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    Labamba in FKK. Sharks 2

    Last night of the trip was always going to be Sharks, and I was determined to empty the wallet. I was shooting for 3 rooms, this time with some medical help to ensure liftoff. Herein would follow a truly great night.

    Elise (Hungarian, 30's, tall, hair in two braids, former Globe) I wasted no time catching Elise's eye after I settled on a couch, as I had seen her incredible hotness the other night. She sits at the very front of the bar with Duck Lips Clara (who still looks good and is pretty good in the room) and Ruby. Very tall, hair in two braids. Model beautiful.

    We settled on 100 E60 for GFE (no kissing), knowing full well from her that DATY was not going to come a conclusion for her. She said she moves around clubs as she desires, had been at Globe recently, and just exudes sex. Hotter than hell. If you watch her for a while, she cannot stop shaking her rear, grinding on the stool, dancing to the music.

    Her boobs are great, DATY was tasty and she enjoyed it, but then the BJ started and oh my. Skills. I held out for a while, then I cried uncle for a quick break. We switched to sex, went through a couple positions, ending in a reverse cowgirl that was a simply amazing sight, looking up at her long lovely back, with her looking back at me over her shoulder as I finished. I'll never forget that view; long time readers will remember that I try to pick one view from a session and really commit it to memory, in this case it was easy.

    Just an amazingly, sexy, sexual girl. Yes, she is a pro, but man, that was great. Anal and CIM and such were on the menu, but I was happy with my choice. Tipped 50 E and felt blessed.

    On wobbly legs, food, and various chatter with different girls would follow. In particular, in the hard-bodied division, Ro Ronia / Rhoinya / Ronya had the most scorching body in the place, I decided after some conversation. Her friend with long dark hair was also hot, but I misremember her name now. Tall Veronica was there, though Sorina was not.

    After a hour or so I observed Elise talking to a beautiful girl with curly blonde hair who had interested me earlier. I eventually bumped into her and we started talking.

    Monica (Ro, 24, blonde curly hair, mid 20's) is distinguished by her curly blonde hair. Very pretty girl, not quite too thin, thankfully. Tight body. Excellent English. We negotiated 100 E60 GFE again, and repaired to a room. Passionate kisser, face is even lovelier when she pulls her hair back. Is there anything sexier than the quick ponytail as the BJ begins? She admitted up front she is not a fan of BJs, but loves fucking, so I decide to jump to DATY. Highlight again was a long, slow, and very successful session, which took almost 45 minutes (I teased the hell out of her) but ended so well I left ear indents on her inner thighs. Nothing sexier than when a girl laces her hands in yours, and then comes in your mouth, almost bending your hands in half.

    I immediately extended 30 minutes for another 50, and after she recovered, I got another round of very good BJ (despite what she says, she is quite good), but then we go though a dizzying array of positions, highlighted by a cowgirl where she teased me like crazy, ending in doggy with her playing with herself as I finish hard.

    Such a great girl, such a lovely body, so much fun, I hope she has a great life. Just a genuinely nice girl. Yummy.

    So, some food, some recovery, a god spot on a couch to watch and make some anthropological observations. By the way, when I came in today, the stage area to the right was covered in plastic all the way to the ceiling, TV was off the wall and disconnected. Apparently a new VIP area is being built? No idea what that will mean. Not being able to have the girls perch on the stage was a bummer, it was always a prime viewing spot.

    So, 400 E left, one shot left in the tank, there is only one thing to do on your last night in FKK land, right? Right! 2-girl room! This requires more thought to pick out, in my experience, so I took my time. Wanted to go with Ronya and her long haired friend, but they were not both around. Though about Elise and Ruby, but one or the other were always busy, and I was not sure that would work anyway. The two of them might have killed me together.

    But at the bar, all the way down at the end of the right side, there were these two Romanian girls who I had not seen take a room all night, just sitting and smoking and laughing like the two of them were just at some nightclub.

    Corrine / Enya (Ros, 20's, tight bodies, pert breasts, long black hair) I moved in and said Hello, and asked what the 2-girl room would be like. We settled on 400 E90, GFE (although Enya was a no to DATY), and they promised lesbi in the room as well. Empty the wallet, empty the ball sack, right?

    Off we go, things have been so busy we have trouble finding a room, but eventually after 10 minutes of waiting we do so.

    Oh, do I get a show. Slow striptease while they kiss, play with each other, leads to BJ from one while eating the other. Enya's oral skills are amazing, but eventually she wants to fuck, which makes me laugh, because she screams out "I want to fuck now! But hey, am I going to argue? Nope, nope, nope. She gets on top, and I get the heaven of my dick in one girl while the other grinds my mouth, while they kiss each other. Yay for mirrors, right? Then Enya hops off and Corrine gets on, and she is even tighter if that is possible. This goes on a while, with Enya going for deep tongue kisses when she is not riding, until eventually torpedo #3 arrives and obliterates me.

