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    Thanks Arthur

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur66  [View Original Post]
    Not that bad. I spent my last night with two girls, Phyllis and her friend. 2K each, and I got them to lick each other. Did not sleep much, my dick is violently protesting for the overwork, the SPU has temporarily shut down. If there is a Nirvana of low instincts, I got there big time.

    I guess Jeddah will represent a kind of sex vacation, as in no sex whatsoever and some more spiritual life, LOL.

    Thank you all folks. Arthur out
    I read all of your reports Arthur and thank you. Very informative and good reads. And I do really agree with you on your oppinions about the girls and life in Kenya.

    I had many similiar experiences.

    I am one of those where 2K is also the limit and sometimes less. However I wonder the choice of hotel you staying. I rather stay in a hotel for half that price and use those saved extra money to fuck 2 extra girls per day. Hehehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthur66  [View Original Post]
    while during weekdays simmers is imho quite enjoyable, during weekends it becomes quite complicated. a large number of girls are available, but many of them tend to misbehave in many ways.

    for one, they drink far too much. as the evening proceeded yesterday, a number of them reduced themselves to a ridiculous state of alcohol induced alteration, with a few of them simply falling on the ground, unable to walk anymore. some start yelling and become aggressive, some others got in a state of depression, simply sitting down at a table unable to speak anymore, staring.

    secondly, prices sky-rocket to 3-4k. with the bar packed with potential customers, mostly locals and with money to spend, negotiations become difficult.

    thirdly, a number of sharks frequent the place during weekends. hard core pro's whose smile looks more the one of a wolf than one of a nice company for the night.

    in short, yesterday i came back to my place empty handed. however, i collected some interesting insight from one of the most senior pro's available yesterday, whose name i did not get. she is a 39 why / o rather large lady, who told me that girls not succeeding to find a feasible company during the evening face a serious issue. apparently, women alone are not allowed to walk on the streets at night, say as from 10 pm, and if they get caught by the police they are detained for the night at a police station.

    their only chance is to get a cab (200-400 for them) and ride to one of the local bars downtown to crash on a table for the night, with far less money than what they started with. according to my calculations, a girl arriving at 6 pm at simmers could spend a total of 1500 shillings between drinks and transportation. which should make life easier for a seeker.

    however, a totally drunk girl in bed for the night, hungry for money beyond repair, is not what i would describe a good mix. the more they get drunk, the more they become a liability on my books, able to perform desperate actions like trying to steal from you or making a big scene in the morning (i saw it happening). if you are drunk as well, the sky is the limit concerning troubles waiting to happen.

    another thing happened yesterday. the aforementioned lady presented me with a real beauty. white dressed, stunning body, lovely face. and without i'd! all she got was a piece of paper, handwritten, vaguely resembling an official receipt but without picture and an unreadable birth date. the story was that she lost her documents and that she has requested a new i'd at the town hall, receiving the piece of paper as receipt of her request.

    when i faced that situation, all my alarm bells went off. the way i see it is that she was ****d, possibly pimped by the lady, and that if i would have accepted a lift from her to my place i could end up with an accusation for ****philia in a kenyan court, or blackmailed in some way. all members must be aware of this possibility. without a valid i'd, with a picture and a birth date that proves the lady is 18+ you could simply end up in jail and become registered as a [CodeWord126]. another good reason why, when mongering, you must absolutely keep your guard up and refrain from drinking too much. the amount of troubles an error like that could cause is beyond belief.

    maybe i am over cautious and too selective, but i am under the impression that while the amount of ladies available is very high, the chance to find a nice and reliable company for the night is relatively small, especially at weekends.

    kenya is a great place, nairobi is a lot of fun, but you must remain sharp at all times. and remember that whatever you hear is most probably a total fabrication.

    hi arthur, great contributions by the way, really enjoying reading them and, as an expat in kenya, would also back-up all you've said.

    regarding the police, they are only interested in one thing & it's not upholding the laws of kenya so any entanglement with them at night in nairobi town centre (avoid at all costs if you possibly can) will be an expensive nightmare (as i was warned when i arrived) but will hardly ever end with a mzungu going to jail. and don't ever forget that the coppers know virtually all the women (they hassle them for money to be left in peace as much as they hassle anyone else, knowing full well such women naturally enough have cash readies on them). that woman you spoke to is right about the young girls desperate to bag one big pay-off (ie. mzungu, un worker, ngo etc) because there are no matatus at night in nairobi (matatu drivers are by their job's nature nuts & many are off their heads on miraa / qat most of the working time but even they're not mad enough to work in nairobi at night) , so the girls have to get a cab home and they're upwards of 1500 bob for a cab driver prepared to take the girls back to dangerous places (like virtually anywhere east of the city centre where most of the girls live). walking is not an option and that's not about the distance, it's just too damn dangerous even for a streetwise pro in most parts of nairobi at night.

