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Thread: Living in the Philippines

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    Slayer Updates


    I DO my best posting when I am in a good Mood. And today I am in a very good mood. Has to do with my eldest Son and making contact with his Mother for the first time in a very long time. Of course, she needed my money as my Son became ill and she was "hurting (as in broke) for money". What is her income working on Staff in a Hospital in Saudi Arabia (The Sand Box), I have no fucking idea. For me, in my early 20's while attending Graduate School, ArAramco was seeking men in my Profession, especially of my age (young, energetic, no dependents and stupid enough to take such an assignment in the Sand Box). Even then, as dumb and naieve as I was, I was intelligent enough to PASS on this one. I regret a lot of things in Life, BUT I do NOT regret passing that opportunity. And the Salary offered was 2. 5 times more than what I initially started at when re-entering the work force. Plus 30 days paid vacation and a ton of Holidays. Of course they were desperate.

    But this Filipina wanted to "Show Me" by again leaving my eldest Son with her fat, unemployed sister, her worthless brother and her fat, old Mother. No phone # for me to contact them but I used my skills to find where they lived. But I sent her a lot of money this morning with no conditions. The stupid *unt was willing to do without the money rather than allow me to see my Son. But I "rose above" it and sent the money as it was meant for my Son who was hospitalized.

    In any Event I feel good NOW. I return to the Philippines soon. Ol Jellyfish had best stay in hiding in his shack in the Cebu Province. I will ask my Daughter's Uncle, eldest brother of her, Mother to check up on him. He is Chief of Police in a major City in the Philippines. I will simply tell him the truth, JELLYFISH IS A SCUMBAG!

    In any event I will be in Makati, Cebu and Davao. No idea how long yet at any location. I want to determine this later. Nothing is happening at any of these cities so rooms are plentiful and reasonable. I will skip celebrating US Thanksgiving as it would mean going to an Ex-pat hangout. I like to avoid this.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    A New Scumbag Living in Cebu


    Just this past week I was talking with my Pal, goodEnough by phone from the West Coast of the USA. He enlightened me of the fact that he was informed that my ENEMY, Coolerbrew, aka "Jellyfish", had moved to Cebu Island Permanently. I FUCKING HATE THIS RED NECK PIECE OF SHIT!

    Obviously, Jellyfish still texts GoodEnough. GE told me he is in some remote part of the Province, where, I bet, it is very cheap to live, Providing, you live like a poor Filipino. GE, assured me, "I do not think you will ever run into him in Cebu City". Most likely this IS TRUE. Jellyfish is not very intelligent. He is too fucking stupid to avoid me, BUT he lives on retirement. One of the many decent things I did for this "Piece of Shit" BEFORE he fucked me over with my then Love, "Jen" was to advise him NOT to start taking Social Security here in the USA at age 62 1/2.

    Jellyfish, an uneducated redneck, of course, did not listen to my advice. He is today living on a fixed income about what I spend each month on fine wines and champagne. Or what my daughter spends on dresses, cosmetics and CDS / DVDs.

    For newcomers to my Board, Jellyfish is a World Class Lurker. He has NEVER posted in ISG. He read my Posts back in 2008/2009 and sent me a PM. Back then I trusted ISG Members, even lurkers. I befriended this Scumbag and had him at my Son Conor's Baptism and Reception held at Crossroads in May 2010. I even tried to set this ugly turd up with women. It was a hopeless task! Too nerdy, too ugly and too fucking shy to ever meet any decent woman, Jellyfish ended up with the Old Hag, Marybeth. She was an ugly Filipina in her 40's with two children from two (2) different Filipino losers. Broke and living with Family, an old Idiot like Jelly was "Ripe for the Picking".

    Jellfish takes Jen and myself to ol Marybeth's idea of Find Dining, the "Lighthouse" in Cebu. It was my first and ONLY time ever dining there. I hated the food and the "Three Blind Mice" singing on stage in tagalog. Reminded me of Shakespear's famous tragedy, "Hamlet". In it Iago pays the band to stop playing as the music is so horrible as to ruin the party. This was, of course, one of Shakespear's many means to please the "Pit" (area of the theatre where the cheap seats were for scuzzbals who had the habit of tossing rotten fruit at the Actors should the Play become boring).

