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    Twitter Link to Carla Prada, the Diabla Pomps

    Quote Originally Posted by Malinche2019  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great work in keeping us up to date on local beauties. I am eager to also strait contributing to the forum.

    I will be in CDMX this weekend and have almost consumed my keyboard searching for Carla La Diabla or Prada. I read great reviews but I cannot manage to find her twitter page.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

    I do try to encourage the purchase of memberships. For some reason my posts are subject to moderator review prior to publication and are usually delayed a day or more. I wasn't trying to tease or further frustrate you about Carla Prada. Although I find no restrictions in the rules about twitter links, the twitter link I provided in my earlier reply was censored and they are routinely extracted from my posts. Perhaps you can find Carla as La Diabla Pomps or as PompsLa.

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    Brenda Marian & Carla Prada

    My thanks to LovesToSploog for Brenda Marian's new Twitter account. She now calls herself Brenda Perversita.

    This is Carla Prada La Diabla's Twitter account. Her tweets are protected, though.

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    What are the premium agencies in CDMX

    Hi all,

    I tried to get membership but my cards got blocked when I tried to get bitcoin. Can some please list out the premium agencies in CDMX as what I see on the site is largely independents. Looking for safe agencies and price can be on the premium side. Thanks again.

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    Loso69 is the man

    Amazing reports! There are some women there I've been wanting to see and I'm glad I've experienced it through your reading, I appreciate the time you put into it, saludos amigo!

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    Carla Prada La Diabla

    Quote Originally Posted by Malinche2019  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great work in keeping us up to date on local beauties. I am eager to also strait contributing to the forum.

    I will be in CDMX this weekend and have almost consumed my keyboard searching for Carla La Diabla or Prada. I read great reviews but I cannot manage to find her twitter page.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

    I repeat with Carla whenever I am in CDMX. The girls complain more bitterly about client flakes than some of the hapless guys complain on this board. She is one of those who asks for a deposit to help combat the jerks (you know who you are) that double book. I never pay a deposit and whenever asked, I tell the girl exactly that. I suggest you do the same, even with Carla. If the girl won't accommodate you with an alternative verification method, find another escort. Blame the guys that double book and the trolls, not the girls who are trying to make a living.

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    Hotel Harare

    From the time I checked out of my hotel in Madrid, it was a 26 hour journey before I arrived at the Hotel Harare in CDMX. The first time I encountered the hotel name, it evoked memories of the capital of Zimbabwe. I've actually been there! But could a Mexican hotel really be named after an African capital city? The African map on all hotel merchandise left little doubt. Still haven't figured out the why, though.

    Even though I had a reservation for 4 nights, the receptionist only wanted me to pay for a single night. He must have figured me for a clueless tourist who had no idea he'd wound up at a love hotel. He probably thought I'd fly like a bat out of hell as soon as I found out. Of course, I knew exactly what I was doing. Most CDMX escorts only visit (a selection of) love hotels. Since I prefer to meet the girls in the comfort of my own room, a love hotel was exactly where I needed to be.

    Feeling knackered after the long trip, I soon went to sleep. I have no idea which images Mexico conjures up for you guys. I dream of Santanico Pandemonium. Salma Hayek played the iconic part in the movie, but my dream Mexicana is Eiza Gonzales from From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. My first night in Mexico didn't exactly serve up sweet dreams of hot Mexican chicas, though. As I woke up at 4 AM, my skin felt as hot as the fires of hell beneath the Titty Twister. As if I had a high fever, but without sweating or feeling sick. I had no idea what was happening to me!

    Being unable to get back to sleep, I just lay on my bed, feeling weak & lethargic. I had no energy whatsoever. When I felt a sharp pain down my left arm, I figured I was on the fast track towards a heart attack. The second one may kill me. But eventually, it dawned on me: I was actually suffering from the effects of altitude! Having traveled through many time zones in both directions, I've never been affected by jetlag, but the altitude hit me hard. It was a relief that it was nothing to worry about, though. I'd just have to get used to the thin air.

    Time to schedule my first date...


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    Hooney aka Mijal

    19 yo; 170 cm; 55 kg. Those model stats propelled Hooney to the top of my to-do-list. Hooney charges 1500 MXN for 1 hour & 2600 MXN for 2 hours. She often tweets a promo rate of 2000 MXN for 2 hours, which I took advantage of. I scheduled a date with Hooney at 5 PM. She eventually showed up at 6.30 PM.

