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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilovechicas
    Anyone have any info on Ciudad Cassada or Fortuna by any chance.

    Any info is appreciated!
    Yeah, I have info. What exactly do you want to know. Yours is a pretty wide open question. I will tell you this. Ciudad QUEsada aka San Carlos is decent sized city in the Alajuela province but not anything special (bascially just a regional center and transportation hub). La Fortuna is often mistakenly referred to as Arenal by tourists because of its proximity to the Arenal Volcano, but there is whole 'nother town on the north shore of Lake Arenal that is actually named Arenal (Nuevo Arenal actually, since the original town is now under water). The Fortuna area is quite interesting with quite a lot to do including several hot springs to soak in, but little if anything in the way of local P4P. It does have a really big disco just outside of town that gets busy on weekends but again no P4P as far as I know. Here is a link to a video of the action there: and another link to a site with really good info on the Fortuna area in general:

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    Advice about Heredia needed

    Need to find a massage parlor in Heredia, the ones in SJ are just to far away for a quick dip. Any help is appreciated, TIA

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    This is almost certain to be useless information, as no one in their right mind would stay in Guapiles unless, like me, you wanted to get into the nearby National Park early. There are two roads into town off the main San Jose. Limon hiway. Halfway in between these roads, coming from town back toward the hiway about halfway in between, is another road. A couple blocks along this road is an ordinary looking bar (except with guys that want $1 to watch your car) with 5-15 WL. They sit around the edge of the bar and don't pester you. Some of the locals seem to come in just to chat them up, so someone who looks busy might not be. They each have their own room in the back. Maybe they live there? Mine was a Nica. Price is $14.

    The bad news: girls kinda thick, 2-5, kind of worn out service. But it makes me wonder how many other CR small cities, if you went to enough bars, you'd find more of these places.

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    Playa Del Coco Nov2007

    Some changes have taken place, Coco Verde hotel changed ownership, they will no longer let the putas hang out on the porch. Now they are on the steps in to the hotel by the street. Lower numbers arrive each evening not sure why, first night no one. I give this new owner about 2 to 4 months before he goes under. Without mongers he will be out of business. Second night I get a call from the front desk saying the girl I brought to the room is a no, no. I told them this is not over night, just for an hour, finally told them if she has to go I am leaving, that shut them up. Turns out one of the putas boy friends works the night desk at the hotel. Seemed to sneer at me when I went by. I am 6'5' and look like a tackle so he stoped bothering me. Quality as usual. Prices start at $50. Lizard lounge and Santanas also are spots. I befriended a bartender in town who set me up with some nice 8 or 9's nice skinny flaccas. My last night he said he was getting me two 18 yr olds but they never showed up. They wanted me to pick them up at a house and then go to another hotel where they would not be seen. One of my friends said a puta was packing heat for protection so be careful. Not a place to [CodeWord140] people off. Will add some pics at a later date. Oh, as to other activity, diving was good, not good vis but many fish, turtles, sting rays etc. Lastly the food, excellent

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    Playa Del Coco

    Thanks for the update, seems business as usual since my visit two years ago. Hotel Coco Beach is Tica friendly and as to security they are on our side.

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    Playas del Coco

    Playas del Coco is the closest beach town to the Liberia International Airport. It is quickly becoming a sizable resort town with nice resorts and fishing. I was surprised to see quite a number of ladies available for P4P. They mostly hang around the steps leading into the Coco Verde Hotel and Casino. More ladies hang out in the bars in the casino. This is nothing compared to Jaco or San Jose and the quality is not great but at least there are some options. I met a fairly attractive punta in one of the main discos downtown but I didn't partake. She told me a lot of girls make there way up to Coco from Puntarenas.

    I really enjoyed staying at the Coco Palms resort in the center of town at the beginning and end of my trip. It is an American owned hotel that has a great restaurant and bar. I was fortunate enough to meet a non-pro and was able to get her past the goofy armed guard at night. I can't say if it is always girl friendly but I'm sure there is nothing a little propina won't solve.

    Since more and more international flights are landing in Liberia, Playas del Coco makes sense as a minor p4p option if you want to bypass urban San Jose and take in the local beauty.

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    Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

    Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a great little town. It is about 80 miles south of Limon. The prices are about the cheapest in Costa Rica.
    The water temperature is about 80 degrees.
    Our problem was that I did not read the Lonely Planet guide book first. We went to a travel office in San Jose, next to the Holiday Inn. They had only had one piece of information on the area. They put us in Punt Uva, about 8 miles from town on the new shitty road. It was tarmaced wrong in 2003. It also costs us $8 each way to go to town to eat.
    There is a saying "The leaf cutter ants build better roads than the Costa Ricans." Their roads are smooth. They should have laid the tarmac from Manzanillo to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Not the other way round. First they did not use high enough tar. Maybe four inches instead six or more. Starting from Puerto Viejo they put down their first section. I guess they maybe waited a day then put down the second and the third and so on. Each time driving their heavy trucks over the newly laid tarmac. So when they got to Manzanillo all the freshly laid tarmac was destroyed. They get $80,000 every year to fix it, but the money keeps disappearing.
    The town in Puerto Viejo is a backpacks hot spot. With lots of other people that are not, mostly coming from Europe. Most of the hotels and places to stay do not have air conditioning. If you go, stay in the town. 5 places do have air conditioning. Try to get the magazine Caribbean Way. Here is a web site that is not set up yet.
    The crowd is young. 20-40s. We only had two days and could not get into town late, so we only saw one Bar, the Sunset, that looked like you could get some action. One local said he could hook me up. But I did not have the time.
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    Other Areas

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