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Thread: FKK Mainhattan- Frankfurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akibono
    It is good to hear that this club is starting to pick up. If the lineup is close to Oase, there will be alot less reason to go all the way up to World. One can stay around Frankfurt and take taxi or public transports to all the clubs. In fact, World may eventually close if most of the best girls migrate here.
    Nice thought but it is not practical to shift all the girls from World to Mainhattan (MH). MH is too small for that. I do not see potential for expansion either. They are surrounded by vacant ground.

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    It is good to hear that this club is starting to pick up. If the lineup is close to Oase, there will be alot less reason to go all the way up to World. One can stay around Frankfurt and take taxi or public transports to all the clubs. In fact, World may eventually close if most of the best girls migrate here.

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    FKK Mainhattan- Frankfurt

    After 3 visits to Palace, and being very disappointed by the grasping an in general "unloving" nature of the girls there, I decided to pay a visit to Mainhattan.

    It was the peak of summer and a Sunday- probably the worst time to visit any FKK and definitely not the time to risk visiting a new FKK on a short visit. I was, however, not at all keen to go back to Palace and since i did not have a car to go to the other clubs outside Frankfurt, I decided to put all my eggs (or sperm) in Mainhattan.

    The club is located in the Eastern part of the city. I had a lot of time so i tried the public transport to get there. Turned out to be very easy- take tram 11 or 12 to Daimlerstrasse and it is a 7 minute walk from there- there are dozens of signs so just follow them to Mainhattan. On the return I took the taxi back to town and it was less than 20 Eur.

    Reception is quite friendly- one surprising thing is that though towels are free you have to "rent" a bathrobe for 5 Eur or buy one for 25 Eur, they are not free. Most of the gents i saw were only with towels or au naturale. Entry is 65 Eur, somewhat cheaper than palace and they give you a card with a 10 Eur discount for next time.

    About the facilities- the club is spanking new and super-clean. i think even more so than Palace. the locker room is split into two parts, i found it to be a little cramped because the lockers are too close together. the showers are beautiful and pleasant. There is a finnish sauna, a "kraut" sauna (no idea what it means) a steam bath, a jacuzzi and an outdoor pool. the Jacuzzi can be covered when cold, and has glass walls so you can look into the garden. The restaurant is also quite big and has a bar inside. there is a cinema on the first floor and a big bar (similar in size to palace) on the ground floor. i think there is also a massage area.

    The place is big but it does not give the impression of being spacious unlike palace. This is because the garden in the middle makes the indoor area narrower, unlike the wide open halls of palace. Also, part of the facility is on the first floor. I was not happy with the furniture, most of the area has sofas where you can sit but not sprawl lazily like in palace. i think they are still not done with the furbishments- the sofas were quite bare probably the cushions would be added later. there are many rooms (20-25 i guess) but they have only one bed and 1 chair- not even any hooks to hang your towel! possibly they may add these also at a later time. I also did not like the lighting arrangement when compared with palace. Palace has dim lights that are very relaxing- and there are several quiet areas where you can even take a short nap (I love to do that!). Not so in Mainhattan- the club is very bright- sort of like an airport. There are 4 main areas- the bar, the restaurant, the pool/sauna and the upstairs cinema. The bar is probably the nicest area but it is also a smoking area- not very pleasant if you are not a smoker!

    Now about the interesting part- I was apprehensive about the availability of talent given the bad timing. I arrived around 3 pm and there were about 15 girls in the club. A few of them were middle-aged and not very attractive, and some 8’s. I found on such 8 and decided to open shop with her- Lin from Germany is a pretty 6 foot tall with a good body and cute face. The session was average in all respects. A hint of GFE, brief BBBJ, some CBJ and then some positions. Lin was mostly mechanical throughout the session and was not into DFK. However, she was not at all sharky, did not push me for any extras, and seemed quite happy with the usual Eur 50.

