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Thread: Bangkok Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    I've been hanging out in Pattaya, HK, and HCM more than BKK. .
    Nice rack on that one MP, thanks.

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    Any review on Nana and Karita.


    Did any one try No 1 angelescort.

    Did any one try Nana and Karita. Can you give your experiences and suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    Make your presence known to staff by being friendly. Be respectful to the girls in the club. Buy drinks. Pay fair money for girls. And behind closed doors, don't do anything that gets you a bad reputation. They will talk to each other..
    Truer words were never spoken. That's how I roll anywhere. Why'all can argue about Mr. Paws techniques and psychological state all you want, but that's how the world works.

    Fist bump that security guy! Buy him a sausage Big smile! Clean and put together! Broken Thai with laughter! Offer that mint! Buy a drink, hell, just buy a random lady drink, , buy the mamasan a drink, smile, smile, smile. Don't be a sloppy loud drunk, don't lose your temper, don't grab ass girls you aren't going to buy, don't throw around money but don't be cheap, act like a fun gentleman and not a.

    I have seen a lot of changes in Thailand over the past 20 years. But all the discussion on the Sanuk and Monger Boards remains the same about this hassle and that problem and did I pay too much and that stunner is a starfish, etc.

    Here's my added rules to Mr. MPs.

    1. It's your life and RFF.

    2. Everyone gets ripped off one in a while. Try being married if you don't believe that.

    3. Treat folks like you want to be treated. If they treat you like shit after you been nice, move on.

    4. That stunner #47 just took a load in her mouth right before you. She's 20 and you are 60. Don't fall in love.

    5. If folks don't like you because of your race creed nationality colour or religion, fuck them and move on. There aren't other places to go?

    6. Jai Dee.

    7. Don't be a. Don't be a Cheap Charlie.

    8. Some coochie is better than others, but there ain't a lot of bad coochie.

    9. Same with BJs.

    10. You are walking on top of the ground instead of laying underneath it. Therefore it's a great day no matter what. Did I say Jai Dee?

    I'll be there in October for a 6 month stay. Maybe I'll go to Baccara. I can speak bad Japanese, that will keep them amused. Watashi wa echi ojisan 555. And if I'm not treated nice, or if it isn't fun. I'll leave.

    NB. If I would have seen MP doing public boom boom motions I would have laughed my ass off. It's all about FUN guys, death is serious and pussy ain't.

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    Members only.

    Quote Originally Posted by Plan77  [View Original Post]
    I think it is the other way round mate. Baccara was not racist till 2016 and used to let all decent looking punters. They started asking most non Jap clients to buy drinks before entering somewhere in 2016. However in early 2018 I was shocked when they pulled members only BS on me. I have read few more reports of this happening now a days. Looks like they are becoming the next CH or Rainbow 1.
    This is only partially true. They were requiring non-East Asians to buy a drink before entering before 2016. I know because I was there before 2016 and witnessed the practice myself. They were still letting everybody in though. No racist "members only" BS. That said, I was denied entry at the Baccara in Pattaya with "members only", unless I agreed to pay the "members fee" before going in. That was like the price of one drink. Pissed off by this practice that I had seen at a couple of Bangkok bars already (Baccara & Rainbow 4 forgot the new name), and one other in Pattaya (Angel Witch), I passed. I'll spend my fists full of money elsewhere!

    Baccara Bangkok certainly had a lot of tutes! But, on the first floor there were so many of them crowded onto the stage that you really couldn't get a good look at all of the girls. And most of them seemed to be bored and disinterested doing their listless "Thai tute shuffle". I preferred going upstairs to the second floor I believe it was. It was much more comfortable up there, and I saw a really cute Thai girl I wanted. She turned me down (I fucked way better than her in Thailand by the way), and seemed uninterested in going with anybody but East Asians, even to accept a drink. She would come out and do her shuffle and then disappear for long periods of time. I also saw that she was trying to hide or cover up the number on her little skirt. Maybe she was on the rag? Who knows LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EihTooms  [View Original Post]
    You're obviously not looking at it from their side as much as you should.
    Unnecessary sarcasm perhaps, but I don't totally disagree with either of you. Frances raises some valid points, but seems to be looking for a place of perfection, rather than being realistic. A lot of the girls in the bar are going to have a shitty character, and a small percentage are probably good for having some fun.