    a few different girls told me about the routine, utterly senseless killings & disappearances of working girls who venture out of the well-lit city centre because gangs / thieves know they carry cash & a phone so are easy pickings. so it has to be an expensive cab home or else they'll wait around til dawn so they can catch an early matatu. some will also slip an askari (night watchman) they know & trust a few bob to allow them to put their head down for a bit at night or until dawn in the place the askari is guarding. you soon learn that just about the only people in nairobi at night you can trust (to an extent) are askari's, they're hard-working genuine people who will more often than not help you out if you're in trouble (as i found on more than one occasion). as for the police, staff in joints lie simmers, the vast majority of girls & city council (who drive around in beat-up white vans that the girls are terrified of because they will lock up the girls out & about until they've paid their way out) let alone anyone else out on the streets of nairobi centre at night, forget it, they're all there because they're (very experienced) opportunists. and a mzungu is a big payday for them. never trust any of them.

    you are right to be cautious. many fellow expats who have been in nairobi for years never venture into the centre of town even if they go just about anywhere else (except eastern nairobi, aka eastlands that is). day or night. for many expats the centre just means hassle & trouble.

    drugs isn't a big issue in nairobi (they're just too expensive for the average kenyan) but drink really is, as you have seen (some also take miraa / qat which turns them into the nearest kenyan equivalent of a crackwh*) & you're right to steer well clear of them inebriated as their opportunist instincts are heavily sharpened in that state, ie. stealing, causing a scene hoping more money will resolve the non-existent issue etc. & any attempt at quality service disappears down the drain quicker than a rat on fire.

    by the way, in a cab you are virtually immune from police hassle (i've never seen one being stopped) so even if you were thinking of going off with that (potentially ****d) hottie in simmers a cab ride would make you invisible to the law (and that possible madam would almost certainly just want her cut & no hassle from the police in any case).

    some of the girls are uni grads / students, but not many for sure (if they were they wouldn't be in simmers for starters, they'd probably be in one of the 5 star hotel bars like the stanley or the laico regency or one of the casinos nearby where they know they can make a potential killing compared to simmers).

    any potential dealings with the police will be damn hard work and quite terrifying (they are all armed in the centre at night) , look out for men in long dark overcoats & caps they're carrying fully automatic weaponry under that jacket or the guys in khaki who wear their weaponry in full view, they're not army they're general service unit (gsu) an arm of the police. also increasingly they are in undercover cars in town (lookout for a few guys in, usually, a big vehicle, ie. a safari truck or a 4x4). the girls actually welcome them despite their wretched corruption because the girls say there's been far less crime since they've beefed up their presence in town, which gives you an indication of how bad it once was!

    they know full well most mzungus in town at night are there for one thing, so they don't go easy on one if they've come across one who's transgressed. and they will be very heavy, threatening this & that for a good while. once they know they've softened / sh*t you up, they start to suggest a possible resolution / way out of this trouble. and it's expensive! but ultimately they cannot be arsed with all the paperwork & the hassle of putting a mzungu in the cell for the night so they expect a resolution in greenbacks to be forthcoming at some stage. what happens if a mzungu holds out much past that i wouldn't like to say, maybe someone on here can say if that's what they've done 'because they won't pay up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SceticoBlu  [View Original Post]
    Thanks Miranda for your detailed information.

    I booked Nairobi for 10 days in February. Its my second trip there. That a lot of girls in Nairobi are ready to flirt I can mainly confirm though I would not describe Nairobi as easy a hunting region as Mombasa.

    Did you also visit the University grounds for hunting matters?
    I've only spent a couple days in Mombasa & whilst it certainly is easy there, Nairobi is too but in different ways I feel. The Mombasa coastal region is largely geared-up to the tourist trade so is like many such tropical tourist destinations around the World. Nairobi is different, it's a much bigger city for starters & there are much greater extremes of wealth-it's a much wealthier place than Mombasa but also has many more out & out slums than Mombasa does. Nairobi is a working city & an economic hub in ways Mombasa isn't so many are attracted from upcountry (and the coastal region) to Nairobi with the promise of work. Many end up in these slum areas. These slums provide an endless stream of young women / mums in need of money & they always know how they can get it if they have to, and you don't need to venture into the slums to find it either (definitely not advisable!). They pour into the city centre, the River Road district, Westlands etc. By night. Aside from that, there are numerous not-quite slum dwellers but still hard-up girls doing menial jobs (including Uni / College grads) who would rarely turn-down the opportunity to enrich their lives a bit. They can also be found in town too but will also be seen in Nairobi's many Shopping Malls, cafes etc.

