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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveGirls60  [View Original Post]

    Any update of Munich FKK?

    I will visit on 17th-25th Dec, Any suggestion for FKK? Price / hhr?
    Not sure open in Bavaria. You should call clubs before.

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    FKK Munich


    Any update of Munich FKK?

    I will visit on 17th-25th Dec, Any suggestion for FKK? Price / hhr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunMan13  [View Original Post]
    I may end up in Munich around Christmas ...
    The Munich Christmas Market is locked down. Thus wishful thinking clubs to reopen within the next weeks in Bavaria. But great chance to see a shut down of locations of similar kind all over Germany.

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    Sudfass Oase

    I have been to Munich about 4-5 times in the last 10 years and always went to Sudfass Oase because it was easy to get to. I even took public transport but can't remember the details (the last time in 2017). I have always been satisfied with the club. I may end up in Munich around Christmas. I hope the standard is still the same. I may also try Sunshine. We'll see.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GoFlexYourself  [View Original Post]
    Is Stelvio a club that I have never heard of?
    Stelvio is a outside club, but only for real sport, sorry. My meaning was Munich is quite close to places I love, but not sure the best German town for brothels, but you should find escorts in Bavaria. Beautiful Mystic Salzburg. At is not so far, 20/25 girls there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirioja  [View Original Post]
    Munich is good close to Stelvio, around 2 hours.
    Is Stelvio a club that I have never heard of?

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    Beautiful club Mystic Salzburg with outside swimming pool, really just on border and very cheap gas station just close, is not far from Munich. Munich is good close to Stelvio, around 2 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason21  [View Original Post]
    Haven't seen any new reports for a while. Does anyone know if Sunshine is open?
    I've read on site that it is open again.

    Does anyone know how is the situation there? Ladies number or news?


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    FKK Sunshine Open?

    Haven't seen any new reports for a while. Does anyone know if Sunshine is open?

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    FKK Sunshine pre corona report

    My only FKK experience to date has been FKK sunshine, been early 2020 and several times in 2019.

    The Hessen an Rhein scene have been written about by others and I hear globe is very nice but anyway some experiences.

    Location is okay 10 min walk from subway to industrial location. I prefer e-scooter.

    Prior to FKK I tried massage parlors in Munich but found price quality below that in Frankfurt area.

    Club is in a reasonable sized house with jacuzzi steam room, outside area, bar, Kino sports room.

    Bit pricy entry compared to other clubs, only non alcohol included in price which suits me.

    Never found wanting anything in the line up, always enough fuckable and eager Eastern Europeans.

    There is usual upset for GFE (I never buy it. I'm there for porn fuck not GFE).

    Usually I'm a one pop guy and don't linger to long. Which is not the right idea of going to FKK so I tend to splurge a bit on what I want. Often I end up in three some with extra service components. Nice sex party one time in the kino, all in all great time.

    It can be busy and is popular with the Asian crowd (I think Japanese) ladies like them as they pay well and business is quick.

    Sunshine has wetted my appetite for larger FKK what I can only dream about in this sexless corona curse.

    I post also some report about Frankfurt pay scene which at moment is very dead.

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    Sunshine, I forgot to mention.

    After you are through the girl follows you to the locker room where you pay her cash from your locker. They do have an ATM on site.

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    63 Birthday Saturday Afternoon at Sunshine

    I was in Munich on business for a few days and I had read some of the not very complimentary reviews of Sunshine here on ISG. As it turned out Saturday was my 63rd birthday and for lack of better options I planned to spend the afternoon there and check it out for myself. I had a little edible to ensure my mellowness and took an Uber from the Hauptbanhoff, it took about 15 minutes and 10 euros. It was in a somewhat industrial area and easily identified with a sign out front.