    Yes, certain groups of guys are too much hassle, and get refused entry, rather than being a big waste of space. Meanwhile Billboard will probably let them in, because they have a lot of space and tolerate the partying groups who won't sit down quietly. I don't go in Baccara any more and waste their space. I am certainly not going to buy a drink before I see if there is a decent seat available and maybe even some girls that suit my taste.

    We all have to understand the underlying motivations of all concerned, but especially the girls. The first one is selfishness, which often leads to poor behaviour if a guy is not seen as a possible long term client. Next is that the job can be awfully boring for girls, so if they can have a good time, while making money, even better. Girls often cannot work properly without alcohol assist. Partying and getting drunk is very normal. Some of the girls can be horny and get themselves off in the right circumstance.

    Some of the girls want a proper boyfriend as well, who knows why, but to feel really needed by someone like in a normal relationship, so may be fucking the doorman or DJ or some outside taxi driver or tout, for free. That is still better than the pimped girls supporting some druggie Thai boy.

    One of my bargirls told me about her new Thai boy who works near the bar, acquired recently, she was open to getting one, and yet is still orgasmic with me, she just can't help it that her pussy is very sensitive, and cums very easily from DATY. At least she assures me she is taking precautions not to get pregnant and stuff up everything. She did not want to be seen with me going to a certain ST Hotel, because apparently even her father drives a taxi not far away at all. Go figure! She does not seem to keep a lot of secrets. Somewhat abnormal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]

    Eihtooms, do you need us to quote all of MP's posts so you can read them?
    Thanks for the offer, Banana Boi, but not really. If it is his overriding intention is that some of us not read his posts then I am good with that. I view my commenting on anything I see quoted in another person's post as a comment on what that person has deemed worthy of consideration and discussion and not a response to MP. I don't need or miss commenting or replying to MP directly.

    And, frankly, those two points I agreed with in my previous post were the only two I have read in any of his posts going back to the days when I could read all of them in their entirety that I would also recommend to any other punter. I honestly believe that, to whatever extent the 100,000 baht bar tabs and pizza dinners for the doormen are meant to improve his results with a girl in his room, he could junk all that silliness, just apply those two factors and get essentially the same results in the room he is getting now.

    Maybe even better results since much of that stuff is no doubt seen by the girls as the act of a man more interested to throwing his money around indiscriminately than in getting value for that money from her in the hotel room.

    Plus there is still plenty of opportunity for him to get his kicks humiliating them when he tells the server to take the barfine off his check bin if in the subsequent discussion the girl pretends not to understand what a BBBJ means, not to believe that yes many Thai girls provide a CIM finish or whatever. So no loss there for him or anyone else inclined to apply those two elements and dump all the unnecessary and likely counterproductive effort and expenditures. At least then the humiliation of them would have been earned and would serve a purpose for the greater good.

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    Return of Monkeypaw to BKK.

    I've been hanging out in Pattaya, HK, and HCM more than BKK. Thursday night I came back to see if there is any new talent. Started my night at Baccara and got there around 7:45. Doors open at 7:00 but the girls trickle in from 7:20-8:00 for the first wave, second wave arrives before 9:00, and third and fourth waves are 10 and 11. I like to get there early to get a seat and watch them come in one by one. So after saying "Hi" to Sam (bald headed fat guy at the door), I walked in. By the way again. Don't bribe this guy with money. Just pay respect to him, so he notices you. Offer him a drink. He likes food and he likes coffee. Better he's your friend, than not. The owner is European, but has plenty of local Thai investors. So they are always keeping check on one another to any rules being broken. Baccara club runs like a well oiled machine, they know how to make money. There is no ping pong balls, no yee sip baht, and no bribes. None of that stuff is needed to keep their girls. Drinks, barfines, and use of that short time hotel is all they need. It's like a monopoly.