    They were great, funny, good conversationalists, and so much fun in bed. I spent too much, I regret nothing. Last room of the trip, IDGAF.

    Regrets: Missed out on Ronya / Ronia (SP?) and her friend. Missed out on Ruby, who was very busy all night. No Voroica, no Jennifer, no Damina, no DE Lara (missed her by a week, bummer), no Bia, no Scarlet. Too many faves missing, but oh, the new favorites found were great!

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    Labamba in FKK. Sharks 1

    So, first day at Sharks was an early arrival, around 3 pm. Sunday, so 50 E entry. Unfortunately, this lead to a real sausage fest, lots of locals, not a lot of money being spent, girls were bored. New bar and added waterfalls are nice. No XL bathrobes available, so they gave me a huge towel to wrap around my waist, which I did not realize was an option. Far preferable to a gaping bathrobe.

    I can't really speak to the lineup; as an older chubby American, every FKK is a land of bountiful beauty. I know it was not as good as it is in November, only because I have been there in November. Still, there seemed to be plenty of lovely Romanian girls, which is my idea of heaven.

    Jet lag was real (later I decided I should have done my first day at Oase for the relax room), but I had to get the first room out of the way.

    Natalia (Ro, 20's, long dark hair, good English) Natalia seemed like a prototypical Ro beauty, with long hair and a ready smile. She came up to me boldly, as does happen at Sharks, and I told her that while I was amenable, it would be a short, to the point session, as it would be my first shots fired in a week. She cracked up when I told her I just needed a 30 E50 session, but it would probably be really easy money for her, as it would effectively be just 15 minutes of work for her.

    She was fine in the room, good BJ before I quickly pulled her on top for a very nice view; as expected I finished all too quickly. I started laughing at how fast she finished me with this little hip swirl, which allowed her to laugh about it too. She allowed that I really did need it, which I agreed with.

    We had some pillow talk, then were done, with a kiss on the cheek. 30 E50. Very nice girl, probably a wonderful longer session if you are not already perched on the knife's edge like I was.

    Some food (always reliably average at Sharks), some observations, and then I picked out my next encounter.

    Sorina (Ro, dirty blonde / brown hair, still some youthful pudginess in spots if you look closely).

    So, Sorina was sitting near the front end of the bar on the right side as you go in, friends with tall and lovely Veronica, it seemed. She stood out for an odd reason — I never saw her smoke in the hour I was recovering. This is wild! Eventually I chatted her up, and I we negotiated a fairly GFE experience for 100 E60. This did not quite work out, and it was not her fault. After some lovely kissing, I head for DATY, and friends, I lost my head. She is so beautiful from that angle, her pussy so lovely, I was there for an hour. She was perpetually having tiny orgasms, and I was in heaven. Never got the big one, but the sight and sounds were amazing.

    But when I came up for air, she gently pointed out we were already over time, and at this point I really want BJ and sex. So I extended, the BJ was good, the cowgirl was excellent. Ended with 150 E90 + 50 E tip.

    Honestly, the visuals made the experience; she does not yet have the best technical skill, but she is so damn pretty and youthful, yum.

    One oddity — she is not a smile. She is very friendly, but definitely has a case of RBF while sitting at the bar.

    More food, some football updates from Sky Sports, and I was looking for my last room of the night.

    Mara (Ro, 20's, short hair, previously at Oase for a couple years).

    I noticed Mara because of her lively personality and very merry eyes as well as her short hair, atypical for an FKK girl. She was a comfortable chat and was up for what I consider my normal room, 60 minutes with tongue kissing, DATY, BJ and sex. She was clear up front she was not a girl who could O from DATY, which is info I always like to know in advance.

    After some DFK, I moved to DATY, and while no big bangs occurred, she quite liked it. Moved to a BJ, and she is really, really good, teased me a couple times, really stretched things out. Then it was cowgirl, and it was sublime. For some reason, at my decrepit age, the more seasoned girls are much hotter than the newbies. Things finished nicely. A nice session. 100 E60.

    I regret missing out on tall, pageboy haircut Veronica, and lovely Estralia. But a great way to start the trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canary  [View Original Post]
    Incidentally although I have used the sauna facilities at other clubs again I've never tried the sauna at Sharks either. A probable stupid question but do you have to pay when the Sauna master uses infusions in the sauna?
    No, you do not have to pay a fee for the Sauna Meister. Make sure that you attend the days when the sauna meister Deiter works. He's the guy that wears a shirt that says Sauna Team across the back and rings the bell to announce each treatment. I just checked the schedule. It looks like the first Friday of the month is the long night for the Sauna treatment.

