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    When I said the rate was for an hour I was referring to the supposed 17K rate that Caff was asking about in the preceding post. He in turn was referring to the list that WT69 put together here which listed the rates at "10000c 30 min., 17000c hour" (so I'm not sure why he was even asking whether 17K was for an hour). What we both missed and which DRM picked up on is that those are old prices. Last I knew the rate at NF was up to 22K/hour (although I've seen one unconfirmed report that it is now up to $50? which would be 27K). I'm not sure of the half hour rate but since that had been a little over half the hour rate I'd guess it must now be in the ~13K range (or possibly the ~15K range if the latest price increase rumor is true).

    BTW, with the conversion currently being at ~540 c/$, 22K c still comes out to just a little over $40/hr. And, even if it really is now $50, with prices at ZB/LH now running $55 (actually its been that high all along only there is no longer any room discount for CRT) and IDEM up to $60 or above, NF is still a relative bargain for a full-service "gringo" style MP (provided you can find a decent chica there that can be bothered to stop filing her nails long enough to go in the back with you). Of course, the tico places are even cheaper still, but the selection at those are even more spotty and the facilities no where near as nice.

    These recent price jumps at the various "gringo" MP's seems to fly in the face of economic sense given the down turn of the local economy. Perhaps due to increasing fame these places have decided to follow in the HDR business model (please, lets not get into that debate again). Regardless about how you feel about these places. Rising prices can only lead to fewer of the former regulars shelling out the money at the places, perhaps being somewhat replaced by "fresh meat" coming in, and more of those vets venturing forth as they discover the relative bargains of the "tico" places. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts on these issues from seasoned vets like yourself (Bilko, those "in the know" know that you've been around CR a long time and are as much "in the know" as any of them).

    BTW, World Travel 69, you need to work some of this latest info into your list.

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    I heard NF raised their prices. I'm not sure how much. It's now 20 something thousand colones for an hour. They always offered 1/2 hour. In fact when you get in the room the girl asks you whether you want 1/2 hour or 1 full hour.

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    NF half hour

    Those 'in the know' tell me that the NF also offers a half hour option. I am not sure of the price but it is pretty reasonable, according to those same sources.

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    See my other post for a few tips on negotiations. In short, spanish always helps a lot, but it is not strictly necessary.

    As for NF, the rates are for an hour, although if you pop early the most you can expect after that with most of the chicas is to finish the rest of your time with a nice backrub. So take your time, enjoy the steam rooms or sauna and work up to the main act with a nice backrub for you (or for you to give her). As for walking away, of course you can always walk away at any point until you pay (done at the beginning at NF) or even if for someone reason you want to leave early after the session starts (though don't expect any refund unless the girl did something really screwy and you're ready to argue with management). The NF has a really weird selection system with a one way mirror looking into the chica's waiting room that you can barely see through. I've always found it easier to look around the corner or even come into that room and talk to the chicas (who cares if they can see you). In fact, I find eye contact to be one important cue as to whether the chica is at all interested in me or whether she is simply too bored to bother (which a lto of them seem to be there), and that can't be accomplished if you're hiding behind the mirror. After you've made your initial selection but before you've paid, you can ask your chica a few quick questions while walking back to her room and if you don't like what you hear you can always say you've changed your mind and try your luck with a different girl.

    As for CRT, we're not really supposed to promote the "competition" around here (or provide links) even though CRT is primarily just a CR board and ISG covers the whole world. However, if you google "Costa Rica Ticas", which is really what all of us are talking about both here in this forum section and over at that other site, then you should be able to figure it all out.

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    Thanks Prolijo. Are the prices posted for new fantasy current. Say for approx 17000c ($30) is that for an hour. How to become CRT member. If you do not like the girl can you walk away. Can non spanish speaker manage in those places. If I decide to pick a girl from BM how do you inquire in spanish that the hour includes multipops, and just not a single pop.

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    The prices definitely include full sexo. Some places the girls may try to upcharge for a bbbj as opposed to cbj. You can try to ask in advance but once you've paid there is not much you can do about it. It is really an individual thing that all depends on the girl.

    BTW, this thread has been dead for a while and the closings that were last reported are a thing of the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokers Rule
    Planning my first visit to CR in Nov. does the massage pricing posted here includes sex or do you have to pay seperately for sex.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DR Monger II
    I hope you know that a lot of those massage parlors are closed by the police.

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    I hope you know that a lot of those massage parlors are closed by the police.

