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Thread: Metro Manila

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    Makati Hotels and Other Items


    As to the Hotel I am residing at in a few days, I have stayed at Oxford Suites hotel on Burgos Street on numerous times over the years. I will be there for only two (2) nights as I must fly in the morning to Davao City to ensure that I arrive in time for the Event that night. GoodEnough told me he got us VIP Seating (whatever this is) for four people. I may be alone.

    Each of the last two times I stayed at Oxford Suites I was given a complimentary upgrade to a beautiful room. I mentioned the one time that the rom they gave me for my last night in the Philippines was the nicest room I stayed at during the four (4) weeks of that Trip (included a week at Marco Polo in Cebu and ten days at Marco Polo in Davao on rooftop Continental Club floor).

    The major incentives are that it IS right in the heart of the Burgos Street "Action". I like Burgos Street. And my old pal, horny Mike likes it. He discovered an excellent restaurant run by an ex-pay that has great food and great wine on a side street directly across from one of the Clubs I frequent.

    My first night I will rest as I will not arrive until 11:00 PM. Bianca, and her 38 C size "rack" (what we call an "A Rack" as opposed to Iraq) told me she will meet me that night. For those of you interested, I have been fucking Bianca since she was 18. She turned 25 recently. I lost track of her for five (5) years and I posted a recent photo of her and her "rack" in the Davao Forum as she is from Davao. If you want to go back five years in my Davao Board and the Filipinas, Opinions and Advice Board, there should be nude photos of Bianca and her magnificent rack. She is a solid 9. 0 in body with a genuine, Board Certified 38 see cup tits and a great body. Very cute also, a 8. 0 in looks. Oh and lest I forget, a 9. 2 out of 10.0 on the Fuckometer!

    I will post from Makati or Davao on how the Hotel worked out. In the past the room included a buffet breakfast for two. Have to see if this still holds. When flying back home the last two times I stayed here, I did not a chance to eat the buffet as I departed by 05:30 AM. Horny Al tried to talk me into extending my Trip an extra week so we could hang out together in Makati. But I had to get back to work.

    A factor in choosing this hotel also is that there is never a problem getting a taxi to the Airport. I will go there by 08:00 AM Saturday and hopefully be in Davao City by 12:30 PM. Again, I have no idea whowill be with me in Davao except my young Son. This IS enough for me but the evening Event is NOT for children and GE has me reserved with a lady. Who will watch my Son, you ask? Good question. Perhaps his mother will drop by as she can dine with him and they can swim together in the Marco Polo pool.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Manila Information

    Salty Dog,

    Hello Salty, welcome to Dragon Slayer's Forum. I would suggest that you stay in the Burgos Street area of Makati. You can then simply walk out onto Burgos Street to get all the pussy you want / need any time of day or night. It is about a 30 minute taxi ride to the Airports. Try to avoid having to go there during the early morning rush hour or the late afternoon rush hour. Allow an hour for the trip and you will arrive in plenty of time to catch your flight.

    You did not say when you are planning your trip. December will see prices rise as Filipinos and horny, male tourists book trips to be in the Philippines over the Christmas and New Year's Holiday. Travel in November or after January 15 and flights will be very reasonable. My round trip fare was $ 865 and I have to first fly to LOS Angeles (this flight is included in the $ 865 fare). Now flights will be cheap and simply check every day in November for your departure date online. Check again later the same day and the next morning as fares often change dramatically in a few short hours as a result of availability of seats.

    You should be paying no more than 2,000 pesos ($ 43) to get laid on Burgos Street during the day. Many of the Clubs have these ridiculously high rates at night but you can shop around. I seldom see more than a few men in any of the Clubs at night. The girls need to make money and so I would think arrangements suitable to what you wish to pay can be arranged. I have them meet me after work. Some get off at 6:00 PM, others at Midnight and others at 03:00 or 04:00 AM.

    For a year or so I had a girl from Mirrors who would get off early and come by to see me at my hotel and spend the night. I would fuck her at least twice each time. Always a good blowjob also. She was beautiful but had small tits which I do not like. I would give her usually 1,500 pesos for being with me as long as I wanted, usually all night until Noon the following day (then time to cruise Burgos for new pussy).

    Have Fun!

    Dragon Slayer.

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    The Metro

    How far is a decent GF hotel close to the airport? I'm planning a L. A. To Phil to Vietnam to Cambodia trip. Want spend only 3 dAys to see a DIA gal then take off.

    Any idea what airfare from L. A. To Phil might be? I know the cost of the L. A. To Taipei to Vietnam but enjoying the idea of getting some Filipina trim.

