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Thread: Nagpur in Maharashtra

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    Anyone using SA here? Quite a few chicks from Nagpur. DM is open.

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    Nagpur contacts

    Dear friends,

    Travelling to Nagpur for a couple of days, need contacts of SP and MP.

    Any help will be appreciated, DM is active.

    Will be happy to share my contacts from Delhi.


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    Yes they asked me too

    Quote Originally Posted by Asslick  [View Original Post]
    Do they ask for advance money for booking? They are asking me.
    Yes they had asked for an advance from me too but only 500 bucks. Hence, I was okay with it.

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    Yes but very risky right now

    Quote Originally Posted by Garlnt  [View Original Post]
    Ever since I monger, I have heard of this area.

    Is it still existing?
    It does exist even today but after Covid there has been a very strict presence of LE there. Only few dens are active that too for only known customers. Better to avoid for some time.

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    Couple from telegram

    Quote Originally Posted by Arjunshah1  [View Original Post]
    If you are interested in a couple there is a couple on Locanto. They have mentioned there telegram ID on Locanto'. I have tried them they are genuine. The girl is not very good looking but service is really good. They send disappearing pictures otherwise I would have attached the picture. Also, they don't have a place.

    Do they ask for advance money for booking? They are asking me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garlnt  [View Original Post]
    Ever since I monger, I have heard of this area.

    Is it still existing?
    Yes it is very much active but not advisable to go there as transporters have shifted there operations there so (drivers and helpers) and same goes vise versa you can try other options.

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    Is Ganga Jamuna now dead or alive

    Ever since I monger, I have heard of this area.

    Is it still existing?

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    Metro Spa Burdi

    Tried this spa suggested by Ittiam brother.

    Thanks for sharing the details.

    Was sent a nice chubby girl for massage. The massage was very basic and for name sake. Within 5 minutes she asked if I want extra service. Only HJ + TA on table.

    Counter was 1 k and 1 k for the girl.

    Only thing bothering me was hygiene. Otherwise VFM.


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    New guy here

    Can someone please help me as to how I can contact genuine SP or independents in Nagpur?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    FB couple DR

    Found this couple on FB. Exchanged telegram IDs. Had a conversation with the guy and fixed the deed at 7 k for 3-4 hours. At the last moment, I was not able to connect to the guy. Hence, thought of it as a red flag. However, he called in half hour and apologized. Guided them to my place. The girl was average looking but figure was good. The guy was very friendly. Had two sessions in around 3 hours while drinking. First time for such an experience for me that the guy was cuckolding. Overall a nice experience. However, 7 k is a bit much but Nagpur is anyway very pricy.

    Face - 6/10.

    Boobs- 8/10.

    Ass- 7/10.

    Kitty- 9/10. No smell and tight.

    BBJ- 9/10. Nice licking on the balls.

    WIR- Maybe after some time.

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    [Personal message deleted by Admin]



    Please communicate personal messages via the PM System

    The Open Forum is generally intended for the posting of information that is of interest to all readers.

    Please use the Forum's Private Message system to exchange personal information and make personal plans.

    Thank You

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because it was an attempt by the author to encourage members to CONTACT HIM on ANOTHER WEBSITE. In the future, please refrain from posting requests for forum members to contact you on another website. Thanks!

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    Above bank of maharashtra

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerkoholic  [View Original Post]
    Can you specify the Location or the MP's name? Bcoz I tried but couldn't find?
    If your a coming from Laxmi Nagar square to Mate square. Keep looking on the left before Pizza hut there is a branch of Bank of Maharashtra. The spa is above the bank. Ask for Riya she gives great service. Please keep charges in check, I pay 2 k counter for 1 hour massage and 1 K to the girl for HJ and TA. He gives great bum massage. Do post an FR once you to try.


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    FR for Flower Name Spa on W Road

    So this is from a visit back in January. Had been to this place once before back in October last year. Paid 2 k for 1 hour at counter though could have negotiated harder.

    TL and HJ available for 1.5 k. Although birds were average lookers, attitude was good. Hygiene is mediocre but not the worst. Has attached bath and good privacy.

    WIR: Would like to explore others first but not a bad option otherwise.

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    Nagpur action

    Good to see some action in Nagpur. Its definitely not dry here but you really have to look harder. Been to many MPs here with happy endings. Some of 'them have already been discussed in "Arjunshah" FRs. I would like to add one more in the list in Burdi area. Goes by the name starting from M ending with o something like Nagpur M_o. Not a very big place but the sensuous massage provided by a lady named Aa_i [Non-English text deleted by Admin] is out of the world. Counter charges can be negotiated to 1 k for approx 45 minutes.

    Other than this I have availed services of SPs and some indies aa well but yet to find a gem.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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