    I have certainly seen plenty of girls in Nairobi that wouldn't give a mzungu the time of day, perhaps because they don't need to (if they've got plentiful shopping bags & are dressed in a high fashion way they certainly don't need the money in any case) although I have still seen plenty of that ilk who will flirt & give the eye. I've never pursued in that direction with such women but I know it wouldn't be very difficult, I've been here long enough now to know.

    Uni hunting grounds are plentiful here. Nairobi has quite a lot of Uni's including the huge Kenyatta Uni which has it's very large main campus east of town towards Thika & numerous smaller campuses dotted around the city. There are many tales here of Uni girls looking to help pay their way with a bit of 'help'. There's a few haunts in the River Road area of town that are frequented mainly by such girls but if you don't fancy being in that part of town (it's really not a safe place to be for a foreigner at night, not so bad in the day) there are numerous bars (ie. Ones close to the Kenyatta Main Campus) which are filled with such girls. There's also Daystar Uni (numerous campuses) , the East Africa Catholic Uni (which is also huge) , USIU (5000-odd students) , Nairobi Uni & more besides. There are many, many students in Nairobi all over the place in a way you'd never see in Mombasa (it does have a Uni but isn't a regional seat of learning the way Nairobi is). Who can tell how many female students are looking for 'help' with fees, living costs etc in Nairobi? Even if it's only half the females who would be willing, that's still thousands of female students! Again, this is not an avenue I've really pursued myself (I've found other avenues that work just fine!) but I have talked to women here who are Uni grads / current students themselves & had numerous chats about how they can find me pretty much any type of woman I want from amongst their friends / contacts in the student population, it's that open in some cases & shows just how many are in the same predicament that they look-out for each other in this way.

    At one time I lived very near a student digs in a nice area (these would be the better-off students for starters) and on my drive to & from work I would see the female students walking along the roads who, many times, looked hot (I rarely saw the same ones twice) and more often than not would give some serious eyeball! I didn't pursue as that old adage of sh*tting on your doorstep was very much in mind but my God was I tempted on numerous occasions. And it would've been as easy as stopping the car, having a wind-down window chat & asking for a phone number before long in the conversation, an outright approach for action might not have been so successful but I'm confident some would've gone for it nonetheless, it really isn't like the West here.

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    Arthur's reporting

    Absolutely bang on the money Mr Arthur, and thanks for sharing your experiences!

    I'd visited Nai in May 2012 for a couple of nights, stayed at the Intercon and hung out at Simmers for the fun. It's a great place to pull for ebony pussy action, afternoons was the best for non-pros.

    Good luck my brother, hope to hear from you again soon.

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    Also sampled (and Mzungu rates)

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Bootylover  [View Original Post]
    Report sampled and confirmed. If there is no stag / bachelor party however, the house charge is 2, 000 and an additional Ksh 2,000 for the action.
    I can also report on a sampling thanks to info in an earlier post on this site, although the madam tried to charge me 8k for a regular service which I quickly put her straight on. It only cost 2k all in all & the Madam complained the whole time it was much too little but still allowed the service to continue (so, therefore, it clearly wasn't too little otherwise it wouldn't have gone ahead at 2k!).

    A clear case of 'Mzungu rates' being implemented as the opportunity arose. You have to beware of this all the time in Kenya, accepted Mzungus will pay more in any case (it's just the way here & not entirely unfairly) but some / many will often try it on to see if you know what you 'ought' to pay (ie. Whether you're an expat or an unknowing tourist). Even if you are a tourist, a few choice words in Swahili will quickly put them on the defensive from attempting 'tourist Mzungu rates' as they rarely expect to hear even basic Swahili from a Mzungu.

    The place itself is very discreet being a large house in it's own grounds in a part of town (Hurl) full of the same such. Choice of girls (10 on this occasion) was good if not spectacular (the odd 8 perhaps) although many had that 'Massage Parlor' look about them (hardly interested in the slightest) & chemistry was only possible with one or two. The service fell to a cute petite Ugandan in very tight denim shorts that showed off a mighty fine derriere & she had a large mane of hair that made her quite the package in appearance. Opted for only CBJ (which was very good actually and she really took her time) , but in truth I've had much more passionate encounters with ladies elsewhere in Nairobi than at Massage parlors so I've not bothered to go back.

    However, if you work out what 2k is in your local currency and considering she was in the room for over an hour, that's pretty top notch value in any country, considering Massage Parlors in high-class ends of town like this one.

    I would recommend for sure and may one day venture back myself as it may be a totally different experience the next time, it's always so hard to tell with Parlors like this.