    I had joking commented as to if the fellows would stop playing if I handed them each P 1,000. Old Marybeth sent me a cold stare from her ugly face and, in vasayan, made offensive comments to Jen about me. I took Marybeth and Jellyfish to dinner the following evening at "Olio's" at Crossroads. This IS a magnificent, fine dining place, white linen table tops, candlelight, soft music and magnificent continental cuisine. I was paying so why the fuck did old hag Marybeth spend the night complaining to my Jen: "why are the lights so dim?" "Why do we have three men serving us?" Why don't they serve Filipino food?" She went on and on. Jellyfish was used to being an abused husband from his former marriage to an old hag white woman in Ohio, USA. He told me his entire life story (bored the shit out of me).

    Marybeth was, on a 1-10 a solid 3! Jellyfish himself was no Brad Pitt or Vin Diesel. But, still, if he wanted a mean, ugly forty something demon, there WERE AND STILL ARE millions of them in the USA. Why travel across the world for one? Jen, on a 1-10 was a solid 9. 5 in looks and a 9. 0 in body. Beautiful does not begin to describe her. She was my woman for over four years then. If I was going to fuck it up, I DID NOT NEED JELLYFISH (COOLERBREW) to do it for me. I had befriended this lowlife, someone I would never, ever meet here in the USA, even if he lived in my City or I was in his town in Ohio.

    But Jellyfish had to do it. He informed Jen one night in Cebu of all the other women he and old hag Marybeth had seen me with when I was kind enough to invite this redneck scumbag to a Party or Celebration. Jen was VERY VERY UPSET. She informed me of it when Jellyfish was away. She feared I may B_ the Fucking_ of this puny, old fat guy.

    I posted on this here and I held nothing back. GoodEnough contacted Jelly and Jelly did NOT deny any of what he or Marybeth (Old Hag) had said to Jen. I approached Jellyfish when he was again in Cebu. Fifteen years older than me (maybe more), 8 inches shorter than me and 80 pounds lighter, it was a JOKE. Jelly has a speech impediment and stutters, especially when nervous. With me standing in front of him, he did a lot of stuttering. He replied to my accusations: "wall you uh uh duh, you have a lot of women. Duh uh uh, that ain't right duh duh". He stodd there trying to act normal, well as normal as a Jellyfish can act. He WAS SHAKING MORE THAN AN OLD OAK TREE DURING A TYPHOON! Seeing his tiny frame and beer belly, he looked pathetic. I just could NOT bring myself to give the bum the beating he deserved. I simply told him to avoid me for the balance of my like!

    I mentioned what Jellyfish told me to GoodEnough. GE replied, "that guy heads directly to Angeles City from the Airport as soon as he arrives in Manila, so he can fuck as many *hores as his little dick can handle"! But Jelyfish sees nothing wrong with what he does. His warped mind thinks it IS okay to fuck prostitutes as long as you DO NOT fuck more than one normal, regular lady.

    Shortly after this, Jen left me! I HOLD JELLYFISH PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. My daughter's Uncle (eldest brother of her Mother) was recently made Chief of Police in a major City in the Philippines. He likes me and he likes even more the bottles of Hennessey and Remy Martin XO I give him. I will mention old Jellyfish to him and ask him to pass the info on the Chiefs of Police in certain towns and Cities in Cebu. Ol jelly gets picked up for so much as a parking ticket he will do jail time and be deported. Fuck, I wonder what it will take to have Jelly deported just on the fact that I hate his guts?

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Filipinos Get Laid Often!


    One of the many things I have gained knowledge of through years of visiting the Philippines is that Filipino men get laid a lot. Yes, it helps if they are from wealthy Families in that then they can fuck women who are also from wealthy Families. But the average, run of the mill Filipino with a regular job and a college degree or simply a high school diploma, gets far more than his share of hot, young pussy.

    I just viewed a group of photos on my Facebook from a Filipina. She had the photos of her Company outing to some resort there. It shows a dozen, young Filipinas in a swimming pool with 2-3 men in the photos. Some photos have one guy and half a dozen girls in bikinis. I wonder how many times each girl got fucked during this weekend outing and by how many of the men. My guess is that 80% of the women fucked at least one of the Filipinos and 30% fucked 2 or more of them.

