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    Summer Capital

    A few days delayed, but my report, as promised.

    After perusing the Kaohsiung-related posts, it seems that Romantic City is currently the most popular venue for mongering. I originally planned on checking it out, but my sense of adventure kicked in and I decided to try out something completely new and expand our horizons.

    I accidentally stumbled across this place on Qi Xian Road. And Zhong Hua Road. Called Summer Capital (xia du) while leaving an internet cafe. It looked pretty decent on the outside, so I decided to give it a go. If you stand on the intersection of Qi Xian Road. And Zhong Hua Road, you'll find a tea shop called Color Paris (cai se ba li). It's right on the corner and very easy to spot. Position yourself on Zhong Hua Road. So that you're facing south and Qi Xian Road. And Color Paris are behind you. Make sure you're on the same side of the road as Color Paris. Now, walk down Zhong Hua Road. About 10-20 meters and Summer Capital will be on your right. I attached a Google Maps picture with a small red dot to mark the exact spot.

    So I walked through the glass doors and entered this reception area where three guys were waiting. I asked them what their rate was and they said 1, 700 for 50 minutes of HS with the option to upgrade to FS for an extra 1, 000 depending on the girl. Sounds pretty standard. So one of the guys led me to this room right behind the counter. It was a lounge area with some couches, flatscreen TV, and some lockers. I was told to change into some slippers and put my shoes into a locker, along with anything else I didn't want to carry up with me. Then he locked the locker and gave me the key to wear around my wrist.

    After we left the lounge area, he led me through a secret door in the back and we went upstairs to an empty room. He asked me what kind of girl I wanted, and I said someone young with nice tits and not too fat, and that I didn't care if the boobs were fake. He told me the girl will arrive shortly and left the room. I waited for about 3 minutes before hearing a knock on the door. The first girl that came was pretty young and cute, about mid-20s, average height, average weight, nice C cups, and a decent face. But I wanted to see what else the place had to offer, so I declined and waited for another girl. About 3 minutes later, a second girl came. She was older, about early-30s, slim figure, average weight, and very full D cups. I usually prefer younger girls, but this one had a MILFy quality and looked pretty experienced, so I went for it.

    I told the second girl okay, and she put her stuff on the counter and told me to get ready for a shower. We stripped down together and she lead me into the shower. She helped me shower, paying special attention to my member and even sneaking in a hand job while she was at it. Then we dried off and headed towards the bed.

    Her routine was pretty standard. Started with a basic massage, then whole-body titty rub, then BBBJ. Then she had me get on all fours and stick my ass up in the air while she rimmed me while jerking me off from behind. Pure awesome. Then we slipped on the rubber for missionary, cowgirl, and doggy before I blew my load. We finished with another quick shower before she lead me out the room and to the stairs. DFK was allowed and GFE was very good. She was really enthusiastic about everything. Overall, I'd say: face = 7, body = 8, skills = 9. I don't quite remember her name though. I think it was Xiao Wen or Xiao Wei or something along those lines.

    I went downstairs and the same guy led me to the lounge area where I changed back into my shoes. He asked me about the service and if there was anything they needed to work on. I said the girl was great and that I had no complaints. I paid him 2700 at the front desk. He also asked me if I wanted to leave my phone number to receive text messages about new girls or specials in the future. Sure, why not? So I wrote it down before leaving.

    So yeah, that was a pretty good experience, especially since it was a blind partake. I know it's about 1000 more expensive than Romantic City, but from the looks of recent reports, the girls at Romantic City are older and not that hot. If you're looking for a bit more than just a quick bang with anyone with a hole, then be sure to give Summer Capital a try!
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    It just seems unfair that both Taipei and Taichung have their own threads while a major city like Kaohsiung is relegated into "Other Areas", so I decided to create a new thread just for K-Town.

    I recently moved here after spending a few years in Taichung, so I'm pretty new to the scene but looking forward to getting initiated. In fact, I'm checking out a new place tonight. I'll post a report about it tomorrow.

    Happy humping.

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