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    Indies- Ahmedabad

    Hello Guys,

    Hope enjoying rains! Vadodara is as usual dry in this rainy season as well.

    Am scheduled for AHM coming week and would like to know if we have a good looking young and in shape indie available to meet there- incall or outcall- both are ok. Kindly PM with digits, reference and damages etc.

    Also, please let me know something on OYO couple friendly hotels near Gurukul. Any specific hotel name will do which is GF.

    Is it better to check in with the indie or is it also ok if the indie comes later on to provide her ID? Naturally, I would have to have her real name as on ID to put in the reservation details. Right?



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    Quote Originally Posted by FindingSex  [View Original Post]
    Was in touch with an independent since last 1 month but due to tight schedule, could not able to manage but had some spare time last weekend and called her if she can come. She said YES and arranged a quick session. Asked her from where I can pick her but she told me, she will reach at the place on her own.

    She is independent and working in pvt firm but she is facing some money issues so started doing this recently. She told me her age 30 but I think, she is more than that (May be 33-34) so she looks like an aunty and bit fatty. But she has a big soft boobs of my liking. She told me she has a baby too.

    I reached at place 15 mins prior and got her SMS that she may be late by 15 mins so have to wait approx 30 mins to get her IN. Did some casual Hi, Hello for 3-4 mins and started the action with Kissing her. She is a passionate kisser and I loved her kissing skills, a total DFK. Played with tongues of each other for 10 mins. He started pampering my bro while kissing which is a good sign of GFE. Next moved onto boobs, pressed them hard while licking her neck and when she unveiled them, I was stunned. Hugh pair of boobs and I can't stop my self grabbing and sucking them within a second. We are still on couch and doing all this. She was on me fully and I sucked them one by one for about 5-10 mins, very hard. Then I asked her to move down, she went, I unveiled my little Johnny who already giving standing ovation, she grabbed him and ask me whether it is cleaned, I gave YES sign and she started sucking it like HELL..
    Would you mind sharing digits?

    PM is activated.


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    Hi all,

    I'm from Mumbai Forum. Visiting Ahmedabad for the weekend. Any leads on an interesting Spa with guaranteed service worth visiting around SG highway or Vastrapur will be appreciated.

    Thanks and cheers.

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    Clear inbox bro. And PM me!

    Clear inbox and PM me!

    Quote Originally Posted by SexLover2  [View Original Post]
    Got contact of an indie miss A and decided to meet.

    Reached the place and she welcomed warmly. She is 36 yr and good looking. Both were ready for action and started with kisses. She is very good kisser. Removed her top and nice big pair was in front of me. Grabbed and sucked for long time. She was also excited and start BJ. Enjoyed her warm mouth and asked to continue for some time. Now she was asking to fuck and I was also not able to control. Put CD and started drilling her in miss. Then changed to doggy and finished with some hard fuck. After washing set for some time and came to know she is open for 3 some. So planning MMF with her.

    Looks- 7/10.

    Boobs. Big (I like big).

    Service- 8/10.

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    Why so?

    I have literally begging for contact of indie since few days.

    Except one Rahul, no one has come forward to help.

    This is genuine request to seniors to help new bies.

    Pm is active.

    Please consider it.

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    The scene is quite dry in Ahmedabad bro. Possibly it's not that no one wants to reply you. People may be busy and check less frequently since the only topic will be some MP. There are some helpful guys in the forum. Just go through the forum. You will come to know whom to ask?

    Quote Originally Posted by BillSteve  [View Original Post]
    Hey folks,

    I subscribed so that I can have contacts of indie because I am tired of MP. But, after activating PM, I didn't get any one reply. No one is even replying to messages I sent.

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    It seems no seniors are here.

    Hey folks,

    I subscribed so that I can have contacts of indie because I am tired of MP. But, after activating PM, I didn't get any one reply. No one is even replying to messages I sent.

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    Newbie in Amdavad: First report

    Hi guys,

    Just relocated to the city and with a 2 month long homework and RTFF, zeroed in on A1 spa with Ms Z (the most popular therapist in the city for sure).

    Well called up the spa in the afternoon to book a evening slot with the lady for 1600. She was selling membership but told her will 5 5 think it over after this session.

    Reached the place 5 mts before time and got checked in promptly, shown in to the room by a man. Changed into the disposable and waited for Miss Z. She came and started off with the massage. She does above avg massage vs other such therapists. We got talking, and she got candid. Shared her Mumbai travel plans next month and the fact that she will be leaving Amdavad after Sep. So the clock is ticking for the punters. A very friendly girl with good command over English.

    Once it was time to turn over, I started feeling her soft thighs as she worked on my upper body. She encouraged that, and soon asked the question in a whisper if I wanted extras.

    We agreed for 3 k B2B with BBBJ. Paid her the money and she unleashed those wonderful, soft melons of hers. I could spend ages suckling up to them and holding them. She started off with some gentle sucking and stroking the mini-me while I fingered her and she did get wet. DATY was not on the table though that day and FS completely ruled out by her. I tried to make the most of the menu on offer and the hairy pussy was a further turn as she rubbed herself all over me. In the end, she tugged a little too hard, but I did come.