    Since I was still feeling weak, I'd decided in advance to only fuck Hooney once, despite the long session. Having followed Hooney on Twitter, I figured she'd make an excellent model for an elaborate photo shoot. I was right! The shoot yielded 200 photos wearing 5 different outfits. Being active actually helped alleviate the effects of altitude. By the end of the photo shoot, I felt much better. Hooney's body hasn't been affected by childbirth. She has pert, natural tits, in perfect harmony with her slender body. Hooney looks great naked!

    Both before & after I'd nibbled on her big pussy lips and caressed her clit with my tongue, Hooney was reluctant to allow French kissing. Light kissing only! Her BBBJ was excellent: long & varied, with plenty of saliva & deep throat action. It was a delight to watch Hooney ride my dick, as I grabbed onto her splendid tits & hard ass. After I spent some time in the saddle, Hooney bumped & grinded my dick with even more gusto. Finally, the condom came off and Hooney asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth. Si!

    Hooney posted some of my pictures on her old Twitter account, which was deleted after her phone got stolen. She's recently gone blonde. She's an expert at self-promotion. I'm convinced she'll end up a porn star one day. Anyway, this is her new account:

    Mexico added. Country #104.

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    Katya Milan

    The next morning, I woke up at 6.30 AM. Way too damn early again! As I sent out some messages, Katya Milan was already online at this ungodly hour. She charged 1200 MXN for an hour. She liked the idea of modeling for me. She could be in my bed by 10-11 AM. Come on over!

    Katya is a very tall, slutty blonde. The slight stretch marks on her boobs & belly revealed she had a kid. After licking her pussy and nibbling on her biggish tits, I wanted to French kiss Katya, but she only allowed kisses on the lips. Katya's BBBJ was disappointing: shallow, with more wanking then actual sucking. BJ is clearly not her forte. She was a great cowgirl, though. In RCG, her round ass looked particularly appealing. Katya was urging me on as I drilled her harder & harder, until I exploded.

    This is Katya's Twitter account, featuring some of my pictures.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Katya_01.jpg‎   Katya_02.jpg‎   Katya_03.jpg‎   Katya_04.jpg‎  

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    I'd spotted Fabiola's pretty face on Brenda Marian's twitter feed. Fabiola has her own Twitter account, but she rarely ever tweets. When I sent her WhatsApp messages, she was never online. Hint: Try her phone number without the "1" that WhatsApp automatically adds.

    Being unable to reach Fabiola, I contacted her BFF Brenda instead. I wanted separate dates with both girls for the next day. Brenda set it up. Brenda was supposed to come first, but suddenly Fabiola was on her way as well. It turned into a race between the 2 girls, with my dick as the grand prize. Fabiola won!

    Fabiola is a petite 21 yo with exquisite facial features. Even without any makeup, she looked great. Her body is average, with slight stretch marks on her tummy and a little bit of baby fat. Her titties are absolutely tiny. She charges 1200 MXN an hour. BBBJ is an extra 300 MXN.

    Fabiola had a bad case of the flu. Even though she was a real sweetie, I couldn't risk kissing her inviting pink lips. The flu didn't stop me from kissing her other pair of lips, though. Fabiola loved it and got soaking wet. Since Fabiola's nose was completely blocked, the poor girl couldn't breathe with my dick in her mouth. Fabiola often had to come up for air, but still gave me a wonderful, sloppy BBBJ. After Fabiola bumped up & down on my dick, I loved drilling her while gazing at that pretty face.

    When I sent some of Fabiola's pictures to Juan Carter, he replied: "Who is this? " I was proud to have discovered a girl that even master JC had never seen or heard of.

    This is Fabiola's Twitter account:

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    Brenda Marian

    After failing to get the first bite at the cherry, Brenda probably made a detour via another guy's dick before finally landing on my dick. Brenda has an amazingly sexy little body, with all the right curves in all the right places, and a tremendo culo to boot. Combining Brenda's body with Fabiola's face would create one helluva sexy babe, but I hear human Frankendolling is illegal.

    Being Fabiola's roommate, Brenda had the flu as well, though it wasn't nearly as bad. Again, no kissing. Brenda normally only gives CBJ. Since it earned Fabiola a propina, Brenda was willing to try a BBBJ with me, but it makes her gag. Brenda has a super-tight snatch. It was fun watching her lithe body move as I was grabbing onto the choice cuts on her rock hard body.

    Brenda Marian's rate is a mere 1000 MXN an hour, with even lower promo rates.

