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Thread: Nibu Raphael In West Coast Mexico

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    Any other places with Mariscos and the girls?


    Just asking cause before I left Mzt. I found one more new place I think listed in La Sirena that you buy for one peso think this place was not far from the road going north not far from Casa de Ana restaraunt don't get it confused with Casa de Ana in Zona dorado with food. Just wondering if I missed more of these.

    Also took the Vineyard dump church tour we passed by the red light zone there not far from the airport guess they helped close most of these places there were about 20 now only 2 left, Saw the Red Dragon place Rip Ha.

    Ok Just post here folks, When I get time I post that other Mariscos place not far from the hiighway Pm me or post back here Folks, Nibu.

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    Mazatlan Carnival and beyond.

    hi guys,

    i've been here since last month, carnival started here yesterday checked out the scene last night it was ok, should be better tonight friday for sure, i will be here for one month more, tommorrow i will party on the malecon for sure, tonight i take it easy.

    ok some of you guys have very bad info here. the hippocampo place its not way out there its in centro. why people say its far out thats wrong. anyways also the guy that said at tarrandas and botana narcos hang out there, come on stop the paranoia, i been to both of them don't really like them places but tarrandas seemed better then over rated la botana for sure.

    also to my pal artissty you don't need a pulmonia to drive you to these places and write down the adresses. i found them easily just walking around. i aint rich guys, i walk the streets of mazatlan every day.

    also you guys complaining if thse massage places give hjs or bjs or not stop it ok, just go to one of the few casa in centro and you get a full suck and fuck even lesbo service too.

    another beef is the casas that one guy said is by the basketball courts wrong they past the kids park on the malecon one is nayellis the other one farther down najera and carrasco is la fonda, you can't miss these places especially at night as a guy or two guys stand out the door of these places.

    also before i go theres the places that serve seafood with the hot chica servers, i am already hitting on 3 hotties at the el camioncia across from the bus station there is karina marian and kenia, hot hotties, theres a few of these rep001tered around town, easy to take these girls out.

    last but not least had fun twice with busty sara gordita who does good sucks and fucks at the casa de cita on luis zuniga near the hippocampo. they offer lesbo services for 900 pesos too. ok enough of the paranoid lurkers here lets get the real mongering going now,

    i'm ready to meet mongers toop like i said tommorrow for carnival post back here or pm me on this,

    later, nibu.

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    Mazatlan for Carnival.

    hi guys,

    i am now in la paz heading to mazatlan soon might stay for two months as i will want to check out carnival. i have been twice here before. i especially need tips on how fun the carnival will be and the right places to go.

    i guess the 4 main places for carnival are mazatlan veracruz ensenada and la paz for sure.

    ok while i am posting i don't rememember too much from my last two trips in mazatlan but where can i find the bustiest girls in mazatatlan be it pro or amatuer?

    also while i am posting i heard most of the massage places legit or not you can usually get a good 200 peso hj. don't know what the entrance price is for the strating of it but heard for extra 200 pesos like i said hj action for sure.

    ok great then don't know what else to say, just if anyone can help me then post here or pm for sure.

    have a great weekend too peeps, nibu.

    ps yes carnival is from feb 7 to 13th this year.

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    LA Rumorosa.

    OK I keep asking on this place between Tijuana and Mexicali. Many people tell me nothing here but I see some girls on social network sites live here. Even see theres a classy hotel or two and some expensive ranchos in this so called town. Maybe its a Narco town who knows. Anyways there must be a pro place or two and some bars for sure. I will ask more folks in Tecate for sure what thje hell is here. Ok trying my best then.

    Ok if anyone knows anything of this place pm me or post it here and we take it from here,

    Happy Mongering Dudes, Nibu.

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    Even More on Rosarito.

    Hi guys,

    I heard too from this forum that some of the working girls from Tijuana come from the poor barrios of Rosarito. Has anyone had luck with any of these girls too? Think The Venezeulan girl Daniela from Adelitas lives in this area. Also on the way taking a colectivo is an area off the highway in Tijuana Yes going to Rosarito called a Gloria. Any action here in Tijuana or other areas just near The Rosarito entrance too?

