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    Mayra, Camila

    I had a quick trip to CDMX and got to see Mayra and Camila. Mayra has been reviewed here several times. Camila I found on mileroticos. I had tried setting up visits with a few other girls but they were either out of town or already booked for those days. I'll have to reach out to them sooner for my next trip.

    Mayra was a lot of fun to be with and is a passionate girl. Great kisser and really enjoyed DATY. She doesn't have the prettiest face but has a great body (she said she's 22). Be-cup perky tits that were great to play with, one of them pierced. She was very laid back and friendly the whole time which makes the experience all the better. Her BBJ and riding skills were a bit disappointing though, a bit too mechanical. I enjoyed it but she didn't have the rhythm down for either (might be me). I'the still like to meet up with the other girls that I missed but if I can't get a hold of them, I would see Mayra again.

    You can search Camila on mileroticos but the pics are fake LOL. This was a last resort after not being able to schedule others. Camila was a mid / late 30's thick MILF. The fake pics are for privacy, she's not stunning but not ugly either. Her best years are definitely behind her though. She had large natural boobs / butt which is what I'm always looking for. Her riding skills is where she showed her experience. I'll need to introduce her to Mayra LOL. The overall experience did feel a bit transactional though which you notice after spending a fun time with Mayra. I don't think I'll plan on seeing her again but would call her if all else falls through.

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    Well, after weeks of reading and trying to set up an account have finally figured out an email that receives emails from the forum for verification. Lots of great information here and I am very excited to visit CDMX in April. I have been active on TNABoard and look forward to sharing my experiences on this forum. Next step membership!

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    ThaniaDannae superb it was

    A couple day ago I had a rendez vous with ThaniaDannae.

    Was a bit hard to get to message her and my Spanish is not that great, but we finally pulled the plug.

    She was an hour late because of traffic, but that seems to be the standard norm with the girls here.

    JC recommended her to me and it was all bang on!!What a treat she is, I am still licking my chops by the thought of her.

    As JC said, she fits perfectly in my arms. She is skinny and that's how I like to order them.

    We had no time for any chat as she truly was on fire!

    And a fire that could not be doused.

    All we said was RICO RICO RICO over and over.

    Guys she is the ticket if you like slim girls full of sexual appetite.

    She has many girlfriends that she will do trio with.

    I am not going through any numbers with her, she was a 10 in my books.

    Thanks ThaniaDannae for a great time, will repeat soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TequilaAndSoju  [View Original Post]
    Hey everybody. Got a trip coming up to CDMX this coming December. Purchased a membership last night and currently waiting for activation so I can really dive in to the sweet details.

    In the mean time, I've been wanting to check a milking table experience off my bucketlist, and after a quick Google search, it looks like there's a place that offers it in CDMX called Ferrant Massage. Not really a place but looks more like a consortium of escorts that work incall / outcall under that brand. Couldn't find any mention of it in the forums, was wondering if anybody had any prior experience with these girls? If not, I'll happily do the honors and pop that cherry when I fly over!
    Sadly I doubt it. The. F is not really known for casas. I don't think it is legal. You may find one or two sex shops skirting the rules but occasionally they get shut down. GDL & Tijuana is much better for that sort of thing. If you do come across an escort in DF expect to pay at least $100 per session. However If you do find this place to be legit come on back and share with the class.

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    LunaSB's Magic


    My first review and it's for LunaSB? What a treat. I'm headed for a slightly different compass point here, so bear with me.

    My subscription didn't come through in time for my trip. I scrambled to find reviewed providers on Twitter. It took some sleuthing to unearth Luna's account. I lucked out. My thanks to JC and others here for leading me to put in the research.

    She showed up for our appointment in black fishnets and a mini dress cut short enough to barely reveal their elastic tops. My first impression was the pictures here don't capture her. Luna takes up well-proportioned space. She's taller, has more physical presence than I imagined. And with that mass, she packs a punch in sexyness. It's the way she stands, moves, wears her clothes. She creates gravity. The closer you get, the more you feel it. Fall in, and pause there, an inch away. You'll see what I mean. Her face is pretty but not striking. Its attraction is in the spectrum of her expressions.

    I could go over the menu and what I ordered, score her on the courses and her attributes. I won't, because that's not Luna.

