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    Dominika & Helena (OH WHAT A NIGHT!)

    After my second day with Dominika, I told her that I want to have a 3-some. She recommended her best friend who lived outside of Prague (about 40 KM - 26 mile). She offered to go and pick her up at no charge to me. That’s how Dominika is! Treat her right, and she will go out of her way to take care of you.

    She told me that her friend is very young (18!), and hasn't tried anal sex yet, and she won't want to try it. So it was fine with me. I asked them to be at my apartment at 7 PM. Right on time, Dominika and Helena arrived at my place. Helena is tall, very slim, with gorgeous blue eyes. She does have eyes like a tiger! She has number 1 breasts.

    Having these 2 beautiful, knockout Ladies in my bed was really awesome. The best 3-some I ever had. I wish I could do anal sex with Helena, but not possible! Dominika asked me kindly that I be gentle with Helena, since she is very young and new to this. Helena only speaks Czech and German! After having sex with Helena for a while, she told Dominika that my penis fits her just perfectly inside, and she loves it! I had 2 hours of remarkable sex with both of them. During the whole time, they are kissing and touching each other, and me.

    I am sorry, I didn't take pictures of them together.

    If you are going to spend 2-3 days with Dominika, then you can ask her to get her best friend Helena to join you.


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    Picture of Romano (M+M Escort)

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    Picture of Amanda & Klara - Deep Magic Escort & Privat
    (Heavenly Duet!)

    Amanda is the blond, and Klara is the dark hair!

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    Escort Services and Privat in Prague [Dec. 25 to Dec. 30]

    *** Stay Away From Super Girls Privat & Escort ***

    I called and asked for an Escort who also offers anal sex. I was told that a blond young Lady will be at my apartment in an hour. She showed up on time, but she was brunette and wasn't that young (30+!). When she walked into my apartment, and I asked her about anal sex, she said she doesn't do anal sex. I spent 10 minutes trying to reach the Agency, but no one answered the phone! I sent messages via mobile phone, and no reply! So, I spent about 30 minutes talking and trying having classic sex with her! The sex wasn't that great! So I paid her 3500 for one hour and asked her to leave. STAY AWAY!

    Angel Privat & Escort (+420 723-435-805)

    I called the Agency, and arranged for a 3 hour escort. I really didn't feel like walking around town looking for Privats. I was promised a slim Lady, with dark hair. I had requested someone who does anal sex. When Renata arrived at my apartment, I saw that she was not very slim. She wasn't heavy, but not what I expected. She spoke very limited English, but it was fine by me. I was in the mood for all sex, and not much talk anyway! For 3 hours, including anal sex, I spent 7000 CZK, which was not bad. I had 3 hours of almost non-stop sex. Little time for chatting and smoking! She was really great, and loved all different positions. No DFK or DATY allowed! Covered BJ!

    Deep Magic Privat & Escort (+420 606-283-283) [SECOND BEST IN PRAGUE]

    I called, and requested a blond hair Escort for 3 hours, and dark hair Escort for an hour for a 3-some. First, I started with Amanda! She is petit, blond hair (dyed!), and number 2 breasts. She is only 18! Very nice ass! Amanda speaks good English. I spent 2 hours of non-stop sex, trying all positions, including anal sex. She was real awesome! After 2 hours, her friend Klara, whom Amanda had recommended, joined us for the fun! Klara is tall with number 3 breasts. She speaks NO English, and only Czech and German. Klara loves anal sex, and she hadn't done it for a while. So, she wanted to try it more with me! I spent over half an hour just pounding her lovely ass. I pushed in so hard, she had tears in her eyes. It was from her enjoying it, and she enjoyed the pain! They wanted to do a lesbi show for me, but I wanted to be part of the fun, so I asked them to touch each other and kiss while they are with me. Cost for Amanda for 3 hours - 8000 CZK, and 1 hour with Klara - 3500 CZK. Oh yes, DFK, DATY, BB BJ, all allowed. No CIM!