    Filipinas, with the mix of latin and Asian ancestry are VERY HORNY WOMEN. Back when Wolfgang was GM of the ApoView Hotel, he related how earlier that day as he was walking along the corridor of the second floor landing in the Hotel, he came upon a young guy and girl, both hotel trainees, fucking on one of the couches there. A Hotel Guest could come by and witness the same thing at any moment. Yet, here they were fucking away right there in the corridor like monkeys in the wild. No thought to how difficult it is to land employment in a decent, upscale Hotel, they were horny and went at it.

    In the CDO Board here I posted how I met Melody's young, beautiful sisters back in 2010. I was to later here how both the 18 and 19 year old were each pregnant by Filipino buys who left as soon as they found out the ladies were pregnant. Both girls were beautiful and had great bodies. They were also attending College at the time. Now they are unwed mothers living in the cramped, squalid place I visited five years ago. And the 16 year old sister who had a miscarriage back then was pregnant by a new Filipino guy (1st ran off after getting her pregnant) and still 16.

    These Filipinas are a very horny lot! The big titted 19 year old in Cebu that I was fucking in 2012-2013 once related how her cousins, aged 16-21, would fuck guys under trees at night or walk to the road and enter the back of a parked car that was unlocked. Imagine a guy returning to his car, getting in and driving off. While driving he hears loud moaning and heavy breathing coming from the back seat. He turns to see a young couple fucking away. Does he keep on driving or does he stop, remove the guy and take over fucking the girl?

    We foreigners have the disadvantage of not being from the Philippines and being much older than the women we want to fuck. We can only capitalize on our assets: money, ability to offer them a better life, more responsible behavior (average Filipino guy cannot even spell responsibility, let alone tell you what it means) and generousity.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonSlayer  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday I read a news item about an ex marine here in the USA. He was married to a young Chinese woman from Dalian. They got divorced and the cost of this was unbelievably expensive. Then, he allows this DEMON to take their five year old Son, whom he had been granted custody, back to China for a short Trip. Of Course, she stays in China with the boy. He has spent all his savings trying to get his Son back.
    {S N I P}
    Dragon Slayer.
    The guy was certainly naive, especially after an American court decided that the mother did not deserve custody. I reckon the guy has a snowball's chance in hell of getting his kid back through the Chinese 'legal' system.

    Actually I feel sorry for the son. He is old enough to remember and miss his father. He will have a difficult time growing up in China as a 'half caste' (typical Chinese racial prejudice). And he will have a miserable time with not one, but two "Tiger moms". He would have been far better off with a Filipina mother who would genuinely welcome the kid as part of the family.


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    A Poor "Schmuck" in America


    Yesterday I read a news item about an ex marine here in the USA. He was married to a young Chinese woman from Dalian. They got divorced and the cost of this was unbelievably expensive. Then, he allows this DEMON to take their five year old Son, whom he had been granted custody, back to China for a short Trip. Of Course, she stays in China with the boy. He has spent all his savings trying to get his Son back.

    He is now requesting donations to assist him in this endeavor. I, personally, do not think he has much chance. SHe has the boy with her Family in China. I think his only option is to take the boy via a kidnapping similar to what the young black woman did whose Korean ex-husband stole their Son and took him to South Korea.

    How he could be so fucking naieve is something else. I hav e dated enough Chinese women to know that what they say to You and what they Do are often completely different. I get totally offended whenever someone in our Group is rude enough to carry on a conversation in another language in front of me. Normally, I simply get up and leave. Put down whatever I think my part of the bill may be and depart. This has happened a few times NOW at Bon Appetit French Restaurant in Davao City. Has me considering skipping this Place on my upcoming Trip.

    With the Chinese you have to expect that they will talk in Mandarin in front of you ALL THE FUCKING TIME! When dating / fucking a pretty Chinese girl some years ago we would go to a Restaurant owned by friends of hers and sit and eat and then talk with the owners. This ended when I found out from her how the puny Owner was asking her if I would repay her the $ 10 I had borrowed one night to cover our bill. Why I would need $10, I do not recall. Place must not have accepted credit cards and I was out of cash, something which DOES NOT happen. I never returned to that Restaurant and I soon stopped seeing the China girl. She was missing tits anyway, something I hate.

