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    Khyara and Baby Blue

    If you think you have Khyara's number, or mine, think again. We both lost our Telcel numbers and she lost her Contacts as well. Private message me with your WhatsApp number and I will share her new number and mine. Also, Baby Blue is still in CDMX. Message me if you have dates fixed for Mexico City and I will be happy to help.

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    Here's a report of my short trip to CDMX earlier this month.

    Day 1 was supposed to see Sofisayun. When I got to my hotel, messaged her and she didn't respond back. I should have just taken the L and rubbed one out. But little head had other ideas. I jumped on to miloeroticos and found a chick named Erica. Texted her through whatsapp. She got back to me. Tried communicating in Spanish initially, eventually switched to English. Anyways she says she can do 1 HR for $2500 MXN. She also mentions her "cousin" could join us for an additional $2000. She sends a pic, and I agree.

    They arrive fashionably late. Don't speak a lick of English. Not really a criticism, she never claimed to. But it did make things a bit frustrating (We were both using google translate leading up the meeting) Anyways BCD was mostly lame. Started with CBJ from one of them while the other kisses my neck. They weren't really into kissing me, but did see some decent making out action between them, and they did some tribbing. I fucked the cousin some which wasn't bad and then switched condoms to try and fuck Erica but junior was not cooperating. So I finished things myself with them kissing my neck. Which is a something I have a weakness for. Afterwards we try to communicate some. Which was mildly amusing but I was also pretty bummed and wanted them to leave. So I'm out roughly $250 for a really lame doubles session.

    Next day I was off to do some sight seeing. However Sofisayun did message me saying she had left her phone at her apt the previous day and asked if we could reschedule. I suggested the next day (day 3) We set up a time for the evening.

    Day 3 I did some more sight seeing and also got my covid test in the morning. Which is necessary for re entry to the US. I asked her if she could move up to an earlier time. So that I could go to a backup plan if she flaked again. (which in this case was going to be Geisha academy) and she said she could. She arrived an hour late. But this is the norm. As many of you have stated.

    Anyways she's not particularly attractive IMO. But I think others might think she is. I walk her up to my room and shortly after entering, she approaches me and we start making out. What follows was a pretty good GFE session. BBBJ + CFS. Ass was even bigger in person and she was pretty vocal. Afterwards we chatted for a decent amount of time. Her English is pretty good. I was considering doing more then an hour, but junior likely would not have cooperated, so I asked her if she wanted to shower. She got cleaned up and dressed, I gave her the donation. Would probably repeat if I ever return.

    Hope somebody finds this information useful.

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    Better advice would be don't use that site nor milerotics verification doesn't mean shit, I know there some risk takers but there's a sea of information on this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by BitCorn  [View Original Post]
    Here are the links to their profiles:

    They will send you someone completely different from the pictures. I even filtered for "Verified" photos only on this website. No bueno.

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    Day 3: All About Luna

    Felt confined on Saturday so decided to spend the morning and early afternoon on a long walk around the Bosque de Chapultepec checking out the Anthropology Museum and Castle. I had Luna scheduled for an overnight so wanted a fully loaded gun for her. About four hours in, I figured that I'd pick up her requested beverage of choice -- tequila. She actually said tequila or mescal and I'd prefer a really smooth anejo so went with that. At the fully stocked store, they had a Herradura that I'd never seen before -- Ultra, a clear anejo that reminded me of the old Crystal Pepsi. Read the reviews which said it was very good so picked up a full 750 ML for under $30.

    On the way home hit up a bakery which had incredible pastries and baguette sandwiches. The former I chose a gorgeous manzana tart for us to share later, the latter a salami and manchego to devour on the way back to the hotel.

    Fast forward to 9 -- she actually arrived early! EARLY! We planned on 9 and I expected Luna by 10:30 LOL. These girls. LOL. But she was. EARLY!

    Brought her up and we sat on the couch chatting and sipping* for about two hours just laughing and having fun. I speak a little Spanish and it was enough, with Google Translate, to really conversate.