    As soon as I walked in the mood in the club changed. The Baccara girls and I have this love and hate relationship. In other words, I'm not new to the game they play on other customers. I've been told by some of the girls that I'm the only guy that was able to play back. What game that is? Try going there and making a list of the top looking 60 or so trophy girls that work there over a span 4-5 years. And then banging each of them one by one and being able to get the best experience from as many as on that list as possible. You start breaking in circles of friends and then it gets much harder and harder, so after each and every time, I had to up my game with the next girl. Then to have girls spread rumors or pussy block one another because you ditched them for the next. Geesh. Doing this without over paying for below par service is not easy. The most I've paid for short time was 3,000 and long time was 10,000, but there are lots of in between depending on the services provided. And by now most everybody knows I like to tie these girls up and get them in vulnerable situations where they lose all sense of control and make them cum over and over again. I'm kinky, but not gross, not a sadist or try hurt the girls. These girls know at Baccara my reputation already. "Money is not and issue with him. And if he wants you, he will call you. Don't try to approach him with our fake smiles and games. " The kinkiness, I think they keep to themselves so they save face amongst each other. Many of the girls there are pissed that I've never barfined them after all these years because they have this tendency to want to compare themselves with each other and the best looking ones. Fortunately for me, I used to be the boyfriend of probably the most popular girl in the ALL the go go bar clubs in Bangkok. So that's how I got my start by playing with the devil. She was the #1 hustler in ALL of the Bangkok go go bars. Too bad the devil didn't know who I really was. I always win.

    Thursday night, there was a handful of new talent, maybe only one new girl that I would add to my list. On the other hand, there was another girl, #299, that I need to get off that original list. If anyone has been with her and had success, share some intel. That way I can prepare my game with her. She's slim, has silicones, and bangs on her hair. Anyways, the rest of the girls that I wanted to be with, I have already done so. I need to make a quick point about Baccara. I sat there for about 45 minutes and I saw at least two Indians or Middle Easterns. They were well dressed and groomed and looked to be in their 40's. They sat at the bar, well behaved, and bought drinks and seemed to be enjoying their time. I also saw a black older man who was around 60, out of shape, and spoke with what sounded like a African accent. He sat right next to me, bought 1 beer and called down a very small and petite girl with short hair and no ass, no boobs (#421 or #412 I think). Her first drink was an orange juice big drink. In less than 15 minutes, he was barfining her. From the conversation I over heard, it was going to be a poor service job but at least he was able to get in and do so. She quoted him 3000 for 45 minutes across in the short time hotel and all money up front. I personally would have never barfined her (not my type). But he understood his limits. Get what you can get and the slowly build your reputation. So when Eih Tooms mentions that most of these members on here need to look at themselves, their mannerisms, hygiene, and how they are groomed BEFORE they scream racism, he is right. Just because you can't succeed, don't think that it's only about race, especially when there are others of the same race who can. With Baccara, come early before 8 pm. Pay respects to Sam. Make your presence known to staff by being friendly. Be respectful to the girls in the club. Buy drinks. Pay fair money for girls. And behind closed doors, don't do anything that gets you a bad reputation. They will talk to each other. The less you are known, the flashier you have to be to get the top talent. But be careful, the top trophy girls are very good at their game of taking all your money and giving back crap.