    If you search my handle I wrote a report about the sauna. I loved the experience. I think that Sharks has the most girls and the Sauna Team has been a great bonus. Looks like Dieter is doing something Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. It really is a nice club. Saturday would be a good day to hit another club. I always spend more money in sharks but I usually walk out with a smile on my face that you couldn't pry off with a crowbar.

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    November trip

    Saturday 23 November. Sharks.

    I had kept the last day open. Based on my experiences on this trip the obvious place to go was Oase as that's where I had the best looking girl (Madi) and the best session (Maria) but the intelligence I got that Sanziana was now plying her trade at Sharks and the prospect of seeing Turkish / German Sally who was amazing when I saw her in April and my FKK girl of 2019 swung it in Sharks favour despite it being more expensive from a transport perspective. Plus you can't really go wrong with Sharks as despite it being a bit of a dump, it has the largest number of girls and has a good pool of fit, young girls.

    One of my old favourites Ester was still there and in fact have seen her 9 times now which is more than any other FKK girl but I much preferred her when she was a natural but her big fake tits and platinum blonde hair don't suit her so didn't go with her this time.

    Ivona:- she is a dark blonde, deep tan, very pretty face, but what sets her apart are her amazing natural voluptuous tits which are accentuated by her petiteness. Body wise she reminded me of Hungarian Elizabeth from Oase and she's at least as good looking so took her to the room. She looks early 20's but is in fact 29.

    In the room she was giving it the upsell for a special service but I didn't bother but she still delivered a good owo blowie, I loved sucking on her tits and cake sucking on them as she wanked me off. Was over in 20 minutes and she was the only girl on this tour who didn't give me the full allotted time but I wasn't too fussed on this occasion as I had a good time anyway. E50.

    L'Oréal:-there was no sign of my Sanziana or Sally so I regretted not going back to Oase but decided to finish with a threesome with Delia from Wednesday and one of her recommendations. Unfortunately she was insisting on CIM finish at E150 each as apparently I'the promised this so I didn't bother.

    Instead I picked up one of the petite, natural tits, young, pretty blondes that Sharks seems to specialise in and took her to the room for a blowjob finish. L'Oréal had braces which normally puts me off but I had a good time and accidentally came a little in her mouth as she pulled away. I wouldn't have minded either way but she didn't make a fuss about it when it came to payment. E50.

    Overall I had a great time on this tour. Staying in one hotel made it a much more relaxed experience and all 8 sessions were good to great. I can't wait to come back but will need to up my performance as I only managed 2 shots each day whereas 3 used to be the norm. Time to get fitter and eat better I guess!

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    November trip

    Wednesday 20 November. Sharks.

    For only my second trip to Frankfurt of the year, I took 4 days which is the optimum period for me as it allows me to visit my 3 favourite clubs and return to the one I consider to be the "hottest" on that trip. On a couple of 6 day trips, I've also found myself drained on days 5 and 6 so is a good duration. Shame I didn't manage a summer trip this year but hopefully next year.

    One thing I did differently was to book a single hotel rather than moving from place to place. I stayed in the new Intercity hotel by the hbf which was excellent and with Oase having their minibus service from virtually outside the hotel it didn't cost that much extra though a taxi back from Sharks costs nearly E70.

    For the first day I went to Sharks as the E50 entry seems to attract more numbers and the lineup is almost as full as at the weekends. Must have been around 80 girls.

    Marcella:- first girl was a pale skinned medium build redhead (albeit dyed) who claims to be German and has a postgrad student look about her. Good natural tits and had noticed her on previous visits. I guess she's in her late 20's though these days I seem to underestimate ages.

    The chat was pleasant enough but she said she charged E70 for 30 minutes and E120 for 1 hour but it would include owo. I was sufficiently set on her not to baulk at the extra E20 and had good initial exchanges and made it a one hour session.

    Nice slow session, she has a nice smooth body which I enjoyed caressing and kissing, some light french kissing, good blowjob, did her missionary for a while and went back to getting sucked off which is how I eventually came before we spent the rest of the time in post coital bliss. E120.

    Delia:- I was taking ages getting a second wind. I was tempted to go with my old favourite Ester and one of her friends but I really don't like her new look with huge fake knockers, lip fillers and platinum blonde hair which is a shame as she was naturally stunning with a great body.

    Delia is a petite blonde, facially pretty and medium sized natural tits. A nice package and she's one of those girls who while not eye-catching looks prettier the more closer you examine.

    It was an excellent session, lots of french kissing, and very much a GFE. I spent ages on foreplay myself and she encouraged me to feel her pussy which was soaking wet (she commented that older guys were much better in bed as we knew what to do which was nice save that I don't consider myself that old! I went down on her and she certainly enjoyed it judging by her writhing, moans and juices. In between I had her giving me equally good oral sex which is how I came. When I told her I was cumming she didn't take it in her mouth as I didn't tell her to but said she would have preferred the CIM for obvious reasons. I told her it would have been okay and she could take it next time. E100.

