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    Hey guys,

    I'm in hsinchu for a few more days and trying to live it up. I've actually had a little luck with the dating apps, but I kind of want to indulge in something more. Not sure how to go about this in foreign city. I found a guy's line who wants to send women to my hotel room, but I have no idea if this guy is legit. Seems pretty sketchy, but not sure if that is unusual.

    I'm also down to check out strip joints or hostess clubs. I think I found one, but I have no idea if it something because all the info is in mandarin. It's a place on Minsheng Road and is called. No idea if and when they are open or what they offer. If anyone has any info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazake  [View Original Post]
    Any other info added here would be a plus.
    I may head up and try to find what I can. Report back when I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exile  [View Original Post]
    I remember this being discussed years ago.

    They are down by the train station?
    There are different pockets of activity in the Keelung area; so I am told. Some I have not located. But, this pocket is close to the tracks. I spotted it on the train ride from Taipei to Keelung, like five minutes before the Keelung station, looking out the window of the train on the right hand side.

    I have been described other areas. I wandered around the night market in Keelung, but never found the ladies. Even a taxi driver once pointed the way and I searched in vain.

    Any other info added here would be a plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazake  [View Original Post]
    Took a walk along the Keelung tracks.
    I remember this being discussed years ago.

    They are down by the train station?

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    Keelung ladies

    Took a walk along the Keelung tracks. It certainly is not an elegant part of town. However, there is a certain honest work ethic amongst these ladies. And, although the shacks are old, dilapidated and from an era long past, many of the interiors are kept neat, tidy, clean and orderly.

    The ladies here are not very old, well-kept, and committed providers. Prices for your 20 minute encounter are about 1300 NT, and less for older ladies.

    Spent a lovely 20 minutes session with a lovely smiley higher end of 30's lady. I did my customary round and round and round the area before settling on her kind face and bright smile. She was taller, with an impeccable boob job that she was quite proud of because she brought my hands to them often. Being a gentleman, I obliged and gave them the worship she so desired. They were splendid.

    Her frame was medium with a naturally hefty booty that spread out nicely. Zaftig, but firm. She really was a wholesome, accommodating, nice, girl-next door. Enjoyed the usual repertoire and left in a very elevated and empowered mood.

    It is very important to allow these sessions leaving you in a better state of mind and emotions for the rest of the day / evening and leaving a permanent good memory of the encounter. At the end of the day, we do all this work of traveling, time, energy, searching, choosing and performing, for the sole purpose of achieving happiness.

    If you guys are aware of any other shacks or places like these within a 2 hour or so train ride from Taipei, please share your information. I find searching the same area can get stale.

    Thank you, and be safe and treat the ladies right. We are all in this together and must treat the profession right to keep the good times rolling.

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    Anything in Kenting

    I am going to Kenting this weekend and wonder if there are any recommendations for FS.

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    Jingfu Temple scene

    Quote Originally Posted by Ungus  [View Original Post]
    There are a lot of Vietnamese massage places near Jingfu Temple in Taoyuan. It's a 10-15 min walk from the Taoyuan train station. Most of the shops are near the intersection of Bo'ai Rd and Minquan Rd. Sometimes you will see girls standing in the doorway and they will call out for you to come into their shop. You will find a large variety of girls ranging in age from 20's to 40's. Prices for FS will range from 1500 to 3000. You will find some young hot Vietnamese girls there as well as some grannies. After getting familiar with some of the girls, I was able to get BBFS. There are also a lot of KTVs in the same area but I did not visit any.
    Thanks for the tip. If you know of any other hotspots, not more than an hour or two from Taipei, we all would appreciate the advice.

    Anyway, on your lead, I went to your location at about 7:00 PM. It was not busy at all. Maybe too early. Some unattractive older women in the streets. Doors were partially open to the spas, with ladies showing some leg and a few calls for me to join them. But, nothing worth the trouble. Saw a pretty and more youthful wholesome looking girl in a spa paying attention to her phone. I invited myself in. She was friendly and giggly. I didn't waste any time and directly asked for full service. She said she doesn't do that. And, she really did not look at all like a street smart girl. I mean, of course, she knew the score, but she had no appearance of battle fatigue. She offered me massage and happy ending for 1. 5 k. I took it, because she was very pleasant and sweet to be around. I never asked the length of the massage. I assumed it would be an hour, but I got barely a half hour. So, I felt a little short-changed. But her sweetness and innocence was very refreshing.

    On a side-note, the Jingfu Temple is immaculate and a true masterpiece. I did spend time in there, marveling at its design and architecture. I am a Longshan Temple Kangding and Huaxi Market frequenter for the ladies on the street. It is rather dry there. So, I am looking for other available areas to try.