    Used to do 4 weeks but now the jetlag is kicked ng my ass. I aint young. I think 2 weeks of fun and I'm done.

    Seems trims going from 25-150.150 is way out of my range. Interesting reading the Phil thread: D.

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    This November in Makati


    I booked and paid for two (2) nights in Makati this November. I also purchased my Flight to Davao on Saturday, November 21. No trouble getting a Flight. I a flying down in the morning so I hope there will be no delay getting out of Manila. I have not decided on my hotel in Davao. Most likely it will be the Marco Polo. If not, SEDA. I will arrange for my Son to be brought to me Saturday when he does not have School. Wine Party is supposed to be Saturday evening but I have no information on it. I suspect it will be maily westerners and their wives or girlfriends. I doubt if there are any single ladies in Davao planning to attend a wine tasting. Too bad.

    Dragon Slayer.

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    Nympho Update


    I telephoned the 20 year old here in Manila again the other day. She was friendly as before when I called her. But somehow I get the impression she feels a bit funny about getting calls from me. I mean all we did was meet and fuck twice over a four hour time span. I think she simply wants "Moby, the Great White Cock" and Nothing More! Hate it when a young girl wants me only for my cock. But if this is how she wants it, then my cock is what she will get.

    I decided I should keep in touch with her but not call her as frequently as I had. I could be wrong on this one (and therre could be snow mobiles riding down Makati Avenue also). But I just don't think she will get excited to hear from me UNTIL I say that I will be in Makati again in a couple days.

    I would not mind meeting a few more ladies like her. Please note, she did NOT ask me for money when she came and fucked me twice! In fact, she declined when I offered to reimburse her taxi fare, saying she rode a jeepney and "it's okay". Again who knows with this lady. I could be reading it all wrong here. Not likely!

    Dragon Slayer

  6. #184

    Follow up on the 2o Year old Lady


    I called her a couple days after I arrived home. She appeared happy to hear from me and told me she was looking forward to seeing me again. She was at her boarding house and I could hear some of the girls there teasing her. She must have told them something about meeting me. Today being Valentine's Day I sent her a small amount of money to celebrate. I did this also with my 19 year old in Cebu and the new Lady in Davao for whom a bit of controversy was created by some "tile guy" (wonder if he works at Homd Depot?) playing like he was Mr. RIghteous or something.

    I called her to verify the spelling of her Name. She was at a beauty parlor fixing her hair. Was very surprised to hear that I was going to send her a little money. Her first comment was "why would you do this?". I did not reply that she had a set of huge tits that need to be registered as a "lethal weapon" or that she was "a fabulous fuck and a genuine nympho like I always hope to meet". I simply said that I wanted her to be able to have a nice Valentine's Day. I then called her with the code and she was now excited. She got the money and left me an offline message on Yahoo Messenger, thankyou for the money. I will wait for you to return. I will take good care of your cock. My pussy is nhappy to have your cock inside it".

    Not the normal Thankyou you get but nice all the same.

    Dragon Slayer

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    My Last Night in the Philippines: AWESOME!


    It happened 13 years ago in Thailand and it happened 15 years ago in the Philippines. Meeting a fantastic, lovely lady on the final night before my departure.

    I am online early evening in Cebu purchasing my ticket to Manila. Time to head home. I notice in my YM List two women on cam I do not recall either one but I obviously met them online before and chose to add them to my Messenger List. The first one is 26. She is wearing a sexy nightie as she plans to sleep shortly. fter chatting a few minutes I convince her to remove her top and show me her tits. Not bad body and nice tits but not real big. She s in Manil and we exchange cellphone numbers. I tell her I will meet her the follwing day in Makati. I text her later.

    I chat the second girl, age 20, also in Manila. SHe opens her camfor me. She is dressed conservatively and I cannot see her body much. SHe is lovely and also wants to meet thenext day in Makati. I also text her cellphone. I get talking to her briefly the following day from the cebu airport. She asks me if I am a gentleman and I reply Yes. She surprises me then by saying that "if you are a gnetleman we can have sex, even for one time, when we meet today. Do you have a big cock? Are you circumsized?" I am both very surprised and very happy. On cam she looked like a conservative school girl and I was not sure what would happen, if anything. I was in for a FEAL SURPRISE!

    26 year old alsotexts me that we can have sex but she must have money. I reply okay. N need to "send her packing" just yet. She looked nice on cam and she did show me her bare tits. She wants money but I think P 1000 ($25 US) would suffice. I have a real good feeling about the 20 year old however. So I tell her to meet me at my Hotel at 2:00PM and give her the address and directions there. She has some difficulty finding it but arrives at 2:30PM.