    M+M Privat & Escort (+420 607-210-946) [ALMOST BEST IN PRAGUE]

    I called 2 days and tried to see the Famous Ester! First day, she was in Germany, and second day she was in Taiwan for the weekend. WSG has really made her famous. One special thing about Ester, she offers full SM (moderate pain!). Anyway, I settled for Romano. A nice petite black hair beauty, in her early 20. She has a nice figure with voluptuous buttocks, and legs. She is not fat! I requested anal sex, and it was no problem with her. She just asked that I start out slowly. The first night, I spent 3 hours, of almost non-stop sex with her. All different and wonderful positions! The second night, was even more filled with sex and anal sex than first. At the end, she begged me to stop having anal sex with her (she got sore!). She is charming and speaks good English. Cost for Romano for 3 hours – 9000 CZK, including anal sex. No DFK or DATY! BB BJ, no CIM!

    Why do I say almost best for M+M, because my lady, Dominika was really the best!

    I called Rebel Girls, Amozonia, Amanda Escort, they were all closed for the holidays. I called Pink Dolly and Viagra Club requesting escort including anal sex, and they had no one! So I didn’t bother going to these clubs. I think K5 was also closed (no answer!).

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    Apartments in Prague - Mary's Travel (

    I had done 2 months of research, and contacted well over 10+ agencies with regard to apartments in Prague. I compared prices, services and accommodations in Prague. The best of all was Mary's Travel (+420 222-253-510). The staff at Mary's Travel speak: English, German, French, and Russian fluently.

    I was picked up at the airport. No hassle, no wait! Cost for the transfer from airport to apartment: 500 CZK ($25)

    I had a mobile phone already programmed and ready to use for me. You can also rent phones at the airport, if you like to wait in line, and then spend time trying to learn to program it with the SIMS card! Mary's Travel offers very competitive rate - 100 CZK ($4) per day for mobile phone.

    I was told exactly how long it takes for me to arrive at my apartment. I was tired after a long flight, so they knew that I wanted to relax as soon as possible! We arrived at the apartment on Vinhoradska, Praha 2. I was shown around the area, and the location of the Metro and shopping center. It is about 1 minute walking distance to Flora Metro Station, and Flora Palac (Mall & shopping center). The area is nice, quite, and very secure. My luggage was carried in, and I was shown around the apartment. I was also provided with a 24 hour phone number in case I needed something.

    The best thing about this apartment is that you have a full complete facility with full kitchen, and cleaning service. My apartment was cleaned every 2 days, and I was provided with new sheets and towels. Oh yes, I had a king size bed! No pesky reception desks, and no worries about being stopped for taking a Lady to your room for a day!

    BTW, there are about 20+ Privat close by on and about Vinhoradska!

    Mary's Travel has over 50 apartments around Prague. Some are at downtown, and some are in Praha 2 & 4.

    I spent on average $48 per day for this apartment. Two days during my stay was considered high season, so I had to pay a little more.

    My return flight was at 07:35 Am, and I wanted to get to airport early. The driver was ready and at my apartment at 05:00 AM!

    So call them, and ask for Katka or Ivana.

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    Here is more picture of Dominika!

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    Christmas Day in Prague - Oh Heavenly Dominika

    Well Gents, just got back from a six days vacation in Wonderful Golden Prague.

    I arrived there on Dec. 24, and I knew that all the escorts and privats will be closed that day. So, I spend the first day relaxing, and getting over the jet lag!

    I stayed at Mary's Travel apartment in Praha 2 (on Vinhoradska), and I will talk about this on later report (

    On Dec. 25, Christmas Day, again, most of the escorts and privats were closed. I was lucky to had arranged a date with Dominika beforehand via email. I called her and setup an appointment for 7 PM. She arrived about 10 minutes early! When I opened the door, I saw this tall beautiful angel (176 cm - 5'-8") dressed in black leather pants, wearing a black hat, and sheep skin jacket. She looked absolutely great! I have attached a picture of her from the This is not a fake, and not a touch up photo. She is that stunning!

    I wanted to spend all night with her, but she apologized and told me that she could only stay for 3 hours. She had to go home and spend time with her grandmother.