    * - OK, I sipped. She can fucking PUT DOWN SOME GODDAMN TEQUILA! She LOVED the Herradura Ultra and I'd fill a cocktail glass about 1/3 of the way up for her and a splash for me, turn around, and hers was gone. Refill and vanish. Rinse and repeat. Swear the girl had half the bottle in 2 hours and didn't appear even tipsy. I had maybe 3-4 shots worth (sipping along the way) and felt it. Goddamn, that girl could out-drink a navy boy. Quick tequila review -- was very odd. Some of the depth of flavor from an anejo was there but none of the caramel / darker flavors. Was a bit sweet. Ridiculously smooth. Zero hangover the next day for either of us. Interesting to try. Especially for the price.

    Made the move to unbutton her top and she got the hint and went off to shower (see previous review about how great this is).

    Came out completely naked. Not even a towel around her. Incredible perky breasts, nice soft stomach, fantastic legs, and just smiled and led me to the bed. We made out for a brief minute and I kissed and licked to her very hard nipples, which made her moan and grind against me. Seriously sensitive. Made my way down to lick and kiss her pussy and she must have squirted within 2 minutes. Well, I wasn't finished yet so let her sensitivity recede by licking down to her ass (paid dividends later) and coming back up her thighs, when she grabbed my hair with both hand and guided me to her spot and used me as a dildo until she flooded my face while she was on her back and feet behind her head. Took that opportunity to lick all the way up her body and kiss her, which she took the opportunity to grab me and stick it inside her and thrust me all the way in!

    I don't think she realized the length. We stared into each other's eyes as she did that and her pleasure turned to woah turned to deep worry lines forming and a "can I handle this?" look. Absolutely incredible moment. Pulled out a bit and she grabbed my hips to go back as deep as possible while we stared into the depths of each other's eyes. She must have come a couple more times and I was doing all I could to hold off.

    Ended up on my back and her turn for oral -- she couldn't get me nearly down as far as Khyara and teared about 3/4 of the way down although she tried to go deeper. Came up for air and shoved my feet behind my head and attacked my balls and ass. She's really great at both and as dirty as girls come. Pulled her back up and she pushed me straight back into her pussy and grinded until she was sweaty and satisfied.

    Then, without even going to the bathroom or rinsing off, we cuddled, talked, then the subject of music came up. Yadda yadda yadda, we probably had two hours of bed dancing while discovering what music the other loved and ours were very similar (shockingly, she was super into CCR LOL) and more tequila drinking (I told you she could DRANK). Fell asleep at some point. Morning sex and then she showered and left with the 5 drops of Ultra that were left hahaha.

    A great woman, extremely compatible and sexy, passionate, confident, amazing. 11/10 (see Spinal Tap).
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    Thanks to Juan Carter I was able to book Regina tonight. She's got a nice tight body, smooth skin, and an electrifying personality. The best part about the service was that I did not feel rushed and she also gave a good blow job.

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    Avoid these two Danielas from Sexo Servidoras

    Here are the links to their profiles:

    They will send you someone completely different from the pictures. I even filtered for "Verified" photos only on this website. No bueno.

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    Pepe's Party

    Thanks for taking it for the team. I enjoyed Pepe's June party but, as with your report, the quality of girls at the party in October was sub-standard. Thanks also for posting photos of Rebecca, RBK. She has had good local reviews over the years but she is much too thick for my taste and your photos prompt me to remove her from my GottaTry list. I hope your future CDMX experiences are more pleasant and I certainly appreciate your reviews.

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    Day 2: Pepe's Party

    So I woke up feeling like ass -- but nothing that a little desayuno and mas cafe couldn't solve. Was super horny but wanted to save up for hopefully multiple sessions at Pepe's party so went out to eat here -- please walk by all the other booths and have the best tostada of your life.

    Then tried to get into the Frida museum but no tix avail. No biggie. Walked the neighborhood and then back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta.

