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    Podgorica is dead for mongering. If you want amazing hotties come to Belgrade.

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    Valentino is Good

    Podgorica is not really a hot place for Mongers. Nevertheless Valentino is a place to visit. Girls keep changing. They have a very good collection. A nightclub located in a residential locality. Drinks are costly 10 Euros, they are not compulsory. You can choose the girl and enjoy the full session in a room located inside Bar. Or you can take her to your hotel.

    Damage: 100 Euro in Bar / 150 Euro for hotel.

    I took a short Serbian, she gave a nice BJ, and amazing positions. She knows the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cayec  [View Original Post]
    Being the only place in town. Cost per hour is now 150; beer still at 10 and lady drink 10. Not great but needs must.
    And how many girls there?

    Are they ok?

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    Valentino up-date

    Being the only place in town. Cost per hour is now 150; beer still at 10 and lady drink 10. Not great but needs must.

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    I was there Saturday and the previous Saturday. Curious now that the girls do their dance but apart from one (Alice) make no attempt to establish contact and you have to ask the barman who is not the friendliest of hosts to bring agirl over. I've no idea what is going on, but as it is now the only option at times needs must. There are a couple of massage places but regular professional and no HE; under the stadium (Oriental Salon) and a spa about 400 metres away on the first street on the left walking towards the square from the garage in front of the stadium. Massage is 30 in first (60 min) and 45 in second (90 minutes). Both recommended.

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    I have checked Valentino on Monday night 11 PM. I found it (thanks for previous reports) but nothing just two lamps indicating that there was something inside.

    There were several girls and I was totally alone (I mean guest). They immediatelly started an introduction dance.

    Most of were in 30s and not in good shape just there were one useable.

    Unfortunatelly she could not speak english. I asked about prices (1 hrs with full program 120 Euro).

    I drank one orange juice which costed 10 Euro.

    Not a cheap one but my head was full of blood and I decided to staying and making some action.

    It was in Valentino. Room and bathroom were in very bad condition but girl and her action was ok.

    Are oscar or other clubs open?

    I bought a newspaper in order to find services but I found only real friend finder and massage services.

    Does exist any sexual service (erotic massage or home service)?

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    Only Valentinos open

    Seems there has been a crack down. Playboy certainly will not be reopening. They have demolished the outside front wall. Oscars. No answer to door bell. So only Valentinos. 80 for 30 min 120 1 hour but the ladies prefer to go to the apartment / hotel. 150. Beer 10. Lady drinks 10 (but you have to buy every few minutes otherwise they leave)

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    Found it with a visiting mate - well the taxi driver did - 1.20 from centre. Up to Stari Aerodrom area, about a km past the bridge and beyond the traffic light with the gas station on the right, there is a roundabout that isn't a roundaboout i.e. the main road is not interrupted, take a left there and the first right (there is an electro domestic store on the right) and continue up about a km and the road ends or you bear left and on the new road. Where the road ends go along the dirt road and it is the first house on the left - second entrance. In you go, shake down for guns, and enter - a small place with a stage to left and a bar area. As usual in Monte each girl comes to dance. The first four were great lookers <5, the last two were good and one was even stunning! Sadly two of the less attractives had already joined us and strangely for Pod it was all up front with lap dances and touches. But we declined service (E50 half hour) as the ladies were just not appealing but probably extremely energetic in bed. Appears here that when you reject a girl you don't get a second option. The nice looking ones did not approach us. Left and walked down to Valentinos - about 10 minutes - thats the nice thing about Pod - absolutely no security concerns. In and two came to sit with us. By coincidence the one with my mate was the one rejected by another mate four weeks ago. Again no luck - she was on her period! He tried to get her phone number - that was a no no. Mine a young lady - 23 - limited English but a foxy smile. I thought what the hell - 30 minutes for E80. Quite nice. Bar bill - E200!!!!! These ladies must have a drink bought every 10 minutes otherwise they are offski. Walked back in the centre about 2 am, a few places open but not many people around. Out drinking last night - started at "scottish" pub, loud music and then Budda bar where the lookers hang out but the decibels prevent conversation. Then wandered along to the Titograd pub - first time and impressed - for the age group 35/40+ with live music. Nice - E12 bar tab for 9 drinks! Finished off at the second Irish bar (four leprechauns) - good heavy rock music.