    After Baccara, I went to Sharks. Lots of new coyotes dancers, who have no business even being on stage. I was appalled. However there was a new cute slim one that attracted my attention. Maybe not older than 21. Sometimes, I look at a girl and gauge very quickly how much I want play with this one and how much effort and how much money. To me she was equivalent to something I can get at Twisters. It was only around 9 pm about 15 customers, so I just wanted to play a quick game since many of these coyotes are drink hustlers and have no intention of going with customers. Pay attention, this is how it's done. I called the waitress over and pointed to the girl I wanted. Waitress asked if I wanted to buy her a drink? I told the waitress, "You must be new. Go tell the girl if she wants to boom boom me. If she says yes, she can come off stage to sit with me and I will get her 5 drinks. And if she says yes, I will get you (the waitress) a drink also. " The new waitress happily rushed over there and asked the new coyote. Her friends over heard and looked at her. I stood up, so she can look at me and spun around, and then waived her come over. I made a circle with one hand and repeatedly stuck in my finger in it with the other hand. That's the universal sign for boom boom. She shook her head to the waitress "No. " I did all this without fear of who was watching in the club. There were dancers, mamasans, waitresses all watching this scene. I don't consider myself unattractive by any means, so I know it's not my looks. And it's not definitely not a money issue either. So by her publicly not wanting to come sit with a customer like me, what revelation was just made to everybody including the 15 customers at Shark? This is how you get a coyote to show her true colors as a hustler to other customers. Saved me some time, money, and from a shitty experience. Some might be thinking, what if she did come off stage and agreed. Then it's a new game, 1 drink at a time and many questions asked, until I pay the barfine at the end, and the rest of the money after the session in my room. At anytime I could always send her back. Just getting them to come down and commit to you is the biggest hurdle. But make sure it's not to hustle you for drinks. You have to compete with so many other customers for the best talent. At any of the Man from Iran bars in Soi Cowboy and Cowboy 2. Ask the girls immediately"can you be barfined?" before allowing them to sit or even grab your arm as you are walking by outside of the clubs on the strip. Gauge their looks quickly and feel for fat, firmness, and flab all within that first drink that is ordered. Tell them to bring the barfine ticket and keep in it the bin with the drink bill. Anything fishy or if you feel she is going to be a bad experience, cancel the barfine and pay the drink tab and GTFO.

    After this I walked into Nana Plaza and did a tour of Rainbow 2 (downstairs in back right corner next to London Calling) #72 looked cute with her new boobs. If anybody got to see how they looked let me know. I've only been with her when she had natural ones. Perhaps it's time to take a peek at her new body. Rainbow 5 (second floor next to Twisters) has the most girls #5, #56, and #11 looked pretty hot this night. #5 hates me, though I've been with her like 5 times, #56 (been with twice) adores me but I know she has a tomboy and she doesn't know I know, and #11 looks like she will be on my next to bang list. If anybody has intel on #11 please share. By the way feel free to ask me about certain girls at Rainbow 1, 2, 5, and Baccara. These are the clubs where I've done most of my damage in Bangkok besides Scratch Dog and Hanker Club.[Deleted by Admin]

    Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick tour of my favorite clubs on my first night. My last stop was at Thermae and it was packed full of customers and girls, many new faces I haven't seen before. This was about 11:00. I bought my usual club soda and did one round the joint. I spotted a sexy girl with huge boobs (standing to the left as you walk in next to the cashier booth where the "elf looking girl" often stands) being chatted up by two Japanese guys in their 30's wearing what looks to be there work suits and carrying backpacks. Don't ask me why? I'm not Japanese, maybe it's for show and tell. Anyways, I gave them about 3 minutes to close the deal with her. She wouldn't look directly at them in these 3 minutes, so I swooped in for the kill. I walked over, told them, "domo arigato" while squeezing myself into the conversation. I can feel them staring at the side of my head, but I don't really care. I just smiled, said Hello, and asked how much for short time? She said 3000. I said I'll give you 3000 plus tip and my room was only 1 minute on Soi 13. She said okay, and we left the two Japanese guys looking a bit bewildered to what just happened, but there is plenty on talent there. It will be okay for them. It's been awhile since I reviewed a girl. Pretty much because it's a different girl everyday, but I kind of get lazy and bored of writing the same thing. So this will be quick. The 3000 became 4000 baht plus 200 taxi for her to go home because she could barely walk afterwards. Now good experience with me starts with a decent girl and ends in with BBBJ CIM. However, a great experience is like with this one, a 23 year old girl with a hot body, big boobs, involves sex toys, restraints, some light electro shocking of the boobs, squirting, multiple orgasms, BBBJ, 69 ing, sex in multiple positions, and finish with CIM. Of course the LINE IDs are swapped to cap it all off. Meet Bam Bam a 23 year old from Thermae. Enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeJohnny03  [View Original Post]
    Just what the question is asking thanks.
    Yes, for over 18 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    With the girls, I suggest call them down for a drink. If they order a big drink with a straw, then they are interested in you. If they order a shot, probably a drink and go.
    Absolutely true. In my books girls who drink shots are usually hustlers. Met a fantastic pattaya coyote last night who never took a sip of her drink unless I asked her to. She was much more interested in chilling with me than making money. My type of girl and gorgeous to boot. 1 and a half drinks in an hour.

