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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    Mia de Screm aka Mia and Tuya. I love her. Tell her the viejo gringo sent you.
    Thank you!

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    Dali from Mexico baires

    So I was looking around in a sister forum and found a recommendation for this IMO gorgeous girl, contacted her and asked about her services. BBBJ, anal, DATY, you name it. I figured it was too good to be true but just in case took the plunge. She was everything I hoped. Tall, soft skin, lovely smile, fun loving. 2 hours and 4 thousand pesos later I am a very happy customer who will no doubt repeat again and again. Just bring lots of lube and good hygiene and she'll swallow you whole.

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    Teran Saenz

    Just saw the chica she's thin, small tits, nice butt and cute face. Didn't really want much but oral, she made me bust twice within our 1 hour session. We didn't have sex but I'm cool with that, I haven't had a pure oral session, I came in her mouth twice. I would definitely see her again since I love bbbjs, total 1 hour session was 1500 pesos.

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    Monica visits CDMX two Saturdays each month from Puebla. I haven't much visited there since Naomi Saenz retired and it is good to again know a reliable girl there.

    She has pretty, brownish green eyes and very light skin. She is 25 years old. Five feet four inches and a little thicker than my usual choice. I am not an ass man and except for the Puebla connection and recommendations from local groups I might have avoided her as she describes herself as nalgona. Not fat, mind you, just not thin and has a nice and soft body with well formed 34 be cup naturals. She has a few tattoos but isn't extensively inked except for the big Alice in Wonderland caterpillar on her back.

    She gives good DFKs, loves to receive oral and gives a very good BBBJ that is about 80% deep throat with me. We went to 69 from there. She seemingly enjoys sex and is active and vocal. Her cowgirl is good and from there only to missionary before I came. She privides much better than average service and is exceptionally good value in CDMX although she charges $1600 an hour in Puebla. She says because everything in Puebla is more expensive, go figure.

    She only sees CDMX clients at the hotel where she stays, the Jard Inn which is at the second train ligero stop south of Tasquea. She charges $1200 an hour, $1700 for two hours, with BBBJ. Service I in her room but you must pay a $150 extra person charge to the hotel. She will charge you only $1000 if you take a room there for $350 pesos. She charges $500 extra for anal and $2,000 for an hour fifteen minutes in girl-girl-guy trio. She recommends that I stay at the Motel Punto Palmas in Puebla but she will see clients there at any hotel. Recommended.
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    Mia de Screm

    Quote Originally Posted by Xalasg  [View Original Post]
    I am currently in Mexico city and looking for recommendations.
    -18-30 yo.
    -Big boobs (C+).
    Pretty face.
    -And most importantly good service.
    Anyone you guys would recommend? Realize I am asking for a lot, of course willing to pay a premium for it!
    Thank you in advance!
    Mia de Screm aka Mia and Tuya. I love her. Tell her the viejo gringo sent you.
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    Brenda Leon

    Brenda has put on weight since I saw her last October and it all went to her belly. She was never my preferred body type with a bit too much haunch to my taste but her little tits are well formed. She has a pretty face, a quick and bright smile. I enjoy her personality, sense of humor and world class sex performance.

    Her service is top notch and she will remain a favorita on my "must repeat" list if only for her world class BBBJ and deep, deep throat that she repeats, repeats and repeats such that I thought I would come in her larynx. Her kisses are warm and deep with lots of lip caresses and tongue everywhere. She enjoys sex, enjoys DATY very much and after I had finished in her she asked that I give her yet more oral. So sweet tasting, it was like a dessert. If you need a fit body she isn't for you but with me quality of service comes first.

    Do a forum search under Central Mexico for earlier reviews by myself and others and for the physical information that I usually post. She is short but not tiny. I posted better photos of her last October.
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    Looking for recommendations


    I am currently in Mexico city and looking for recommendations.


    -18-30 yo.

    -Big boobs (C+).


    -Pretty face.

    -And most importantly good service.

    Anyone you guys would recommend? Realize I am asking for a lot, of course willing to pay a premium for it!

    Thank you in advance!

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    She has already been well-reviewed on this site, but she asked me to post another, so I will.

    This girl is highly recommended! She seems to understand the meaning of customer satisfaction, and she delivers. She arrived at the hotel dressed to kill in a tight mini and high heels. She plugged in her phone, but then never looked at it again.

    The date began with some clothed light petting, just turning into serious petting when the drinks arrived. A few toasts later, we were back at it. She moved to BBBJ right away and I did not complain. She is very skilled in this area, and seems to enjoy it. When the clothes came off, she asked if I was ready for the condom. I said no, let's play some more. She was happy with that and even apologized for rushing. The main event was awesome with seemless changes of position and lots of encouragement from her.