    But, I will explore the Jingfu Temple area again. And, again, thank you for your generous information. Be well all.

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    Taoyuan Vietnamese Massage

    There are a lot of Vietnamese massage places near Jingfu Temple in Taoyuan. It's a 10-15 min walk from the Taoyuan train station. Most of the shops are near the intersection of Bo'ai Rd and Minquan Rd. Sometimes you will see girls standing in the doorway and they will call out for you to come into their shop. You will find a large variety of girls ranging in age from 20's to 40's. Prices for FS will range from 1500 to 3000. You will find some young hot Vietnamese girls there as well as some grannies. After getting familiar with some of the girls, I was able to get BBFS. There are also a lot of KTVs in the same area but I did not visit any.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails boai.jpg‎   pic1.jpg‎   pic2.jpg‎  

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    Taoyuan Sauna

    Found the first place mentioned by Traveler. It is near the Taoyuan Night Market.

    Now you need to provide proof of vaccination. I was vaccinated in the US and have my records in an app on my phone. I showed this to the girl at the front desk and she let me in. I found this place to be very similar to the saunas in Taipei.

    On my first visit, had #88. She provided a nice hard massage including walking on my back. She mentioned the place has been open for less than a month. Apparently it shut down during the pandemic and only recently reopened. She was very good at AR and provided BBBJ on my request. Unfortunately, CFS was a little mechanical.

    Total cost was 3600 NT and this place is open 24 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler21  [View Original Post]
    I know there have been a few questions about action in Taoyuan. I have found 2 places that provide service very similar to Caesars in Taipei. The first one is located off Zhongzheng road near the Pizza Hut. 25.000632, 121.307495. There is a fountain at the entrance and you have to go up a flight of stairs. When you get to the desk they will give you a key to a locker with a number. You take your shoes off and leave them with a gentleman and enter the locker. Once you strip down you enter the bathing area. The showers are immediately in front of you when you enter. There are a few steam rooms, one hot pool and one cold pool. The facilities are definitely more run down than Caesars, but everything appears to be clean. After you clean up, soak, and steam you go through a door into the dressing area. It is here that you will get the shorts and robe. You then go through another door and up another flight of stairs into the restaurant / sitting area. Have a sit and a woman will come around asking if you want a special massage. She will then lead you through a secret door into the massage area. The service provided here really depends on the woman. I have typically received an equivalent service as what I have gotten at Caesars. A fairly lame massage followed by a fingertip massage focused on the rear and jewels. I don't speak Mandarin so I typically just follow her lead. They usually grab my hips and pull me into a kneeling position. The then proceed with some hot tea AR and play with my privates. On the flip there is some hot tea CBJ and the Asian cowgirl. The women tend to be 30 to 40, but they all work hard. I have on occasion gotten a younger one, but it has been the very rare exception.

    The second place I have recently found. It is called Dihao Spa. It is located very near beauty alley in Taoyuan. You on Zhongshan East Road between Minsheng and Zhaoyang road there is a scooter / walking path. There is a temple in this area and you want to take path on the same side of the street as the temple. About 50 - 75 meters down you will see the entrance for the spa. When you enter the desk will be immediately to your left. They will give you a key with a number and up the stairs you go. It is smaller than the other spas like this that I have been to here. The pools are smaller and I really did not use them nor the steam rooms. Once you take a shower you enter the dressing area to dry off and put on the shorts and robe. You follow the hall to the sitting area. I have only been twice and both times I was the only customer in the place. It was late afternoon so that may explain that. The first time there were two people sitting behind the counter in the sitting room. After about 5 minutes the guy says something to the girl and she comes over and ask if I want a special massage. I follow up a flight of stairs into a movie room with a lot of reclining seats and on through a secret door. The massage room is really small and has it's own shower. Everything appears to be fairly clean. After a few minutes I am stunned by the girl that walks in. She is maybe 5 feet tall and 90 lbs. Looks to be in her early 20's and very pretty. She does not speak any English, but I am able to gather that she is from Thailand. She proceeds to give me a very mediocre massage and then immediately as me to flip. I was a little disappointed that there was no finger tip massage nor anything else to get the juices flowing. When I flip she proceeds to strip and she definitely has a body. A cups, small waist, tight little rear end. The problem is that she really has no technic and does not like being touched. She even has problems getting the cover on. The whole session was mediocre at best. I think if I could have communicated with her that things might have been better. The second time I went was a week later. In the sitting room I had guy come up to me as ask if I wanted a special massage. I followed him through the secret door and into the massage room. The same girl came in. I was hopeful that the experience would be better, but it was actually worse. She was definitely hot, but no technic and really just went through the motions. Not even any fake moaning.

    For both of these places the damage is 3600 NTD. I would recommend both places, especially if you speak Mandarin.
    Thanks Traveler. I was able to find Dihao Spa on Google Maps but it says they are permanently closed.

