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    Hey Nibu, I will be contacting you as soon as I get there. Let me know how to contact you. Show us the best places for girl hunting and well take care of beers, taxi and food. By the way, I'm from Puerto Rico so my spanish is very good.

    We are planning to stay at Miraflores (suites larco). Do you know anything about them?

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    Dan got lucky or his girl was unlucky. The 16 soles price is for a very ST usually 10 minutes or less. If you stay more time you're supposed to give the girl more. They make their money on a fast turnover. I went to the troc with a friend from the US who made the same mistake and after doing the girl for around 45 minutes only gave her the 20 soles. Didn't understand why she was pissed off. I suggest not to be too penny pinching.

    Take any taxi...since you're already living in La Victoria the cabs that are around there should know about it. Really try to go around 10 in the morning. If one doesn't speak Spanish and isn't accustomed to marginal neighborhoods, I suggest they skip the San Jose....if not go for it.

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    It should be easy to find the Chongos in the La Gamarra Mercado. Just ask a cop. Seriously, that's what we did when I was there with Nibu Rafael and his peruvian pal Juan. I'm not sure if all the girls charge the same or if the house controls the price. I was just there that one time and had a very nice experience. The girls are not spoiled nor do they jerk you around like street hookers can. Like most peruvian hookers, they do not complain and will do just about anything you desire. The time might vary and I can't guarantee that it's always 40 minutes. I took a girl up to the roof-top where there are some rooms that they share. The girls that share these rooms are located on the top-floor in the hallway near the stairs. There were about 25 of them there when I visited. Nibu did manage to get a phone number and name of the girl I was with. Maybe you and Nibs can organize something for New Years.

    Good luck,


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    Here's some details on the San Pablo (San Jose) brothel. Yes, it's in La Parada, and actually there are two brothels there. One is a 3-story brothel called San Jose while the smaller one is about a block away is two-stories and called Las Jardines. One nice thing is that there isn't any cover charge to enter either of these two brothels. The girls ask for 16 soles (less than 5 bucks, condom included) and a session lasts 40 minutes. Both chongos are located practically inside of the La Gammarra mercado near the vegetable vendors. You would be wise to go there early in the day (before 1:00 pm) as this area is somewhat dangerous. There was no shortage of girls there with the San Jose Brothel (AKA San Pablo) having about 100 girls and Las Jardines having 25. Visiting these brothels was unreal, like something out of a Fellini movie. The girls were all standing in doorways dimly lit with red lights, beckoning you to come in. I talked to one girl and told her I was an American and she couldn't understand why an American would come to a place like this. I didn't know how to explain to her that the world is full of elegant bars with overpriced sluts, but that I had never experienced a place like this.

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    I will be in Lima from Jan 7 to Jan 12 with a friend. Can anyone reccommend good hotels or apartments that admit visitors? We will be looking for some pro action and since our Spanish is perfect we will try to hook up some non pro too.

    If any of you are going to be there during those dates you are welcome to hang out with us.

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    Merry Xmaz to all the crew.. hey Dan, Id like you to gimme some details on San Pablo (San Jose) brothel -is it in La Parada - La Victoria district? Please, if u got some cel numbers/names from girls inside of it, Id appreciate it a lot u can provide them 2 me... contact me via email/msn messenger at

    Regardz 2 all, gotta have a meeting before this 2002 ends; can anyone organize soenmthing for 31rst? Nibu Raphael, p-l-e-a-s-e I beg u 2 gimme a phone call one of these nights, Ive lost ur numba!

    - El Mercenario -

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    Nightman, I agree with you somewhat. I know that at Emannuel and Eclipse etc. there are some cuties. But a lot of them started off in the lower level services...i.e. outcalls with ads in El Comercio or even the trocadero. I've seen some 8´s at the cheaper places too. I like the 5 star chicas also. But since I'm single I usually try to do a GF scene. Ask Miguel (who is in Lima now and has so many FREE cuties after him that he doesn't know which one to go out with) or the other David who was here a few weeks ago....The main thing I have against the clubs is the drink and BF rip offs. I guess if you can get the girl´s number and avoid the rest of the BS you're probably better off. to go get ready of my lunch date with Miguel and two super cuties.

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    David33, Ok, I am accord with you, I can find a girl for 50 soles, but I prefer a girl with 5 stars, i prefer a young girl 18-19, I don't like the brothels and the street girls, I search quality. If you walk in the center of Lima, you cand found a young girl for 20 soles, but care with the illnesses.
    I admit that not all the girls the emmanuelle and 69 club are 5 stars, only two or three girls score 100 dollars.
    I count you something, as 5 months ago I was in Lima and in a house of massages I met a 18 year, a korean girl new in the business (I assure you that if it was new) and I only pay 50 soles the hour, she gave me later their telephone and two months when another time I was in Lima and I calls it, she told me that their services were of 60 dollars and it is worthwhile to pay for her, you that now she works in the Suites of Barranco and it charges 100 dollars.
    In Lima there is sex of all the prices, and for all the likes, I prefer that of quality.