    All in all, a great experience. Her rate is 1500/ HR plus taxi.

    At AfroditaSexyVip.

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    Did Katia from BlogdeBusti

    Now in escorts:

    Rather punctual, which alone is worth something here. Booking escorts, I find it works no more than 50% since many double or triple book. Can be frustrating but that's the way it is.

    Katia was happy to get the business. Claims to be 19 - might be slightly older. Only uses the Busti Blog as advertising, no Twitter. Her friend, whom Busti knows, got her into it. She needs money. Told me she only gets 3 clients per week for now. However, since she's from CDMX, doesn't want to advertise too much and get exposed by family or friends.

    Pics on the blog accurate except she has a number of tatoos. She asked Busti to take them off so that she couldn't be recognized. So if you don't like tatoos, stay away. She actually is trying to become a tatoo artist herself.

    Well, she has a young tight body, that's for sure. Didn't really know what to do to get me off. However, she really enjoyed get fingered very much and had multiple orgasms. She said I was her first foreigner.

    Paid her standard rate of 1,200. She often has specials of 900-1,000.

    Won't repeat but it was a decent experience.

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    Had a date with the lovely Keily (at KeilyMx). She is a Venezuelan girl and has only been in Mexico one month. I had been warned that South American girls charge more and it is true. Her rate is 2000 for the hour plus taxi (in my case 300). Communication was very good, via WhatsApp, and she arrived on schedule. I was blown away by her beauty, but her attitude left something to be desired. When I opened the door for her, she breezed right past me into the room, continuing an ongoing phone call. After she hung up, she was more attentive, but still a bit distracted.

    I asked her to masturbate, as that is a big turn on for me. She did enthusiastically, and after a few minutes, I joined in, massaging her with my hand and later my tongue. BBBJ had been offered, but I wanted to go straight to the main event. That was nice, except that whenever I paused to catch my breath, she asked if I was finished. I told her she would know when I was finished. That was a bit annoying, but I still enjoyed fucking such a lovely creature.

    Afterwards, she went to the shower and had not much more to say to me.

    Will not repeat, but not sorry I had the experience.

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    Valery Hills

    Valery came out of retirement recently and miraculously messaged me on Saturday for a Sunday morning date. I had long ago used Busti's photo from his 2016 pool party as my Facebook cover picture even though I hadn't met any of the girls as yet so she has been on my wish list for six years. She isn't up to speed and is seemingly still charging her ancient rate, $1,000 an hour and only $1400 for two hours that includes warm french kisses, DATY, very deep throat and excellent BBBJ. We did four of five positions. She wasn't very active nor thrilled with my performance until she sensed my climax and faked her own. Still, at these rates she gives excellent value for the peso and she goes to my "repeat" list.

    She is now 27, not exactly fit but in decent shape. She has a few tasteful tats and a faded cesarean scar. She is 5 ft. 5 inches and a 34 be-cup, very nicely shaped and enjoyable breast. She is very clean and sweet tasting. Oh, she is third from the right in the old photo but she no longer has long, curly hair.

    As I escorted her back to the metro station I asked about extras. She only said she doesn't do anal. I asked about trios and she said yes, at $1300 an hour and $1600 for two hours in girl-girl-trio. She is willing to do two guys but I didn't ask the rate. I asked about CIM and she gave me a "Well, duh" look and hesitated a moment then more as a question said $100 extra.

    I posted the old pool party photo in Busti's WhatsApp group with mention of seeing her and the old timers went wild asking for her number. But I had promised her that I would only share it with guys I know or otherwise sense to be trustworthy. So don't ask if I don't know you or if your presence on ISG is insufficient for me to get a sense of your good intention. She says she only checks her work phone on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You guys who fly in and out are not likely to be able to schedule with her anyway.
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    Direct Messages

    Quote Originally Posted by AsianLawrence  [View Original Post]

    I'm in CDMX for another week. Can you DM me your WhatsApp. I'the love to meet Ann or others. No idea how to navigate CDMX.
    I wish I could but a paid membership is required to send or receive DMs or to see photos. Sorry buddy. For them as what can, if you message me by DM, please have WhatsApp installed and give my your number. I am an old guy and navigating ISG in Mexico without my desktop is difficult for me. I am here until March 8 and will try soon to catch up on my reviews.

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    El Geisha Party. Feb 1

    As JC mentioned, three of us were in attendance. If there is anything I learned from my first party, it's that when you see a lady you like, grab her because if you don't, somebody else will! Damage with all three ladies was 500 for 30 minutes.