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    The List

    Thanks guys for all Updates. Please Fill in the Blanks.
    I think Kama Sutra is in Sabana Sur.

    San Jose 8-2-08 Today One Dollar is 542.400 / 560.390 (bid/ask). One Euro is 842.835 / 870.958 (bid/ask).

    Bars/Clubs (All prices are in Colones, except as noted.) (The higher price places usually mean Gringos go there.)

    1. Blue Marlin Bar, in the lobby of the Hotel Del Rey, Avenida 1 between Calle 9 and Calle 11. 100+ Chicas. Prices: Asking: US$60-$200. Take out only, unless you are staying at the hotel.
    Hotel Del Rey, Chica Room Fee $10, if you are staying there. Hours: 24.

    2. Key Largo, Avenida 1 and Calle 9, music and dancing, diagonally across from the HDR. 50+ Chicas. Prices: Asking US$60-$200. Take out only. Tel: 257-7800. Hours: 8pm to 3am.

    3. Monkey Bar, across the street from the Blue Marlin. Same owners as HDR/BM. __ Chicas. Take out only. Hours: ___.

    4. New York Bar, next to the El Balcon restaurant. It is just down the street from HDR/BM. __ Chicas. Prices: Should be $50. Take out only. Hours: ___.

    5. Tarzan La Casita, Calle 11, Avenida 6 and 8, down the hill, on the way to IDEM. __ Chicas. Prices: __. Hours: ___.

    6. Bar Camelot, Calle 3 and 5, Avenida 4 SE, (Tico Bar). 1 block South of Avenida 2 just south of the National Theatre. __ Chicas. Prices: 6000c. Tel: (506) 221-6585. Hours: 3pm or 4 till late.

    7. IDEM Bar, Calle 11, between Avenidas 8 and 10, clean, friendly, professionally managed, with excellent quality control. 12-20 Chicas in the 6-10 range. Prices: $10 Membership Fee, $60 upstairs rooms, $100 hour downstairs a/c rooms. $40 Tuesday & Thursday Noon to 2 pm. Tel: 506-222-3352. Hours: 3pm to midnight Monday to Saturday.

    8. Miss Caribe, Calle 2, between Avenidas 8 and 10, (Tico Strip Club). Sometimes crowded, with 3 televisions (one big screen) playing pornographic movies. __ Dancers. Prices: Cover charge, but you can exchange the ticket for a drink. Hours: ___.

    9. Arcadas, Calle 2, between Avenidas 8 and 10, (Tico Strip Club), S.E. corner of Calle 2 and Avenida 10. __ Dancers. Prices: Cover __, Chicas 9000c 30 min. Hours: 8 till late, the best time is after 10pm. Open Sundays.
    Comments: Can get crowded with Ticos on weekends. Weeknights are best for the Chicas.

    10. Las Margaritas II, Calle Central and Avenida 18, 4 blocks South of M.C., A. and Vips, north of Kamur. __ Chicas. Prices: 15000c 30 min. Hours: 8pm to 3am.

    11. Pirate Club, 5-6 Chicas, (Old Bar Dandy), Avenida 10, Calle 14, 6 blocks west of the Arcadas/Molino group. 4+ Chicas. Prices: $75 hour. Hours: ___. Good recommendation.

    North Side of Avenida 2 in the Zona Rosa Area. (N.W. of Downtown) This is Not a Safe Area After Dark, Take a Taxi!

    1. Pension Chica Dorado, Avenida 7 between Calle 1 and Calle Central, (Old Club 40’s Pension Bar) (Tico Bar). The bar is downstairs and the rooms are upstairs along with pornographic movies and loud music. __ Chicas. Rates: 10000c 30 min., 12k hour. Hours: 3pm to 12 midnight.

    2. Bar Tango, Avenida 9. (Tico Bar). Centro Comercial El Pueblo. __ Chicas. Prices: 9000c. Hours: 4pm till late.

    3. Tonny's Bar, Avenida 9, between Calles 2 and 4 next to Josephines Strip Club. (Tico Bar). __ Chicas. Prices: __. Hours: ___.

    4. Night Club Flamingo, Calle 2, between Avenidas 4 and 6, West Side, 2 blocks North of Arcada/Molino group. __ Chicas. Prices: 22000c 30 min., 40000c hour. Tel: (506) 223-4767. Hours: ___.

    5. Club Monaco, Calle 6 and Avenida 9. (Tico Bar). __ Chicas. Prices: 15000c 30 min., 25000c hour. Hours: ___.

    6. La Bella Mansion, Avenida 11, between Calles 1 and 3. (Tico Bar). It is landmark place and has less scary prospects. __ Chicas. Prices: 10000c 30 min., 13000c hour. Hours: ___.