    She is not too friendly when she arrives. She saw me on cam also and I was not wearing a shirt at the time as I was preparing to shower. I am beginning to think she is not interested after seeing mein person. I just do my best to be friendly. I suggest she has smoething to eat and tell her that the food here in this hotel is quite good. She orders food and eats quite a bit as she tells me she did not eat any lunch. This WAS the problem! She finishes her meal and tells me it was good. I was not hungry so I only had a drink of iced tea. I wanted to fuck her bad enough to beg for it. And the tight blouse which she wore told me NOW that she had a huge set of tis underneath and a nice belly. Turned out I was GROSSLY UNDERSTATING THIS!

    She finishes her food, gets up with a toothbrush and tothpaste in hand and walks in the bathroom. She cleans up, brushes her teeth, and comes out. She sits next to me on the bed and gives me a soft smile. In one motion, she removes her blouse. SHe has a bra on that is not sexy. It is one of those supportive bras for women with huge, oversized tits so they can hold them upright on their chest. AND DID SHE NEED IT! She removes the bra in another single move to reveal a giant set of huge, lovely, perfect tits. I JUST WON THE FUCKING SEX LOTTERY!She must have a 38C rack with a 25 waist and a 36 hips. Her butt is soft and rounded and her waistline is also slender and flat. She has a nice soft belly.

    She takes off her pants to reveal a thong panty. I move this aside to begin to rub her pussy. She moves my hand away and begins to masturbate. I suck each tit, sucking one tit as I masage the other. She asks me to rub her nipples. I then get her hand away and I rub her now soaken wet pussy hole. I take her in my arms now telling her,"you need my cock inside you now". She takes hold of my cock and begins to look closely at it as she rubs the head. Clear, lubricating fluid leaks out of the hole in the head. She smiles at this, rubs it with her finers over the head and then moves to insert my cock into her vagina. She is too excited. Gets only the head inside and starts to moan outloud and move quickly, causing my cock to come out. I move to help but she insists on sticking it back in herslf. Finally, it is ALL INSIDE HER. She smiles at me and begins to fuck me quickly and scream outloud. She came to see me for one reason: Not money, Not Love, Not dinner, Not romance. She came to meet me for "cockus gigantus blancus" THE GREAT WHITE COCK!

    She is thrashing about and moaning outloud. I am holding on tightly to her huge tits as they, SET FREE, are bumping up and down! Soft and full, huge tits, make my gorgeous 19 year old look flatchested! Well not really but this girl IS a lot bigger. She fucks me wildly and there is no affection or anything in it. She IS HORNY and nothing more. She came to fuck and this IS exactly what she is doing. I try to hold it but cannot as she will not slowdown I shoot a huge load of cum into her lovebox. She continues to fuck me wildly, not at all concerned that I just shot a huge load into her. She wants the cock. Fortunately, I am able to keep it hard inside her for several more minutes as she fucks away. Finally I go limp and I grab hold of her and tell her I need to rest. She knows I came in her and she did NOT orgasm. SHe smiles at me and comes into my arms. The first sign of affection from her since she arrived.

    She lies down and begins to masturbate. Asks me to rub each of her nipples as she rubs her clit. I do this and watch her go at it. She moans loudly and says,"so nice. Ooohhh, so niceee. Ohhhh so nice, so nice. I am cumming. I am cumming. Ooohhhhh. Ohhhhh". She then rests next to me and we talk as I rub her huge tits and she has her head on my shoulder.The ROBUST does not fail! In an hour I am again a hard cock! I show it to her and she says she is tired. I ask her to let me stick it in her. She takes a long look at the head like she is examining a work of art. She then takes a hold of my cock and put it again into her pussy hole.

    This time we fuck for over an hour. She crys out as if in pain each time she orgasms with my cock in her hole. It happens twice. As we are fucking more slowly and nicely now, she looks at me deeply, smiling. Tells me "your cock feels so good inside my pussy. So nice"! I keep fucking her until finally Ishoot another load of hot cum into her. She smiles deeply.

    Tells me she has to go home as she will work in the morning, early. Also, each night her father has his sister stop by her boarding house to make certain she is home and not out fooling around (can see just how "effective" this is; she simply does her fucking in the afternoons). She goes and promises to return to me the following day. Tells me,"we can fuck several times more tomorrow. I like your cock inside my vagina".