    Tried to get into Contramar for dinner but even at 5 pm (I thought Mexicans ate dinner late?) the place was PACKED with an hour wait even for the bar. I usually have luck getting into hot restaurants without a wait but that was crazy. Heard good things about Loup Bar so went there -- do not go there. Weird flavors and overpriced. That's a miss.

    Anyway, then headed over to Hotel Rex for Pepe's party. Confusion over payment continued and I just showed him that the payment never got returned and then we went upstairs. Not sure if he was playing me for a sucker or what but I wasn't having it. There was some legit confusion around the deposit so may be have been legit. Anyway, got upstairs into the room and...

    There were 4-5 enh looking girls (too skinny, in the game too long, skinny with potbelly, etc.) at 6:30 when I showed up (started at 3 supposedly). But Rebecca had a shine about her -- pretty face, great hair, and my type of body -- curvy but no gut, friendly, classy (other girls were loud and a bit trashy) and carried herself really well. Danced with a couple guys (note: I cannot dance) so just took it in for a bit. We were kicked out to another room for noise and made my move -- asked if we could go to another room and she honestly looked relieved. Really doesn't seem like her scene.

    I asked her to show me a couple dance moves so we did that for a bit to break the ice (note: girls love to dance no matter what) and then she took my face in her hands and gave me the biggest wet open-mouthed passionate kiss. Clothes came off and she is absolutely spectacular -- large natural firm breasts that don't sag, great round ass (not wide) perfect for spanking (it left very red), great hourglass figure. See her now before age / gravity set in.

    We went to the bed and she had dribbled pussy juice down the inside of her thigh. She needed to be cleaned up and I was the guy to do it. She came quickly as I sucked her clit then she threw me on my back and hopped on bare, rubbing her super wet pussy all over me. She knelt up and the tip found its way in and thought I was golden -- she even left it there for a pause. I pulled her hips down onto me and she said no and put the tent on. Sigh. I could still feel how absolutely wet and warm she was as she grinded to another orgasm.

    My turn -- flipped her over for doggie and spanked the hell out of her -- swear the girls in the other room heard it over the music. Then came in my favorite position especially for a thick girl -- flat on her stomach, legs straight back on the bed, straddling the outside of her thighs.

    We must have stayed there for another 20 minutes even though I only said 30 total. She was so passionate in kissing and tracing fingers and had the biggest smile. I asked about that and she said: "Tu estas mi primero gringo!" then giggled hahahaha. Happy to show her that white boys know how to fuck lmao.

    We went back into the room and sat next to each other on the bed but she was so shy. The party girls were shooting shots from a water gun into people's mouths, I didn't want that and she didn't either. A tall skinny short haired blonde had a collar and chain and put it on different guys to dirty dance with all the girls and she didn't want to participate in that. She went off to try and secure another guy and I ended up being groped by a short girl (didn't get her name) in a tight pleather skirt with a fake ass (those are awful) which was ok but everyone was smoking so I got out of there.

    Just in time, I surmise, as 4 other girls left at the same time I did.

    So the party was enh, Pepe's fleet of women is sub-standard unless you like the types of girls I do, then go see Rebecca.
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    Victoria Lexus: Red Flags

    I saw VL on Twitter and love her curvy soft body. There aren't any reviews or mentions of her so I reached out to take one for the team. Some major red flags here and I will not see her. Her whatsapp note is below.

    The red flags to me are:

    - The whole thing just seems mechanical.

    - Demanding $200 deposit is ok (but these girls flake so that's one strike) but then also demanding full payment upon arrival in room. Um, no.

    - Don't like the condoms are on your own line.

    - Trying to sell me photos and video packs? Really?

    - Upsell charge for filming while she's with me? In your intro note? Seriously?

    - 1. 5 hour option? You're really that much of a clock watcher?

    I'm led to believe that this girl will provide awful service, not really engage, perform mechanically, and get up off you the second your time is done. She just doesn't seem service oriented.