    7. Pension De Munecas, Avenida 11 between Calle 3 and Calle 5. (Tico Bar). __ Chicas. Prices: __. Hours: ___.

    8. Pension Anita Jet Set, Avenida 11, between Calles 1 and 3. __ Chicas. Prices: 5500c 30 min. Hours: 9am – 10pm Monday-Saturday. Comments: Next door to VIP's Taberna. Hours: ___.

    9. VIP's Taberna or VIP's 1, Calle 3 and Avenida 11, NW corner, Amon District, (Tico Bar). __ Chicas. Prices: Cover charge, but you can exchange the ticket for a drink. There are a few seats at the bar and a few small tables and music. 5500c 30 min. Hours: Noon to Late, Open Sundays. Hints: Best time 7pm to 10pm.

    10. Night Club Puertos Bar, Calle 12, Avenida 4 and 6. __ Chicas. Prices: __. Tel: (506) 222-2863. Hours: ___.

    11. Night Club Puro Platino, Calle 10 and 12 Avenida 3. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Tel: (506) 256-9989. Hours: ___.

    12. Night Club Star 2 Público, Calle 14, Avenida Central. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Tel: (506) 233-1877. Hours:

    Barrio Escalante

    1. Venus, 4-5 Chicas. (Tico Bar). 9-10 blocks East of downtown, towards Barrio Dent and San Pedro. __ Chicas. Prices: 9000c 30 min., 13000c hour. Hours: 10am to 7pm weekdays, 10am to 4pm Saturday, Closed on Sundays.

    Strip Clubs/Clubs Most Clubs have a Cover Charge and Chica Drinks are not Cheap
    A lot of clubs are Clip joints. It is best to just watch the Shows, unless you are Rich. Even then it can be expensive!

    1. Centerfolds Strip Club, (Old Casablanca), Avenida 1 NE and Calle 6. One block from BM. Professionally managed, clean. Chicas are dropped on your lap to request drinks. __ Dancers. Prices: The girls are asking $100 hour, $20 for two dances. 4-6s. May be better on other nights. Hours: ___.

    2. Lipstick, (Olympus) Calle Central and Avenida 7 across the street from the Bogarts City Show Bar. __ Dancers. Prices: Cover 5k (includes 2 drinks) $20/dance. Hours: ___.

    3. Elite (Show Club), Calles 28 and 30, Paseo Colón. Tel: 506-256-4802. __ Dancers. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    4. Josephines, (Warning! Maybe a Gay Bar?), Avenida 9, between Calles 2 and 4, Zona Rojo. __ Dancers. Prices: Cover Charge. Hours: ___.

    5. Alcasar, Avenida 7 and Calle Central, diagonal from "Lipstick". 17+ Dancers. Price: Beer 1800c, Chica Drinks 4500c, 3 Song Lap Dance 6000c, Room $61, Chicas $50-$80. Hours: ___.

    6. Kamur, Central Street, 5 blocks south of Pacific Train Station (Estación de Tren al Pacífico) near the center of San José. 8+ Dancers. Prices: $75 30 min. Phone: (506) 840-1711 Fax: (506) 227-3180. Hours: ___.

    7. Pantera Rosa, (Pink Panther), corner of Avenida 14 or 16 and Calle 9, just past the fork in Paseo de los Estudiantes, about 9 or 10 blocks from HDR. 5+ Dancers. Prices: Free entry and 1 drink with CRT card, or you get a Cover charge. You can bang them in the panther room just off the stage for less than $30 for 15-20 minutes. Hours: 10:30pm to 5:00am. It gets hot around Midnight.

    8. Le Grillon, 2 blocks west of Flamingo at Avenida 6 and Calle 6. __ Dancers. Prices: 30000c. Hours: ___.

    9. Saphires, around the corner from Oasis, Calle 32, between Avenidas 1. __ Dancers. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    10. Vips Molino Rojo, Avenida 10 and Calle 2, (Tico Strip Club). __ Dancers. Prices: $8 30 min. Hours: 8pm to really late, Sundays. Best time is after 12 pm.
    Comments: Sometimes nice looking girls come real late, after some of the other places start closing.

    La Uruca

    1. Tango India, Migration Entrance, away from the downtown, requires a cab ride. Rave reviews on the quality. 15+ Dancers. Prices: Chica Drinks $20. Expect to spend in excess of $200-$300. Do not know if you can dine in or take out? Tel: (506) 290-1235 / 291-1732. Hours: ___.