    I am uncertain if a Filipina taking your baby back to the Philippines would have the same results as with the marine and his Son now in China. I doubt it. Still, it is always best to keep your children with you. In Asia, the woman's Parents exert a very strong influence on their daughter, no matter what her age. If they become enamored with the Baby, they may compel to keep the child in the Philippines.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Valentine's Day


    Valentine's Day IS a huge celebration in the Philippines. Everyone gets with friends or a Lover or their wife / husband and goes out to dinner. Flowers and chocolates are bought for ladies. All restaurants are fully booked and the fine dining restaurants put on quite a program. I have celebrated this Day twice in the Philippines. It is a lot of fun. This year I am back working and do not have to be too concerned about this. So ican relax. Just make sure the little Mothers of my children are able to celebrate with my children.

    Only other Asian country that I noticed this Day being celebrated was in Hong Kong. It is very common to get a room in a nice hotel and dine in the Hotel restaurant and celebrate the Evening. I thought a few times about arranging to go to HK for Valentine's Day.

    Making money is my priority now. I will visit the Philippines in early Spring. I hope that all the guys now in the Philippines DO get out and celebrate with a beautiful Filipina.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    "Smart" Filipinas


    I have been impressed a few times with how cunning some of these women can be. I had a cam girl contacting me and I told her I could not send her money as I needed to transfer into the Account that I use to wire the money additional funds. This was true but I should have just told her straight out that I was not interested in her putting on a show for me. She gave me several ways of wiring the money to her that I have never heard of. I know of Western Union (expensive), Xoom (cheap but unreliable), Xooom (never tried it) and MoneyGram which I use and get to send very inexpensively and reliably. Putting money into bank accounts does NOT work for two of the Mothers' of my children as they both simply clean out the Account each time, creating a additional bank charge of P150 per month. I DO still have Bank Accounts for two of the Mothers who are more responsible.

    I have learned that you need to stay in a Hotel which provides In Room Safes where you can safely keep your money. You also need to hide, out of sight, your cellphone whenever you have a new Filipina come by to see you. She may steal it and she may also transfer your Account Balance to her phone or, as one girl did back in 2004 in Cebu, transfer all phone #s in my phone to her phone. She then messaged all of them informing them of her and that she was my fiance. Girl always struck me as beautiful but not too bright (great fuck). Obviously she had some smarts and not much in the way of honesty or ethics. And NO, I did not EVER tell her I would marry her or that I wanted a serious relationship with her. She was lovely and a fantastic fuck who liked getting fucked in her ass.

    You can NEVER permit a Filipina you do not know to use your computer. She will most likely go into your photos and mail and document storage. I do allow my two young sons to play and view "Angry Bird" on my laptop and let Mommy check her mail and Facebook. But they are part of my Family.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Filipina Thief - Thankyou

    DS, thankyou for sharing this information with us. Pity the Mother is incapable of responsible budgeting. However I am familiar with this character flaw requiring you to remit weekly. What a pain!

    You are very experienced but got caught by this thief. What chance do those less experienced have. I don't really understand how the thief achieved her theft. How can you avoid this happening again? Regards, ET.
    Last edited by Eric Tile; 02-08-15 at 04:40. Reason: correction

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonSlayer  [View Original Post]

    I recently got robbed online by a Filipina I met on a website. SNIP... I just want all of you to be aware of hos fucking dishonest some of these Filipinas are and how cunning they are. Got the money and a fake I'd in a matter of hours. IMPRESSIVE.

    Dragon SLayer.
    Wow, DS, a dishonest Filipina? Surely you jest! Whoever heard of such a thing? LOL.

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    Slayer Caution Post


    I recently got robbed online by a Filipina I met on a website. Here is how it happened:

    I am online in yahoo messenger with the Mother of my Daughter, age 16. I am sending her the code for the weekly allowance they get. I have to send it weekly because she cannot control her spending. Whatever I send, it will be gone in a few days so I must do it every week.

    I am giving her the Amount and the code to pick up the money. I stopped many years ago using western union as they are way too expensive. Out of nowhere a girl pops up and IMs me. She is one I just met who says she is in General Santos, 3 hour bus ride from Davao City. I do not realize it at first but the code and amount in pesos was intercepted by her I'm. I notice this but the Name is that of my daughter's Mother. I think it is SAFE as you need a photo I'd to pick up the money. I inform this girl that the money is for my daughter.

