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Thread: South China - Zhu Hai

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    Zhuhai girl. Going to Macau

    A nice LBD dress along with a pair of stilettos with what look like chokers.
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    Before my Sauna Days... WIR question is not WILL I RETURN (3)

    After the second nite, WIR comes close to listening to my heart. "Will I Ring" her.

    Like the (2) report says, she shows up early with no suggestion of more money, just a reminder she is inline for tips. As we know, better safety away from LHL where LE action reigns. Yes, my hotel was a comfortable 10 min walk from LHL.

    YZ has made it here and in a matter of weeks, she can go on to Macau after paying her passage and 50/50split with Big aunt. For right now, it is my time with her. One or two mistakes on my part, but many right moves over the next few day/nights together. She sacred me the first nite with loud moaning (fake) during sex just like porn. Glad, it was only the first night, no more after that. Covered BJ was the standard I set because I did not know better. Like the captioned says, me, like a virgin, still a sauna virgin.

    Don't judge me just now because I made up for it. GUESS!

    DATY, nipple tease, bo tui, CG, RCG, MISH, etc. The basics were all on the menu with YZ. She was Just a little green on checking if the cap was on all the time. Bareback was my game when she did not look. I was successful one third of the time. This is the juiciest part, no other details are necessary to try shadow it.

    It is the LT experience that makes this Memoir worthwhile. Somehow ST leaves a void in the room/rest of the day/plans together/shopping experience/ meals together. And most of all walking HAND-In-HAND together. Total GFE is mostly in room, make this Life's Total GFE experience Huh that's LT-GFE. Considering the dresses she bought, she showed up more beautiful every evening. Grooming and makeup were up several notches each time. Then getting into stilettos, which we chose TOGETHER at the shopping mall, made her the ultimate man-killer.

    I have a head turning girl in my arms. Sure makes me insecure, sorry but it is true. QUESTIONS/Questions about myself. Am I dressed too old, is this color right, is this matching, what should I buy tomorrow (for myself). On and on and on in my mind. Not dumb, just sufficient libido and desire to do better when with a very competent partner.

    Quoting O'Bama. "first things first. Is my (wife) partner beautiful? "

    Go Get Some \ Bc8000

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    Before my Sauna Days ... (2)

    Photo of Zhuhai girl will be up soon as I get the upload right, it is a milestone for a Baby ISG Member.

    On this dreamy Chinese New Year day, let me celebrate it with more memoirs of this soon to be Macau Sauna girl.

    Money and safety are the main reason for her pause (stayover) in Zhuhai. Money to cross the channel/river separating China and Macau. This is the "coyote" illegal human traffic to smuggle the undocumented across immigration lines. Such daily happening is big bucks and highly profitable for its operators. It I could dig a tunnel under the land-bridge connecting these two countries, I will be wealthy. You will not believe the amount of money laundering that exist between them. My guess is $1000 USD per person for the ticket across this gateway. Using boats and the rugged shoreline, it is done by night fall, as the term coyote suggests. A nocturnal activity true to the history of Macau.- "ZHOU TZE"- a great smuggling port for contraband items.

    Safety of this girl cannot be underestimated to make it worthwhile during her intense training under Big Aunt. A week-long train ride from the North, new cell phone, food, clothing, grooming, make-up (a transforming one) are huge expenses before the Macau Pay Day. So, keeping out of LE way is paramount, much more so than the usual SW on LHL. She must attempt this with absolutely no LE record. Well, it is a huge fine for 2nd, 3rd arrests plus a terrible waste of time in those roach infested cells. OK, that much for caution. Now, little aunt's move is to locate willing and good paying (generous even better) clients without detection. LT makes sense. WHY. In and out of hotel, back on the street for another ST John is simply dodging in-n-out of fire. Girls must assimilate this knack to smell trouble.-- some training helps, but it is still finally the girl who has to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. Some girls are better than others and luck is also a big factor. Physical abused by Johns is another issue. Delivering unblemished goods to Macau is a bargaining chip. Casino Saunas hand pick their own and pay well, sometimes 2000 rmb per day!