    After getting to know each other for few minutes, we got comfortable on the bed. She is very safety conscious, so everything is covered, and she doesn't like DFK! That was fine by me. She has such a soft smooth skin. I touched and caressed her whole body. I just had to be inside her! She felt so wonderful and great in all positions. Anal sex is not her favorite thing, but she knew I liked anal sex, and she wanted to try it with me. Started with light anal (guided with her hand), and then she removed her hand for some real deep penetrations. After about an hour of sex, we got dressed and went out to dinner. I knew most of the restaurants will be closed for Christmas, and I was hesitant of what kind of place she might take me to! Maybe it is a real expensive place, that she always wanted to see! Contrary to my fear, she took me to her favorite hide out in Praha 4. A local Czech restaurant, very unknown to tourists. We spend quite a long time talking and enjoying ourselves. By the way, she drove me to and from the restaurant, and would not accept money for the ride.

    I decided to spend the next night with her also, this time an all nighter! Again, another wonderful night, and she stayed over. She is not a great fan of sex in the morning, so she has to be in the mood. Oh yes, don't wake her up too abruptly, she is very grouchy in the mornings!!!

    For 2 days, she drove me around Prague, and showing me places. We went together for drinks and for dinner. She loves to have good time, and not all just sex! If you want a fabulous time with a real knock out, and not just all sex, then you should really try Dominika. She is kind, sexy, polite, intelligent, and speaks good English.

    Dominka's rates are: 1 hour - 2500 CZK, 2 hour - 4000 CZK, 12 hour - 10000 CZK, and anal is 400 CZK more.

    Oh yes, she has Privat in Praha 4!

    Dominika’s Privat web site:

    Dominika's mobile number: +420 728-720-009

    Dominika's Favorite Position: On her knees, doggie style (she has such a beautiful buttocks, very firm!)

    Dominika: Looks - 9, Sex - 8, Attitude - 9, Smoker

    I will have more detailed report of my second day with Dominika and her friend Helena later.

    I told her about WSG and she would not believe me, or the power of this web site! So, please if you plan to see her, please tell her that Fred (or Capt Fred) from America, has recommended you. Please mention my name! She will tell me how many calls she had received about this report!

    BTW, she smokes Marlboro Lights, and loves flowers (roses!)

    She is a Lady! Please treat her kindly and treat her as a Lady that she is.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dominika.jpg‎  
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    Hello folks,

    I'm arriving Prague January the 15, and will stay for six days.

    I have been to Prague before and have used the services many times.

    This time I also got my own apartment in old town, no hotel-harassment.

    Are you in town on business or/and mongering, and maybe need an monger-friend or just wanna have some beers with a fellow hobbiest, keep in touch. Hunting is much funnier when we hunts in pairs

    Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

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    thor****, thanks for the acknowledgement.

    note to jackson - perhaps we could set up a seperate topic of discussion called 'travel and accomodation'. nothing stoping anyone writing a report and posting the relevant parts in the appropiate sections?

    keeping the lady\client details central to the board and the frilly details elsewhere?

    also if someone has a question about a certain issue - perhaps they could private message them instead of using the board. not to say that i have not done this of course.

    just a thought.

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    a note about privats:

    thor**** mentions some problems with private apartments in prague. my experience recently is that they are honest and the women listed in escort on-line really do work there. however, the women work in shifts, so you have to call and ask when a certain woman is working. in one case, i really wanted a particular woman, but she was not from prague, so they never knew when she would come.

    it turned out that in prague i wound up seeing women from clubs. the price is normally not that much higher and you get to know the woman first and it is a more relaxed atmosphere. i like chatting with the woman for a while before going to the bedroom.

    in brno the opposite is true: private prices are much cheaper than clubs and the women are better looking in the privates. however, even there it turns out that most women in privates work in groups so even if the ad says "non-stop" next to a woman's picture, the particular woman than you want might only work during certain hours.

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    Prague Report December 2003.

    I have been following this forum for a while preparing my short trip to Prague before Christmas (Dec. 20 – 23), and have decided to pay back some of my debt to this forum by contributing with this report.

    To Jackson: I agree 100% with you, we must not let this forum deteriorate into a chat room style forum. The many posts only requesting information and the answers it generates makes it time consuming to find the posts containing genuine information, which all users of this forum seeks. I have tried to the best of my ability to adhere to your guidelines on posting reports. Let me know if I missed something.