    2. Atlantis Strip Club, away from the downtown, requires a cab ride. Rave reviews on the quality. 5+ Dancers. Prices: Chica Drinks $20. Expect to spend in excess of $200-$300. Do not know if you can dine in or take out? Tel: (506) 255-3333. Hours: ___.

    Sabana Sur Hollywood has been Blacklisted. A real rip off place.

    1. Hollywood Club, (Strip Club), Sabana Sur 250 West of the McDonalds on the old road to Escazu. __ Dancers. Prices: Cover charge __, Chicas ___. Tel: (506) 232-8932. Hours: ___.

    San Pedro

    1. D'Pelufos. 12 Dancers. Prices: Cover 3500k (includes 2 beers) 2200k more for the front row (includes 2 more beers and chance in lap dance drawing) 5k for a 2-3 song lap dance set which includes much fondling. Hours: Get there at 8-9 for a front row seat and the show starts around 10:30(?). Best night, Sunday night floor show. Tel: (506)


    1. D'Pelufos, near the airport. 12 Dancers. Prices: ___. Hours: ___. Tel: (506)

    Massage (Most Places are Tico, except as noted.)

    1. Hotel Zona Blue, Avenida 9, Calle 3B S.E. (Gringos). Rooms are $200 a night and time with a Chica is a lot cheaper than some other places. 20 Chicas. Prices: 12000c 30 min, 17000c hour for CRT members and 16000c 30 min., 24000c hour for non CRT members. It has a Cigar Bar. Tel: 257-8624. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm.

    2. New Fantasy, Avenida 9, between Calles 7 and 9, (Gringos). 15 Chicas. Prices: 10000c 30 min., 17000c hour, with use of the sauna, steam room and shower room alone. Tel: (506) 221-4916. Hours: Monday to Saturday. 9am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 7pm. Email:

    3. La Belle Maison, Calle 4 between Avenidas 6 and 8, it is around the corner from Cha, Cha, Cha. __ Chicas. Prices: 1 hour special, 2 Chicas, for 15,000c. Tel: 506-223-2147. Hours: ___.

    4. Sala de Massages "Si Bo Ny", Calle 8 between Avenidas 14 and 16. It is a small place with showers and attentive female masseuses. __ Chicas. Prices: __. Hours: ___.

    5. Lucy Massage, Calle 11, Avenidas 8 and 10. __ Chicas. Prices: __. Tel: (506) 391-3011. Hours: ___.

    6. Cha Cha Cha, Calle 4, between Avenidas 7 and 9, near Best Western. It is the Purple house next to 747. 8+ Chicas. Prices: 10000c 30 min., 14000c hour. Hours: 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday.

    7. 747 Massage, Calle 4, between Avenidas 7 and 9, #747 on the house, near Best Western. __ Chicas. Prices: 5000c 30 min. Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

    8. Muses, Avenida 3, between Calles 3 and 5. (Old Jocelyns) Sign out front. Chicas: Clean, professional, with small staff of 2-4’s. Maybe the staff is better at other times. Prices: 8000c 30 min., 12500c hour. Hours: Closes at 8pm. Comments: Very unobvious, Glass window and door front with only a buzzer at door.

    9. Krysis Health Club, Avenida 7, between Calle Central and Calle 2, (next to Lipstick). __ Chicas. Prices: 24000c hour. Hours: 10am to 11pm.

    10. The Dungeon, Avenida 7, between Calle Central and Calle 1. 70E is on the door. __ Chicas. Prices: 8000c 30 min. Hours: __. Best low end massage place near the gulch but facilities are very basic.

    11. Jet Set, Calle 6. __ Chicas. Prices: $14. Hours: __.

    12. Europa 2000, Calle 3, between Avenidas 5 and 7. __ Chicas. Prices: 6000c 30 min. Tel: 506-233-1146. Hours: 12pm to 6pm. Open Sundays. Mixed reviews. Owner is from N.Y.

    13. Hotel Marruecos, Calle 3 and Ave. 5-7, norte, across the street from Europa 2000. Senora Arias, propietaria. Tel: 221-0468. Hours: ___.

    14. Oasis, Calle 32, between Avenidas 1 and 3. (Gringo/Tico). __ Chicas. Prices: 10000c hour. Tel: 255-1482. Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 12 midnight, Saturday 10am to 5pm.
    Hint: Directly across from Machu Pichu restaurant with guard at door. Best time mid to late morning. It gets very busy in afternoons.