    After she leaves I get a text fromher telling me,"ahmm, your cock is a very good fit in jy vagina". Sadly I had to fly home to America the next day. I did not tell her this now and I just laid on the bed thinking of my future Trip and meeting her again, hopefully. Before she dressed I asked her if she would mind if I took some photos of her nude. I had heard when she first arrived that she previouly met a guy nfromTexas. Tex upset her by wanting her to e-mail him nude photos of her. When she refused, he got very nasty nand did NOT get laid! I am surprised again when she simles and says, "okay" to myn request. I take four fully nude photos of her, one closeup. She looks absolutely lovely nwithn her huge tits and slender, very sexy body. Nice smile on her face in all four nudes. She aks to see them and tells me the close up is the best. I agree. I then take six more photos of her dressed. She IS lovely!

    Dragon Slayer

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    Makati now

    Guys I have been five nights herre in Makati at Robelle on Valdes St. Flew in my lveloy 19 year old from cebu. Took white taxis to hotel for setprce of P440. No problems.

    Weatger s raiuny ne day and sunshine the next. Sex is Fantastic! Off to Davao City tomorrow alone.

    Dragon Slayer

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    White Taxis

    Ditto on the white taxis. After traveling 25 hours or so I just want to get to the hotel without any adventures. They cost a bit more but they're worth it.

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    Makati Scene


    I always take the white taxi at Arrivals Area at Ninoy Aquino Airport. After 27 hours travelling I just want to get to my hotel, get out of my clothes and rest. No desire for haggling over fares. ANd no desire for a "tour of makati" visiting brothels and massage parlors like a some newbie.

    This Trip I will make a breif stop on Burgos St for a refill of viagra from the scuzzy street dealers. These guys could not look slimier if they tried. But the price is a bargain and the V does work. Used it extensively this past trip. I intend to check out the CLubs in the afternoon and get a fast fuck. As I stated, this can get expensive. But I will have my tiny daughter and her mother at the hotel. All I have to do is send them shopping and head out.

    There are normally about 5 or 6 clubs open in the day. The women are ones with children and no evening babysitter normally. Or just new and the senior girls get the more lucrative night shift. Still, I can find plenty nof young ladies to choose from and seek out either the inexpensive short time hotel right there or the private room. Prefer the private room but some Clubs do not have one. Last December 2011 Mirrors Club got shut down before NYE. Girls were giving guys blowjobs right in the CLub where they sat watchng the dancers. Someone from the Police Department must have stopped by and gotten angry (did not receive a good BJ, most likely).

    This Club does have a lot of women who get pretty wild when you buy them a drink in one of the more private booths. I had a couple remove their tops and panties and take my dick out. I might have been able to fuck them right there but I do not like the idea of the old had, mamason coming along and shooting her mouth off about money.

    I will report on what transpires.

    Dragon Slayer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyra  [View Original Post]

    Got the real info now from you guys.

    Will definitely use the white taxi to go to the hotel.


    The fixed price coupon cab costs 440 to the second zone in Makati- at least that is what I paid during the past 6 months whenever I left from T`1 or T 3. Even though I could get a meter cab and pay half that, the coupon cab is a much better quality option. The driver is much more likely to know his way and the wait is much shorter and the coupon taxi queue have seats, at least at T3.

    In the past 6 or 9 months, another fixed price cab company was working the exiting passengers from T 3, mainly targeting the foreigners. I thought they were illegal taxi touts but now they have a proper desk set up. They charge a higher price, about 700 to Makati.

    Don't forget to get the driver to take the Skyway if you are going to Makati or Alabang. YOu pay only 20 Pesos toll and I have never seen a tailback on the Skyway.

  12. #178

    Off to Manila


    Head out at dawn. I will be overr on Burgos St during the day to stock up on Viagra and get a fast fuck or two. I like Burgos St in spite of its tourist ripoff style. It has tons of women and it can be fun.

    From Manila it is off to Cebu CIty, Ormoc City and then Davao.

    Dragon Slayer

  13. #177



    Got the real info now from you guys.

    Will definitely use the white taxi to go to the hotel.



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    White Taxis

    Ditto. I might be paying 200 php more but at least I know what I'm getting into.

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    I'm with DS on the airport taxis. I always use the white,"coupon" taxis that have set fees. There are two fees for Makati: Zone 1, which is Php331 and Zone 2 which is about Php420. I've always been treated courteously by the drivers of these taxis, and I've never yet had a driver who failed to exit his cab and stow my luggage, both at the airport and my hotel. There's no possiblity of getting ripped off by these drivers as the fee is set and you know what it's going to be before you set foot in the taxi.


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