    To contributors and senior members such as eg. Traveler0099, Capt Fred, Keg, wakeywakey and others who has posted genuine reports with valuable information on Prague, thanks a lot!

    To all of you, who seek inspiration and information, read the reports previously posted in this forum and take your time. You can’t get all the information you want in 10 minutes. ‘He who seeks shall find’ & ‘ a little knowledge shared can bring you far’. Planning is essential if you want a successful experience. Study the centre of gravity (Vaclavske nam,) and the streets leading to it, here you will find most Night Clubs, Privates and the Street Scene as well. Get to know the most important Metro stations such as I.P. Pavlova, Mustek, Muzeum, Nemesti Miru and Flora and the streets around them (Noticeably Vinohradska), here you will find a few Night Clubs and a lot of Private apartments.

    First I would like to give all of you my greatest thanks for all the useful information one can get at this forum, which has made preparation much easier and to avoid some of the pitfalls. So I can only recommend all future travellers to read the reports previously posted in this forum – it’s of high quality and credibility.

    I stayed at a hotel in the city centre – very close to the night life and most of the Private apartments. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mary’s Apartments which is much recommended by this forum.

    In the arrival hall at Prague airport I purchased a T-Mobile cash card for my cellular phone (GSM) for 499,- CZK including 300 CZK prepaid time. This is very useful when you call the Private’s or Escorts. I still have more than 200 CZK of prepaid time left on the sim-card. If you travel to Prague several times a year, this could be of great value to you, as the sim-card is valid for 12 months without topping it up.

    I didn’t use TAXI to get around but walked and most of the action is within walking distance if you stay in the city centre, otherwise use Prague’s very good sub and tramways. Tickets can easily be purchased at most small retailers (kiosks) many located near Tramway stops as well as at the Metro Stations. Tickets are very cheap only 12 CZK for 1½ hour and you will be able to go almost everywhere in Prague. You can find a map over Prague city’s public Transportation system on ‘ Foreigners in Prague’ along other very useful information when planning your trip.

    I will say that Prague is quite a safe place and it is unlikely that you will be harassed in the streets. You will offcourse be approached by the street girls in the evenings, but if you avoid eye contact, most will leave you alone and will respect no for an answer, only the odd few is very persistent and will follow you a short distance, but just ignore them and they will stop.

    If you go for the privates, you will need to call them and don’t be surprised if the address you get from the girls doesn’t match what you can find on It is my experience though that most of the phone numbers for the privates as found on are accurate.

    I bought The Prague Post to see their advertisements, but saw only a few on Escorts, but it is of cause an advantage that it is in English. Another paper I would find very useful is called ‘Special Annonce’ as I found out on one of my visits to a Private apartment, see later. In this paper I found a reference to a web page ‘’ where many of the Privates and Escorts present them selves, but it’s not in English.

    Can’t comment on the Bait & Switch issues much discussed in this forum, because I didn’t use the Escort services.

    Below, you will find my detailed report on my experience regarding Private apartments, Clubs and the street scene.

    Private apartments:

    Privat – Diskret:

    Private is situated on Stepanska between Vaclavske nam and Zitna. Met Veronicka, only girl there but decided to stay, average looks but great body. Small one roomed apartment on 1st floor. Only one girl and not 3 as is the impression you get from

    Veronicka was very nice and talkative, had to smoke al the time, but was very active and enthusiastic in the bed, a very fun girl to be with. The service was of very high standard, I was offered coffee/tea when I first came, later I was offered a drink and after the session I was offered a Sprite. Veronicka also asked if we should take shower together before we entered the bed, but I missed out on her question and lost a great opportunity for a nice start.

    Got classic with cbj one hour for 1.500,- CZK. Small kisses which was very nice and she was not afraid to touch you and to be touched.

    Appearance in my eye was around 6 - 7, Great body though with nice small and firm tits.
    I was told that this Private was associated with Private - Discret Girls on Vladislavova close to new town hall, and that the girls worked both places with different schedules.