    Eihtooms, do you need us to quote all of MP's posts so you can read them?

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    I can afford one drink even if I don't actually finish the drink. So it is no big deal for me to buy one at a busy place with lots of prospects. It is an admission fee. If I am getting special attention, I usually get a lot more drinks.

    It is like going to the Porsche dealer to test drive a car. If they figure you have no intention of buying, you won't get to test the car. The bottom line is money talks and the bars are there to make money. Show them you are willing to pay a fair price and not seeking a freebie.

    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    For Baccara it's quite simple. So they want customers who drink and pay for sex. Those are the clients they prefer. Those who come to only drink and try to grope on girls will get spotlighted quick. Girls want to get paid their 3000-10000 baht, not 50 baht per drink.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smoothy  [View Original Post]
    Maybe you should walk down Sukhumvit and kick every Indian guy you see in the nuts and say "have some manners and don't be so cheap". If enough fellow Indians do that, the problem will likely go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobJones  [View Original Post]
    MP you make sense in this post! Good insight on the drink size and valuable information regarding the bar fine. It shows a level of commitment but also by cancelling and going with another sets the precedent that you are a serious buyer but won't be messed around.
    You know what, I agree. The bit about working the Lady Drink sequence and putting the barfine on the tab before discussing a couple of other more important nitty grittier details, knowing you can always ask them to remove it from the check bin if the discussion does not go where you want it to go, is the best advice I have read in excerpts quoted from his posts.

    The other thing I think he gets right is in piling up volumes of options and choices among the girls in several bars, discos, FLs, wherever so there is never a time when 1, 2 or 5 of them matters so much on a given night and all of them have an incentive to up their game or be left behind. I always thought that was an aspect of his and any other punter's game he got right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    Baccara Bangkok likes doing this. And from a business model it makes sense. When they are at 100% capacity and no empty seats on the ground floor or the second floor, they will open the third floor up and rotate a few girls from floor 2 to the 3rd. They know most people won't like going up to that third floor. It's smoky, a long stair climb, and just a few girls. They will notify the door security that they are out of seats. So this is the time when most guests, no matter what race, will be asked to buy a drink before coming inside. Because they want at least your 1 drink money. Once you come inside and cannot find a seat. Oh well, they've already made out with your 1 drink profit. However, if you are a regular and they know you that you will spend, they will recognize you and you will get free pass and also they will make room for you once inside. With the girls, I suggest call them down for a drink. If they order a big drink with a straw, then they are interested in you. If they order a shot, probably a drink and go. During the chit chat with the big drink ask about the barfine and agree to buy one more drink. If she says okay, ask to put the barfine in bill bin. Now you have her attention, you can sit and use your game to figure out what kind of experience she will give you. You can ask about BBBJ, CIM, GFE or whatever. If you and her don't click and she becomes a "be. Tch" Tell the waitstaff to take out the barfine bill. Let her go back dancing. Never never pay the barfine bill until you are ready to pay the entire drink bill and getting ready to go. Never pay the girl up front all her cash. Tell her that you can always tip more depending on her service. I once barfined a girl there and she went to change. I had to use the bathroom but the first floor bathroom was crowded so I went upstairs. I saw her sitting, already in her street clothes but sitting and drinking on the lap of another customer, maybe a regular. I ignored it and went back down to wait. After another 10 minutes of waiting, 20 minutes total, she came down. She asked ready? I asked her why she took so long? She lied and said she was on the phone about school. When the waitress came around for me to pay the bill. I took her barfine tab out, handed it back to her. Told her "I don't think so. " She of course got mad and brought over the mamasan. I then whispered in her ear, when you already have a customer who barfined you, it's a bit rude to go sit with another and then lie about it. She only shook her head a walked off. I chose another girl and got a fee drink from mamasan.
    MP you make sense in this post! Good insight on the drink size and valuable information regarding the bar fine. It shows a level of commitment but also by cancelling and going with another sets the precedent that you are a serious buyer but won't be messed around.

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    A bit puzzled.