    A couple days later I get a call from my Woman. She never got the money as it was unavailable. I check and the money was picked up a few hours after I sent it. The little tramp in General Santos stole the money. SHe had the Amount and the Reference #. She must have come up with a phony I'd in the Name of my daughter's Mother. Or she had a Friend working at the Cebuano Lhuillier Office and she bribed her to give her the Money.

    This *unt had the audacity to even come online and say Hello, to me the next day. I think she was checking to see if I realized she stole the money. I tell her I will visit Davao soon and I can ride in a private car to meet her in GS. I ask her full Name so I will be able to ask her Barangay Captain where she lives. I get al this and then I rip into the Fucking Thief telling the little *unt how I will have her arrested. I let her know my prior employment here in the US and how I will pay whatever the cost to have her arrested and sent to jail.

    Of course she denies everything. BUT I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM HER AGAIN. I will look for her in Facebook and online in the internet and then make further inquiries. I just want all of you to be aware of hos fucking dishonest some of these Filipinas are and how cunning they are. Got the money and a fake I'd in a matter of hours. IMPRESSIVE.

    Dragon SLayer.

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    Filipinos (men)


    An experience I had in Ormoc, Leyte two years ago in February. I am riding the Supercat boat to Cebu City. She accompanies me to the boat as in the past. At the entrance a tiny man, a porter who laods and unloads freight and baggage is there. He literally is not more than 5'0" tall and weighing 40 kgs (seriously). His age is hard to determine given the horrible ridges and wrinkles and pockmocks in the skin of his face from years of smoking, drugs, sun light and cheap whiskey. I guess he was about 45-48.

    This little man begins to rip into my Lady in vasayan. He is going much too fast for me but I look at her and she has a look of terror on her beautiful face. I begin to "lose it". I get a grip and say to myself, "Slayer do NOT kill this monkey". I decide to speak to him "very politely" in English. I know he understands Porter as they are called this. So I begin at the absolute loudest I can and "kindly" say, "Porter, you useless fucking piece of shit! You dare speak to my woman like this! I will pick your fucking ugly, useless body up and too you into the ocean".

    At the first "fucking piece of shit", I was yelling to the air. The guy ran off so fast he should be trying out for the US 100 m Team. No idea where he went but NOT ANOTHER FUCKING PORTER CAME TO TAKE HIS PLACE. I look around, hands clenched, face drawn, in a martail arts stance like I was fighting a match in my youth. No one says a thing and not a single passenger waiting to board even looks at me. I hear the Captain, elegantly dressed say, "Sir the Business Class section is here. Please board this way". The passengers made a path for me to board the boat and I got up and kissed Baby and Mommy goodbye. Walked past the Ship's Officers and boarded. I had a BC ticket but no one checked to verify this. Never say the little cock sucker again.

    I do NOT comprehend why he went into a rage at my Lady for seeing me off, baby in her arms. And why the fuck would he think I would simply stand there and allow him to do this? I get along quite good with Filipinos and taxi drivers are usually the only ones I have occasional trouble with when they try the "Sir you are a rich man. You must pay more" bullshit.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Understanding American English

    Dragon (and everyone else) ,

    I haven't been posting on here for a long time, just lurking around, because I have been stuck in sex prison (good old USA) since early 2010. But I just now read Dragon's account of the bellhop and the telephone operator that could not understand what he was saying. I just felt compelled to post my own reply.

    As far as international travel goes, mine has been a bit limited, but still more than the average American I would think. I traveled to Germany and lived with a German family for a few months when I was a teenager (God! That's a lifetime ago!). I lived, thanks to my military time, in Korea for 11+ years. I also met and married my second wife (now divorced) there, and made the mistake of not only bringing her to the states, but also putting up with her for 21 years. After separating from her during our last stay in Korea, I found the wondrous pleasure that is known as Filipinas. I escorted one back to the Philippines when her contract ended in Korea. (Yes, she was working at a bar there.) Of course, at my expense, we traveled to Hong Kong first to see her sister (also working at a bar, go figure). And I then made several trips to paradise until I was forced to move back to prison because of some inane law restricting US government employees from being overseas for more than 5 years.