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    Sharks visit

    I have a long 8 hour layover in Frankfurt. Is that enough time to go from airport to Sharks, spend some quality time there and get back for the flight.

    Do they have a place to store the luggage.

    What is the quality of girls like during the day on Monday.

    From RTFF, looks like e50 for 30 mins and e100 for 1 hour basic service, is this accurate.


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    Number one club

    I had nights like these in Sharks, in this time of the year business is pretty slow so hard to judge Sharks on a random day in January and give it your real judgment in mid-may.

    Also from what I read from pretty much everyone, this is supposed to be the number one club in Germany. I wonder what really is the number one club in Germany.

    Quote Originally Posted by MythoVirus  [View Original Post]

    Last day of my 4 day FKK trip, decided to go to Sharks (following Palace / World / Oase).

    I was never a fan of Sharks. For some reason the club never clicks, I easily get bored, don't find the girls any more attractive than other clubs, don't hate it per se, but it's not as precious as World / Oase.

    Anyways yesterday was a semi catastrophy day for me. Shark girls are as sharky as it gets (and they beat Palace girls sharkiness, never thought a club can be sharkier than Palace tbh).

    Most decent looking girls quoted not less than 100 E for a 30 min BBBJ, ID say I asked 10 girls. 7 refused BBBJ for less than 100 E, and the 3 that agreed for 50 Euro BBBJ is because they knew they were less attractive.

    As it was my last day and didn't want to leave Germany in a bad note decided to go with the flow and sample some of the girls.

    Don't remember any of the girls name, as I decided to take alcohol drinking as a support since the day seemed a fail.

    - Three sessions were 50 E BBBJ, the girls that opted for 50 Euro were very notable less attractive. Only one of the session was decent BBBJ, the other two turned out to be 10 minute mediocre BBBJ followed by handjobs which I didn't consent for, they simply put on the oil without asking and stroke you till you get bored and end the session..

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    Best club

    So just to settle this.

    If you could go to any club in Germany, which would you choose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnKemp5354  [View Original Post]

    Any natural busty lineup working in January or this week?

    Ie Dalma, Sabrina, Dilek?
    You left out Brenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmanrobin69  [View Original Post]
    A girl told me that Naya's life is difficult. She was in Barcelona, never found a job, failed her driving licence. Sad for her, she was a nice girl.
    That's very sad to hear, but I'm sure she will be fine in the long run. She's is actually a clever person and I remember she has her sister and family in Barcelona. If she comes back to Sharks, I will surely take her to several rooms again but I hope she won't be back!


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    You pay entry and foods, soft drinks, jacuzzi, sauna are free, this in most of clubs, only massage and girls are to pay. Sharks is a good club for club services and new design is sophisticated. Unfortunately, with Sylvana, another MILF, I think to understand she may be Russian roots, but I didn't try to speak Russian with her, even it always works with girls speaking Russian, she said: I like French because they are intelligent, I answered I don't think French I see in brothels are intelligent and I even added I m not sure to be intelligent, so she understood I was not in love and fortunately left me. Despite Inca, Melanie, Evita, Coni, Salli. Tu, Lara. De, Viorica, ex Elektra, no wow look seen once more, only Madalina reminds me what was Sharks before, nevertheless I found a very rare experience for me, from what she told me about Sharks average business and proposed me after just few caresses, I think very different for her from her usual fuckings, not a dreamed look but woman type and interesting. No need to run to return, even straight line from airport to the right curve before north Darmstadt, is good to test engine and full speed, but not so bad, but I miss wow beauties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canary  [View Original Post]
    A probable stupid question but do you have to pay when the Sauna master uses infusions in the sauna?
    I have only experienced a sauna master at Finca and there was no additional cost at all. Sometimes they have a locker outside the sauna with different essences and you can ask the staff to put some in the water bucket. I love it!

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    Natural busty lineup?


    Any natural busty lineup working in January or this week?

    Ie Dalma, Sabrina, Dilek?

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    Kosher, your inbox is full.

    This prevents us from setting up any sort of Gypsy rendezvous. Which is sad. For the Gypsies!

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    I realize that my favorite girls are generally not the favorites of most visitors to the FKKs. With that in mind I am inquiring of dark haired Romanian Bella. She did upsell me on my repeat sessions with her in June last year. Our first session was a torrid E50/30 min. On subsequent sessions she promised me 'what I like' for E100/30 min and I succumbed but enjoyed myself immensely. I would really like to meet her when I visit FKKland from next week. Has anyone seen her lately?

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