    Brenda Marian tweeted several of my pictures, but her account is currently suspended:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Brenda_01.jpg‎   Brenda_02.jpg‎   Brenda_03.jpg‎   Brenda_04.jpg‎  

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    Gemma Pereira fka Jeramy

    During my initial 4 night stay in CDMX, I only fucked 4 girls, which was below expectations. When returning from Peru for another 3 night stay, I vowed to do better. There were complications, though. For starters, I would be arriving at the Hotel Harare around 7 PM on a Friday night. Who'd be available at that time? While still in Peru, I'd contacted Juan Carter for help. When the hotel WiFi kicked in, JC had come through with several suggestions.

    The 1st girl I contacted was Gemma Pereira. She charged 1700 MXN for an hour, with an extra 200 MXN for BBBJ. She was available at 11 PM. She allowed photos with face. It's a date! As I was finishing dinner at the hotel restaurant, a pretty blonde showed up. It was Gemma, who was half an hour early!

    Juan Carter warned me that Gemma's ass was too big for his taste. Be that as it may, Gemma is damn proud of her round derriere. She's happy with her natural tits as well, even though they're sagging. Gemma's body may be average, but her pretty face & great hair make her a photogenic girl.

    Gemma loved having her pussy licked. Shame she only allowed kisses on the lips. Gemma gives a great, sloppy BBBJ and is an enthusiastic fuck. When I wanted her to finish me with her mouth, she complied, albeit while avoiding CIM.

    Since I was concentrating on local talent, Colombian Gemma is the only import I dated. This is Gemma's current Twitter account. She posted a couple of faceless pictures I took, as well as a selfie she took wearing my dress. I've attached some pictures showing her adorable face.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gemma_01.jpg‎   Gemma_02.jpg‎   Gemma_03.jpg‎   Gemma_04.jpg‎   Gemma_05.jpg‎  

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    Penny Love

    I wanted to fuck at least one puta de lujo, as the locals call it. I didn't want it to be a South American import, though. I wanted a local babe! Top of my list in this category was Penny Love. I scheduled my Saturday afternoon date with Penny while I was still in Peru. Penny's standard rates are very expensive: 3000 MXN for an hour. Add 550 MXN for BBBJ & another 550 MXN for CIM. Luckily, Penny has a different promo every month. For September, the promo was: 2900 MXN for 1 hour, with free BBBJ & CIM for only 250 MXN extra.

    Penny is a punctual girl, who arrived exactly on time. With long legs & silicone boobs, Penny totally looks the part of an erotic model. I brought a sexy nurse uniform out of retirement, specifically with a silicone sex bomb like Penny in mind. The only girl to have previously worn this outfit is Russian porn star Isabella Clarke in 2011. At the time, I was the first photographer to do a shoot was Isabella after her boob job. Just for fun, I've included pictures of both girls, so you can judge who wears it better.

    After licking Penny's pussy extracted some sexy squeaks, I sucked on her big boobs, then got some tongue action as we kissed. Penny reciprocated with a wonderfully sloppy BBBJ, with plenty of deep throat action. When Penny mounted my dick, she relentlessly pumped & grinded until the sweat drops were rolling down her back. Even when Penny started tiring, she wouldn't quit or change positions. She just kept on pounding my dick, in pursuit of the big O. I should also mention that Penny has the most sexy, squeaky, girly voice. And when the volume goes up in the heat of passion, she produces the most amazing symphony of sounds. When the sounds died down after a final sigh, I gave Penny the chance to earn her CIM bonus.

    This is Penny's Twitter account. Check out her videos, listen to her voice, and imagine what she'll sound like while riding your dick.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Penny_01.jpg‎   Penny_02.jpg‎   Penny_03.jpg‎   Penny_04.jpg‎   Penny_05.jpg‎  


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    Brenda Leon

    Juan Carter informed me that Brenda Leon was in the Tlalpan area, and recommended her. In fact, she was already at the Hotel Harare. I told Brenda she could come visit me at any time. By the time Brenda announced she was coming, I'd already tidied up my room, but hadn't gotten dressed yet. I received Brenda wearing my toro rojo men's thong. I'm sexy and I know it! Brenda immediately put her arms around me and French kissed me with a fiery passion, inciting an immediate swelling in my loins.

    Brenda is a 22 yo Mexicana with a very pretty face and great, wavy hair. She has a sexy little body, with tiny titties. No kids. Brenda's rates are a rather complicated affair. Her basic hourly rate is 1300 MXN, with 300 MXN extra for CIM & 500 MXN extra for anal. But she also offers packages: 1500 MXN for 1 hour with CIM and 1700 MXN for 1 hour with CIM & anal. When I inquired about her culito, Brenda said it was sucio. I didn't insist.