    On the downside, she did not clean me up and went straight to the shower, which was bad customer service imo.

    Might repeat her the next time, but still not inclined towards the membership.

    Seniors in Amdavad, can you guide me to some indie contacts who are educated girls. Would be hugely grateful and FRs assured.

    Happy mongering folks.

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    CIS babe at Amari Thai at Titanium mall.

    Based on monger's suggestion, selected to visit this spa. Was in for a surprise when the receptionist offered a CIS babe in early 30's curvy enough. But soon recollected various techniques used by babes to make money without giving you much. More so in spa where fair looking babe will definitely try to encash her fair colour and better looks than a cooperative Thai! Soon it was obvious that a Thai babe will cost you 1500 for 60 min at counter while such Russian will charge you 3000 that too for 45 min. The extras inside would be separately charged by each, FS is in anyway out of question but even to extract full nude rendezvous from a white babe shall cost you nothing less than 5 k inside or it may be only partial nudity at that, while Thai started with 3 k and settled at 2 k for full nude game only short of FS! Full nudity may termed as any worthwhile Extras.

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    Spas and extras.

    Golden spa at Arvindbhai avenue is a Useless spa based on criteria mentioned below. This is quiet contrary to what is written on forum All NEs, who are typically quiet conservative, unless you meet some Naga babe in Delhi.

    Ambience spa and hamam on CG road iIs another of those useless spas. Typically if you have only Indian masseuse including NEs then you actually you shouldn't expect much of extras. As Indian babes lead fairly insular lives in standard mom pop kids types families, they tend to behave fairly conservative notwithstanding some exceptions. Hence again and again I decide to avoid rendezvous in spas unless there is specific intelligence about allowed activities inside closed doors, however the little me falls pray again and again to temptations, lest I find a babe of another kind but expectations are usually belied in 4 out of 5 cases! Whether the Punjabi at above hamam or the 30 yr old mizo at Gold spa, all fail in providing any meaningful extras. Well, for a seasoned monger simply a hand job or some groping, sucking at a partially bared torso cannot be construed as extras but simply waste of money! In the name of Punjabi babe, reception extracts double the rate 3000 instead of 1600 for a NE while inside babe instructs you how professional is this spa. ! If ever she agrees to some silly extras, it will at exorbitant rate, that too after many repeat visits. Overall dubious proposal!!

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    Need help.

    Hey monger in Ahmedabad,

    This is 24 age guy here from Ahmedabad.

    I am looking for someone who can do DFK and make love like GF. I prefer if opposite person also enjoys as much as I do. No hurry session. Kindly help guys. Message me if you know anyone.

    I would really appreciate it. As I am new here and so not know how to communicate here.

    But I want to do it. Kindly help guys.

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    New here.

    Please help to monger in Ahmedabad.

    Intrested in indie.

    Sharing is caring.

    Will reciprocate whatever I have.

    Thanks in advance.

    PM is active.

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    A light greenish-blue color spa, CG road.

    Slightly old FR.

    Extras 100% guaranteed. I have visited them many times, specially for their Thai staff. The last time I had miss J (flower name), who might have left by now. If not, she is worth trying.

    The girl gives good message as well as enough hints for the extras. If you do not ask, she definitely will after noticing your hard-on which you are mostly likely to have because of her sensuous touches. She provides HJ and B B only. I tried hard for BJ but she was firm. Quoted 4 K for B2B but finally agreed at 3 K.

    Look wise she was cute. Slightly on the healthier side. B2B was good. She joins you in shower after the deed and cleans you.

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    Always ask.

    I have availed service at this place many times when it was operating with another name. I suggest you should ask them to let you see the therapist first. Initially, they may not agree but if you insist they will allow you as these staff allows them high counter charges. In general, the Russian girls are from poor eastern European countries. And Arabian staff from poor middle eastern countries. Moreover, many times these girls are not as willing as their Thai counterparts when it comes to please customers. I suggest you to have a cautious approach.

    Quote Originally Posted by RajDesai69  [View Original Post]
    I got a message from this spa claiming they have Arabic staff. Anyone tried? I have a feeling these are the same girls they pass off as Russian but are from Turkmenistan and karjyakastan.

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    Contact please. PM is active!

    Quote Originally Posted by Member#4465  [View Original Post]
    This is my first detailed report here. So please bear with me if my writing style is not good.

    Had the first mind blowing experience in Ahmedabad with a housewife. I have a thing for big girls and one of my friends shared her contact.

    Was visiting Ahmedabad over the weekend and I was in a good hotel, so decided to call up this HW. She spoke in perfect English and had a sweet voice. She is very choosy though and meets only visitors to Ahmedabad staying at good hotels.

    She outright said she is a big girl, but has a pretty face and loves having fun. I liked that she was straightforward.

    So, booked her and she came to the hotel room (late by about 10 minutes). She put on a nice satin nightly and the fun started..
    Please share contact. I would be obliged to have it. Thanks.

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