday. Much better atmosphere. Much better guy to girl ratio. So maybe just be careful if you plan to show up at happy hour early in the week. Unless you enjoy sitting in a dim room with a lot of semi-nude guys and hardly any girls. To each his own!

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    TripToFreude. Last for a while

    Last day. I was almost tempted to NOT go, and end my mini-vacation on a high note at VV. But when you fly this far, and know you won't be back for a while, and it'll only cost 10 Euro to get in the door, you get off your ass and go!

    Rang the bell and Ivana opened the door with a smile. Touchdown! DFK in the doorway for a couple of minutes before I even made it to the counter! Downstairs to shower and change, then back up to find her sitting on the couch just inside the door. I sat next to her, of course. For a guy who proclaims himself a rare repeater, I sure do seem to be repeating with a lot of girls this trip! We had a confusing, hilarious, chat interspersed with DFK for a long time before I told her to get a key. Off to the room, which was fantastic yet again. Very similar to my previous rooms with her. Except this time, the highlight was when she was riding me. She motioned for me to watch us in the mirror, then spread her cheeks so I could see myself thrusting up into her. One of the sexiest moments ever, for me. Definitely one for the spank bank at home. Switched positions a few times before reaching the inevitable conclusion. Wow. More chatting and cuddling, then I had to excuse myself to take a leak. I'm not sure how long she would have let me abuse her time. I staggered back out to the front desk and paid her. Tripped over a small table on my way to the stairs. Dazed and confused in the best possible way.

    Showered then back up to the main room. I figured I would just sit and dry off. I figured I probably didn't have another room in me. But then I saw Laura and remembered saying I would try to room with her yesterday. Surprisingly, Little Trip agreed. She's a pretty, brunette Bulgarian. She ALWAYS wears a towel around her stomach to hide a large scar. I have only seen her on the couches in the front room near the desk. We sat on the couch for a few minutes kissing. She is willing, but technically inept. Almost like she has no idea how to kiss. It was a little bit strange. Off to the room anyway, because Little Trip demanded it. She actually kissed better in the room. She took off her towel and that's when I saw the scar. I remembered someone mentioning it in a previous post, but didn't remember which girl. Not a big deal for me, but might be for some. We actually had a pretty good room. Her pussy is silky smooth and felt wonderful, especially in K9. And she's got a nice firm ass for grabbing in CG. Very nice Catholic finish.

    After another shower, I was absolutely done. Can't remember the last time I did four rooms (2 at VV earlier) on my LAST day. After VV during the day, I thought I might not be done with clubs. But after tonight, Little Trip's face looks like a clown nose and he's ready for semi-permanent retirement.

    Until the next TripToNRW, someone please keep these ladies occupied so they keep coming back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Trip. Thanks. Your report on Andrada has put me off. Sorry I led you to such a poor session: I guess her service has deteriorated substantially. She used to be distant from the other girls but now seems to have joined the group. It is really helpful to get this sort of update.
    Recommendations are always fraught with peril. So are the reverse. As always, YMMV. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she thinks I am ugly and you are handsome (very likely). You have steered me toward dozens of spectacular rooms with several wonderful girls. I will take a clunker every now and then with a smile.

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    Trip. Thanks. Your report on Andrada has put me off. Sorry I led you to such a poor session: I guess her service has deteriorated substantially. She used to be distant from the other girls but now seems to have joined the group. It is really helpful to get this sort of update.

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    TripToFreude 4

    I must be a glutton for punishment. Four nights in a row at this place! Although it's probably because I am staying about 10 minutes away and they keep having 10 Euro happy hour after 8 PM.

    Got there at 810 PM. Paid my 10 Euro entry. Downstairs to shower. Upstairs to look around. No Ivana. No Bahar. No other hot Turkish girl. Fuck. I spotted Andrada of the droopy breasts. I had seen her a couple of other days, but needed the description from Optimist and Wanking to make the connection. My first thought was, "Why the fuck didn't they tell me about the GIANT TATTOO on her chest?" More on that later. I also spotted Julietta, I think. Very thin girl, blondish hair, large breasts, very young (and not very attractive IMHO) face?

    I approached a very tiny, petite girl. She reminded me a bit of Diana from Dietzenbach (and Grimberg before that, I think). She introduced herself as Steffi, but she had a guy coming right back, unfortunately. Couldn't find anyone else who really interested me. Julietta disappeared. There was a thin, pretty brunette that would have made the cut, but someone else scooped her up. I later found out her name is Laura.