    I will 100% avoid this girl. If you choose to see her, please prove me wrong.

    * Hello sweetheart, my name is Victoria Lexus and I put at your disposal the different services that I offer *.


    When I get to the room I will immediately go to wash my hands and teeth, * kissing is also part of my service! *.

    Before going to the service as such, we must both bathe.

    The previous erotic romp and caresses cannot be missed.

    I serve men, women, couples, members of the LGBTTTIQ + community and people with different capacities.

    The cost of unlimited vaginal intercourse with condoms and natural oral hygiene for all this 2021 is:

    * ONE HOUR $ 1400 *.

    * HOUR AND A HALF $ 2000 *.

    * TWO HOURS $ 2400 *.

    I also handle extras.

    -Anal +600.

    -Oral finished +400 (no face, no hair, no crotch).

    -Save the encounter (explicit) +500.

    -Tríos (HMH and MHM) depending on what is specified, the cost varies.

    💕I attend almost all areas of CDMX and I can also go to EDO MEX.

    Ask for availability.

    EYE: The hotel and the condoms are on your own.


    Hours: Monday to Friday from.

    10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

    If you are a new client you must make a previous deposit of $ 200 to secure the appointment, these will be deducted from the total fee at the time of payment.

    All appointments must be scheduled at least one hour in advance or preferably one day before.

    The service is paid by arriving at the room.

    I accept cash 💵128182;, bank transfers📲 and also debit or credit card 💳 (with a 5% commission).


    1 photo (to meet me) $ 50.

    4 photos $ 150.

    8 photos and a 2:00 minute video $ 300.

    10 photos and a 5:00 minute video $ 500.

    * Custom photos $ 100 extra.

    📱128242;127909; * LIVE VIDEO CALL *.

    Hot talk while I get naked and masturbate.

    7 Minutes $ 300.

    10 Minutes $ 400.

    15 Minutes $ 500.

    🎬128253;65039; * CUSTOMIZED VIDEO *.

    I can mention your name, wear specific lingerie, or act out some kind of fantasy. Congratulate you on your birthday, show a Zing.

    5 Minutes $ 500.

    7 Minutes $ 600.

    10 Minutes $ 800.

    Do not forget to follow me on all my social networks.





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    Day 1 - Frustration to WOW

    Landed at the airport around 10 and must have been through immigration by 10:20. FAST! Hopped a DIDI to my hotel which almost took as long as the flight. Starving and in need of coffee, I ended up at a wonderful little cafe Biscottini for an Americano and sandwich. Hit up Mia Mor aka Sofia with whom I had scheduled a 2 or 3 and Khyara for my evening session.

    Mia Mor didn't get back to me until after 4, standard untimliness with these girls but I was already back for a nap when she texted and by the time I got up it was time to go to Zona Ros -- a for my esquite and al pastor -- plus I wanted a full Khyara experience so sacrificed Mia.

    So the place to go for Esquite is next to the Reforma 222 mall. Incredible. Then walked Zona Rosa and returned to the room to shower and freshen up. Khyara texted something about coming over Sunday when it was about her time to arrive at the hotel and I couldn't believe that all the pre-planning and confirmations were going to yield nothing. Started to hit up all the reserve ladies and at the last minute she said she was still coming over. Phew! She arrived about 9 after some logistical issues and she is SO SWEET. A bit shy at first standing in the hallway and then asked to shower -- appreciate that so much! I wish American women understood that a pre-sex shower is so necessary.

    Came out in a robe and we made out like BF / GF for a good 20 minutes in bed. She started to go down but first things first -- flipped her over for a massage and when the moaning started, she turned back over and we kissed then I found her secret spot -- on her neck just below her ear. She almost came right then. Sucked her very perky and perfectly sized for her skinny but not too skinny (showing ribs is not sexy) body. She has perfect dark skin, jet black short hair, very dark long sensitive nipples and maybe the world's greatest ass. Plump and firm.