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    Swimming pools

    Can anyone recommend hotels in Nairobi with nice and clean swimming polls which are open to day visitors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradewinds  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for your wonderful reports, I enjoyed reading them very much, I felt I was back in Simmers. Jeddah will be less rewarding for sure!

    Not that bad. I spent my last night with two girls, Phyllis and her friend. 2K each, and I got them to lick each other. Did not sleep much, my dick is violently protesting for the overwork, the SPU has temporarily shut down. If there is a Nirvana of low instincts, I got there big time.

    I guess Jeddah will represent a kind of sex vacation, as in no sex whatsoever and some more spiritual life, LOL.

    Thank you all folks. Arthur out

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    Thank you for the advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coalburner69  [View Original Post]
    Try the 'Pizza Garden' in Westlands next time. It's more up your alley.

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    Google maps toghether with Tripadvisor will provide you with all the info you need.


    Quote Originally Posted by Chuppi  [View Original Post]
    Where is Chester or Simmers from Serena?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur66  [View Original Post]
    In my eyes, both K1 and Casablanca are dedicated to locals with money and muzungus looking for a safe, classy environment, far from the reality of the city and the country in general. I have little doubt the talent present in these places is far better than the best you can find downtown, but I do not like the sphere, I find it boring and sterile. It is also as African as an igloo, I could take both places, moving them as a whole in the middle of New York and they would be quite the same. Question of taste, I know, but I prefer the shabby, simple and truly African Simmers sphere, with truly African girls and people, dirt, dust, roasted chicken and intense smell of humanity
    Try the 'Pizza Garden' in Westlands next time. It's more up your alley.

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    Thanks Arthur66

    Thanks for your wonderful reports, I enjoyed reading them very much, I felt I was back in Simmers. Jeddah will be less rewarding for sure!


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    On the beaten path, and off it again

    saturday i felt like exploring other venues, for two main purposes. firstly, i wanted to check if my assumptions are true regarding the muzungu places, and second i wanted to score something different than a simmers girl, say an escort type kind of experience. i also wanted to take a little break from simmers, after a while it becomes more of the same and some variation could be good.

    i prepare myself for a potentially expensive night out, my bank account becomes 100 usd lighter, and i leave my place with 5k in my pockets and 6k back in my room, properly hidden.

    first step, finding a taxi driver that does not do muzungu prices, reveals to be a challenge as expected. from the cbd to k1 i get offers as high as 800. i wanted to spend 2-300 maximum, it is a ten minutes ride. taxi drivers are a tough sort, they don't bend, best offer is 400, and after a good 20 minutes of search i guess that is the best i will get from a proper taxi. funny, one of the drivers get pissed arguing that his taxi has insurance, as it was something optional that only classy drivers have. i guess many of the "private", or non licensed taxis do not have it, but it still does not represent a selling point for me.

    we leave, and after a short ride we arrive at the famous k1. it is a large club, with different buildings hosting bars both in the open air and covered, restaurant, a kind of pub, live music and tvs everywhere. already at the parking lot i have the feeling this is one of the muzungu places where i will get skinned alive just for a beer. large range rovers abounds, mpvs, luxurious cars are the norm. i start walking about the place, and i notice a large amount of locals, more than whites, which surprise me to some extent. a mix of people coming from different parts of the world, where i recognize indians, middle-east and far east somatic traits. the place is very quiet, it only 8:30 pm, there aren't many girls around. i sit outside, order a coke. 100 bobs and 20% more expensive than simmers. the hostess goes around in a red suit, good looking, plenty of staff around. i start to chat to one of the few pros present, an ugly girl eating leaves from a plastic bag. i investigate fees, she quotes 100 usd long term. for a girl like that, i reckon i would probably pay 1k and no more, but i keep asking trying to see where it goes. after a few minutes, she gets down to 2k, not bad as negotiation is concerned, but still very low quality and no go.

    i start wandering about again. a very slender and elegantly dressed girl is in discussion with a rap like kind of local guy, i bet he is her pimp. an indian is making out with a local girl while sitting at the bar, go get a room for god's sake! a few lonely ladies sitting at the table in front of the band do not even try to make eye contact, either they are waiting for somebody or the absence of a jacket and a tie, with annex suv, suggests the true origin of the truly yours.

    k1 is, in my eyes, the right place for middle and upper class, with security, clean, and a quite artificial atmosphere. i get bored quickly, it is not my place, it is not african and it is expensive. it is located in the middle of nowhere as well. i look for a taxi to move to casablanca, my second destination. k1 has its own cabs, and the first driver quotes me 1k. i look at him, give him a big smile and move to the second in line. 800, other smile and pass. i go on the street, there are no official taxis around, i have to take a chance with a private driver. negotiate 600, still expensive, but i have limited options. we arrive to casablanca in other 10 minutes, there is no traffic.

