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    Getting to Lima March 23 for week!! If anyone wants to get a drink.

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    Just got into Lima

    Leaving the 23rd.

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    Lima Oct 21-28

    Will be in Lima Oct. 21-28 if anyone will be around.

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    Lima after 7 years.


    I will be in Lima for 3 days. Read the fucking Forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Next week

    In Lima again next week. Anyone available to a drink and party? I've already connected with some folks on ISG like J16 who are trying to help me find some friends.

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    Lima. February 9 through 14th

    Am visiting Lima then want to head out to Cuzco to prep for Machu Picchu on the 15th. Currently staying in Miraflores at the Faraona Grand Hotel on Manuel Bonilla 187 Miraflores, Lima Peru. If you are nearby and want to chat and make plans to hit the clubs later, drop by between 7 and 7:30 at the hotel and look in the breakfast buffet area. I'll be wearing a khaki sports coat with matching light brown baseball cap eating breakfast.

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    Visiting Lima March 22 for a month

    Will likely be staying in Miraflores from March 22 - April 19, so if you are interesting in meeting for drinks and some good conversation, drop me a line. Been to Lima 3 times previously and spent 14 months there, so pretty familiar. Last visit was 2016, so looking forward to seeing what has changed and renewing some old friendships as well.

    Might need an apartment, so if anyone has a line on a nice and clean 1 bedroom with wifi and no chica issues, please let me know. I am quiet and a non-smoker. I just don't like hassles when I discretely bring a friend home.


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    Happy new year 18!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you.

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    Last minute quick trip to Lima.

    I'll be in Lima (Mira Flores area) from the 1st to the 7th. I know it can get quiet during that time, but if anyone's around and want to gather and / or go on the prowl so to speak, send me a message. I'll buy the first round for sure.

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    I'll be arriving on the 15th. Will be staying in SMP. Anyone wants to grab a beer or a chica, I'm game.

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    Peru next week

    I am heading to Peru next week. Cusco 6/23-28. Lima 28-30. Buzz me if anyone traveling or local to catch up.

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    Peru for a week


    I'll be arriving in Peru on June 3rd. This was arranged at the last minute, will be there roughly for a week. I've already applied for the subscription and sent the funds to Florida, hopefully I'll get it in time to be able to message members like Jockey16, Sly One and MissK. Fingers crossed, need someone to help me out as I don't speak any Spanish.

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    Peru from April 19th


    I know it's last minute but I will be arriving in Lima on April 19th. Will be in Peru for 3 weeks. I have very limited Spanish and wanted to know if anyone wanted to grab a drink? My shout for the first couple of rounds of course.


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    Headed to Lima 03.25. 2017 to 04.03. 2017. I don't speak any Spanish and will be at sort of a lost here. If anyone wants to hang out and grab a drink and show me the city send me a PM.

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    Lima / Iquitos

    Headed to Lima Feb 9 - 17.

    Want to divide time between Lima and Iquitos.

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