    Ok then guys pm me or post back here on this, Nibu.

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    Rosarito to Ensenada.

    OK Guys since I been here in Baja Norte I gave great info on Tijuana Tecate and Rosarito now I am asking how is the scene as you down to Rosarito to Ensenada? There are a bunch of small towns on the way heard even a backpacker place or two down this stretch on the Ensenada Highway. Was wondering what other stop off joints are on the way down this trip? I have passed thru here back and forth before Ensenada to Tijuana yes but never ever partied in these small towns on the way down on the coast to Ensenada.

    I know once you leave Ensenada hardly anything down the whole baja coast.

    Also anything else on Rosarito I missed then post it here,



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    More on Rosarito.

    Hi again guys man. Alright I think my last report I mentioned the best on all the table dance places in Rosarito. I think that is pretty much the pro action in Rosarito. There might be yes there are a few independent escorts too in Rosarito of course don't no if any hang out in normal bars too.

    Ok on to non pro stuff I saw a cool bar with live rock music on the other main main street on the north side of the street. Rock N Roll Sushi bar. Got thee too early last time but seems cool. Think they close at 2 am but think that best time to come is after 10. Then there is Machos Bar Went there only once on a dead night. Need to go on a weekend when they have the 12 bucks all you can drink pass.

    Also a Good Argentine Food Empanada stand not far from the beach on the main road. Then there is a Peruvian Salvadoran restaraunt I want to check out too. Then there is classy Nidos where they cook food in like an oven. I will try to look for other food places next time I am in Rosarito.

    Ok on to bad news heard for density for people Rosarito has the worst murder rate of all the Northen Baja Cities for sure. That blows think Ensenada is the safest out of them all.

    Ok hotels they more expensive in Rosarito but I did see one by the beach for 15 a night.

    Transportation I usually just take the colectivo from centro Tijuana to get to Rosarito 18 pesos one way 24 hours but after 11 at night it goes to 30 pesos one way. Think some local buses to in rosarito of course.

    Sex shops one in the big plaza by the lowe main road by the beach.

    Casinos I only mentioned that one that has large mug beers for good prices and live music very classy place better then the Calientes in Tijuana and Tecate for sure. I would not lie on that at all.

    Also also yeh on the main main road I saw a gringo bar near the Rock and roll sushi bar. Forgot the name. I did remember they had free wi fi.

    Ok If I get more info here I post it for sure.


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    Playas de Rosarito.

    Hi guys,

    I was there last month. I was there twice. And Yes guys there are around 4 tabla dance places there maybe 5. I only been to two Cadallic By Stupid papas and beers and also las Vegas a slimepit joint.

    I need to hit the so called classy Bada Bing and The Copacapana next time.

    I will try doing this this month.

    Before I go the Casino in Rosarito rocks great band and live music too and big huge beers.

    Keep you all updated, Nibu.

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    Hong Kong and more.

    HI Dude,

    I Just sent you a pm, You thinking of Hong Kong the second most expensive place in Tijuana Man. Better at Adleitas at least 20 bucks cheaper but everyone says that HK is the best.

    Ok I went to Tecate for a couple hours the other week, I think the Brothel Restaraunt Rose Jaurez is still around. I had a local from Tijuana go there a year ago. Its somehow right off the Tijuana Tecate Highway Think there is another small dump by there called Chiuhuahua or something like that.

    Then there is a table dance place on calle Hidalgo like maybe 8 blocks walk from centro and maybe 5 blocks from the Tecate Brewery.

    Yeh I hope to stay next week in Tecate for a few days. Seemed like a lazy place to just kick back have fun. At least there is some kind of pro action there may be more.

    The hotels too cheapest are from 200 to 300 pesos a night.

    Alright then again Judd check your pm I gave you my info too. Hope you make it out here then at least for next month, Byes, Nibu.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judd  [View Original Post]
    I was there last summer, and there was a lot of hotties run around that place. Still $60 or $70 media hora?


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    What about Bankok in Tijuana?

