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    The pics are of girls who never (did / wi; etc) work there. If you want all you can eat sex with uninterested, uninspiring girls, go for it, but otherwise, go to one of the many other good options available (eg one of the many RTCs, which sots 30 euro per session, all extras included, but if you insist on flat rate, go to PC Bochum, Dortmund or Munster, but beware to spend more money for lesser quality sex.).

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    It has had so many bad reports from other visits to the club. It is also located very remote, so not worth a visit IMHO.

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    Has any one been here recently, lots of nice pics on their site

    I see if you sign up as a member you get lots of super hot pictures for free.

    Would love to take some of these out for a spin some day.
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    How about now?


    I'll go to Essen next month on my business from Japan.

    I'd like to have the first experience of Partytreff.

    Could you please send the newest information about Partytreff Dorsten?

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    Thanks for posting WK. I had many great times in this club. Unfortunately some not so good times too. Unless some REAL great reports, I won't return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willi69  [View Original Post]
    Club25 never went open.
    Ah, I didn't know, I had based my info solely on their website. Thanks for pointing that up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varenne  [View Original Post]
    I wish them a longer life than the Club25 they are replacing.
    Club25 never went open.

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    The owner from Osnabruck and his girlfriend Julianna who is also the thekke frau from Osnabruck are in that video. I know they were friends with the Dorsten owner but am now wondering if they took over or went into business together. Dorsten actually looked good in that video and the two of them could be the right people to rejuvenate it, still I will need to read a few good reports on it before I give them my hard earned again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willi69  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday they opened a second club near to the Dutch border:
    Thanks for the update. I wish them a longer life than the Club25 they are replacing. I think this is the first time that I observe a low-end saunaclub turn into a partytreff, it's usually the other way around. The ban on flatrate is probably further away than we feared.

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    Yesterday they opened a second club near to the Dutch border:

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    Well this confirms my reports on my last 2 visits to this kip and I certainly will not darken its doors again.

    As for Osnabruck, well this is my regular club and I will probably be there this weekend, I love it there now and I usually stay in the sportpark hotel down the road from it.

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    Dorsten has gone down in quality

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDane  [View Original Post]
    On a scale from 0-5 It's a 1.
    It used to be good. I was there in the summer of 2006 when more than 20 Polish girls were present. I stayed all day and set my record, which still stands: 13 orgasms. Almost always I had two girls at once. There was no problem getting a piece of the action. They were all young and pretty.

    I went back a few months later and it was still OK, but not as good as the first time.

    I went back again a year or two later, when they had FKK day. It was OK, it was worth the trip, but not excellent.

    Another year or so later, again at FKK day, it was more or less as you describe. No harm intended to Col Bog, but actually chatting with him in the whirlpool was the most enjoyable part of the trip. :

    It also looks like Dorsten has gone through some changes of ownership.

    What are the best Partytreffs now? Has anyone been to Osnabrück, Selm, or Hannover recently? They appear to all belong to the same chain.

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    Dorsten Partytreff iznogood

    I have 4 great things to say about my last visit to Dorsten Partytreff yesterday.

    1. I need to have the number of the guy who photoshop the girls photos. He is a master. I bow down in utter admiration.

    Not only does he make the girls seems like they have great tits. But to make those faces is quit exceptional.

    The girls are not bad, most of them are actually a few is even pretty, but not even close to the photos on the homepage.

    2. One trip upstairs was great. Two other girls joined, and for once they actually was playful, sexy and fun. Made the evening worth using.

    Unfortunately it was one go, out of 7.

    3. The girls in the bar was friendly, sexy and very nice. The older one was funny, and did a great job. The young girl helping, was one of the most beautiful girls in the club, and out of action. My bad luck, but what a smile.

    4. The distance from Denmark, makes it a club I will not miss on my list anyway.

    Let's list the bad things:

    1. Hot water. Who has a partytreff, and only hot water for half of the guests to have a shower. Cold showers and sex-party is not a good mix.

    2. Smoking area. The designated area for smoking might be to get the smoke out of my face, but when that means half of the girls, never gets into the bar area to be picked up by others than the smokers, it becomes a bad thing.

    3. That leads to a big issue. "The pick up". Even with 14 girls present, it was difficult to get a chance to get to at least 8 of the girls. Some because of the smoking issue, and some other because they was monopolized by a few men for several hours. Bad style for a partytreff. Several of the girls was very quick to get to a few young guys, begging them to go upstairs several times. Ignoring a lot of other customers.

    4. Worn out couches. Used paper and filled bins in the rooms. Used and wet towels on the floor for several hours in the shower area. And customers "cleaning" up in the room, after the girls had left. Making a filthy and messy impression.

    5. The sex. Except for the one time I have described, it was below sub standard. I know it can't be GF-sex or 45 min cuddling in a room, Friday night. But be serious. Firs "run". I was upstairs, inside the room, the girl was in the girls room as usual for a few minutes, and I was out of the shower in less then the time it took my friend to eat one dish of food. He did not even know I was gone. If I say we had sex for 3-5 minutes I am being nice. OK it could have been just the one girl, but no. One black girl, didn't even take of her shirt, and after 30 sec of BJ I could dry hump her between her legs. Fair has to be fair. That was the worst.

    Mechanical, and lousy sex, with girls, who was on the way out of the door, almost before I got naked.

    The main thing. Would I go back? No way.

    It has been the 2. Worst visit to a PT, ever. And that's the night I actually took a friend with me to Germany, to try what I have been talking about so long time. And then it was a disaster.

    The worst visit was during a heatwave, and it was impossible to go through a fuck. But if Davina and her 2 friends didn't make one very good session, I'm not even sure it would have beaten that.

    On a scale from 0-5 It's a 1.

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    Left years ago

    Quote Originally Posted by SolidState  [View Original Post]
    It's been a while since I was here. Does that mean the famed Roberto is no longer there?
    I think he is gone about 5 years.

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