    With all this description and background info.- What else did little aunt do to ensure her investment? Hand Deliver to my room, Yes both girls came up to see how I lived and integrity of the hotel. Along YingBingLu we 3 were even holding hands as we strolled to create impression we are dating friends and not SWaction. Little aunt is an experienced Mentor. As I said the latter figured me out 3 seconds into our meeting.-- HOW? My body language she says. Somehow people from xxxland, xxxbusiness, xxxmongering type etc. Have a profile of sorts and she immediately blew my cover saying, I am a Farang and not a visitor from Guangzhou. Even guessing the exact country of origin! Good work.

    Now with the girl (named YZ) safely in my hotel room, the un-robe and shower together begins. It was her time to inspect me! What? A didi scub, then question the shape and position of the foreskin. It may have been odd for her, guess is her BF is circumcised. OK didi passed with an easy erection and NAD (nothing abnormal detected). Wow this 19yo body is a sight, cute face, lovely voice, gentle hands together with some perfectly shaped breasts. Caress the pussy is normal bunch, somewhat to the lighter side. SOP fun in the shower.

    No money exchanged until the next morning. And then the coaxing question, "do you want me back tonite? ". Well, it was going to be the next 6 consecutive nights LT, in fact ultra LT starting at 7 PM on some evenings.

    To be continued

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    Memoirs of Zhuhai girl going to Macau

    Memoirs of Zhuhai girl. Before making it to the Macau Sauna scene.

    (re-attempt upload photo)
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    Before my sauna days in Zhuhai -

    Must say I enjoyed reading AG reports back before getting his own forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bc8000
    Zhuhai: Memoirs before going to Macau:

    Thanks to AG for all his reports and the distinct quality of the reports in this Forum.

    Here is a first from me - Photo of a soon to be Macau Sauna girl .
    Early in my soldiering days in Zhuhai, 6 months before my first sauna experience, Gongbei was my main stomping grounds for a dose of BBS and SW action. While the LHL girls were pretty attractive, bells went off in my head how aggressive they were and the host of Pimps and mamasan conducting the parade can be intimidating. They are indeed hawkish.

    Soldering on the fringes of LHL is fairly safe if you can keep a low profile. Just let your ears and eyes take in the village life style and its symbiotic existence with Macau. This is where I met my first babe, a 19 yo straight from North West China, with a shirt on her back and a pair of jeans on a cool April evening. Brand new smile and nothing uncouth about her, just a pleasant and willing listener. To describe her beauty.-- she was hand picked from far North West China by a little aunt and now under the care of a big aunt. She is headed to Macau for the big bucks. But until then, she has some training and dressing-up to do.

    Trust me, her basic training is not unlike boot camp. Low an dirty living conditions, diet to stay in shape, house politics and whole of reprimands by the big aunt. MONEY is the driving factor up and down the command chain. New comers are groomed to make money and yelled at for not having enough clients, approaching desirable clients, getting tips, pricing, time spent marketing herself. And finally stay out of LE reach.

    Here I was standing with this attractive girl and little aunt figured me out right away. Amazing client sense. It is LT for me and nothing shorter. They ask 800, but I countered 600 and stayed there, with a firm body language and trying to size them up at the same time. It was a quick exchange and she know I was decent and probably not hoooolding a big stick, just the typical Chinese sized tool. OK, deal at 600 LT until 9 AM.

    If I learn to upload a pic in this forum, I will. Not too savvy. Will try put a nice pic of this 165 cm. 32C cup, cute face girl with an astonishing flair for picking dresses. This beauty was turning heads on the 3rd day with me. All this comes on the heels of 6 days consecutive LT action and meals together plus tips towards shopping. Yes, she deserved tips for showing up early (7 PM) to the hotel and passionate throughout her stay just like a GF. But she is no innocent WG. Very focused on pleasing Big Aunt and fleece the flock. Money talks underneath this delicate looking skin.

    To be continued


    MODERATOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Really Good Information! thread.

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    South China - Zhu Hai

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