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    Out on town a week last Friday. Went to Playboy - bouncers there said it was closed. So went on to Valentino's. Good selection but expensive - as recent trouble with police the girl said I had to take her to my place - 150! - thought about it and what the hell - so off we went. My best decision for a long time. About 60 minutes of ecstasy. She said she would stay longer for more but as it was almost 2 am and I decided not! The other ladies - quite young (20 - to 25) apart from two more elderly (about 30 to 35) - yoiung ones beauties - but I have a theory that young ones - especially the lookers are no good. This borne out last Friday - Playboy open and eventually I went upstairs with a 22 yo nice looker - dreadful - 65 for 30 min but after she messed around showering etc for 10 min - a question of open legs and finish please - after 25 min the call came for the end. Not good.

    I may try Oscars at the weekend - apparently it is close to Valentinos.

    Bona fide massage at Massage Oriental below the soccer stadium - a bloody good massage at 40 (expensive for Monte) with the sixth massage free!

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    Podgorica clubs

    Just to add some details to previous postings:

    Playboy is a striptease club where you can receive full service (Euro 70 for half an hour; Euro 100 forone hour; drinks are cheap - beer at Euro 5). It is located near between Podgorica's city centre and the stadium. Coming from Bulevar Ivana Crnojevica, you turn in Marka Miljanova, where the club is placed on the left side of the street. Some girls (mostly from serbia) are quite pretty (7-8), but the whole club lacks style, atmosphere and vibe. Dances are lackluster, with no eye contact. I left, because the place and the girls were not inspiring...

    Valentino is a little bit further from the city centre. Take the road Pete Proleterske Brigade from the city centre. Second intersection after the petrol station will lead you into Aerodromska street. Follow this street and take second left (this is still Aerodromska!). After about 300 m you find a house with an protruding entrance (just 50 m before a small shop) on your right hand side. Girls at Valentino seem to be less pretty than in Playboy, with a few exceptions. But the atmosphere is a little bit more joyful. Some girls . again mostly from Sebia - dance topless, some strip completely. Half an hour is Euro 80, one hour is Euro 120. Beware: the bathroom is absolutely disgusting, with mould covering the door. On the bright side, Jelena, a thirty-year (looks like 22) old blond girl from Belgrade is a real treat, with great personality and great skills in the oral sphere ...

    One note on the side: Popaj (not Popeye!) club on the road from Bar to Ulcinj has been closed down.

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    Up dates?

    I'm in Podgorica in September - are the clubs still closed?

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    Difficult to judge where the street-action takes place. Lots of pretty girls everywhere, sexy dressed, out and walking this night. Saw no clubs (don't know the addresses), and don't know if any of them work.

    Went to Red Cafe. One very nice blonde sitting with 5-6 guys, but I wasnt sure there was any real action so I left.

    All I saw was a parked car at a dead-end street, with a BJ being served. So after all, there is some action in Podgorica but where?

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    Empty Podgorica

    After a visit last week the city was completelly empty in the meaning of mongering. I heard that police performed some raids to those night clubs and as a result all night streaping culbs were closed down.

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    After visiting the city came out from there with the best impressions. Small, nice and very clean city.

    I visited Valentino and Playboy.

    At Valenino were more girls 5-8, most of them were tall but fat, only 2 were in good body corelation.

    They go for a strip ( no nude) as any custumer walks in.

    Beer was 7. one hour of full service with the basic 100 euro

    In Playboy only 3 girls at the moment, but all very nice and in good shape, age from 21-28.

    Took one of them for 1 hour and 100 euros,, name Clara, very good and full GF effects.

    Definitlly, is worth to visit both clubs, since I didnt see any other kind of action in the city.

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    Any updated news about this city?

    I am traveling there in two weeks.

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