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    The Captain Does Kaohsiung!

    Hi, everyone! Quick introduction about myself: I'm a youngish white guy who's in good shape, speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese, and has extensive experience traveling all across Asia. I'm a sucker for "budget" mongering, and I like getting into gritty areas and looking around. This is my first time in Kaohsiung, and after reading through this here thread, I hit up a few of the places regularly mentioned. And I got to say I'm not very impressed.

    After reading many reports of easy Filipina girls at the bars near the Ai (Love) River, I decided I'd check them out first. I first made my way to Boracay Pub on Wufu 4th Road (Google Maps: 22.6210942, 120.2883213), which is a small place with a bar downstairs, and a karaoke machine upstairs. As I walked in, several youngish Filipina girls were playing some card games together on one of the tables. Two other older Filipina women were sitting at the bar. I ordered a beer and chatted with the older women for a bit. It didn't take long for them to start hounding me for lady drinks, and then it hit me that this place was yet another hostess bar, which I have zero interest in. Leave that overpriced crap in Japan where it belongs.

    Since one of the ladies was being very touchy with me and seemed a bit interested, I figured I'd just buy her one drink and see what I could do. Maybe I could get something free out of it after all. Her face was not very attractive at all, but her body looked half decent. She was a 5 at best. Her lady drink was 400 TWD, which seemed extortionately expensive, but maybe that's the true price. Hard for me to tell. After she got a drink for herself, I invited her upstairs, as there was no one up there, and she happily obliged. We sat on one of the sofas together, and I immediately started to feel her up, as I knew she wouldn't resist. She eagerly showed me her tits, and she had HUGE nipples, which was quite a turn off, but whatever. I pulled my pants down, and she played with my dick for a bit. She said she's suck me off if I bought her 5 lady drinks, but I didn't go with it. Way too expensive I think. And I figured I could get something for free if I was persistent enough.

    She played with my dick for what seemed like 15 minutes, but I wasn't making any progress. It seemed like she would have to be much more drunk for me to get anywhere, which means I would've had to keep buying more and more expensive lady drinks, which I felt wasn't worth it at all. I eventually gave up, paid for my beer and her lady drink (520 TWD total), and left. Those girls were still there playing cards when I left, and they didn't seem the least bit interested in me. Unless you want to drop tons of dollars paying for beer and stupid lady drinks, I suggest skipping Boracay Pub. Maybe if you went late in the night and the girls were drunk enough you could get something for free, but I'm doubtful.

    I later walked to Manila Disco Bar on Qixian 3rd Road (Google Maps: 22.623425, 120.280903), which is only about a kilometer's walk east of Boracay Pub. Once entering, you immediately walk downstairs into a nightclub. It looks like a proper dance club once you enter, but in fact it's yet another damn hostess bar. Only working girls seem to go there, not regular everyday girls. No thanks. As soon as I walked in, it was dark, there was loud dance music playing, and there were a bunch of Filipina girls sitting tiredly on a sofa together. I could see a table full of Bangladeshi-looking guys with a few hostesses by their side. I'm quite sure they're probably seamen, as this whole area is apparently popular with them, as they've been out at sea for so long and just want to relax and have fun.

    I ordered a cola from the bar, which was 100 TWD, just so I could survey the place. I sat at one of the sofas, and a young, half-decent looking Filipina came to sit by me and chat. She handed me a small plate of nuts as a snack. She looked sleepy and mostly disinterested, but she had a job to do. I knew it was only a matter of minutes before she'd start asking me for a lady drink. Not wanting to waste lots of money to be teased yet again, I finished my cola and left after about 10 minutes. The environment was dull, but some of the girls were good-looking. Nobody was dancing, and it didn't seemed like anything fun was ever going to happen. I was there around 11 PM on a Wednesday night, so maybe that was too early or the wrong day of the week. Anyways, it wasn't my kind of scene at all, so I can't recommend it to others. I have no interest to go back. Seems like a place you'd drop a lot of money and get very little in return for.