    the place is also quiet, it is 9:30. this is a muzungu place, or at least there are only whites around. i recognize us cadence, english, and a few expat wives having sophisticated conversations with expat husbands, trying to sustain the conversation while checking the talent coming in. girls are nice, tall, slender, dressed to kill. high heels and mini skirts are the standard, together with a stuck up attitude. nice show, but i strongly doubt any of those chicks would come to my table and introduce themselves, you got to chase them for the whole evening and feed them with drinks before you got a chance to get an offer of some sort. i order a coke. 200 bobs and it is warm, fantastic, just what i was looking for.

    i see a girl sitting in the garden, alone and dressed a bit more plainly. i approach and we start to chat. she looks nice, speaks a good english, obviously educated, classy in her simplicity. the usual story follows, she works in a beauty salon, one child, no boyfriend, dumped by the father of her son. i listen quietly, and after a while i signal i am going to move on. she suggests, in an elegant and convoluted way, that maybe me and her could spend some time together. i play stupid, so she starts with the by now famous "to be completely honest with you" pitch, followed by the presence of a financial issue (school tuition, better than paying the rent and having nothing to eat, more upper class) and a request for assistance. the financial issue is at the 8k mark. 80 usd. i thought it was going to be worse, maybe she reserves the big guns when she wears high heels and mini skirt. i rebate with a 4k offer, and she goes "that would help already". half price in two sentences, not bad. i try to see what exactly she has in mind, asking what she plans to do tomorrow morning. she realize i am talking about lt, she reports she does only st. 4k for st, right. i guess that a quick shag and 4k would not be a problem for the many expat husbands frequenting the scene, but the package is far from my wishes. i tell her it is not what i am looking for and start to move. a request for 1k in free assistance follows suit, promptly answered by a no way baby.

    i leave with another private cab, other 600, destination simmers.

    in my eyes, both k1 and casablanca are dedicated to locals with money and muzungus looking for a safe, classy environment, far from the reality of the city and the country in general. i have little doubt the talent present in these places is far better than the best you can find downtown, but i do not like the sphere, i find it boring and sterile. it is also as african as an igloo, i could take both places, moving them as a whole in the middle of new york and they would be quite the same. question of taste, i know, but i prefer the shabby, simple and truly african simmers sphere, with truly african girls and people, dirt, dust, roasted chicken and intense smell of humanity.

    i arrive at simmers, wander a bit outside, i saw girls on the street just behind the place, let's have a look. joan is there, the girl who i dumped yesterday, beating the pavement looking for a quick one, maybe in the car or in some dump downtown. there you go girl, that is the right place for you and your shitty attitude, that is the hard rock bottom of your options. well deserved, but i still pity her. too sentimental, i know.

    i get in simmers, a few known faces. joan's friend is there too, she gives me the look of satan, but she does not say a word. i guess that means she is no catch for tonite, what a shame, i was just dying to have her lol. i find a nice one, very dark skin, good looking. we sit at a table, she is interesting. i investigate availability, but the is under the weather too. darn, it seems all nice girls menstruate at the same time, leaving only the golems available. i am horny, went blank for two days in a row, got to find something. i see phillys, my lactating friend, in company of another muzungu. i wave at her, she waves back and comes to my table. she is busy right now, but she expect to be free in 20 minutes, please wait for me and don't go away. uhm, the evening is not promising, the place is quiet and the talent limited. i keep wandering around for a bit, looking for possible alternatives and making a mental list of options. unexpectedly, philys comes back to me after indeed 20 minutes. she is visibly tipsy, but not drunk. i propose lt for 3k, i know she wants a bit more money, and my take is she deserves them. i had one of the best times with her, and to me 1k more or less is totally immaterial. she accepts, we walk out, she must get her reserve clothes close by. i discover that simmers does not accept keeping the girls stuff in storage, so these are left to three private guards surveilling an office 100 meters on the left of the main entrance. a pile of plastic bags, jackets, trousers, shoes and alike lies in a corner, the belongings of i believe most girls frequenting simmers. i guess it must become quite busy at closing time.

    we walk towards chester, followed by the inevitable lady with baby on the back, supported by two others down the street. i don't her give anything, she mutters "go away from my country", phillys leaves 20 bobs falling on the pavement, she fetches the coin but keep begging until we reach the invisible wall. interesting that police arrests working girls when they try to go back home but leaves those nuisances alone, i would do the other way around. street girls could add something to the nairobi already colorful sphere.