    Any recommendations for places in Taoyuan would be appreciated.

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    Penghu JKF

    Hi everyone,

    Last week I spent a few days in Penghu.

    Thought I'd try my luck with some of the JKF girls. Happy to share my experience.

    Disclaimer: I'm a white Australian with blue eyes in my mid 30's, average build. My photo is usually enough to get most open Taiwanese girls fairly keen.


    Prowled JKF for keywords like Penghu and Magong city (written in Chinese of course). Surprised how often I was still getting Taichung posts though, so always double check because they search engine is a bit messed up.

    Ended up sending a message to probably most, if not all girls to be claiming to be working in Penghu.

    So round about 20+ Line contacts.

    Using Google translate worked fine.

    I'd say about 2/3 never actually wrote back. Most of those never even read the message, so I think their accounts are no longer being checked.

    Two or three in the remaining third did actually write back to say they are currently not taking anyone because of the lock down. Makes sense.

    There was one who was clearly an agent, working with many girls to "suit my taste", I prefer to avoid these. I'd rather try my luck with a freelancer. Just in case I get stuck with a girl who clearly was not enthusiastic about her current situation.

    A few more were still working, offering between 2500-3000 NT for the whole package. But upon telling them I was a foreigner they instantly stop replying to my messages.

    And then lastly was a local freelancer. Claiming to be slightly "mature" (compared to the other MeiMei's on the scene) at 30 years old.

    She offered shower / massage / full sex for 3000 NT. In her pictures she looked, average. Still beautiful, probably mid 30's. Just not the same goddess level beauty the other (probably fake) adverts were showing.

    Knowing too well of the deception other punters have mentioned in regards to the photos not matching the women. I decided I could trust her, as she seemed honest, and was a freelancer, showing the room, and more photos of the same woman when I requested.

    She was also, at this point my only option (apart from the mysterious agent guy).

    Well, the deal was made, I turned up, and of course. She did not look like the girl in the photo. If it even was the same woman, the photos were very out of date, she was at least mid 40's. And had quite a protruding gut on her, making her costume rather pointless.

    Despite the deception, I still went a head with it.

    I will give credit where it is due though. She worked hard for me, the shower was nice, the massage was actually relaxing. And she got very wild and enthusiastic, making it quite a good experience. Some incredible sex.

    Would I repeat? Probably not. 3000 NT is way too much for a woman I probably wouldn't even take home for free.

    And to be honest the photo deception does leave a sour taste, it's a shame this kind of thing is the norm when it comes to these adverts.

    It's like trying to sell a beat up car and using a photo of a showroom car in the advert description.

    Anyway, Hope everyone else is doing well.


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    JKF report #2

    I had to spent some time in Hualian so I scouted JKF girls. Here are information:

    1. There are 4 providers with many different line accounts.

    2. Two of them provide Thai / Vietnamese with a price 3000/4000 NTD / h.

    3. Two other providers offer Taiwanese ladies. Proces varies from 2800 to 3000 NTD / h. The age of ladies is closer to 50 than to 30.

    4. There is one independent lady. My guessing is she in her 50 ties. 3000/ h.

    5. There is also one visiting lady in her 40 ties. She travels Hsinchu / Taipei / Yilan / Hualian. Price 2300/ h.

    Happy hunting in 2021.

    T. 72.

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    JKF report

    I had to spent weekend in Hualian so decided to try JKF girls from that city. Here goes a short report:

    1. The real age of girls is an age given in advertisement plus 10 to 15 years.

    2. More than half of girls refused to meet foreigner (either they said "no" or block me or unsent messages).

    3. Some girls use more than one line account to find a st BF.

    4. In many cases you don't talk to girl but a mamasan or papasan.

    5. Do not expect girl will do what she advertises.

    I decided to give a try a "Taiwan" girl. The "Taiwan" soon became Thai. She looked not bad, with nice bolts-on; however didn't smile at all (I should trust myself and left, but.). The action was a pure disaster. After fast shower she applied condom on a semi-hard junior, sucked for 5 sec. And wanted I fuck her. She was laying not like a starfish but like a dead fish, no touching, no kissing, she hugged herself so I even couldn't see her boobs. I decided it's time to go without cumming. I spent maybe 10 min in her place, paid 3000 NT. The most stupid decision of 2020 (so far).

    T. 72.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazake  [View Original Post]
    I was in Keelung the other day by the night market. Could not locate the zone. Somebody mentioned Railway Road but could not find it. Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you.
    It was in Hualian, not in Keelung.

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    Keelung guidance

    Can anyone please guide me to a nice FS MP in Keelung, price is not an issue really. I'm here for 2 days. Thanks.

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