    So I decided to end my fruitless night by going to Green House (Google Maps: 22.6289533, 120.3005870), the ever-so-popular massage place that keeps getting mentioned on this thread. To be clear, it doesn't say "Green House" anywhere on the sign, rather that's just a translation of the place's Chinese name. It's only a few minutes walk from Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, and it's located on the 8th floor of a relatively tall building. Just plug in the Google Maps coordinates I mentioned, and it should be easy to find. As soon as I walked in, I greeted a youngish guy in Mandarin, just to show him I could communicate easily. It seemed like he probably knew a bit of English though. He explained to me the whole "half-service" non-sex thing, and he told me the price was 1,600 TWD.

    I went to my private room, which was actually fairly nice and big with a private shower and TV. There was 90's pop music playing in the background. Two ladies came to my door, and I was to choose one. I picked number 58, a good-looking middle-aged Taiwanese woman from right here in Kaohsiung (at least that's what she told me). The other was also middle-aged and had a nice body with big fake boobs, but she had a deep smoker's voice, which is a massive turn-off to me. I first took a shower by myself while number 58 waited in the room for me. When finished, she told me to get naked and face down on the massage table in the middle of the room. She massaged me with her hands for a few minutes, and then she got completely naked. She did a body-to-body massage for maybe 5 minutes, rubbing her medium-small tits across my back. I love that feeling of boobs sliding across my skin!

    Eventually she had me turn over, and she put a condom on my dick and sucked me for a few more minutes. After that, she took the condom off, put some warming gel on my dick, straddled me like in the cowgirl position, and started to give me a handjob. I came after a few minutes, and that was that. She took a quick shower, then I took one alone right after. We chatted (in Mandarin) for a few minutes while I got dressed, and she asked me several questions about English grammar. She also said lots of foreigners go to their massage spa. She was nice and all, and her service was not bad, but the whole experience was just way too fast for the price. From the moment I entered the spa to the moment I left my room to pay the front desk guy was maybe 25 minutes, and half of that was just waiting for the women to come to my room.

    It was nice to finish my night with a bang, but I have to desire to return to any of the places I mentioned above. If I were on a long dry streak, Green House would do, but it's not a place I'd visit often. A handjob for what amounts to US $50 just isn't worth it to me. Not in Asia. I'd give Kaohsiung a 5 on the budget monger scale. I didn't see anything that noteworthy or cheap, but it wasn't awful either.

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    Findings on Skout App

    I've been swindled before and I posted about it here. This time I found something very similar. I didn't go with any of the deals but thought I'd share it here and ask what others thoughts are. I am skeptic about this even as I post, but anyway -.

    So I installed this app called Skout. It seems like an app similar to Tinder, swipe left, swipe right yada yada yada. But this app has an option to explore like WeChat (check my WeChat post from before, that definitely made me happy). I keep exploring and also get checked out by visitors to my profiles. I saw a couple of Line ID's in description, so I add them and started chatting. Now here are 3 responses I got from 3 different girls / IDs (Thinking of it now, I'm not sure if I was chatting with girls). I've simplified the chats to important info, but believe me knowing Chinese is the key to explore on these apps.

    1. Is a student and escorts for part time. Sends me pictures on request. Gives me the price 3 k /2 h and 6 k / all night. So I begin asking her a few questions just to test how legit this is. She says I can pay her after the deed. So that's definitely not a 'myCard' scam. I ask her if its okay to go to a hotel tonight, she say OK. Johnny was all happy, but here is what threw me off. She won't come to hotel directly and asks that I come pick her up. But wouldn't give address until I get to a certain place. Delete!

    2. Looks really cute, seemed a bit older (29 ish), Is not a student. Sends me pictures. I asked her to come to hotel directly, but she says she lives alone, and gives me full address to come join (never went with it, so can't be sure). So now I just need to check for price and how to pay (aka standard verification). Guess what 3 k /2 h and 6 k / all night. Felt it was a scam! Delete!