    15. Massage No. 1, (No name known), Avenida 1, between Calles 30 and 32, on the North Side. It is around the corner from Oasis. From Oasis go North toward KFC turn left on the first street, about 25 mts. intersection before a blue bldg. __ Chicas. Prices: 6500c 30 min., 10000c hour. Hints: White house metal gate in front. Tel: 223-0369. Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to Midnight, Saturdays 10am to 5pm.

    16. VIP's Massage, Avenida 1, between Calles 24 and 26 # 2417, North Side. There is Sunflower in window. __ Chicas. Prices: 12000c room with massage table, 15000k room with massage table bed and Sauna. Tel: 256-2130 or 256-8738. Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to Midnight, Saturdays 10am to 5pm.
    Comments: you have to look hard to see sunflower, but it is the building on the corner.

    17. Veronica’s, Calle 36, S.W. between Pason Colon and Avenida 2, near Oasis, adjacent to Favorita Restaurant. Narrow turquoise building with no sign, appears to be busy. __ Chicas. Prices: 9000c 30 min., 12000c hour. Hours: ___.

    18. Sala Vilma, Avenida 6, between Calles 30 and 32, S.W. Sign out front happy paint job may be worth a look. Low cost. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    19. Centro de Masajes, Calle 4 between Avenidas 2 and 4, upstairs, near the old Park Hotel. It is a small place with showers and attentive female masseuses. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    20. Eros, Calle 11, between Avenidas 10 and 12, across from IDEM. __ Chicas. Prices: 20000c. Tel: 506-223-5861. Hours: Noon to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

    21. Illusions, Calle 9 near Avenida 12, S.E. Sign out front. 6-7 Chicas in the 5-6 range, that are very doable. Prices: ___. Hours: Opens 10am.

    22. Siboney, Calle 8, between Avenidas 12 and 14. It is several blocks S.W. of the Arcada/Molino group. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    23. La Mansion, near Paseo de los Estudiantes, between Avenidas 14 and 16. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Hours ___.

    24. Farol Rojo, Avenida 9 and Calle 1. __ Chicas. Prices: __. Tel: (506) 257 1035. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm.

    Sabana Sur

    1. Kama Sutra Massage, Ave. 5 between Calle 38 and 40, from Max x Menos (Store) across from Corobici (Hotel) go beside Max x Menos on right side of store 2 blocks past second intersection. It is about 25 mts. past second intersection on the left, in the Yellow bldg. Apt #1. __ Chicas. Prices: 9000c 30 min., 12000c hour. Tel: 256-0514. Hours: ___. Tip: If you can't locate call and they will have someone meet you at Max x Menos and lead you there.

    Bario Amon

    1. Bob’s Massage Parlor. __ Chicas. Prices: ___. Hours: ___.

    Drinking Mans Bars

    1. El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte, Avenida 1, Calles 21 and 23. Barrio La California, east of the Gulch and is a San Jose institution. Diagonal al cine Magaly. +506 221 0327. Hours: 11:30a-2p, 6p-2a M-F, 4p-2a Sa-Su

    2. K&S, Plaza Cristal. A large German brew pub that opened up with live music, food, and is located at the front of Crystal Mall in Zapote/Curridabat, right on the main street. Hours: ___.

    3. All Star, Billedas, Costa Rica's largest sports bar in San Pedro, across from Mall San Pedro, Cocorí Comercial Center behind Antojitos Cancun. Tel: 225-0838. Hours: Noon to 2:00am, Monday to Sunday.

    Web Sites


    2. http://www.costarica Take out the Space before sex. Link has not been updated in two or more years.













    Thanks to ThunderPants for these:
    The following drivers are honest reliable and excellent tour guides seem to know the best spots for mongers all speak excellent English, expect to pay about $100 per day.
    I have traveled with these drivers multiple times, but I have found almost all drivers to honest and helpful if you are nice to them.

    1. Julio Solano, 506 873 0391. Or call Sportsmen Lodge (small car great fun to go clubbing with).

    2. Jimmy Diaz, 506 380 8132. New van, great for Jaco trips or longer tours.

    3. Juan Carlos, 506 358 3194.

    4. Duke of Earl, 506 392 5660.

    5. Barbara, call Sportsmen Lodge she drives and provides "full Service".


    1. Sportsmens Lodge, 200 metros oeste de la rampa del hospital Calderon Guardia y 25 sur, Calle 13 entre Av.9 y Av.11 casa 949 en barrio Otyoa. Rates: US$49-$100. No Chica fees. Tel: 1-800-291-2798, 506-2221-2533.