    My tongue circled down to her asshole where she giggled and spread her gorgeous cheeks, yes I'm a degenerate like that, and took turns tongue fucking her holes until I concentrated on her clit and rubbed her g spot (very close to the front of her vagina right on top) until she shuddered and gave me a good soaking.

    Then maybe the world's greatest BJ happened -- somehow she took me all the way in gagging halfway down me and still taking the rest in to put her lips on my balls. Held her head there and fucked what must have been halfway down her throat as she spit up all over me and came up gasping and drooling. She loved it! Dove right back down to drive it deeper. Pulled her up by the hair so I wouldn't come too soon which she understood and went for a good ole salad tossing herself. That went on for quite a while until I put the cover on and her pussy might be somehow better than her ass. Tastes amazing, super wet, tight, pretty, gorgeous lips. Hit all the positions and put my thumb all the way in her ass during doggy and she came again while rubbing herself.

    Finished in mish and then we cuddle slept for a couple hours. She was so relaxed and sweet and comfortable -- to be so dirty and then have full trust and linger for so long after that in such an intimate way. Just an incredible young woman.

    Off to bed to recharge for the Friday Fiesta.

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    Pre-Trip Prep

    For you newbies:

    1) Go back at least one year and copy / paste all relevant info into another doc. Organize however you want. I usually do:


    Where to stay.

    Police / safety.

    Local info.

    Then into sections. For CDMX it's by how to source:


    - Cost expectation.

    - how to use.

    - girl (handle, review info).

    - girl (handle, review info).

    - girl etc.


    - Cost expectation.

    - trannies here (avoid).

    - old hags here.

    - etc.

    - short stay hotel info.


    - Cost expectation.

    - list of well reviewed ladies and how to contact.

    Then I have a working list for when I'm on the ground, who I contacted when, and when a girl flakes who I can contact quickly to replace.

    Finally, I put in food and other activities sections for non-fucking moments.

    If you have a history of giving back on any board, your questions / outreach to the local expert will be well received. Else just be humble and give what info you can even though you've never been to the area and don't ask a question that's been addressed already. If you did all of the above (it only takes me about an hour) then your pointed question will be better received.

    No, I won't share my separate doc with you -- it's your job to compile the information YOU want to create the experiences YOU desire. Part of the joy of sex tourism is the planning, imagining and anticipation. Don't shortchange it -- if you think this is "work" then I don't know what to tell you. Find another hobby?

    On the ground Thu-Sun. Have two women set up for Thursday, party on Friday and will ask for a Saturday overnight of who I really like. Until then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    I promised to elaborate on the three I sampled at the June SOPOR-T party in Cuernavaca. I enjoyed my session with Jessi and she certainly is on my repeat list. She has a pleasing personality with a bright smile and very pretty face. She is 5'6", naturals, 34-B cup that seem larger, a few tasteful tattoos, a good body and in doggie position her full bottom was a joy. She is a mature 23, smart, confident and as fun to talk to as to enjoy sexually. She gives a superior BBBJ. Her strongest suit is in doggie but she was a pleasure in all positions. I very much recommend her. You can also find her at We lingered well beyond the $500 peso 30 minute timeframe and I hope to experience many future hours with her. My photos are below.
    Thank you so much, Juan. I am in your debt. Will be in CDMX this weekend and will report on my discoveries much like I have across Asia, Europe and mostly recently Tijuana.

    QQ -- does she kiss? I really love passionate DFK and making out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    An ISG buddy helped me recover two photos of Khyara that I had recently taken and two that someone had sent me before I lost my phone. Message me or another who has reviewed her for her number.
    The bottom two photos are the ones I sent you sir.

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    An ISG buddy helped me recover two photos of Khyara that I had recently taken and two that someone had sent me before I lost my phone. Message me or another who has reviewed her for her number.
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    SWMoon Striptease

    Luna did a striptease for me in June of this year. I erred twice below, it is SWMoon69. Message me for her number.
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