    3. This one is a straight up scam. Introduces herself, says she's a student and does this for some extra money. But then goes off on this self justification speech! Total turn off! And to add to this, she won't budge her prices, 5 k for 2 h. Then gives explanations for that too, like 4-5 lines on a phone screen is a lot! Looked like she was prepared, copy-paste, copy-paste. Delete! Good decision on my part, I later found the same Line ID on other profiles on Skout!

    I gave up search and went straight to GH. Happy ending indeed!

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    Green House

    I arrived and asked for 00. She was busy, so they suggested so! Someone else with big boobs. I entered the room and 26 came in. She's cute with a nice rack, so I said OK. I took a solo shower, then a weak massage and then I was on all fours with a nice ball dick oil massage. Ball sucking also. Great technique. On the flip with hot tea, some BBBJ and HJ with LFK and nipple licking. Then, great ending and mutual shower. I liked 26, would repeat. 1600 fee, plus they have a dartboard game setup near the exit where I won a pen, haha.

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    Green House Review


    I was in Kaoshiung a few weeks ago and stopped by green house twice while I was there.

    I had to do some digging here but I was able to piece together the location, it's pretty obvious once you get to the elevator.

    My first visit I told the people it was my first time there and they said no problem. I don't speak Chinese so there was a language barrier but it was no big deal. I chose the first girl that game to my room, she was skinny and wasn't anything special, I figured on my first visit I wouldn't get anything spectacular. I showered, she did her massage and then the soft massage and HJ routine, no hot tea action but overall pretty good skills. I showered with the girl, she cleaned me up, gave me a hug and I was on my way.

    Two days later I went back, and when I was walked back to the room I motioned to the guy that I wanted a girl with big boobs. The first girl that game was exactly what I was looking for, see cups and a nice butt for Asian girls with just a little bit of baby fat. I showered and laid down for the massage. The fact that I didn't speak Chinese didn't stop the girl from talking, she was very friendly and talkative. She did a short massage and then went for the special massage. I got the hot tea service and HJ finish, I was please with her routine, much better than the first girl. We showered together, joked around on google translate and I was on my way.

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    Help for green house!


    I am in oh for another day. Can someone please send me the location for free house? I I can neither find it on the site nor the internet.

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    FS Providers / Canal Area?


    I'll be in Kaohsiung for the next month. When I last visited, I went to the Canal area and had a pretty good time (you can see my review earlier). Has anyone visited the Canal area recently and provide any tips for new spots? Or, if they know of any other FS areas?

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    Green House review

    Pretty much as stated earlier. Very easy to find, foreigner friendly (staff speaks passable English), good facilities and above all convenient.

    Wanted to see #00 but she was was busy so had to go with the house choice. First girl was older, chubby and not really attractive. Absolutely no issues asking for another girl. Forgot the number but she was sweet and very friendly. Regular HS with some body licking. The good part is they are fully nude (turning down the lights is the cue for the girl getting naked) and exploring is allowed, at least with this girl.

    Many thanks to Seamaster811 for previous in depth reports and valuable intel. It made me much more comfortable in trying it out on my own.

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    Realized after I submitted my review that I had meant to type GH instead of GR. Why's there no edit functionality?

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    My experiences at GR

    First off, many thanks to those who have posted throughout the years in this forum. Very helpful and made my month-long stay in Kaohsiung over the summer more interesting.

