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    When I took the bus down to Podgorica, I leanred that in NikšIć life an awful lot of extremely beautiful girls! Young girls, tall and beautiful! The took the late evening bus on Sunday. That means, the chicks were born and raised in NikšIć and now study or work in Podgorica!

    I would say it is worth to spend a weekend in NikšIć. Not for professional sex but for hunting and dating!

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    I was in Budva in the early summer of 2009. A very frustrating experience. As you walk down the street beach promenade for the first time, you see an incredible array of gorgeous talent. Some are Russian tourists, lots of Serbs on busman holidays, and young local girls, many scantily clad. Alas, no one appears to be in the game and very few speak English. You are truly a stranger in a strange land. That being said, I felt there was action to be had but only if you spoke Russian or the local lingo. Not sure about a stripper bar but met some Irish blokes there who were working in Budva and said action was double zero.

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    MarkABC: your comments are not of much value, if you do not provide specifics. Names of clubs and addresses would be appreciated (at least one of the two).

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    MarkABC: your comments are not of much value, if you do not provide specifics. Names of clubs and addresses would be appreciated (at least one of the two).

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    There is a couple of strip clubs in Budva:

    The first one had only a couple of women available for "room services". Both women coming from Serbia were older (late 30's at best) and not attractive. The barman mentioned a price of 100 euros but it was not clear of it was for one full hour or if the service ends soon as you come. The couple of strippers were younger (mid 20's) and better looking but not available for something else than lap dances. No cover charge but lady's drink. I left after one drink.

    The second club is located in an hotel (can't remeber the name). From the street you have to cross the outdoor restaurant to get to the entrance of the club. In summer the restaurant is crowded by locals (couples and families) enjoying grilled food, drinks (wine and slivovice!) , pleasant weather and live music! The bouncer tried to charge me some cover without having a look inside before but finally I was allowed to check how many girls were available and he didn't charge me anything when I decided to stay. About 10 girls between early 20's and late 20's. A couple of girls were quite good looking and I was quoted 100 and 150 euros. Again it was not very clear about the lenght of the session (one hour? Only one orgasm allowed?) , partially because they don't speak english (the barman spoke broken english and a little german and Russian) but not only. The service is quite professional (no GFE) and girls try to end the session as soon as possible. Lady's drink apply if you want to chat with the girls. Not really worth as the girls do not speak english.

    I heard about a third club located a little bit further (a good 20 minutes by walking distance) but I didn't manage to visit it as I started to enjoy the company of one of the three hotel receptionists where I stayed. . .;)

    Otherwise I was told by taxi drivers to go to Podgorica, the capital city, where there is a few more strip clubs.

    I should also mentioned there is a lot of Czech and Slovak girls on holidays in Croatia and Montenegro and they like to party and have fun. . .;)

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    I was in Budva in the October, I didn't find any action there. Pity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordlord
    Are there any action in Budva, and where?
    I was in Montenegro during 2009 and went to Budva a few times for the weekend. I did not find anything and I also checked the big (expensive) hotels. During the summer the place is absolutely packed with young people (many goodlooking girls) so if you are youngish and good looking yourself there may be a chance of freebies.

    In winter the place is quiet

    There are a couple of bars in Podgorica, very disappointing but check the previous posts here if you find yourself there.

    Anyway good luck


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    Are there any action in Budva, and where?

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    Montenegro in August

    I will be in Montenegro in August for vacation in the beach town of Bar.

    I will have local assistance so I will go hunting.

    If there anybody is there during this time send me PM.

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    Was just at a place called popeye outside of beach town called Uclinj near border border with Albania, few good girls, 60 euro/100 30min/60min.

    Was 25 euro to get out there and have driver wait, was only action i found in Montenegro


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    The Kotor Bay

    Anyone knows any action near Igalo?

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    Summer vacation in Montenegro, Budva a small town on the beautiful Adriatic Coast.
    Try some ukrainian girls to the nearby town of Budva in a dive called the Black Mont.

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    Is anyone there know the Budva area?

    Thank you in advance.

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