    phyllis is not 100, but she performs well and she cums a couple of times, making me happy as well in the process. she is to the moment the best girl i found. she is less toxic than sheri and slimmer, pauline has disappeared, tabby was great but a bit too cray for my taste, maria is out and joan is very out. i still could not taste miss long legs, but if phyllis remain available i don't really need her. within this environment, finding a few good and reliable providers is key to success.

    in the meantime, i started to understand part of the resentment against whites in kenya. they don't participate in kenyan society, preferring to remain closed within the comfort of their absurdly expensive houses and clubs, showing off their being rich with big cars and expensive clothes. they frequent only their peers, don't engage with locals, don't care and are afraid. from their ivory tower, they can spend years in nairobi without a clue about the place, isolating themselves from one of the nicest people i know, the kenyans, and one of the most interesting places in africa, the beautiful nairobi. their fears are unfounded, at least in normal circumstances. i never saw an episode of violence in everyday life, kenyans are a pacific people. yes, they ask for money practically everywhere, but they are entrepreneurial, resistant to adversity, bright even when uneducated, and respectful. i could expect troubles if walking about at night in kayole, that is defined by locals as a slum, but would it be different in any other major city elsewhere in the world? traffic is horrific, but it signals dynamicity. there are conman and thieves, beggars and dealers, working girls in bars and office staff at companies. there is dust, smell, approximation in many things, but this is not europe of the us, this is africa.

    or maybe they are right and i am wrong. but, as wrong as i can be, and as risky at it can become, nothing will stop me from exploring the inside of the societies i am visiting, trying to understand what lies beneath the surface, beyond what tourists are offered to see, and what fearful and ignorant long terms guests believe the country is all about.

    i really hope nothing major will come out from the elections, else the big liar, the television and the press, will just shatter this country reputation into pieces. an undeserved destiny for kenyan people, fighting everyday against all odds to move forward, with a determination that the lazy western world cannot even comprehend.

    friday evening i received a call from my boss, i got to move, another job elsewhere, my hours in kenya are counted now. must fly to jeddah for another mission, this time i am afraid far less rewarding.

    arthur out, and unless there is something else to report on, thank you all for reading. this could be the last chapter of arthur's kenyan adventures.

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    Choosing location

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur66  [View Original Post]
    you must absolutely have a basic idea of the destinations you want to cover, and select your place with care.
    Where is Chester or Simmers from Serena?

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    Nairobi rythms

    it is two weeks i am here now, and i start to recognize a certain pattern in nairobi nightlife. i am not sure i got it completely right, but i believe it could qualify as an educate guess.

    but first, a recount of two uneventful days.

    thursday was relatively busy at simmers, few foreigners around, but plenty of locals. still drained by my escapades the days before, i was wearing the "if nothing happens, it is also fine" mental hat. the basic plan was to have dinner, a couple of beers, and being overall lazy. should i have found a gem begging me to bang her, i could consider.

    i meet the usual line-up of long time chasing characters, greet them, a few jokes, kisses. nothing special around dinner time, but that is normal. simmers has three basic inflows, which repeat on a daily basis. one is around lunchtime, a few girls looking for st in the afternoon, rarely very attractive. lily belongs to this group. a second wave arrives around 4 to 6 pm and it includes the largest number of potential candidates. some of them use simmers as a launching pod for a couple of beers before hitting other destinations later in the evening, typically the westlands places (gypsy, casablanca, black diamond, etc.). the third wave arrives later at night, and it includes girls who either have had it with the above mentioned places and want to relax and the ones who has seen too much competition at the muzungu places and try their luck at simmers, a low cost market but less competitive.

    while having dinner, i observe a white guy busy with the one of the many conman active at simmers, the jewels and watch seller. he is a small local, old and battered man who approaches tourists trying to sell them highly suspicious items, both in terms of quality and origin. an assumingly golden chain comes out of his collection, i wonder who was mugged to get it. there is another one, the safari tour salesman, who try to convince you to arrange a safari, requests a down-payment, and then disappears. i keep an eye on the white guy, i will try to warn him if i see him getting into troubles. while listening to the conversation, i finish my dinner, to i just decide to approach and introduce myself. after two weeks of pure local scene, i don't mind having a chat with somebody coming from the same side of the planet.

    i shortly discover my worries were unfounded. the guy in question is quite experienced, knows his way around, and behind his jovial approach there is prudence and abundant skills. we start to chat, exchanging experiences and drinking a few beers. it is a real pleasure to talk with him. we both use a cover, although mine is a bit more complicated than his, and we both have been around the block for a while. utterly interesting, i let him know about isg, i hope he will decide to join in.

