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    Personal phone number or burner?

    Do people usually use their personal phone numbers for WhatsApp or to contact girls? Or do you guys generally use a second number?

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    I must have ate something bad recently because I had a really bad stomach ache all of last week which slowed down my mongering. Yesterday I met with Elektra from geisha. Academy. Booked her for 2 hours at $4000 and a $1000 upcharge for BBFS.

    If you're too lazy to read on: Would repeat. No.

    She arrived at the hotel a few minutes earlier in a black dress with fishnet stockings. I could stare at her body all day. She's around 5'8 with very perky tits, not much of a belly, and a great ass. It seems like everyone in Mexico has a great ass. She asked if she could shower before we got started and of course I obliged. If you don't know the shower at Hotel Patriotisomo is a one way mirror and watching her shower from the bench I was sitting on was quite a site. Definitely made me feel pervy but I wasn't complaining. Her English is passable but not as practiced as Sofia. We talked for the first hour but I appreciated the conversation. She talks frantically and a lot. I think it's because she's 18. She has a lot to say.

    When we finally got down to the business, things didn't go the way I wanted it to. We started kissing. Deeply and she eventually got down to my penis and her BJ was good. Solid be. Not as great as Khyara (I personally think that's impossible) but better than Katy. Got the condom on and started going to town in various missionary positions. Once I got her in doggy though, I noticed that her vagina smelled quite a lot and it immediately killed my boner. I enjoyed her company and everything up to that point but after smelling that smell I don't think there was any going back. We still had a bit of time leftover so we cuddled and talked a bit more which was pleasant.

    She's cute and great company but I'm not spending $5000 for that. I'm still on the search for some young providers that would rock my world. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

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    Amigas Koketas Escort Party

    The SOPOR-T overnighter in Cuernavaca is sold out but there is still room at the Amigas Koketas costume party on October 29 at the Hotel Lord. It begins at 3 pm and into the evening. Cover is $600 MXN plus $200 extra person fee to the hotel. At least 10 girls are promised. I tried out four girls at the June party and was pleased with the performances given by three of the four. Some of the girls seem to be new to the trade. Look for my reviews and photos a few pages below. Sessions with girls are $500 a half hour or $900 an hour. Most will charge extra for BBBJ or other "extras". Message me if you cannot otherwise find specifics at koketas06. I will be there early. At the last party I paid at the door. Those who make advance deposits are entered into raffles for services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    "I am shocked -shocked-- to find that extramarital sex is going on here. House detective, Capt. Louis Renaud.
    This is, of course, the comment of Captain Louis Renault.
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    More Reports

    I got a few more reports to share.

    First up is Gloria on twitter- This was a complete and utter bait and switch. I've learned from this lesson and hopefully it doesn't happen again. I've updated my twitter searching to ensure that at least one of there photos is from a short stay hotel. I haven't met with another provider from twitter yet but I'm hoping to soon.

    Next is Katy from geisha academy https://geisha.academwhy / katy-cdmx /. Booked her for 2 hours at $3600 and an additional $1000 for BBBJ. My time with her was really great and she provided a real GFE. It felt like we've been lovers for a long time and was actually really sweet. There was a lot of passionate kissing and really just a lot of passion in general. The session definitely wasn't wild and fiery but that was completely okay with me. Her blowjob is definitely not worth an additional $1000. Compared to Khyara her blowjob felt extremely lackluster. Her English is the best out of all the providers I've seen. In terms of her body, she has great natural BS (I think. I'm never great at gauging) that are extremely perky and her stomach is really tight. Her best asset is probably her ass but honestly, I thought her body was incredible. She said that she's a salsa and bachata dancer so maybe that's why.

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    Paulette Gennaro

    Good communication, she came to my place 1.5 hours after I contacted her for the first time.

    Very expensive, 2500 for an hour + 300 for taxi.

    Body looks same as in pictures, extremely tight and attractive. Face looked totally different. So different that I'm not sure if it was her at all. Hot but with A lot of make up. Kinda bimbo looking. Nowhere as near as natural as pics.

