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    Visa in Phnom Penh?

    Hi, Everybody --

    I've got a ticket to Shenzhen on the 3rd of March and am heading to CP on that evening. Problem is, my Chinese visa.

    I'm leaving the States for SE Asia in about six days and it's going to be tight to get the visa here. Does anyone know how easy/hard/impossible it will be to get one in Phnom Penh?

    Any guidance will be appreciated. It's pretty much an all-day thing just for me to get to the Chinese consulate here and then another day to go back and pick up the visa. If it can be done in PP, that would be great.

    Anyone konw?



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    DG Part II

    Second trip to DG was just before Christmas and that saw me taking bus from HK Airport to Huang Gang for 100 HKD. Then a bus from Huang Gang to DG bus station for around 32 RMB (I think).

    Stayed at Yalan again and go the same room #411. Called up Hong Ling again and this time she really disappointed. First time she brought a really skinny girl with huge racks...I like the racks, but she was really too skinny for me. Service was good, but skinniness really bothered me.

    Rest of the trip Hong Ling kept bringing girls over that just did't do anything for me, so I ventured out and tried the Yalan Nightclub a couple of times and other shops across from Yalan Hotel. Had this cute chubby (actually, fat) girl from Yalan Nightclub - huge racks (of course) and very friendly....

    Never made it to legit massage - may be next time. Took a walk around the walking street (actually 2 parallel streets closed off to vehicles) near the Li Siang Lou Hotel (Lychee Fragrance Tower Hotel - literal translation). Streets were full of clothing shops at reasonable prices. Tried to log on to ISG from the web cafe California Red, but couldn't. They must have blocked this site on their PCs. That's why I wasn't able to contact Bill Lee when I was there (sorry Bill). I will have to bring my laptop next time.

    Anyway, wwas there for 2 days and had 5 girls. All were fun and offered standard services. Most girls offered what I called simulated ass rim - they will lick your balls and below, but never quite make it to the sensitive part of the ass hole....

    Overall, it was a fun trip. Will try to post some pics soon. Didn't get too many pics as most of the girls were not agreeable to having their pics taken.

    Was also in Pattaya and Jakarta this trip and will post reports on those threads too.

    Sorry for these not so detailed reports - I generally do not go into great details of the sex acts themselves (as they all seem to blur from one girl into another).


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    2 trips to DG

    Was in DG twice recently - back at end of Nov and just before Christmas. Unfortunately, wasn't able to hook up with Bill Lee and OAH coz they were not there in Nov and I could log on to ISG from California Red Internet Cafe on the second trip.

    Anyway, took the train from Luo Hu to DG back at end of Nov and stayed there for 3 days. Instead of staying at the more expensive Miraton, I decided to just stay close to action at Yalan Hotel. It was 182 RMB per night and the room was actually quite acceptable. Large room with mini fridge and tv. It's a much nicer room than the ST room I had last year - they must be a different category of room.

    During the Nov trip, there was only small number of mommies around. I was told LE was around. Met this mommie called Hong Ling (Rainbow Bell). She took me to her shop where there were about 20 girls (the first shop behind Yalan). Took one from her and the rest of the time, she just brought girls to my room and I was always satisfied with her offers. Had a threesome once with two of her girls for 350 RMB. Nothing special - I would rather go with just one girl at a time. For the three days, I only took one girl from another shop (across the road from Yalan) called Yang Yan - a little heavy but big tits (my type) and she was my last girl of the trip and I was pretty much drained by then so asked her to do CIM which she complied - although she almost puked after...hahahahaha

    Took the bus from Li Siang Lou Hotel (Don't know English name) to Huang Gang fr 35 RMB, and then direct mini van to HK Airport for 140 RMB.

    Overall, had 8 girls (all ST) during my 3 days. All 200 RMB a piece other than the Suang Fei which was 350 for two. Good times, nothing extraordinary....all the girls I had were really my type - young, cute, big tits.

    As an aside, I was in Jakarta in Nov, and had the best experience at Jalan Industri shop - will post my experience there soon.

    Part 2 of DG trip next.

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    Zhuhai, Lian Hua Lu

    Quote Originally Posted by One Wing Low
    Despite the recent crack downs, there were hundreds of very good-looking young, sexy girls strolling the street looking for johns.

    I think this is not true, and I think Johnny Kon will confirm. You will never see "hundreds" of girls on Lian Hua Lu looking for johns. The most I have ever seen was maybe thirty or forty, and that was on a very busy night about a year ago, at times I have seen only three or four.