    2. Hotel Castillo, Avenida 9 and Calle 9. Rates: ___. Tel: Phone: 011 (506) 2221-5141, Fax: 011 (506) 2223-2357. E-Mail:

    3. Hotel Del Rey, 1st Ave. & Calle 9. Rates: ___. Tel: 1-866-765-8037, (506) 2-257-7800 Fax: (506) 2-221-0096.

    4. Hotel Morazan, next door to the Del Rey. It's a bit quieter then the Del Rey. Rates: $45 per night, $3 Chica Fee.

    5. The Sleep Inn, Ave. 3 and Calle 11, behind the Del Rey. Rates: ___.

    6. The Presidente****, no chica fee. Rates: $89-$155. Tel: 506 2222-3022 Fax: +506 2221-1205.

    7. Clarion Hotel Amon Plaza, Avenida 11, Calle 3 Bis. Rates: $130-$250. Tel: (506) 2523-4600, Fax: (506) 2523-4614.

    8. Holiday Inn, 5th Ave. and Calle 5. Rates: $80, Chica fee $25. Tel: 1 888 HOLIDAY (888 465 4329).

    9. Best Western, Avenida 7 and Calle 6. Rates: US$54.50 - US$64.50. Tel: (506) 2255-4766.

    10. Hotel Ambassador, Calles 26 & 28, Paseo Colón. Phone: (506) 221-8155, 221-8205 Fax: (506) 255-3396 Rates: $45-90.


    12. Casa Vino, Ave. 11 and Calle 5. Rates: $50-$190. Tel: 1-206-774-7900.

    13. Inca Real, Ave. 9 and Calle 3. Rates: $49-$89.

    14. Dunn Inn, Ave. 11 and Calle 5. Rates $62-$99. Tel: 866.858.8882, (506) 2222-3232. Email:
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    2 questions.

    1.) Does Kamur have an entrance fee?

    2.) Kama Sutra address?? Where is Corobici?? Is this in San Jose?

    I am looking for a place to get a massage while I am having sex with my girlfriend. Perhaps a Jacuzzi would be nice too.

    1. Kamur, Central Street, 5 blocks south of Pacific Train Station (Estación de Tren al Pacífico) near the center of San José. Phone: (506) 840-1711 Fax: (506) 227-3180.

    4. Kama Sutra Massage, From Max por Menos across from Corobici go beside Max x Menos on right side of store 2 blocks past second intersection. It is about 25 m. past second intersection on the left, in the Yellow bldg. Apt #1.

    Prices: 9000c 30 mons., 12000c hour. Tel: 256-0514.

    Tip: If you can't locate call and they will have someone meet you at Max x Menos and lead you there

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    Europa dos mil

    The following is the address of Hostel Marruecos; 221-0468, Calle3, Ave5-7, norte,a mano derecha, RED walk way, Priscilla Arias, Propietaria. Europa dos mil is the same except on the left hand side of the street,Yellow, Angelo will give you the tour.

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    Europa 2000

    The flags RZOLL is talking about are part of the hotel adjacent (Same building) to Europa 2000. The Hotel is in the north part of the building and the MP is on the south. If you do not like the rooms at the MP you can get a room at the adjacent hotel.

    If you find the place just say hello to Angelo from his fellow puertorican.

    Good luck, and happy huntings.....


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    Europa 2000 is on Calle 3 between Avenida 5 and 7 on the west side of the street. That's 4 blocks due north if you start at the National Theatre. It actually is pretty well signed for a tico MP with Europa 2000 written in large letters directly below each of 2 ground floor windows in front (ie extremely hard to miss). BTW, the hotel with the flags that Rzoll77 is talking about sounds like the Europa HOTEL and that is actually 2 blocks further over on Calle Central, not Calle 3.

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    Directions to Europa 2000 and the MP/hostel

    I can never remember the street numbers. Walk north from the fountain on ave central. That is where the national theater is. Walk about 3 blocks north until you get to the auto mercado which is on the west side of the street. Walk one more block north until you come to a hotel with flags on top. There is a little entry way witha dark mirrored door. There is a little sign on the door also. Europa 2000. Not much talent lately.

    The other MP/hostel place is across the street and down a few doors. It has a yellow gate and bars which are painted yellow and a little courtyard. Walk up the steps and the girls are in the room on the left. Nice clean place.

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