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Thread: 2003 Bombay (Mumbai) Reports

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    "Wishing you all a happy New Year". Hve great fun through out the year.

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    I don't think any of these web advertised agencies are really reliable!

    Watch out guys.

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    This is my first post on the WSG which i discovered only two days back. I was delighted by the postings of the fellow mongers.

    I am based in Chennai and usually get my action in Mumbai because I can't get any in Chennai.

    Let me share my experience the last time I was there. I was taken by my auto driver to a disco bar called white house in Andheri East. Its on the end of a narrow road that cuts cuts left from the main road when you are going towards sakinaka. It had a few wonderful girls ( few of the lot). Its not like the other bars where the girls dance and do fuck all. Here they dance with you , share your seats and you can feel them all over while fixing up an appointment for the night.I went for a girl called Simran (a tibetan), no BJ but great ride on top of me and missionary and DOTY after a shower. Two shots at a nearby hotel she took me.

    Cost 2000 for the chick, 1200 for the AC room, 500 for 2 beers, 200 for tips and 250 to the bar to take her out.(figures in Rs)

    Had another girl called baby the next day similar terms. A 6 experience.

    Pls gimme some more contacts in Mumbai or Chennai.

    Send me a PM or lemme know so that I could send you guys one.

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    Dear Bowled Over,

    What exactly is DATY?

    HK Guy


    I see this question in the Forum ocassionally, so I have to ask: In your browser, can you see the link labeled "Terms and Abbreviations" in the black menu bar at the top of this page? Apparently there must be some problem with the visibility of this link in some browsers, so any feedback you could give me would help me identify the specific problem.



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    Visiting India in the NY and am out of touch - last activity 4 years ago in Mumbai

    Anyone have any feedback from offers made by Desimonger posting in India Classifieds - usually these guys are a rip-off but who knows, one might find one who is really keen on being half reliable - if he turned out to be he could have a good following as things tended to be more hit and miss in Mumbai than in other areas - from reading the board it does not seem to have changed much.


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    Rusty Guy & Friendly63,

    Pls check your pm's.


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    Anyone tried services from Not sure if its reliable.

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    This is my first post although I've been lurking on here since some time. Could someone recommend hotels that are pretty reasonable and ok with girls coming to visit?

    Bowled Over, would appreciate the contact no of the lady who was the subject of your report. I'll be more than happy to compile a full report of my findings

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    Can you get flim actresses and models for hot fun in Mumbai?

    I have heard they travel to Dubai regularly for a good f**k experience.


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    Dear All,

    I will be visiting Bombay in next few days.

    I request experienced friends to give me few contact numbers of girls to have good time. PM me if you have any.



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    Byte1 & Hardicke,

    Pls see your pm's.

    Must see full report if you need info in future too.


    Bowled Over

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    Hello all,

    I will be visiting Bombay in next couple of weeks. Any leads to having good time? PM me if you have any.



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    Hi all,

    I am in Mumbai for a couple of weeks. Can anyone send me some contact numbers of providers of good looking girls over here via PM.

    Bowled over if you can send me the contact for that girl I would appreciate it.


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    Saturdays are gay nights at VooDoo Pub so you acn avoid .Wednesdays and Fridays are good day to go and if you are lucky then you may find some firangs available.


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    The best place to get the choice of good North Eastern ( Mizo) girls is VooDoo Pub at Colaba.
    You have choice of other gorls too but as you have said some of these girls are just too good.Best of luck.


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