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Thread: Maps & Directions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman
    I am planning a trip on the 6th of June from Beijing to Guangzhou in my car. If anyone is interested in making the trip and sharing the expenses let me know by P.M.
    Planned route is along the ZHUJING expressway, will be passing through Wuhan, Zhengzhou,Changsha and others if time permits. 3-4 days of travel should be enough.
    Thanks AG for letting me post this in your thread.
    Please respond to Batman via PM or if you do not have to PM function, please use the Chit Chat thread.


    MODERATOR'S NOTE:This post will expire and will be removed on 6th June

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    fka Peter Pan 2009
    fka Captain Solo

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    Sebatian My's maps of Beijing

    These maps were great help.

    I printed them out and red marked all mongering locations. When I was in Beijing, I just showed the maps to the cabbies and they knew where to go.

    Thanks to these maps I had a great time in Beijing. I am still keeping contact with Sunny, who works out of the Pig & Thistles bar. She's a very pretty girl, very sexy and passionate in bed.

    Thanks, Sebastian.

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    fka Peter Pan 2009
    fka Captain Solo

    Posts: 2409

    Learn Chinese?

    Hi Ace,

    My dick would have fallen off before I learn enough chinese to read this map.

    Please be so kind to mark these locations with red pen:

    1. The Miraton hotel.
    2. BBS in Yalan hotel areas.
    3. The night market.
    4. Yiajie KTV

    Take a pic with your camera and repost.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Gallant


    Non-Chinese readers: No English => Learn Chinese!

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    Clickable Map of Chang Ping


    Non-Chinese readers: No English => Learn Chinese!

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    Map indicating Ding Xi Lu BBSs in Shanghai.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ding xi BBS.jpg‎  

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    Shanghai mapping on GoogleEarth

    Replying to another member in Shanghai thread, I recalled I had posted a Shanghai map on GoogleEarth including some mongering venues.

    I am sorry but I cannot attach again same file (Jackson's rule).
    Therefore, I am forced to attach link to my old post:

    Obviously, everybody is invited to add new venues and to repost it.
    Thanks !

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    .pdf maps

    Here are a couple of .pdf maps which are searchable.

    Shanghai map is not updated, particularly PuDong side, but it is of great help anyhow.

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    Beijing Maps

    One large size map of Beijing.


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    An Interactive Map of Shanghai

    This is a useful interactive map of Shanghai. Click on the doggies icon to find the road you are on and it will show in the map your location.


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    Maps & Directions

    Maps and directions of the different cities in China.

    Coming soon: Maps with directions of latest mongering spots.


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