    Anyhow, the reason for telling you about my foreign experiences is to show that I do have some knowledge of dealing with people that do not speak English as their native language. In Germany, from what little I can recall, it was not a big problem, as their school curriculum requires them (or it did at that time) to study English. Korea has the same requirement, but I never felt that they pushed it as hard as the Germans. Most adult Koreans could not utter anything more difficult than "Hello. My name is." Even though my ex-wife was attending classes at an "English Institute" when I met her, I'm glad I also learned to speak Korean. After bringing her to the states, it came in very handy. There were many instances where we would have had a lot of problems if I had not been able to explain things to her in her own language. When I traveled to the Philippines, I also noticed that many Filipinas (and the guys) could not (or would not) speak English. So I took it upon myself to try to learn Tagalog. I can't say that I am fluent with it, but the little bit that I do know has helped when I was there.

    Thanks to my military time, and now working for the Army, I have lived in many areas of the United States as well. While driving through Louisiana one time, a local at a gas station attempted to strike up a conversation with me. And I honestly can't say that I understood more than 2 or 3 words of what he said. Now, I live in the great state. Uh, er. Well, I'll just say Kentucky. I was raised about 250 miles north of here, and there are many locals that I have not been able to understand in the 3 years that I have been here. And one of them, I meet and attempt to talk with on almost a weekly basis. My point here, is that we are all speaking English, and I still can't understand some people from these different areas.

    Based on all of my long-winded discussion here, I would say that it should be easy to understand why anyone that is not a native American English speaker would have trouble with our language. While living in Korea, I heard many Americans complain about the lack of English speaking Koreans. My advice to them, and to anyone going into any country outside of the United States, is learn the language of the country you are going into. It's great if the locals can speak to us in our language. But, are we really that lazy that we expect them to be fluent in English when we can't speak their language? This is just my opinion.

    H. W.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon slayer  [View Original Post]

    he is now living in the same barangay with her sister in her mother's home. fucking insane!

    girl lives with her one year old daughter and her two young sons are with her fucking loser husband and her worthless sister. this has me wondering. if she was in singapore for two years and the husband moved the younger sister in then, how is it that she has a one year old daughter with this piece of shit? simply put, she returned and was still with this guy inspite of his having an affair with her sister. and, of course, the guy is unemployed.

    but in the instances with the filipinas, i am not aware of any stories about a married foreigner fucking the sister of her wife. and here it is the unemployed filipino boinking the younger sister of his wife who is gainfully employed. and ol mommy not only condones this, but provides a place for these scumbags to live! i was beginning to think i had not much more to learn about the activities of filipinas. reality is that i have just "scraped the tip of the iceberg.

    dragon slayer
    and still these people listen to catholic priests because they are the moral compass. what a sad joke.

    there is a law in the philippines that concerns adultery and is successfully used against foreigners to basically extort money, and yet the low life you described will never get hit with such a law.

    the law of course was promoted in its promulgation by the good ol church as the dimwit priests figured " hey if we promote a law against adultery then no one will ever be adulterous, right ". shows what happens when you let the paedophilic priests shape public opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Slayer  [View Original Post]
    Guys, I just tell her that it IS AGAINST THE LAW IN BOTH my country and the Philipines for me to get involved with her in any way. I never hear from her again. It is a very good thing she chose to "get honest". Something I doubt very much she has since done with any other men she meets online. There is no other option but to be VERY CAREFUL.

    Dragon Slayer
    Very well and wisely managed. Was just wondering if she was not honest. It is a fact a lot of Asian, by body, can look younger than what they are in reality. But behave, right or not, like older girls. I mean, it is normal in Philippines for a 15yo girls with a more mature man, and I assume on possible intimate encounters,.and this is misleading: a westerner girl at that age, for education and DNA, would not engage. Normally. In such chats. So the question is: would you have been able to detect such a young age when meeting her in real? Would you have been concerned to check her age when seeing her, when other 22yo girls might look 17? Or 17 looking 22?

    And here "you" is not only Dragon Slayer, but anybody of us.

    I don't even take into account a possible (for sure not the specific case) of a police scam to clamp unwilling potential minor chasers. There are many, we know and they do not deserve justifications.