    The best time is around 2:30 am to 3:30am. At the north end of the umbrella stands about twenty sauna girls will gather on the corner looking for customers. The problem is, most of these Zhuhai girls do not want to fuck white guys and the service is often bad.

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    re: I'll go the no tipping route

    Hi BigLauda and Legal Lad,

    Thanks for the pointer. Legal Lad, I guess you're right about tipping well if one visits often. People like you are the reason why my friend and I only saw crap at Crown Prince that night. J/K My friend is so upset from that night that he reminds me every time I see him.

    I guess since I only go to China once a year, it will be difficult for me to build that kind of relationship with management there. I'll conserve my cash and go the "da ting" option. If I'm not shown anything I want, I can always pay the negligible fee and go to the saunas.

    I'll definitely keep these pointers mind for next time.



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    It's not necessary to tip the mommies, etc, BUT if you see yourself becomming a regular cutomer at the particular KTV, tipping goes a long way. My favorite KTV is the Crown Prince. I normally tip everyone, including the General Manager of the Opera House, as I get the parade of managers everytime I visit. I'll be the first to say money talks, but when I go, I'm treated like a superVIP, and presented with the best choices, comped suites, and things like free booze, room fee etc.

    Take that for what you will


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    Quote Originally Posted by Minkfan1
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to double check who should be tipped at the KTV's, besides the girls and DJ of course. I've always had assistant mommies, mommies, and/or managers that sit through the night with us. I guess it's because I don't go in big groups. Usually it's just me and one friend.

    My question is, should I tip the assistant mommies, mommies, or managers? I certainly did not invite them in. They just showed up and stayed, drinking my alcohol and eating my food.

    Any advice?

    Don't tip the mommies, their assistant or the managers. You only need to tip the KJ/DJs. However if you want some favour from them then money talks!

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    re: tipping protocol at KTV's

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to double check who should be tipped at the KTV's, besides the girls and DJ of course. I've always had assistant mommies, mommies, and/or managers that sit through the night with us. I guess it's because I don't go in big groups. Usually it's just me and one friend.

    My question is, should I tip the assistant mommies, mommies, or managers? I certainly did not invite them in. They just showed up and stayed, drinking my alcohol and eating my food.

    Any advice?


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    Remember buddies! KTV is a place to spend your $$$$ and enjoy the service, if you want to act like what "OWL" does in these places. Forget it ! forget about KTV and should head straight to the BBS place !

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    Re: Hohoho

    Looks to me like HoHoHo has the trappings of a serial antagonist. Read all (all FOUR) of his posts and see whether you agree. Nothing positive, no useful information, just rude contradictions.


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    cp report

    First time in Changping from Dec 9-15. I visited 4 ktvs there, PP, Jia Yi Hotel (Tao Yun KTV), hui Hua and Peninsula. Jia Yi was my favorite because of the gauntlet of 300 girls. Remember to get there early at all the ktvs because the hotties are taken before 7pm. Prices are all 2, 5, 8. If you like a girl, you can have her sit for 10 min while the mamis continue bringing more. Then if you see something else, you can trade. You can also ask the mami what services the girls perform. One night I was stuck with a girl that doesnt BJ.

    Went to the sauna at Virgin Hotel. Its not the main hotel entrance, off the side street. For 261 room fee (roughly, I forgot) + 300 tip, you get great fs. Fire, ice, catlick, etc. The girls were young and some cute.

    For legit massage, I went to Royal something. From the Hui Mei to Miraton direction, its about 1 mile down. They have sauna, jacuzzi, lounge, games, food, etc. They offer a variety of massages. The thai massage was one of the best I ever had. I think better than Thailand. Tips are expected there, 30rmb for 1hr. 1 hr is actually 45 mins of service. You will have to sign the massage bill in the room after your massage and offer the proper tip. Cost is roughly 120 massage, 90 tip and 70 sauna fee for 3 hrs of massage. You can hang out there as long as you like.

    The foot massage places also have good massages and much cheaper. Ask for 2 hours, they will work on your shoulder/back for 30 min, foot for 30 min, thighs for 30 min and flip you over on your stomach and work your back some more for 30 min.