    I entered and was greeted by a fairly friendly and burly German fellow and paid my 50 Euro entry fee. I got two towels and some plastic slippers and was instructed to take everything off and leave it in the locker, and was given the wristband with a number for the locker and a key. I went into the locker room and the facilities were nice enough, clean and plenty of shower space and hot water. I stripped down and took a shower, there wasn't anybody else there, it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. I dried off with one towel and left it in a basket and kept the other one, better to keep both towels.

    I went through the door and entered the bar area. There was one guy there at the bar and a few girls sitting around poking at their phones. Nobody really looked up and I stood there looking lost for a moment I suppose. Luckily Jasmine came by with a big smile and said "do you need some help? Have you been here before?" I said no, I had not, and I could use some help with my wristband. Something about her just clicked with me right away, and she put me immediately at ease and helped me with my wrist band and showed me around. There was the empty kino, the smoking room with some more girls in there smoking, the buffet room that didn't look that interesting and the outdoor solarium with some lounge chairs and a small jacuzzi that held three and had two guys in it at the moment. Jasmine was a little bit curvy with a beautiful face, sparkly eyes, nice big natural boobs and a round juicy ass. She smiled and even giggle a bit and it seemed we connected right away. She asked if I would like anything and I said a beer please, and she went behind the bar and got me one. They don't seem to have a bartender, at least at that time, so the girls would get me a beer, which were 5 euros. I asked Jasmine if had some time to chat and she said she had to run off for a while but would be back in about 30 minutes. Ok, see you then!

    I sat at the bar and sipped on my beer a bit. There were about 4-5 girls sitting around, mostly naked but with just enough lace or string to not be completely so. Of the 4-6 there 4 were really not very attractive at all, but the other two were pretty good looking and I thought Jasmine was really quite beautiful, and hot as hell. One by one the ugly ones kind of sauntered over to ask if I wanted to go up to a room. There was no real attempt to make conversation, which was a little disappointing. Thankfully I was able to say, "Sorry I am waiting for Jasmine" and they would just shrug and walk away.

    I went out to soak in the jacuzzi for a little while, the two German guys there were a bit drunk already but they did confirm that Sunshine really didn't stand up to the other better FKK in Germany but that it most definitely was the best that Munich had to offer. The water was disappointingly cool, so I relaxed for a while, got another beer and then went back to the bar area.

    A fairly hot blond came by to chat me up so I had her sit down to fill me in on the program. I had been told on the phone that the girls started at 60 euros but according to this girl that wasn't worth discussing. The basic rate was 90 euros for 30 minutes with BBBJ, 69, and fucking in whatever positions you wanted. 50 euros more for CIM, 100 for anal. I didn't get the hourly rates. I said that I had a little vibrator that I had brought along to entertain the girl and she said that would be an additional 50 euros as well. I didn't quite see the point of that, why pay to make them feel better? But there you have it. She also intimated that there could be two girls and lots of options but did not give specified pricing for that. My feeling it that it could get expensive quickly.

    She said "so, let's go up?" She seemed a bit hardened to me, so I said politely, sorry, I am waiting for Jasmine. "Oh, you waste my time! Don't bother coming back to me, you have wasted my time!" and she stormed off and went to sit at one of the slot machines and poked at her phone.

    I was hoping to be able to just hang out and chat with some of the girls, but apparently they would rather poke at their phones than talk to customers. It got a little boring.

    Thankfully Jasmine came down just at the right time. So she came and was happy to chat and I explained that it was my 63rd birthday and was there to celebrate. We discussed the options and indeed all the girls have the same basic menu which sounded good to me. Jasmine was from Moldovia and worked at Sunshine for 3 weeks and then went to her home for 3 weeks. This was her first day back on the job, but I was her second, fair enough. So she led me upstairs to a room, which was nice enough, although the bed was too low for some of the things I like to do. She went and got a little sheet and spread it out. Her boobs were wonderful to squeeze and suck on and titty fuck and indeed she seemed to be very enthusiastic about everything. Her pussy tasted very sweet though she did not have much in the way of labia her clit was defined well enough and I was able to give her a leg / head vise trembling orgasm which she thoroughly enjoyed. Fucked very nicely in various positions, she really liked to squat on me in several different ways, some of which were new to me and very enjoyable. No rush and a very enjoyable time, she was delightful.