    Didn't want to give natural oral because I had a few tiny penile papules (I slept with 80+ women and she was the first one who even noticed it). She gives good oral otherwise.

    Sex was good, she's a great rider and knows how to take it as well.

    I'll give her 8/10 because of her body, solid oral / fucking skills + being responsive and arriving at a quick notice.

    She's not for guys who are looking for GFE experience (I don't care about that personally).

    All in all pretty good. I give her 8/10.

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    Sofia (Mia Mor)

    Had the opportunity to book Sofia last night. I paid $3600 total for 2 hours and to have her come to my Airbnb. Her English is great and we clicked really well. I'm sure a lot of it was acting but regardless it was a great time. She arrived 30 minutes late which seems to be the standard and I was left exhausted just as she promised.

    Sofia is very sensual and her foreplay is incredible. She takes it nice and slow to make sure you feel everything and it seems more like a lover's embrace than a random encounter. When we got to the main event, she turned it on and it was go on all cylinders. She doesn't seem to get tired. Like the energizer bunny. Watching her ride me in cowgirl is great but the best was when I had her in doggy. Her ass is beautiful and watching it bounce while I took her from behind is intoxicating. I definitely do plan on seeing her again before my time here is over.

    Let me know if there are other bits of information that would be helpful to you and I'll try to include it in my next review.

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    Finally landed in Mexico City. Thanks to the infamous Juan Carter I was able to book Khyara last night. She's super skinny with a cute face. She seems shy and is quite giggly but the best part about the service is her blowjob. It's quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever received and I'd ring her again just to have her mouth for two hours if whatsapp wasn't down. Looking forward to meeting with Señor Juan's other contacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyPerson  [View Original Post]

    Planning to visit Mexico City in about a month.

    I was thinking of booking at the Stanza Hotel which I think a post that I read in this thread mentioned is a good choice. Planning to hit up Geisha Academy.

    I've also been chatting with a girl off of Seeking Arrangement. Only talked about sightseeing so far. What do girls off SA expect in terms of donation / allowance?

    Geisha Academy is roughly $200 ($4000 MX) for 2 hours so ideally something similar would get me like a half days worth of time. Sight seeing + lunch + private time. Is that realistic? Too high, too low?

    Any advice on these matters and general advice also appreciated.
    Ha! I actually just swapped to Stanza. No key for elevator. Seems good to bring girls but the few I mentioned it to said they don't know it. I almost never shit where I eat, so I just go to Roma Amor (5 min Uber) - which I know is kind of a waste of money, but it's a mental thing for me. I dunno.

    Review timeee!

    Saw Scarlett (the squirter) on a rec from Juan. She's cute, no doubt, but I dunno. If you want my honest opinion, I am having trouble with some of these girls because they show a lot of obvious wear and tear VS. What I did in Asia / China. She's still cute, but even tho I knew I hate fake tits + thought I could overcome, it's still took it down for me. Can't help it. Anyways. She is cool. Nice. She smoked weed and blew it on my guy. Things heated up. I didn't bring a condom because I thought it was standard op for the girl to bring one (it's not) - so we called the front desk. It took literally 30 minutes + 3 calls for them to bring it. Mood totally dead. Long story short, I tried, went numb eventually, and couldn't get 'er done. Left without finishing. It was fun and funny but eh. She's not my thing. I can see some loving this tho! Give her a try if you haven't.

    And-e-who. I've been poking around for skinny chicks with less mileage under 20. It seems my previous rec Alizee has ghosted. Damn shame! I saw her again before she went dark and it was great.

    Using the same site, I booked "Marisha" -

    She's 20, not 18 (really not sure why these agencies lie. Just tell the goddamn truth, it's a disservice to all and makes me not want to use ya) - very cute. Slight damage on the tum (I mean very slight. I'm a perfectionist since Asia tho) - Very fun. Good kisser. Fun in bed. Give her a ring! I do have her direct connect + name. I'll ask her if I can give it out if anyone has interest.

    All in all, better punts than my first few tries. But shit, I've pulled the same amount of freebies by just going to some gigs / asking for a whatsapp / and literally just asking to go to their houses to "cuddle and watch a movie" - I ain't no spring chicken either (tho I def could pass for 10 years younger).