    Privat – Discret Girls & Rebel Girls:

    I’ve put these two privates together because I had bad luck on both. First I called Privat Rebel Girls but it turned out that they had closed for the holidays. On the Discret Girls I first tried to go to the place following the instructions I had received earlier from Veronicka, and I found the place easily on Vladislavova, but the Girl answering the doorbell told me that she was busy for another 15 min, so I took a walk on Vaclavske nam and returned only to be told that she was still busy. I had not made any arrangement at this point so in a way it was understandable. I returned to my Hotel and later called the private to make an arrangement and the girl confirmed the time, but to my great disappointment nobody answered the doorbell when I arrived and I had to leave unfulfilled.

    Privat – Harmonie:

    Private is situated on Korunni near Flora metro station on Vinohradska, Tramway 16 from I.P. Pavlova will take you direct to the door, just get of at the Mestek police station (Orionka stop). I aimed at Privat – Satén on Londynska, but the girl that answered the phone gave me direction to Korunni in Praha 3, I decided to go because my mobile was running out of power and I didn’t want to go back to the hotel and recharge it. I walked the distance from I.P. Pavlova, a good 20 min. walk. When I arrived, I was asked to wait for another 15 min. before I could get in.

    Walked around the block and passed Flora metro station, when I returned, I was let in and met Sara (19+ yr), who told me, that it was only her and another girl working and that her friend would be occupied for another ½ hour. Sara looked very nice (9+), so I went for 1 hour of classic with cbj for 1.400,- CZK (½ hour was 1.000 CZK). Sara’s service seemed a little mechanic and not much enthusiasm from her side, compared to my adventures on Saturday, but she did her chores and I left 1 hour later with mission accomplished. Sara told me that Privat – Satén no longer exist on Londynska, but have moved to this new address under the name Privat – Harmonie. They are four girls working there and as I was leaving another girl arrived for work (Good looking as well, 19+ yr).

    Privat – Follow me:

    Private is situated on Lucemburska near Flora metro station on Vinohradska. It is only a short walk ~ 200 m from the Flora metro station. Again I was calling the number of another Private (Privat – Goldsilver) which turned out not to be the private I was directed to. This time I took the Tramway from I.P. Pavlova and got of at Flora Metro station, and I walked the short distance. When I arrived, I was guided to a small kitchen, where a woman (35+ yr) was seated. I was offered a glass of water and seated at the small table and the woman told me that only she and one other Girl were available at this time. Further more she told me the going rate for ½ hour and 1 hour service. She showed me the girls from a paper filled with classifieds, where they had their ads in. The Paper is called ‘Special Annonce’ and contains a lot of ads from both Privates and Escort. Clearly a useful tool in the hands of the travelling male. You can easily pick up a copy of this paper in any News stand, it’s not in English but the section is easy to find because many of the girls use a picture to present them selves. Her you can find phone numbers, prices and if they offer Escort as well.

    A little difficulties on the language, but finally we could understand the most essential phrases. The other girl available entered the kitchen after a few minutes her name was Jana a local Czech girl and she looked 20+ appearance 5 – 7 and average body, not the best looking of the girls I’ve been seeing during my visit to Prague, but she came through on all other accounts as is revealed next.

    I was asked if I wanted to stay, and I confirmed that I would have 1 hour with Jana including classic and BBBJ. The price was 1.400 CZK for classic and additional 600 for BBBJ.

    Jana turned out to be a very nice experience first we started with DFK and then she worked her way down and started the BBBJ. After 5 minutes I changed position so that I could do DATY on Jana while she continued the BBBJ. After about 15 – 20 minutes in this position I was ready to go ahead with the classics. After we had finished, Jana offered me massage which I accepted and she did a very good job. Finally she asked me if we should shower together, and I agreed so we continued the DFK while showering and she also did DFK before I left the Private.

    I left this Private with a big smile on my face and was sorry that I didn’t give Jana a little extra for her effort, because her service and attitude clearly deserved it. This is a Private with a very nice atmosphere and excellent treatment, my warmest recommendation goes to Privat – Follow me.

    Night Clubs

    Darling Club:

    Club is situated on Ve Smeckach 32 between Vaclavske nam. and Zitna just opposite the Atlas Club. Got to the place around 11 pm on a Saturday evening, after a late dinner on a restaurant on Vaclacske nam. Entrance fee 200 CZK.

