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    Be Like Blakman

    The secret ingredients: gift, popcorn, uber, weed, be in shape.

    One of the many reports.

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    Africa won. Gladly leaving. By ElephantBeer

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    Accommodation Mombasa

    MadaExpert offers advice for budget accommodation.

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    This report by WillyBoy (plus the short report one post above it) provides a useful overview of the Nairobi scene.


    Ah yes, the home of the "Nairobi Handshake" :-)
    although I still miss the late, great Hallion's 2000 night club (now a short-term stay no-tel)

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    Another Excellent Report, Courtesy Jiggydus (Nairobi)

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    Simmers and sound advice, Nairobi.

    Loving the following postings by Arthur66, scroll down to read the series:


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    Mtwapa & Bamburi

    Excellent report by Steptoe, first time experience:http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...postcount=1016

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    Loso 69 ... Nairobi -- all you need to know



    Excellent !
    A pleasure to read - well done & thanks for the effort !


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    Nakuru overview by Concarne

    Everything you need to know about this town.


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    An excellent overview of Nairobi by Satyr9


    I agree with every word !
    Keep up the good reports !
    Any pix ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Rover
    Hello one and all,

    I will be in Malindi, and north coast, from March 5/2010, for three weeks, its my first trip to Kenya, I would appreciate any information and advice, re chicas, accommodation, bars etc.

    Thank you,

    Wild rover
    please don't take it the wrong way (seeing that you are new here) but

    1) General Enquiries should be posted either in the Mombasa or Nairobi section

    2) a little bit of browsing will undoubtedly give you a few good starting points for your own explorations, once you get here.

    Don't forget to share your impressions afterwards! "gimmee, gimmee never gets it" applies in Kenya as well.

    Ansreadinin the forum for the respective cityunder the name of

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