    he stays at a place in nairobi where guests and visitors are very controlled during evening and nights, so he hunts during the afternoon for st and relax in the evening. i tell him about chester, sharing with him my findings and experiences with the place. as the evenings proceeds, i decide that i won't look for female induced fun for the night, and order my third beer. for me that represents a cut-off moment, three tusker malt means no sex, no negotiations, and a night of rest with both eyes closed and recharging my batteries. while i don't like sleeping alone, there is an advantage in doing so on a regular basis as i can really relax and i don't have to leave my brain and ears in listening mode for the whole night.

    which brings me to the subject of accommodation, an important aspect i did not mention before. in nairobi, as in any other place, the choice of hotel is paramount to have success in your adventures. a gf friendly place is mission critical, as well as where the place is situated. chester for me represents a relatively inexpensive option (125 usd per night) , with excellent security and no hassle. visitors must be registered, which is a very good idea, but they don't charge for them, which is another excellent idea. a lot of people complains about the visitor registration process at hotels, but they fail to see how that decrease their risks of becoming victims of fraud, theft, and violence. assuming the girl in question uses her i'd, something you must verify, once inside she cannot afford being stupid, else she can be reported to the police, and the girls know that. furthermore, chester is just in the middle of one of the hot spots in nairobi, with several places at walking distance. this avoids me the pain of dealing with taxi drivers, a class apart of conman all around the world and nairobi in particular. they charge you the double to go to places, and when you get out of them with the catch of the day, they simply [CodeWord123] you financially. imagine, a muzungu guy anxious to go back to base and fuck his prey, possibly drunk and without options, a paradise of extorting possibilities. this is why, when planning your stay, you must absolutely have a basic idea of the destinations you want to cover, and select your place with care. if you fail to do so, be prepared to get stressed by a number of logistic limitations, extra costs and additional risks.

    anyway, i keep talking with the guy and observe the well-known dynamics of the place. interestingly, simmers became a hot spot also for the gay community, of both colors. if you get there, don't be surprised to see white men with black locals, and it can happen you get approached by local "gay for rent" during the night. i did not see any transgender around, i doubt the level of debauchery has reached those levels yet. i hang around until 2. 30 am, closing time for simmers and bed time for me. on my way back, a few ladies with babies sleeping on their back chase me for a while, begging for money. i keep walking, saying no and basically ignoring them. they give up at a now well known point on the street, a kind of invisible wall they don't trespass.

    yesterday, friday, after a long day of work i hit simmers again in the afternoon. i find yesterday's guy, we start to chat again while having lunch and drinks. one of the afternoon ladies approach and sits at the table. never seen her before, nice looking, she plays the "i am not a prostitute" card, something typical of the afternoon shift. they try to convince potential customers that they are nice girls, with a job, family, hobbies, cats and dogs, they are just there "to relax" and give you the impression of hunting for a non-pro. my friend listen to the story and looks at me. he knows the story as well as i do, yeah baby, sure you are not a pro, you just shag whites for pleasure and for a ridiculous amount of taxi money, sufficient to get you to mombasa and back on a pink cadillac.

    my friend looks for st, she is not exactly his type, but i reckon it is a good idea to let them alone. i have a walk outside, enjoying the warm weather, observing the way political parties try to convince people to vote for the one or the other in march. i am concerned about the outcome of that process. apart from the violence, which will most probably be there anyway at some stage, there is an increasing nationalistic sentiment arising against muzungus. the issue of land buying from non kenyans and non-african parties is red hot, and a common feeling of resentment against whites, seen as exploiting the country, is evident. talk of nationalizing land and businesses owned by external parties is present overall. if such view prevails, from march on kenya will become a real hell for most if us and will precipitate the country at zimbabwe levels by the end of the year. many are concerned about what will happen during the elections, but the real risk is what will happen after. if they decide for a nationalistic, kenya for kenyans political and economical approach, all external investors will flee as one the country, leaving it to the wiseness of its people and to the strength of its own economy and resources. i saw it happening before in other places, including zimbabwe and venezuela. keep an eye on this, as it could mean the second best african economy is going down in flames by end 2013.

    when i go back to simmers, i was informed my friend is gone and in company of the girl. excellent mate, enjoy her. i am on my own for the evening, time to hunt. i have a light dinner and a beer, tonite alcohol is restricted. i start wander around, chat with a few girls, the congolese band starts playing and the place gets slowly crowded. friday scene, as described before, is different. high heels, short skirts and makeup replace the more down to hearth kind of girls present during other days. friday is the day, in nairobi, when local men decide it is time to have some serious fun and when clubs get totally packed. prices go up, the dynamics get inverted, even after midnight girls stick to their guns. as clubbing goes on till in the early morning and locals want to find a prey, low budget mongering becomes difficult. excess alcohol becomes the norm, and i find myself one of the few walking around still able to remain stable on my feet.

