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Thread: Medellin Hotels and Rental Apartments

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustTK  [View Original Post]
    Yes. Yes. And yes.
    Another guy on this forum told me the same for this hotel which is even cheap! But this hotel looks very old! Do the girls go easily to this hotel?

    Because I'll go there for the first time, and I want to bring sexy girls in my room, and colombian pornstars, escorts.

    Do you think high sexy girls will go there easily? What do you think of the breakfast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloEscobar  [View Original Post]
    Is Hotel Nutibara in El Centro still guest friendly?
    Yes. Yes. And yes.

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    Is Hotel Nutibara in El Centro still guest friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmorPorFavor  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone ever stayed in the Blux in Poblado?
    I'm told you are allowed 3 guests per stay. It's not chica friendly broadly speaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BbqMushrooms  [View Original Post]
    How many people did you book for?
    Sorry for the delayed response. I was on a self-imposed vacation from international mongering. LOL.

    I booked it for 2. So I guess I should say my first "guest" was free. But they would count as the other booked guest. That may work for some and like I said, really nice place.

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    Some places charges you for each new guest. Maybe someone need to try the new building called Wake. I heard that bringing guest is free until 10 pm if they stay after 10 pm it is 70 usd extra for each.

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    Any word on Art hotel or hotel dix? I have read these are guest friendly and right near the nightlife?

    Energy is booked solid and expensive!

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    Blux building

    Has anyone ever stayed in the Blux in Poblado?

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    Energy Living in El Poblado

    I've been staying at Energy Living since Friday. It was highly recommended by other members and I agree. It caters to foreigners and is a higher end apartment building for about $110/ night. It was actually cheaper than nearby hotels and the rooms are actual apartments with full kitchens. It has a great restaurant on the ground floor, a rooftop pool, and security around the clock. It's 100% guest friendly, no visitor fees as long as the number of occupants are within the apartment max, and requires physical ID to enter.

    Bonus points: it has hot water.

    Be aware that it's filled with foreigners, many who are here to party, so it might get loud on the weekends, but they have a strict no noise policy after 10 pm. Repeated violations cost 1. 000.000 COP. The guys below me were loud on Friday night and played music on their balcony. But it wasn't a problem after the first night and I went out every night anyway.

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    Hotel in El Poblado

    Can anyone please recommend a nice hotel in El Poblado area?

    It will be my first time and I want a nice hotel.

    Thank you.

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    A word to the wise.

    Quote Originally Posted by OctavioG  [View Original Post]
    Any advice on protecting myself when staying in an apartment with its own private entrance? I thought it'd be great to bypass security checks and fees, but reading some of your reports I'm worried I might be vulnerable without those checks. Planning to bringing FB girls and tinder girls back to my place in Envigado. If you couldn't tell, my 1st trip to mde.
    Only one piece of advice I can give you. Stay away from Tinder. Many people have been drugged from that site.

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    Energy living

    First time here, will repeat. No guest issues, security guys are cool, restaurant below is awesome. For some reason I thought this place was going to be loud and crazy but it's pretty quite and chill. Not the best gym but I can still get good workouts in.

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    Guest friendly hotels in Laureles and near El Centro

    I'm looking for first friendly hotels in Laureles and near El Centro. But any location would be great.

    Also, are there any with jacuzzi?

    Cheaper is always better.

    Feel free to PM.

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    Orange Travellers Suites Superior Room

    Orange Travellers Suites Pros:

    -you can just have girls come in and out almost as much as you want (I booked for 2 and never had more than one guest at a time).

    -the breakfast is pretty damn good (and if you book for two, you get two breakfasts) - highly recommend the egg florentines.

    -the view from the rooftop is nice and the jacuzzi and turco were barely used while I was there (more on this later).

    -priced pretty well for what you get. The room service and cleaning is good, the kitchen has a lot of good stuff to cook with, minibar is reasonable.

    -The double shower / bathroom setup is nice. You can give your guests their own bathroom entirely.


    -The jacuzzi is tiny. You can't sit in it, your abdomen will be mostly exposed. I don't understand this travesty of a hot tub.

    -Out of the 4 times I booked the jacuzzi, it was hot 0 of those times. 0/4 times did I even have a warm jacuzzi.

    -the Turkish bath smells funny and takes 30 minutes at least to get to a usable temperature.

    -the layout of the room I got was weird (it was a superior). Like there's a couch facing a blank wall, and a tv in front of the bed. Idk, not my favorite setup.

    -I didn't love this area of Poblado. Felt sketchy, and one time a guy just accosted me and my date for change while we were waiting for the receptionist to push the button to let us in.

    I *might* book again, but only if I'm getting an apartment facing the back (less music noise on weekends). But I hated the jacuzzi experience so idk. Might need to just shell out for a month at energy LOL. The hot tubs at the motels are better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcrist0527  [View Original Post]
    I'll answer my own question. Stayed there for 5 nights earlier this month. Very nice place. Very comfortable and an easy, fairly convenient location in Poblado. But I would not say it is guest friendly. They said it was $50 per guest! No big deal for me as I don't often bring them back to my place. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat for comfort but not to bring in an endless stream of guests.
    How many people did you book for?

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