    Jenni Petite

    I met Jenni as my first lady of the day. Of the 10 girls that were there when the party started, Jenni was the only one who seemed to have a real spark about her. I was not disappointed! She's proactive and started rubbing her spiderwoman costume against me as soon as we were in the room. The only upcharge offered was BBBJ for 200, which I declined. She put the condom on me with her mouth, delivered a good CBJ, and then hopped on top. A bit in she switched to reverse cowgirl which was one of the better ones I've ever had. We finished in doggy and then took a shower. Overall she was great, lots of DFK. We both made use of google translate on our phones, since she doesn't speak any English. I'm not sure how you schedule her if you don't meet her at a party. She doesn't have a twitter and will give you her facebook she uses for work if she likes you. Also. A point of taking time when the girls are available, Jenni stopped seeing guys halfway through the party so if you got there late you were out of luck.

    Faty Pea

    As JC said, she was very busy. I was fortunate to snag her when she was coming back from a costume change. Walking to the bedroom with her I could see every other guy in the hallway staring with a "lucky bastard" look. Like Jenni she is fairly short, but a bit curvier. Her upcharge for BBBJ was 300, which I declined. I'd heard nothing but good things and she delivered. Very good CBJ, DFK, and multiple positions, though my favorite with her short stature was standing doggy in front of the mirror. Her breasts are enhanced, but they're quite natural feeling and a good size for her. We took a shower together and went back to the party. She said I reminded her of her european ex-boyfriend. LOL.


    I had been thinking all day that*she was a real cutey, standing 5 ft nothing with dark lipstick and high heels. In my opinion, she was one of the better looking girls at the party. Once we were in the room and undressed we got into some good DFK while I was holding her, her arms and legs wrapped around me. Onto the bed things went poorly at first as she mounted me completely dry and then had to run to go find supplies. She came back and started into a surprisingly good BBBJ without asking and without upcharge. We had a good session, though I think we were both kinda tired. Finished deep in missionary. She's young and seemed relatively inexperienced, but there's definite potential there.

    Not sure if I could pick a favorite from the day. Jenni and Faty were both fantastic in different ways. Faty is more on the slower action GFE side, while Jenni is faster paced and more like your hot and crazy GF.

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    Luna SB. My turn!

    On my recent visit to CDMX, I had the opportunity to have a date with Luna. I had dinner with her, Regina SB, and Juan Carter the evening before and decided to see her the next day. She doesn't speak any English, but is easy enough to communicate with via whatsapp. She came to my hotel and warned that she'd be about 30 minutes late, but wound up being only 15 minutes late.

    Luna is pretty, I'd say she is prettier in person than in photos. I didn't take any myself, but you can find many of them in this thread. After a quick solo shower, she quickly turned on a great GFE experience. She delivers a great BBBJ and true DT, which I find most girls don't do at all, with plenty of DFK. I fingered her as she was on her knees giving me a BJ and she seemed to really enjoy it. I won't go into much detail other than to say she gives great service! We moved through a couple of positions for round one. In the intermission we chatted in my broken spanish and cuddled as best as possible since she's the same height, maybe even a couple inches taller than me, and then moved onto round two. She can be vocal at times, and not in the obnoxious / fake way. We finished the hour taking a shower together and with a kiss she was out the door I'll certainly see her again when I'm back.

    At 1500/ HR including BBBJ, I definitely recommend her, even for the non-spanish speakers.

    Will finish putting together my thoughts on the El Geisha party shortly.

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    Khyara and looking for something new

    Finally activated my membership here. Thank you all for the reviews that I ungrateful learned a lot from!

    I'm often passing through CDMX enroute to another city in South America, but because of Aeromexico's timings, I usually get to spend 24 hours in town and sample the local talent. The Sheraton is surprisingly tolerant of visitors, so I often stay there.

    I've been with Khyara multiple times and enjoy every visit. She dresses just as a college girl, so she gets no looks from staff when coming in. Upon arrival, she showers and pulls you in to the shower with her.

    Her BBBJ is amazing and allows full kissing. Various positions and always allows two shots if you have it in you. Cost is from 1200 to 1400, depending if you have to cover her Uber or not.

    She is also fluent in English, so communication isn't a problem. She can be found on twitter pretty easily.

    I'm looking for something new though. I tend to enjoy women who look on the younger side and can also speak English since I don't speak Spanish. I've found out that I often don't get a response if I send an message in English via WhatsApp. What's everyone's secret to get them to respond?

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