    So anyway, turns out the oft-mentioned GR was a rather quick bike ride from where I stayed so I visited 5 times over the span of about 3 weeks. My first visit, when I told them it was my first time there, they took down my last name & cell #. Also asked for an email address for event notification purposes but I declined since I wasn't going to be around for too long. Led to a room and waited for the girls to show up. The guy who took me to the room didn't even ask what type of girl I was looking for. Two came in and I opted for a rather cheerful one who I mistakenly thought had introduced herself as "Angel. " After showering and chatting w / her, accidentally let slip that I was back from overseas and she pretty much jumped my bones. No massage to start out with. Just stuck her tongue down my throat and things got pretty hot. A little bit of BBBJ, then simulated cowgirl and final HJ release w / lots of kissing and fingering. Needless to say I was pretty pleased. She's a very chatty girl and while I found her looks to be a bit unique and attractive to me, will most likely be YMMV for others. Also she doesn't like people touching her short hair. During the cleanup shower I asked for her # and apparently I had misheard her when she originally introduced herself. She wasn't "Angel", but was 109.

    Came back the next day and opted for a lineup again just to see what else was available. This time I happened to show up at the same time as another guy who had made an appointment to see #539 so I made note of the # as someone to possibly ask for on a future visit. Anyway, turned away the first girl to show up (felt awkward doing that) and then settled for a relatively petite girl w / what seemed like a decent rack from the second group, #51. She was more by the book: initial light massage, hot tea CBJ w / condom, some ball sucking, to final HJ. Not as attractive or affectionate overall but I think I was spoiled by my first experience the previous day.

    Third visit a week later. Asked for 539 and they wanted to know if I had seen her before. I said no and they said I should really make an appointment if I wanted to see her. Or I could wait 40 minutes for her to be free. Didn't want to wait so I asked if 109 was available and she was. This led to one of the most peculiar experiences I've ever had. Came out of the shower to what seemed like a completely different girl than the one from my first visit. It was the same girl, but she was super mad. Mad to the point where she would just turn everything you said to try to appease her back against you. She pretended to not remember me. Or maybe she wasn't pretending. Was hard to tell. Why was she mad? Cause she was my "er dian," second choice. WTF? Why would the front desk people tell the girls this? She mentioned something about er dians only getting 1000 NT instead of 1200 NT for first picks so I offered to just give her the difference up front but she was like, "What bullshit are you talking about? I don't want your money. " So this goes on for a bit and I was about to chalk this up as a lost visit when she finally tells me to lie down. I start going face down as if for a massage when she snaps at me, "I didn't tell you to lie on your stomach, turn around!" So I turn around and she settles down for a rather long BBBJ. Like I was surprised at how long she spent down there considering she didn't do it for long during the first visit. Then she snuggled up for the HJ portion of things. But apparently she was trying to teach me a lesson or something cause she'd bring me to the brink and then just. Stop. Like she fell asleep. Then she'd start again. She kept this going until time was up. Then she got serious and finally let me release. Afterwards she was still pout and gave me two whacks on the butt for "being mean to her. " But on the way out she said she liked my body. This girl definitely knows what she's doing.

    Another week later was my fourth visit. I really wanted to see 109 again cause I was leaving this week and despite her seemingly bipolar nature I was rather fond of the girl. But she was busy for the next 2 hours so I stuck around for a lineup instead. Chose a nice, but older looking woman in a pink nurse outfit who turned out to be #18. She started off like normal w / a light massage. But then told me to get on my hands & knees where she went for some bean & pole licking. Then turned around for plastic wrap CBJ, a little' Russian, simulated cowgirl, and final HJ. A bit of a heavier girl, not fat, but still curvy. Afterwards she told me that the girls were expected to drum up 30 rescheduled appointments a month and were docked 1000 NT for every one they didn't make. Not sure how truthful she was being but that's pretty rough if true.

    The next day was able to slip away for my last visit. This time I called ahead to make sure 109 was available. She came in all smiles but then I made the unfortunately criminal offense of apologizing for visiting her so late in her shift (this was around 7:45). She asked what I meant so I said I thought you worked from 12-8. She got all pissy, saying she worked till 9 and I must have gotten her schedule confused w / some other girl. I swear this girl's got to be bipolar. Then she just sat down on the table and clammed up for a good minute or two. Finally snapped out of it and told me to lie down. Played w / my little guy for a while and asked me if this was the second time seeing her. I said third and didn't notice that she had covered me up until she climbed on and slipped me in. Cowgirl for a while and then mish till the end. After the cleanup we still had some time left but she got dressed and sat down in the chair and chatted about how cheap it was to order things from China through the Taobao site. Also mentioned that she had come down w / a cold which would explain why she seemed a little' out of it at times.