    Aight. Peace bros. Be well.


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    CDMX Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyPerson  [View Original Post]
    Any advice on these matters and general advice also appreciated.
    1. RTFF.

    2. Buy a membership so you can avail yourself of the PM Private Message system.

    3. This thread is uniquely about escorts in CDMX. Unless you are prepared to share contact information, please keep SA discussion in the thread devoted singularly to SA

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    November trip


    Planning to visit Mexico City in about a month.

    I was thinking of booking at the Stanza Hotel which I think a post that I read in this thread mentioned is a good choice. Planning to hit up Geisha Academy.

    I've also been chatting with a girl off of Seeking Arrangement. Only talked about sightseeing so far. What do girls off SA expect in terms of donation / allowance?

    Geisha Academy is roughly $200 ($4000 MX) for 2 hours so ideally something similar would get me like a half days worth of time. Sight seeing + lunch + private time. Is that realistic? Too high, too low?

    Any advice on these matters and general advice also appreciated.

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    Master JCs advice is gold, but it's not absolute. And Kk989 is spot on about every country different.

    Mexico is different and the house rules vary from hotel to hotel. Some want the girl to stop at the front desk and they'll call your room before she comes up. Sometimes hotel security will escort the girl to your room looking for a tip. Some let the girl come on up then when they see her leaving will call up to see if you're still alive. Some do both and some do neither.

    And the rules vary from girl to girl too. Some will meet you in the lobby or bar and some have it right upfront that they won't do that. I'm not much up for meeting in the lobby or the walk of shame.

    Best you ask your date how to meet if she hasn't already laid it out for you.

    I don't invite a first time date to the hotel where I'm staying. For those firstimers I get a shorttime room at a love hotel because it makes it easier to bail out of a bad situation. Once when an agency pulled a bait and switch on me I sent the girl away the pimp showd up to threaten me. But that wasn't in Mexico.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvMexicanas  [View Original Post]
    +1 on this great post. There is no need to be timid.
    Yeah. You're unlikely to run into any issues at any US or European hotel like an NH, Marriott, Hilton, etc. It's good to know the lay of the land, like if the elevator needs a key card, etc. My preferred hotel in Roma Norte that seems to be gone, had no access rules so girls could stroll straight up to the room. Others I'd need to meet in the lobby.

    Note that every country is different. I was recently in Colombia and there it is SOP for the girls to present their ID at the desk and then you accompany them up from the lobby. I even got a call from the security guy to my room when one of my chica's left the building to make sure everything was A OK! They don't give a shit though. The beauty of discretion.

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    My first time with Scarlet

    After hearing she's finally back in town, I managed to schedule an early date with her on Saturday a couple of weeks ago.

    We decided on the Roma Amor, and met at a Starbucks nearby. After walking into the room, and talking a bit over the last of the drinks, she pulled out her weed box and lit up.

    We went at it about 5 times in the span of two hours, she gets really horny when she's smoking. We left puddles everywhere in the room.

    She does mix the weed with the sex a bit too much for my liking, not even stopping while riding at times.

    Quite enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardDrive  [View Original Post]
    I did have a question though. When reading the escort ads, translated to English, two terms are often mentioned that I cannot figure out the translation or meaning. The first is white party (fiesta blanca). Is this term sexual or drug related. The other is girdle (faja or faje). WTF is that. I can't imagine they are talking about an old lingerie item.
    El Faje is perhaps here best translated as foreplay and most usually means while clothed. Related verbs are cachondear (horny / worked up) and apapachar (cuddle / spoon).

    I don't know that I have seen references to fiesta blanca which is la coca or cocaine and of course illegal. Many girls are open about weed, la mota. Scarlett Sise announces "sex and smoke" as part of her regular services, but I would personally avoid a girl who is blatant about coke in a public announcement.

    LunaSB asked me what beso blanco was. Her reaction was "Ewwwww" and I think I lost some of her respect by even knowing (only intellectually). Luna doesn't offer oral terminando as an extra but ReginaSB does.

    I fall well short of bilingual. Corrections and elaborations are more than welcome.
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