    i find my lactating girl, i propose, she wants more money. i pass, wish her good luck. miss long legs is back in all her splendor. her broken front tooth is now completely gone, a shame. i ask her for her plan, and she reports she in "under the weather", a local expression meaning she is menstruating, and she is not available. i try a few more girls, but most of them are feeling like the queen of saba, high prices, bad attitude, and increasingly drunk as a whole. one tells me that she accepts my offer but to come back in 30 minutes, and i know why, she just wait to see if she finds something better than my 2k. i took this into account, fridays are bad, but i keep looking, eventually i find joan, smallish, synthetic hair, a bit hyper. my sixth sense tells me she is on the edge of possibilities, but my options are limited and my balls full. my spu does not kick in, sign that she is not of its liking. however, i sit her down and introduce her to a world of romantic lovamaking and shitty pay. she wants a drink, i get her one and one for me. we keep talking, she wants another beer. i tel her now or never, i am going back with her or without her. she decides to come with me, but on the way she keeps nagging about a second drink. i stop her on the way, put down severe terms, no more drinking or she goes back to simmers alone. she says yes, we arrive at chester, she gets registered. security informs me there are 25 visitors, practically the whole chester house is fucking. i have a bad feeling about joan, she asks me for 100, i gave them to her to see what happens next. she brings them to one of the guards, talking in local language. once in the elevator, i ask her what it is all about, and she tells me she really needs another drink and she asked the guard to go and buy one for her.

    the elevator arrives at my floor, the door open, i push the g button and the elevator moves back to the reception. she is not listening, she is nagging, and she has blown it for what i am concerned. she looks at me, and i tell her she is going to go back to wherever she wants, without me, without my 2k, where she can get wasted as much as she wants. she is pissed off, i push her out of the elevator, the doors close and i go back to my quarters, alone. a quick call to security to inform them that my guest is not welcome, but i get told she is already gone. good, actually shit, no score for the night. i am not in the mood anymore to go hunting, and i wonder if the little ***** has informed some of her friends to wait for me around a corner to have a chat about what just happened. it is now 1:30 am, time to call it a day.

    things like this happen at times, finding a prey is always a matter of chances and risks balancing. sweet at the beginning, friendly, chatty, available and accepting my offer, they can turn into a liability anytime between simmers and the morning after, it is a part of the game. my strategy has always been to call it off as soon as i see the situation is not anymore fully in control, when she tries to take over."wait for 30 minutes","i want another drink" and "let's go somewhere else" represent all alarm bells, the girl is not ready, is not committed, and it is going to be a pain in the ass. she was stupid, fortunately, to show off her cards before i let her in my place, as she was pushed by me to reveal them. another excellent reason why, in this environment, fellow mongers must absolutely remember to keep up their guard and listen to their instincts. had i failed to be tough with her and with myself, i would probably ended up calling security in the middle of the night to have the ***** escorted out.

    it does not need to go like that. a few evenings ago i scored tabby in almost equal circumstances, another risk, but it went very well. question of luck.

    talking with these girls while drunk is very educational. a few of them reported to have a "boyfriend" somewhere else, sending her money, sometimes big money like 30-50k each time. poor bastards unaware of the fact that they are paying an authentic working girl in body and soul, financing her going out every evening hunting for additional money and shagging anybody who would pay for her services. legends about finding such an idiot abound, the dream of many, if not all of them is to find a sucker, possibly old and definitely rich, to give her money convinced of the story about the poor girl, orphan, possibly with children, student and looking for a better life. samaritans feeding authentic money wolfs, vampires of feelings, cheaters and consumed liars.

    oh well, everybody its own.

    today is saturday. i am considering changing destination and having a go at k1, i was told it is a nice place, a bit less on the wild side of things, possibly a bit more expensive. in alternative, i could go for an easy one picking up one of my long time chasers, or go for a 15 minutes hunt at madhouse and score a beauty. possibilities abound, i will follow my instinct. my research on tagged is not delivering anything worth mentioning, so i will keep moving and hunting. and as every hunter, sometime you score, sometime you spend the whole day in the rain and in the cold, to come back empty handed and with nothing to eat.

    but, every disadvantage has advantages. every day passing without scoring makes me hornier, fills my balls, makes me sharper. provided i will find another gem, it could become a memorable night.

    arthur out

  15. #1735

    Great Post Arthur66

    Even me as a Nairobi veteran enjoy your post very much. Alot of important information to be had by those new and old to Nairobi. Never been a Simmers guy but after your post I will surely be there for a few beers next week to check out the talent.

    Continue Enjoying,


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