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    I received the following email and I thought it would be of general interest to the group.


    To Dan:

    Thank you so much for the information on hotels in
    lima. I will take your advice and stay in Miraflores.
    I have just one more question if you can help me. From
    what I understand from the WSG postings there are 3 to
    4 large brothels in Lima, El Salvaje (El Trocadero?)
    Las Cuccerdas and El Nene.
    Please let me know where are they located in Lima and
    their street address.
    I really want to thank you for all the info and I'll
    let you know how everything goes with my novia.

    Take Care,




    You'll like Miraflores. It's safe and there's alot to do there. But you might feel like you're in Europe more than in South America; its relatively modern, but has a European flavor. With respect to brothels, I never made it to the Trocadero. I did however visit Las Cucardas at Ricardo Treneman 875 (Alt. Cdra. 9 Av. Colonial y Av. Argentina), Phone 330-0370 (this info is from one of their ads). El Nene is next door and is a little less expensive. Both have cover charges, and when you go to a room they will try to charge you for a pitcher of water and a condom. Try to give the girl exact change or you will have a hard time getting your change back and end up paying for the water and condom. I always bring my own quality condoms and "Wet Ones" antibacterial moist towelettes to clean up after. But you probably won't worry about being overcharged because it's so inexpensive. The girls were only asking for 30 Soles (about $8 bucks). Last time I was in Tijuana they were asking $80 (room included) and tried to charge me $5 bucks for the condom. I also visited the San Jose (aka San Pablo) Brothel which has about 100 girls. The girls ask for 16 soles (less than 5 bucks) there and there is no cover or charge for a condom. Visit ClubHó for details, as both I and Nibu (Sexpig2000) have made detailed posts about that brothel there. If you do venture outside of Miraflores, try to visit Janet Bar at Jr. Miroquesada 244 in Callao, Phone 420-1494. It's one of the better clubs.

    Have fun, be safe, and let me know how everything turns out.

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    When are you going to Thailand? That's the next place to visit on my list. If you like, you could hook up with a friend of mine that's living there. His name is "Taxi Dave." I met him in Santo Domingo where he was a fixture for many years. He provided a very inexpensive taxi and tour service there for American ex-patriots living there. For some reason he got fed up with the DR and moved to Thailand. He really gave me some excellent advise and taught me the ropes when I lived in the DR. Presently, I live close to San Francisco and you can get cheap flights to Thailand from here, especially if you are a courier. Who knows, maybe we can meet up there.

    Dave, thanks for all the good advise you have been providing on this forum. I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to meet when I was in Lima; We tried, but Nibu and I just didn't have it together. If you are in Lima in May, we could give it another try.
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    Here's my 2 cents (for the little that it's worth):

    Guys - let's just get along without the jabbing. Some of us are wealthier than others, and some of us like an adventure/bargain while others prefer something more conventional. Personally - I like it both ways, depending on my mood. There's no need to diss your brotha' on these boards. Cool?

    Anyways, I can't wait to hit Lima this spring ... from the bits that I've gotten from David, Dan, and Nibu (thanks guys). Moreover, maybe I'll be able to add a bit to this board after my time there.

    All right guys ... I hope that I've heard the last of this bickering ... keep it cool, and I'll catch you guys later.

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    re: Vagringo the ignorant
    You have missed the boat amigo. Where you go or what you do is your business. Every body to his own. Every body will do what their budget and their risk tolerance allow. My problem with you is that you write at the level of a five year old. In case you didn't understand it, I'll repeat it: you write at the level of a five year old.
    You are right in that I have not contributed anything about picking up two dollar toothless *****s or staying in three dollar motels without running water. I don't give a damn about bus routes either. So if you are waiting for me to write about that crap, keep holding your breath. J.G.

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    Well at the risk of pissing Nibu off, I have to agree with JG regarding traveling style. I appreciate a comfortable hotel room with a hot shower to come back to after I finish whatever I get up to in the street.

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    Nightman, don't forget the $100 that the girls want plus at least 50 soles BF. You can get the same pussy a lot cheaper.

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    Two weeks ago I return to Lima, and I found many new promotions, Its only for business man who like sex with young girl in a quality place, see club Emmanuelle nad 69 club, I can drink all the beer or whisky that I can for S/. 100 soles (28 USD), since 9 Pm to 12 am.
    I don't like los olivos, Lima center, I prefer san Isidro or Miraflores,

    Good luck with your hunt,

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