    I then decided to wait a couple of hours to see if other talent turned up. I was not disappointed- as the evening wore on, there were more and more girls and by the end of the night, I was able to conclude that the lineup at Mainhattan was just as good as Palace. There were many girls from Romania and Bulgaria as one member has noted, however there were also some from Cuba and Germany, and I also saw one Turkish girl (more later). All the girls were very friendly and were ready to have conversation with the men whether any business resulted or not. Some of the girls did approach me and tried to push their wares, however they were not pushy and at the slight hint that I was not interested they left me alone, or, sat down for a short casual conversation before leaving.

    I chose Deborah from Romania for my next session- a buxom blond with short hair. She claimed she was 21 years old, quite possible. When I sat down next to her she told me that she was quite tired and she wanted to wait for some time before going into the room- which was OK with me. We talked about random stuff for about 30 minutes and then moved to the room. The session was absolutely fabulous, long stretches of DFK, BBBJ, DATY- and in all great GFE. I think the session went well over the usual 30 minutes but Deborah did not seem to mind. I finally decided to finish with CIM and happily gave Deborah 100 Eur for the very good session.

    I then proceeded for dinner in the restaurant. The food was very good, there was a good variety of stuff and some nice desserts, too. The girls were also having dinner and were also quite cheerful and chatty during this time. After dinner I took a short nap in the cinema, then tried out the whirlpool. There I met Naira from Turkey- also a very friendly girl who speaks fluent English. We joked around for a while and she then left- she did not even once act pushy. It was quite late and the club had become quite busy. There were now about 25 girls working and about as many men- so the good ones were constantly busy. I had my eye one a couple of good candidates and I waited at the bar, hoping to catch them between sessions for my final date for the night. No such luck even after about 45 minutes of waiting. Meanwhile, Naira came and sat beside me, and told me all about the FKK scene in different parts of Germany- very informative! By the end, I decided that she was too nice and friendly to pass up and I took her to the room for one more great session, with the usual fee.

    To summarize, Palace has some tough competition now in Frankfurt city. Also, I would recommend that Mainhattan should have its own forum to do justice to this great club!

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    FKK Mainhattan- Frankfurt

    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeu
    Thninking of paying a late night visit to Mainhattan to check pu the facility later this month. Won't get there until past midnight. Anyone know what the very late night shift is like?
    A local German professional FKK goer I know and see in the clubs all the time and whom I trade notes on the clubs says that Mainhattan averages 20 girls and they are dragoons from FKK World so not much variety.

    Visits to Atlantik was catastrophic recently and he warned on the girls at Palace being money conscious. He prefer Oase and Living Room.

    He says he is a FKK junkie. Similar to the German Fuckers club I see in the clubs all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeu
    Thninking of paying a late night visit to Mainhattan to check pu the facility later this month. Won't get there until past midnight. Anyone know what the very late night shift is like?
    Last week when I was there it was a bit slow but all the women that came in the early evening stayed after midnight. No new women came in after 11 PM and no one left early.

    Hope that helps.

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    If you are not a newbie to the FKK business and not afraid to be bitten by a Palace-Shark - go to Palace. Or maybe check the board for the most recent reports on Mainhattan in November.


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    Mainhatttan or palace

    Having carefuly read the respective Mainhattan and Palace threads, can someone confirm that my conclusion is logical:

    I will be staying in November in an hotel near Hauptbahnhof, and will have just a day off. It seems easier to go to Palace, because 1) easier to get to, 2) more girls, 3) cannot benefit from Mainhattan outdoor facilities in winter.
    I am familiar with Palace, but have never been to Mainhattan, so was initially inclined to try it, for I like trying new places, but it seems that I should rather wait for the summer?


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    FKK Mainhattan- Frankfurt

    Thninking of paying a late night visit to Mainhattan to check pu the facility later this month. Won't get there until past midnight. Anyone know what the very late night shift is like?

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    Mainhattan: Lia

    Lia (Bulgaria). I verified the spelling. She is petite, black hair, absolutely stunning face (IMHO) and a nice body. I think she would look even more stunning if she uses less make up. In my earlier post I mentioned that there were only 5 girls when I walked. Many gents must have complained so the management called World and had some girls come over. Lia was one of them. She has an apartment in Pohlheim, so it is unlikely that she will make a permanent move to FRA anytime soon.