    So that was my experience at GR. Wish I could've stayed in Kaohsiung longer just so I could see 109 another time or two just to see if I could get back to the level of playfulness that she had shown during the first visit. So for anyone who wants to take a crack at 109, just be careful of what you say. Short fuse aside, she's a pro at what she does though. She's not model thin but she's soft and curvy w / a nice chest. Face-wise, she's not classically pretty but I rather liked her looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Addictkpc  [View Original Post]
    Went to this place today, When the elevator opened at the 4th floor, a young guy in front of the elevator invited me in to spa. He can speak English a little bit but foreign friendly.

    1600 NT for 50 minutes include CBJ. And I asked the girl for FS, she said 2000 NT for extra.

    She look late 20's or early 30's, nice real tits, nice real wet with no smell.

    Good Experience here, may be back in a few days if I have a free time.
    This place if near from "Perfect Wedding Style" if I'm not mistaken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radioactive  [View Original Post]
    Where did you get the contact for order the girl?
    Look for option called "People Nearby". Easier if you can read / write chinese. Promiscuous profiles are the way to go, but I'm not sure if theres a pattern to it. You might find more services than individuals. Good luck brother!

    Quote Originally Posted by ScooterFreak94  [View Original Post]
    Which hotel did you use?
    I'm afraid I can't locate that hotel now! But my usual one is just called "Sandou Hotel" on google maps (NT350 per 3 hrs). Good people and there are free covers in the rooms!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeamvBoy  [View Original Post]
    This is from a about 2 weeks ago, but I remember it like yesterday.

    It had been riding on my mind to go out and get some, but I got off work very late. I managed to scout on Wechat as I reached home.

    I got in contact with two offers. One sent dozens of pictures to choose from and the second wouldn't show any. I decided to pick the later, just to surprise myself really, and set out for a night of fun. I quickly got a taxi to a hotel I frequented on Sandou. Too bad, I forgot it was a Friday! The hotel was packed for the night. These hotels are quite used to "Take Rest" (3 hrs only) rentals. The guy there suggested I go to another hotel down the road. I took his directions to the place, but it seemed too legit for "Take Rest" offerings. I returned to the first hotel and asked him for another place. Like I said, they are quite used to this, so he suggested another place. This one was close to Central Park. By now, my date started asking me to quickly find a place, so I made a dash for it.
    Which hotel did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeamvBoy  [View Original Post]
    This is from a about 2 weeks ago, but I remember it like yesterday.

    It had been riding on my mind to go out and get some, but I got off work very late. I managed to scout on Wechat as I reached home.

    I got in contact with two offers. One sent dozens of pictures to choose from and the second wouldn't show any. I decided to pick the later, just to surprise myself really, and set out for a night of fun. I quickly got a taxi to a hotel I frequented on Sandou. Too bad, I forgot it was a Friday! The hotel was packed for the night. These hotels are quite used to "Take Rest" (3 hrs only) rentals. The guy there suggested I go to another hotel down the road. I took his directions to the place, but it seemed too legit for "Take Rest" offerings. I returned to the first hotel and asked him for another place. Like I said, they are quite used to this, so he suggested another place. This one was close to Central Park. By now, my date started asking me to quickly find a place, so I made a dash for it...
    Where did you get the contact for order the girl?

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    KHH Nightlife

    Hi mate,

    I'm going to Kaohsiung this September. I have been read all of your posts below and its pretty nice. Can you escort me to one of the place that you mention before? I'm seeking for the Taiwanese girl.

    Thanks mate!



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    Boracay pub

    Any brothers know if Boracay pub is still around or worth going to? Manila disco bar is my next place on my to do list haha.

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