    Now I have been about 10 times in Baccara. Not very much compared to others. For what I have seen, the info of MonkeyPaw is very accurate. There are a few differences. First, you don't need to give Sam anything. Just pay your respect. When I go in I look at him with a face that asks whether he will let me in. Never a problem. No matter how crowded Baccara got that night. One time nobody got in (just before Songkran) without buying a drink. I looked at Sam but he looked away. An Asian (the owner, manager whatever) was there and he did not let anybody in without a drink. I really disliked that, but went on like usual: drinking lots of Cola and not buying any lady drinks and certainly not barfining anybody. I just sit there and loads of girls try to get my attention. Sometimes in a more Western way, sometimes they approach me, sometimes they keep smiling just next to my place, whoever is there. At Baccara nobody complains. They are happy with my drinking tab and hope for more. Nothing going on like many of you write her but mostly just like MP wrote. When I am in Baccara there is something that really annoys me and it is not the bar, not the girls, not the mamasans (they are good or very good to me). No it is Western costumers. They often act disrespectful to the Asian customers. Frowning at them, not moving to the side when somebody wants to pass etc etc. I do that differently. For example when I am sitting at the bar and there are three Asians coming in and two bar stools to my left and two to my left are free, I simply move up one or two places, depending on the view that will give that to me. The Asians thank me shortly. Just as it should be. It doesn't get unnoticed. I have seen quite different things from other Westerners and I don't understand that. Another thing is that Baccara is really not after your money like is stated here. For example at March 2017 they had several nights they cleared the dancing floor and four strippers started dancing. Nobody had any interest in the barfineable girls anymore.

    What puzzles me even more is that this is all about Baccara while CH is just showing awful behaviour. I drink the same, give away an occasional ladydrink and barfine but that is still met with rudeness. Once I ordered my second drink and then one of the mamasans came to me and insisted that I should order a next drink. Well, I just ordered one. It is on its way. She insisted and I didn't give in. Result was that the girl that I had payed a ladydrink sat with another customer. CH is fine for nude dancers but pretty awful for anything else. They show all the behaviour that is ascribed to Baccara and worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franciscass  [View Original Post]
    I get it. Go go's are businesses who have limited time to rack up a daily gross. I get it dickheads who visit a go go, suck forever on a single beer while abusing the situation to feel up the girls with no intention of either bar fining or buying ladies drinks should be asked to leave and barred from reentry. I get it when limited seating is completely occupied customers who nurse single drinks for inordinate lengths of time can be told they need to either finish up and leave or order another drink.

    I don't get the practice of the bad mannered hustle of aggressively asking for tips, girls accepting lady drinks and disappearing, mamasans hustling customers who are drinking at a reasonable pace to buy another drink before they have finished the one they are on, mamasans hustling customers to barfine girls, the two drink single lady drink scam, girls hustling customers to buy drinks for their friends, girls giving an impression of being available for sex then several lady drinks later telling the customer they are not available. I fail to understand how any of these practices can be justified by any understanding of what a business should be about.

    On the issue of customer profiling this is a difficult perhaps intractable problem. For sure some groupings are known for disproportional unreasonable behavior. Should they be all refused entry? No but finding an acceptable alternative is not straightforward. Everybody owners and customers both behaving with good intention mutual respect would go a long way towards owners making money and customers having a good time.
    Have you considered buying the do-nothing doormen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, lathering them up for a nice shave and a haircut, maybe a quick neck, head and shoulder massage before entering the bar? Perhaps the girls inside will be more inclined to accept an average week's pay for 45 minutes of their time in your room giving you less than what they have been giving away for free to guys like those doormen for the previous 3-4 years if you did. You're obviously not looking at it from their side as much as you should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    6. Indians need to come early and with above groups #1 or #2 or may be denied entry. 7:30 they open and are empty. Better chance to get in. Indians or Middle Eastern looking guys coming alone or in a group will probably be denied.
    This seems to be a totally new philosophy. I never experienced or noticed it during past several years. Perhaps they had some bad incidents but still to deny entry to everyone based on looks is lot more stupid than going in a bar and not spending money on drinks. Anyways, it seems like I am better off not bothering with Baccara from now onwards.

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