    Brenda loved having her pussy licked. She adored passionate French kissing. She gave me an inspired BBBJ, with plenty of deep throat action. Most of all, she loved a hard dick up her tight snatch. Brenda rode me for an eternity, with plenty of French kissing, often while admiring herself in the mirror. When I took over, Brenda was encouraging me to bang her deep & hard, while sucking on my tongue. In the end, I exploded in her mouth.

    Brenda is both super sweet & super horny. If I gave out an award for the best service in CDMX, Brenda Leon would be the winner!

    This is Brenda Leon's Twitter, where she's posted quite a few of my pictures.

    With Penny Love & Brenda Leon, I truly had a Super Saturday!

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    Mimi aka Ana Hayek

    Juan Carter promised Mimi he'd only pass her number to guys he'd personally met & could vouch for. But since he wasn't in town when I was, I never met Juan Carter. The workaround was giving my number to Mimi instead. Since I require photos with face, and Mimi hadn't allowed Juan Carter to take any such photos, I wasn't really expecting to hear from Mimi. But surprise, surprise! As I was lazing in bed on a Sunday morning, I got a message from Mimi. She sent me pictures showing her face and agreed to model with face. We agreed to meet at 2 PM.

    Mimi showed up half an hour early. She has a pretty face, lotsa wild hair & colossal silicone hooters. She has expressive, almost demonic eyes, which I found incredibly sexy. Mimi also speaks great English! After struggling with my crummy Spanish for 2 weeks, it was a great relief to finally meet a girl who spoke English.

    As soon as we were in my room, Mimi jumped me and rammed her tongue down my throat. Nasty girl! I like that. As I was taking photos of Mimi wearing my porn star outfit (as I call it), she suddenly grabbed my crotch. As my dick reacted to her touch, Mimi opened my zipper, whipped out my dick and started sucking it! I love nasty girls!

    After I got undressed, Mimi continued sucking my dick. Her BBBJ was shallow, but the eye contact made it sexy. Mimi was horny and wanted to mount my dick. Still wearing the crotchless outfit she was modeling, Mimi rammed my dick inside her, then pounded me hard & fast, getting really sweaty in the process. When I got into the saddle, we were French kissing as I drilled Mimi as hard as I could. When I felt my mojo rising, I asked Mimi where she wanted my leche. At the moment supreme, I ripped off the condom and released my cum bullets.

    Mimi inquired whether my hotel provided parking. She drives a car! She frequently visits her family in the US. She's even been to Paris! Mimi is obviously from a wealthy family. So why would a girl like that escort? What follows is pure conjecture, which may be morally objectionable, but is ever so much fun. Could Mimi be a shopaholic, spending a fortune on clothes, shoes & makeup? Nah, she didn't seem the type. Could she have a gambling addiction? Who knows? Occam's razor dictates that the simplest explanation is often the correct one. I'd say Mimi is simply a horny hussy who fantasizes about being a porn star, but who can't afford to be promiscuous in her uptown world. Instead, she resorts to the anonymity of escorting to find the hard dicks she so badly craves. Pure speculation, of course.

    Mimi is not on Twitter. She's changed her phone number. The only way to get in contact with her is via Juan Carter.

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    Randy Ceniceros

    Few escorts work on Sunday. Few escorts work at night. How were my chances of finding a date on a Sunday evening? Whatever the odds, I beat them! Randy Ceniceros is a weird-looking chick with green hair, a lip piercing, a tongue stud and a dog collar. But weird can be sexy! Randy charges 2000 MXN for an hour. BBBJ is an extra 300 MXN. We made a date for 8.30 PM. Randy showed up right on time, just as I was settling my bill for dinner at the hotel restaurant.

    Randy is a 23 yo student without kids. She has a hard body, with pert titties. Randy speaks perfect English, with an American accent. She's a smart girl, who's studying linguistics and actually has a plan for her life.

    Randy was squealing from enjoyment as my tongue caressed her clit. She loved it when I sucked on her boobs. Randy French kisses, though her lip piercing is an obstacle. Randy sucked my dick for an eternity, with plenty of saliva and deep throat action. After donning a condom, Randy sat on my dick and started her workout. Give a Mexican girl a hard dick and she'll treat it like an exercise machine and work herself into a sweat. Randy had amazing stamina! After she got her kicks, Randy ripped off the condom and sucked on my lollipop until I exploded. Another inspired performance!

    This is Randy's Twitter account. My only criticism is that she hasn't posted any of my 100+ pictures.

    Super Saturday was followed by English Sunday. Another amazing day in CDMX.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Randy_01.jpg‎   Randy_02.jpg‎   Randy_03.jpg‎   Randy_04.jpg‎  

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