    Anyway, the moment she walked in she knew she was in demand and she was playing a little hard to get. :-) I had all the time in the world and I thought she was so cute to look at, that I indulged her in her games. In the room she was not a clock watcher, gave a fantastic BBBJ but she was not that much into sex. Did I mention that she is beautiful both under me and on top of me?

    I did a second session with her close to midnight. After 4 sessions, I did not care that much about sex. I just wanted to be with her. This turned out to be a total GFE session. She is a great kisser and totally into DFK. We must have kissed for 30 minutes. I extended it, gave her massage and she did a phenomenal BBBJ. After the session, she gave me a 15 second DFK in the hallway which is a first in an FKK.

    When I paid her 100 E she was surprised and said that since I gave her a nice massage she was only expecting 50 E. Another first!

    I am going back for her :-)

    BTW, she told me does not like DATY. Other gents may want to make a note of this and leave her alone so she is not tired when I get my turn :-)

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    Mainhattan: Julia

    Julia (Romania), Pronounced "Yulia", is a cute, petite brunette that loves to dance. She likes to move her hips to latino rhythms and on the day I saw her, wore a arabic style metallic waist band like the ones that belly dancers wear. She can move her hips like Shakira which was charming. The pickings were slim so I took her to the room. In the room, she jumped on the bed and the first thing she did was to take the condom out and proceeded to cover me. I calmly told her to please take it off because i like to start with a BBBJ. She acted shocked and said that BBBJ are not allowed in Mainhattan. Really my dear? I asked her how come I got several so far and no one mentioned it. She said that they are not supposed to do it and if the management finds it, they will get fired. This is getting funnier by the second. Now, "how will the management find out", I humor myself. She proceed to give me this BS story about hoe the maids check the trash bins etc. At this point, I stopped listening, pulled the cover (trashed it), grabbed the towel and calmly asked to go speak to the management. She agreed, which surprised me a bit as she is about to be caught with a blatant lie.

    Once we walked down to the bar level, she casually turned left and walked away. I just let it go and chose not to complain to the management. Since I did not pay her anything, I did not loose anything except for 10 minutes of my time. I also gave her a bit of benefit of doubt that it may be a case of YMMV and she did not know how to handle it.

    So, the whole point o this report is this: If you plan on taking her to the room check with her first if she will do BBBJ (if that is your thing)

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    Mainhattan: Daniella

    Daniella (Romania): She is also a dirty blonde, may be 5' 4" or so, nice figure, natural tits, nice round ass and great abs. I remember her claim to be 24 yrs old or so. She is another ex -World girl. She was friendlier than Samina. I sampled her a bit in the Kino and took her to the room. In the room, she was insatiable. No up selling and she went with the flow. Her body was nice to watch in any position. She was really into it and was to hoping to achieve an orgasm but I proved to be a lousy lover for her. I could sense the disappointment in her face but handled it professionally. We were in the room close to 30 minutes and I had no issues with money. She is a keeper. I will repeat if I see her and I certainly recommend her.

    P.S: I forgot to mention one thing in the general notes about Mainhattan.
    Food: In general, the food was average to below average on the day I was there. Baked chicken was mediocre at best. Fresh fruit was the best part of lunch. Chicken wings that they had for snack were very good. I went back for seconds. I actually left the place to go out to eat dinner. BTW, eating dinner outside is no reflection of the food itself. I like doing that to break up the day. I spend almost a thousand just to get to and to stay in Germany for a few days, so I do not care about few more Euros to have a nice gourmet meal.

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    Mainhattan: Samina

    Samina(Romania): There were only 5 girls when I walked in and she was one of them. She is a dirty blonde with heavy eye makeup. She said she is 19 but looked a bit older and acted more mature. She was sitting at the bar when I started chatting with her. I do not smoke and her smoke was bothering me so I asked her to go out to the lounge with me. We chatted there for 10-15 minutes and she asked me if I wanted to sit in the hot tub. Sounded appealing and we sat there for 15 minutes. I took her to the upstairs room. On the way to the room, spent 3 minutes or so in the Kino.