    But I feel so time some guys get into shit by just not being careful enough and underestimating some dangers. Maybe drawn by little head liking the young, but certainly not looking for the minors.

    There is often a very thin line between legitimate and against the law.

    As a principle, in many cases, I stay away from the borderlines and play safer with those where no doubt can come out. Doesn't mean ugly old ladies, of course. But a 25yo looking will never look and will never be 15. Add the experience factor, BTW, which is better with a not very young girl. I think the perverts aiming to the very young, on the other hand, don't care about performance and experience. Their game is another one. Shame on them.

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    Philippino People And Their English

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Slayer  [View Original Post]

    Living in the Phlippines requ9ires a lot of patience. I have a home on the ocean i9n Leyte and I enjoy it but get bored quickly. I like City life.

    Virtually few if any of the regular Filipinos speak English above the first grade level. In a conversation with a bellboy in Cebu at the Elizabeth Hotel I was relating a recent experience travelling from Manila to Cebu. I went through four (4) sentences of conversation. I mentioned my plane (airplane) in the last sentence. He interrupted me to ask,"you check out today sir". He had no fucking clue as to what I was saying. He heard plane and assumed it had to mean I was leaving on a plane "today". In replied,"what are you talking about? I am not leaving for several days yet. Did you understand anything that I just said to you"? He gave me a blank stare and a smile. I then said,"you do not understand english at all do you"? He replied,"sorry I speak English only litten". SAD!

    Today, I call the Operator at my hotel, Park Inn, in Davao. I ask for the Cebu City phone number of Delta Airlines. She replies,"very good, I will get you the telephone # of Philippine Airlines in Cebu City". I say,"NO! I need the phone # of DELTA (I spell it out) Airlines in Cebu City". Her reply is,"yes sir, I will get you the telephone # of Philippine Airlines in Cebu City". I hang up. In my bag I locate the card for the Manager in Cebu of Delta Airlines.

    Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer,

    I hope you don't mnd a differeing opinion. When the bellboy at the Elizabeth Hotel in Cebu said he only spoke a little English, he was being gracious. I am constantly amazed at how well many Pinoys and Pinays speak English. But that doesn't mean they always understand what I say to them and it doesn't mean I always understand what they say to me the first time.

    The first time I met my gf, she was shy to speak with me. She said she didn't speak English very well. But as it turned out, she has an amazing knowledge of the language and a huge vocabulary which constantly astounds me. But we don't always understand each other, especially not the first time. The problem with Philippino people speaking English is the same problem you encounter when you speak in English to a Vietnames, a Chinese, or really anyone for whom English is not their first language. And when I say that, I mean a person for whom American English is not their first language. So it can take a while for me and a Brit to understand each other.

    Here's the explanation of the problem. Let's take a Vietnamese for example. In Vietnamese, there are a set number of phonemes in their language. A phoneme is the smallest contrastive unit in the sound system of a language. The set of phonemes available to a native speaker of Vietnamese is different than the set of phonemes available to a native speaker of American English. So when a Vietnamese person has to learn American English as a second language, what he does is to fall back on the set of phonemes with which he is familiar in order to attempt (not always successfully) the phonemes that he thinks he is hearing in American English. So when he speaks American English using the set of phonemes that is familiar and English to him, it is going to be difficult for you to understand him and it is going to be difficult for him to understand you.

    The same is true in speaking with Philippino people. They will pronounce the vowels (a, e, I, o, you) differently than you do. They are also going to have trouble with the fact that in American English, as in British English, there is a lot of irregularity not only in the structure of English but also in the pronounciation of vowels and (to a lesser degree) consonants. This does not occur in many (if not most) other languages. So most foreigners who did not learn English as children will have trouble with the fact that the letter "o" is pronounced differently in the words "hot" and "broke". They will try to resolve this by replacing the two different phonemes which we generate from this one letter with one phoneme which is familiar to them in both cases. As a result, they may pronounce both words as though the phoneme were the one that we generate when we see "o" on "brock".

    Or in another vein, to a Philippino the consonant "are" is always rolled. This is something that must be decoded by us as Americans (I assume you are American) as they must constantly decode what we say.

    I hope this helps. And I urge you to be a bit more generous in judging Philippino people when they speak English and when they try to understand spoken English.


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