    A kiss and back downstairs. I never did discuss the option of kissing as I was starting to get a cold and didn't want to in any event but there was some kissing involved for sure.

    Got a beer, relaxed in the jacuzzi a bit. I definitely wanted a second round for my birthday. Jasmine, the brunette again would have been a fine choice but then blonde Julia from Lithuania came and sat with me. She was a little more reserved than Julia, no giggling but an easy laugh and she was definitely most beautiful as well. She confirmed the menu and up we went.

    She had told me she liked 69 and we immediately got into that position. She was much slimmer than Jasmine and had just gotten some new fake boobs so she told me to be very careful with them. When she got into position and her pussy was over my face I could see I had made the right decision as she had the pussy from heaven. Pink and smooth and big labia that looked like a perfect oval horse collar around her vagina. I gently started to suck on them as she sucked my cock and it seemed like I could suck on them until I could feel them in the back of my throat. No worries with the occasional TIA, and a little wiggly FIA was welcomed as well, as long as it didn't go too deep.

    We went through all the requisite positions and she seemed used to taking control and was quite happy for me to direct the action. At least as enjoyable as Jasmine but of course different which is what makes different women so enjoyable. No rush and she gave me a bit of a massage at the end.

    For what it is worth she complimented me on my "bull like strength, toro!" etc. And I certainly felt most than satisfied that I had spent a most wonderful 63rd birthday at Sunshine.

    Perhaps for German guys who are spoiled by bigger and better FKK Sunshine does not seem that great. It is small, and perhaps the girls could be friendlier to help pass the time, both theirs and ours. There were some girls who were not that attractive but plenty that were. I went there with 200 euros in my pocket and with the 4 beers I had spent exactly that. A very enjoyable and memorable time.

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    Both are good, but I personally like Hawaii better, service is good and old school at both.

    Hawaii is larger, the indoor pool at Colosseum takes up a lot of space. Also there seem to be more girls at Hawaii. Service is good, but with the last girl at Hawaii, I had to clarify the services she would provide. Also there is another club very close to Hawaii which looks similar but was closed when I was there, maybe it has reopened.

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    Couple of days in Munich "FKK" Fantasy

    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaIndigo  [View Original Post]
    When I was in Colosseum a while ago, a German FKK acquaintance was raving about a new club in Munich as large as colosseum, I had to see it to believe it.

    Well the new place is hardly any bigger than Sunshine and the service levels are similar. I met an awful shark and got put off so I did not session with any girl, some, the minority, looked pretty and the club is fully nude.

    I would agree with many posters and say Munich is not the ideal place for this hobby. Colosseum and Hawaii are far better.

    Speaking of which, has anyone been to FKK Fantasy in Munich?
    In Munich for a couple of days- First night visited "FKK" Fantasy just for research purposes as you do. Checked in around 8 pm. As expected small venue, no food, a smattering of Romanian girls (a couple very pretty) standing around naked. All looked at least 30. A couple of big African girls too which I'm not sure is common. They appeared to be very popular but I guess everyone has his thing.

    I mostly sat at the bar and observed the action- indeed very brothelesque atmosphere. In the four hours I was there a couple of girls turned over at least 4 customers, with the "mamasan" boss lady pushing girls to talk to customers. Mostly Oriental and Russian clientele that night.

    I settled on a quiet Romanian "Delia" with a young looking face and so-so body. She wasn't aggressive at all which was what interested me in her. Average session nothing special - 150 for an hour.

    Tonight deciding between Collo and Hawaii. Thoughts?

    / Au.

    [Edit: There is a Sauna and fairly large hot tub which was nice]

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    Nice time at colosseum

    Hi guys, thanks for your message. I was in Colosseum and had a nice time.

    Here my report.

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