    On my last night there, I was a little low on cash. My boy gave me this number to a mama and the girls are 18-22. I believe these are bbs girls that does outcall (not sure). I saw about 10 girls (2 at a time) and I picked 2 I thought were nice. I did send 8 away and they didn't give me a hard time about it. They look like ktv girls and they don't stink. For 150 each (1 did fire), I doubt I'm taking a ktv girl out. KTVs for me now is drinking with buddies and playing drinking games with the girls.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Eddie 48
    to hohoho

    I don't know which hole you come out from you should not call any member name and you are just a newbie with 2 post , if you read one wing low and oah post more careful you should know 200 is for bbs girl , both of this member is senior member with many post and contribution to isg so be nice to
    other member and hohoho to you too.

    fast eddie 48
    What? are you saying it is right asking for a BBS rate for gals at a 5-star hotel KTV? I would never do such a "cheap act"!

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    I doubt it !

    "Zhuhai OMG" I doubt it!

    I've never seen a pretty ones on those streets!

    I've heard many ripping off stories of those street girls!

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    fka Peter Pan 2009
    fka Captain Solo

    Posts: 2409

    Zhuhai, OMG!

    I haggled with Sali about the fare going from Chong Ping to ZhuHai, finaly agreed on 500Y. The drive from Chong Ping took 2.5 hours. The high way is 6 lanes of new, clean pavement. Road signs are all dual Chinese/English. On either sides of the highways are mostly vacant land with occasionally industrial parks and univeritites.Traffic was very light. Sali was going at about 50 MPH.

    ZhuHai is leafy seaside resort town with fancy hotels, restaurants, stores... Got in at about 2:30, checked into the GuangDong Regency hotel on Lotus road, walked the 2 short blocks to the famous Luhoulu shoppping area. There were thousands of people strolling the street or sitting around open air bar, drinking.

    Despite the recent crack downs, there were hundreds of very good-looking young, sexy girls strolling the street looking for johns. Girls are everywhere, wall-to-wall, some look very young and very pretty. I just sat down to have a cup of coffee. A bunch of sweet-looking girls swarmed around us, speaking long strings of Chinese, smiling shyly, tugging on me trying to sell their company. We seem to attract them like flies! They pass out little cards with their Chinese names and tel numers. The guys said it's 200Y for ST and 500Y all night. This must be a paradise. I should have skipped all other places in the world and come here first. The hundreds of young girls are extremely sweet-looking, probably the best in China, donning hip street clothes. Finally decided to go with Bin Bin, the sweetest-looking young girl, taking her back to the hotel. The guys said, do her or you may not see her again.

    Bin Bin has a small, lean but proportionate body without blemishes. Her breasts are 2 round B-sized melons hanging way out in front of her small frame. She has the sweet face of the models, always smiling sweetly. Besides some light eye shade, she wears no make up or fragrance. Her lips are naturally bright pink without lipstick. She was very talkative with long strings of CHinese which I did not understand 1 word. We were kidding around in sign language, then she went for the shower. I waited with the camera ready as she came out with a towel around her lithe body. She immediately covered herself up, went back to the toilet with long strings of protest and pouting.

    Got her on the bed. She was playing with my dick, trying to get it hard with a BBBJ. She was smiling sweetly, making a lot of comments about my dick and the rest of my body which I did not understand. She got on me CG, closed her eyes and started pumping me. It was a very sweet sight. Pinned her down in bed, doing missionary. She had her eyes closed, both arms embracing my lower back, actively participated in each thrust. She was moaning and hissing out of her sexy mouth. I sucked on her soft and creamy breasts and her peachy young face. There was a faint smell of sweat from her silky black hair. I came big time and she was still bucking under me trying to prolong the ride.

    Like other CHinese girls, she was relly enjoying sex and not afraid to show it. This must be some of the best and cheapest sex I ever had. These Chinese girls are expressive, better looking, have better manners, feel much better in the sack, and seem to be much happier than street girls anywhere else.

    ZhuHai would beat all other mongering locations in my book. I made plans to cancel future visits to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina....This is the only mongering place worth going for my taste of beauties....

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    royal garden hotel

    New 5 star hotel just open in Dalang town in Dongguan 30 min drive from CP 468 room starting at 600 rmb a night , friend of my was there yesterday he told me the foriegn businessman club a large buliding next to the hotel with ktv and sauna inside girl is hot many model price start at 1000 rmb for LT.

    Try to tell book a room there for next month for a few night , if any one have
    been there let me know about the service in their sauna .

    fast eddie 48

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