    Place was packed with girls easily more than 30+ - all aged from 18 - 25+ all straight 10's some dancing on one of the many shows other entertaining the guests. I counted four small bars with its own show and discrete seatings in this place.

    Only drawback for this Club is the prices. Lady’s drinks 500 CZK, Beer 100 CZK, Bohemia Sekt 70 Cl 3.500 CZK. ½ hour with one of the beautiful girls will set you back 2.400 CZK and 4.500 for one hour.
    Another drawback in my eyes is that they don’t accept credit cards only cash.

    I left the Club after one hour, where I and two beautiful Czech girls had a drink and talked. Difficulties with the language but we managed with some mixed English and German.

    Checked out another club in the area (Ariadne) - but was very disappointed with the place and decided to go back to Darling Club despite of the prices.

    When I returned to the Darling Club I went with two girls, Iveta (19 yr) and Simona (23 yr) for one hour with classic after one drink. Had a very enjoyable time with these two girls, and it was an unforgettable experience for that one hour session. These girls are very pleasant and will give you a very good service.

    Ariadne Club:

    Club is situated on Zitna 4 close to Karlovo nam. and new town hall. Small place in the back of a building down some stairs into what looked like a basement bar. Had to pay entrance fee of 100 CZK. You will have to keep the ticket during your stay. I believe it is used to keep count on the drinks and if you go for the private show. If you fail to return the ticket as you leave they claim - that you are liable for 5.000 CZK

    Drinks are cheap only 60 CZK for a glass of red wine, ½ with one girl is 1.800,- CZK and one hour is 3.500 CZK

    Selection of girls are less than 5 - 7 and they vary in appearance of 5 - 8 I'll guess their age to be mid 20's up to 30.

    Didn't stay so I can't tell more about this club, but not worth the effort IMHO.

    Atlas Club:

    Club is situated on Ve Smeckach 31 between Vaclavske nam. and Zitna just opposite the Darling Club. The club is clearly not as versatile as the Darling club, only one stage floor for the show and the selection of girls is a little bit more reduced, I will guess that less than 30 girls was there at the time I visited the club. Not as many guests as in Darling Club, but maybe that’s because it was on a Sunday. The appearance and age of the girls varied also a little bit more, and I will guess that the age range was between 19+ and start of 30’s. The girl’s appearance ranged from 5 to 10, in my opinion around 5 to 7 girls could go as a 10.

    Prices are a little less than in the Darling Club, lady’s drinks costs only 275 CZK, and 1 hour in private with the girls cost only 3.600 CZK. The Atlas Club accepts Credit Cards which in my opinion is a big plus.

    Met with Dominicka from Hungary, age 19 and she said she has been a Student in Prague, but finished last spring. She was one of the 10’s in the club and she gave an excellent service and I would not hesitate to visit her again another time. Tried the whirlpool together with her and it was an experience to remember for a long time to come.


    Went to this club Monday evening, but it was closed for the holidays so I can’t comment on K5. It will be a priority next time I return to Prague.

    Street Scene

    Saw street girls all over the place in the area of Vâclavské námesti, most not attractive as accurately described in this forum, saw one which was very nice and clean age 18+, but didn’t go with her.

    Check the streets around mustek (Zitna, Karlovo namesti, Jungmannova and Vodickova) after 8 pm if you are interested in this hobby, they are easily spotted.

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    Learn Russian.

    Czech is a language that is slavic like Polish and Ukrainian.

    What happened to the Argentinian beauties??

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    I concur. They speak German as their second language, English as their third. I spent 2 weeks in Prague a couple years ago, and and I never had a problem comunicating. Even lost and pulling random hot prague women off the street to give me directions, all I encountered spoke english. I haven't tried it, but from what I understand Czech is a fairly difficult language. Ciao

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    DATY is Dining at the Y (i.e. Cunnilingus).

    An equivalent term is YITC. This stands for "Yodeling in the Canyon."


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    I was wondering what "DATY" means? I see this term used a lot in these forums.


    I see this question in the Forum ocassionally, so I have to ask: In your browser, can you see the link labeled "Terms and Abbreviations" in the black menu bar at the top of this page? Apparently there must be some problem with the visibility of this link in some browsers, so any feedback you could give me would help me identify the specific problem.



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