    In the room I went for standard service, which was good. BBBJ, LFK, covered FS etc. We were in the room for 25 minutes. I was pleased by my session. At the lockers, I gave her 50 E and another 5E as that was the only change I had. She looked at me as if I was the strangest thing she has even seen and said, ”it is 100 euro”. Why? She said, “Because of the time in the hot tub”. I said that time does not count and she insisted. I suggested we go to the manager. FYI guys, she did not have any skin-to-skin contact in the hot tub or in the lounge, not even by accident.

    She spoke to the manager in German and by the manager’s expressions and body language I could tell that the manager did not agree with her. I gloated a bit and that irritated Samina and she says to me, “why are you smiling? You don’t even understand what she is saying?” An hour later the manager told me that she supported me because if she wanted to get paid for her time in the tub, that arrangement should have been made before sitting in the hot tub.

    Face: 7
    Body: 8. Great natural tits
    Attitude: 8. It was nice up to the point of trying to overcharge.
    will not repeat if there are other options.

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    Mainhattan: I will try to do as detailed a review as possible. My windows of opportunity to post are narrow and I may have to break it up into several posts.

    Day: Sunday.

    Time: Noon to Midnight.

    Location: This has been posted previously with several excellent directions, which are accurate. All I would add is that if you use GPS, it might take you from the back, which could be confusing but nevertheless, will get you there.

    Parking: Fewer spots than palace. You may have to park on the street, which does not seem to be a problem.

    Entry: 65 Euro. When I got there at noon, the lady at the front counter immediately informed that there are only 5 girls. When she saw that I was hesitating, she gave me a 10 Euro discount and let me in for 55 Euro. She also gave me a 10 Euro off coupon for the next visit. The front desk person and the manager are very friendly.

    Facilities: The safes for your wallets are right across from the front desk. Towels are next to the front desk. Door to the right leads you to lockers and door in front leads you to the bar. The showers are very nice but they do not have extra towels by the lockers. You need to go back to the front get them which is a bit inconvenient. No mouthwash!

    Bar: They have a full bar. Beer and soft drinks are included but you have to pay 8 E for one ounce of hard liquor like Vodka, tequila or rum. The bartender is friendly and also doubles as DJ, similar to how they had it at World the last time I was there. Decent bar, reasonably stocked and efficient service. Pretty good espresso and the waitresses are friendly but as charming as the one at World (who I still occasionally dream of).

    Sauna: the Finnish Sauna and the steam room are excellent. The hot tub is not hot.

    Pool: It is too small to be a true “swimming pool”. Barely 20 X 10 feet and not heated, I did not dare to get in.

    Kino: It is on the first floor. The projection and the picture quality are excellent but the room has too much ambient light. I generally do not look for intimacy in the Kino, but if I were that type, I would hesitate a bit as I would feel like I am on display. Also, the beds in Kino are elevated and do feel like mini “podiums”. Most do not have back support and they have one 8” square pillow for support. Bad design.

    Rooms: Fantastic. They must have fixed the AC issue on both floors.

    Ambiance: the overall feel is classy, cozy and intimate.

    More on the girls: Samina, lia, Julia (Yulia) and Daniella in the next installment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natten
    Hi folks!

    A fast question: does FKK Mainhattan charges 25 Euro extra for a bathrobe (Bademantel)?

    Mr N
    No idea. Bathrobes are for pussies and noobies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Natten
    Hi folks!

    A fast question: does FKK Mainhattan charges 25 Euro extra for a bathrobe (Bademantel)?

    Mr N
    I did see a 25 Euro sign on the rack where they have small and large towels. I did not notice anyone wearing robes. I assumed 25 euro is the price to purchase one (because I saw some still wrapped in plastic) but I did not check.

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