    Andrada was busy cleaning up for a while, but eventually sat down. I went over and introduced myself. She had a huge black tattoo on her chest, but it was flaking off. She said it was temporary, but is now just a black blob. No idea what it was supposed to be, but I guess she hasn't had it very long. She was a little reserved on the couch. Only LFK and very little English. Off to the room, just for the sake of doing a room like last night. Lackluster BJ. She would stop and talk to the girl in the next room every now and then in Romanian. WTF? On to FS, where she looked pretty bored. And CONTINUED TALKING TO THE OTHER GIRL. Seriously? We're a little busy! Flipped her over for K9 and things got better, maybe because she didn't have to look at my ugly mug. Catholic finish. Oh well, I guess after hitting two home runs at VV earlier, I was due for a bummer.

    Showered and dried off. Wandered around for a bit. I introduced myself to Laura and asked if she would be working tomorrow and she said yes. Might give her a whirl if Ivana is still MIA.

    Almost forgot to mention that there was a zombie wandering around the place tonight. His mouth was ajar and you could hear him breathing heavily and muttering, "Oh God," over and over. I don't think he ever sat down. No idea what that was all about, but it was pretty strange. He scared the hell out of me when he came into the bathroom while I was taking a leak.

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    Trip. Nice report. You have described why I sometimes reluctant to visit Freude: If I pick the wrong day the LU is small and has little to appeal to me. On a good day I am happy there.

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    TripToFreude 3

    Many thanks to Optimist and Wanking for helping me figure out Julietta and Andrada are. Unfortunately, neither was at Freude today, so I'm still not 100 percent sure, but at least I have a better idea.

    I showed up at 8:05 PM for the cheapskate hour. The parking lot was very crowded, but I wasn't too worried, since it was the same the past couple of nights. Paid my 10 Euro entry, showered, and got ready for action. The place was packed full of cheap bastards, much like myself. Unfortunately, there were only about 12 cards up. What a difference a weekday makes! No Ivana. No Juilietta. No Andrada. Enough to make me wish I had made a TripToVillaVenus to see Larissa instead!

    The girls were kept very busy. And there was way too much sausage hanging about for my liking. Not many room-able girls IMHO. The hottest of the bunch was a girl I assume is Turkish. She looks a bit like Bahar, only taller and curvier. IMHO, prettier. Anyone know anything about her? Little Trip would have liked to say Hello, but she was being grabbed by guys as soon as she got paid at the lockers! I hung around for a while, but the only couple of girls free did not interest me at all. I thought about taking Bahar, but I generally don't repeat unless I REALLY like a girl. Plus, she was pretty busy herself. I talked to Cindy for a minute as we walked past each other, but I remembered mixed reviews here, and she was a little bit rude to me. I also spoke to a very petite girl with a couple of tattoos (one on her shoulder). Molly? That's what I heard, but I didn't see that name on any of the cards. Little Trip wasn't that interested. Eventually, I was in serious danger of leaving a club with more bodily fluids than I came with! Intolerable!

    I finally just sat next to the next available girl that was the slightest bit room-able. Ended up with Alina. She's average height, straight black hair. Pretty face. A little larger in the hips and ass than I usually like. Small breasts. But I was desperate and she was friendly enough. A quick question about religion and we were off to the room. Which was average, I guess. The highlight was when she jumped on me reverse cowgirl, which was a very pleasant surprise. But after two minutes she asked me, "Finished?" Um, no, we're just getting started! Flipped through a few different positions before the Catholic finish. She got very wet and left a large spot on the sheet, which she was a little embarrassed about. Didn't bother me a bit.

    I waited another few minutes after showering, trying to catch that Turkish girl. She got into a heated argument with a monger and a couple of other girls. Then got snapped up immediately by another guy right after that. So I figured I would end my night there. Might have to figure out another plan for the next couple of nights. Cheap entry is great, but only if there are enough girls to go around!

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    Like a child

    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]

    Julietta 18 or 19, very slim. B size breasts. No English or German. Currently very popular as fairly new
    Way too child like for me but she was popular when I was there. She was being bullied by some of the other girls, I reported about it below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triptogamont  [View Original Post]
    After catching up on some sleep, I went to Freude at night. Happy hour is only Sunday to Thursday (this was Saturday), Next thing I know, I am sucking her nipples and dragging her off to a room. I barely had time to ask about her dedication to Catholicism! In the room, she introduced herself as Bahar. She's got a very nice body, small breasts, very pretty face. She has a tattoo of Arabic writing under her left clavicle. She was decent in the room. Asked for an AO light finish. Good for pounding one out, and I glazed her pretty pussy nicely. Overall, a pretty good room. I might repeat.
    Yeah what a hottie. I was thinking about her while wanking this afternoon!

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    Andrada is pale skin, very slim, with very saggy empty breasts. Excellent English. She makes a superb room. Maybe not as wild as Ivana or gfe as Kathi but very willing.

    Julietta 18 or 19, very slim. B size breasts. No English or German. Currently very popular as fairly new

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    Andrada and Julietta?

    Was hoping someone could give me descriptions of these two girls. Saw their cards, but no pictures. Was going to ask the theke, but was unable to tear myself away from Ivana the past couple nights. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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