    I was there last summer, and there was a lot of hotties run around that place. Still $60 or $70 media hora?


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    Hell YEH JUDD.

    YEH Bro I stay in Centro Tijuana Now, Was just partying last two nights in Rosarito, They have a few table dance places I need to check out, Had a problem with Papas And Beans last night they discriminate against gringos, Boycott all of them, In December I go to Tecate for a few days theres like 2 or 3 places with girls there, Come here we can go to Rosarito one night 24 hours taxo colectivos to get there, Day time 18 pesos one way at night after 11 30 pesos to get back, Ok I also know quite a few monger and non monger places in Tijuana. Hit me up.

    And Maybe in December I mean Janurary I might hit La Rumorosa and Mexicali.

    Ok Pm me info here or comment back here on this, Nibs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judd  [View Original Post]
    Hola Dude,

    Just came back from a cruise with a buddy of mine. We hit Ensenada for a couple of hours. I was pleasantly surprised. Found a massaqe parlor with about 5 chicas. I took the one with the biggest tits. Finished up there, and went two a couple of strip clubs. Paraiso, might be spelled wrong, was off the hook with incredible chicas. Their prices were high, but soo much eye candy. I would've liked to explore some more, but we had to be back on the ship by 9 in the PM.

    I hope all is well with you. PM me, and I'll send you my new email and phone.

    Take Care,


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    Ensenada Denada

    Hola Dude,

    Just came back from a cruise with a buddy of mine. We hit Ensenada for a couple of hours. I was pleasantly surprised. Found a massaqe parlor with about 5 chicas. I took the one with the biggest tits. Finished up there, and went two a couple of strip clubs. Paraiso, might be spelled wrong, was off the hook with incredible chicas. Their prices were high, but soo much eye candy. I would've liked to explore some more, but we had to be back on the ship by 9 in the PM.

    I hope all is well with you. PM me, and I'll send you my new email and phone.

    Take Care,


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    HI Dude,

    If you still ever come out here maybe early next year I can do it as I will try to bus it to La paz from there I Can ferry in or take a plane to PV. Have you ever met Kenya? I was once in PV but the night I was there Heavy rains closed the red zone. OK Where did you go Dude?

    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanWildlife  [View Original Post]
    Come on Nibu, come and join me in Puerto Vallarta this weekend to do some serious partying and hopefully mongering. Thanks for the contact on Kenya. I will be meeting her for a drink and we will see how it goes from there.

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    ANy thing new on Tecate?

    Hi Guys,

    I keep asking on this place, I was suppossed to go this month but next month I will go. I google so much and even asked my local contacts but they told me nothing, This city of over 100, 000 must have some kind of pro and semi pro action for sure. I mean come on guys what do I do just ask a cab driver when I am in town?

    Again when I googled searched I just found info on a brothel from maybe back in the 90s called Rose Jaurez And I posted that a few years ago in the Nibu section or one of the Nibs sections, It was on the highway going to Tijuana.

    Other then that I just heard Tranny invasion from Tijuana a few years ago. I am not in to that or the gay stuff man.

    Ok then If get no info I will find out myself I probanly will go there for a few days for sure like from a weds to Sunday but not sure when. If any mongers hang out there too or want to monger with me her pm here in my inbox or post here. Guess maybe later tonight I will just google again with no luck. I will ask my male contact too on this.

    Other then that I saw some girls from Tecate on Badoo and Tagged. I will keep on investigating on this too for sure.

    I heard too in Tecate the air is nice and clean.

    In Tijuana there is way too much pollution. Maybe coming to Tecate for a few days will be great for my health. Thats the way I see it for sure. I mean it can't hurt at all folks, Can it hell no. Then I must do this. Was only in Tecate once passing thru. Oks I wait then on responses here for sure, Nibu.

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    Baja Control.

    HI Guys Possibly I be in Ensenada a few days this week. If I know I find out tommorrow or Tuesday.

    Also in December I hit La Paz but might plane it instead of bus. Can any one give new updates on La Paz too?

    Ok I wait here, Nibs.

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