    Some providers can be really good at those individual menu options, even if the overall result is transactional. With Luna, it's different. The magic is in the flow. She cedes control. She takes control. One moment she'll act like an unstoppable freight train, the next like a slightly shy date that wants to get to know you better. I doesn't necessarily happen in the order you would expect. I found myself thinking, "whoa, did you just do that?" She's got strong will, and she's got vulnerability. Her sexual current can be intense. She wants to have fun. Sprinkle in some mystery.

    A last thing. I actually lost track of time. That's unusual. I can normally peg hours elapsed in any activity. Not with Luna. I had no idea how long she'd been there when I finally checked my phone.

    What score does all that yield? You be the judge.

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    Valentina ak Denise

    Had a hard time booking for a last minute deal with a girl.

    Most girls take some time to book and when I browsed to the site of sensualonas and got a reply from Valentina.

    All a bit confusing because the girls have all different phone numbers, but its probably the agency who deals with things.

    She was available immediately and she looked great in the pic.

    1500 for the hour and 2000 for 1 1/2 hour.

    So I booked the 1 1/2 hour.

    She arrived within an hour! But it was a totally different girl then in the picture.

    I know I know, should have followed JC advise.

    Nevertheless it was ok and we got along well. She was a bit chubby and had 2 kids.

    Nice girl and she admitted it was a bait and switch deal but after a slow start she upped her service with BBBJ.

    No extra charge. She told me that she works 24 hours on and they are really busy.

    She sleeps in the car when she goes to the client.

    We had a nice time after all and I nice chat.

    But guys be aware for those escort services and their bait and switch deals!

    Face 7/10.

    Body 7/10.

    Service 8/10.

    Price 1500 for the hour.

    Communication 9/10.

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    Made a trip to Cdmx for the 49 ers vs Cardinal game this past weekend. Have to thank JC for a his contacts and his patience for me asking 1000 different questions. Thank you, JC.

    Out of all the contacts, the one I was real excited for was Vero. I scheduled her about 1 month out and immediately felt great vibes with her. She likes organization and punctuality just like how I like it. Its borderline ocd with me. Anyway, scheduling day and time was no issue at all. Took her to dinner to break the ice. Then the fun happened once we got back to the hotel. Fellas, all the great reviews about Vero is true and then some. She is eager to please. Its pampering on a whole new level. She takes her time on every step and honestly, I can't stop thinking about every thing we did. Her eyes was what I couldn't stop staring at eye while she bobbles up and down. Its ocean blue that it almost looks fake. Such a great GFE. We talked a lot before and in between the sessions. And I couldn't stop telling her how she was such an interesting lady. Because she has been around plenty of places around the world and is very educated with a extensive background. Vero, if you are reading, it was a delight. Fellas, treat her well and I promise she won't disappoint. JC, once again, thank you as well.

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    Barbara see

    Saw Barbara see, JC recommended her to me as she's the admin for the lions wa group and had some good reviews from locals but hasn't seen her himself.

    I liked the couple of photos I saw of her, so I scheduled for an hour and a half at 1600.

    Good communication, arrived punctual.

    Looks like a 6 in person and a 7. 5 in photos, which to me is quite a difference. I'd base this on a scale where I'd place Scarlett at a 7. 7. Average body enhanced through surgery.

    Service was 7. 5, BBJ was good but not long enough.

    She was fun to chit chat with, and I honestly enjoyed that more than the sex as I didn't really feel any attraction.

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    Trip report

    Recently had the opportunity to spend 4 nights in CDMX. Reached out to JC and ElPapi before the trip to collect some numbers. Both these gents were extremely helpful and even checked in on me while I was in CDMX.


    Stayed at the Kali Escandon. It is a clean hotel in a safe area. The AC at the entire hotel was broken and reading from the comments, its been this way for at least the last 4 months. The free breakfast was not very good. Was not able to find any good restaurants or bars within walking distance of the hotel. I had no trouble bringing girls up to my room. Hotel reception always called my room before sending the girls up.


    Read a review of Taira on the forum and then found her twitter (taismcontacto). She does not share any photos of her face on twitter, but I decided to take a chance on her. Plus she was the only one willing to see me at midnight, as that was when I was able to check into my hotel after my flight. She speaks good English, and her communication on whatsapp is top notch. She is a very pretty girl in person, petite, well dressed, and is fun to talk to. We sat on the bed for about ten minutes getting to know each other. She is from Guadalajara, and has a full time job in CDMX. After a bit of chit chat, we jumped in the shower together. She has perfect skin, beautiful natural breasts and a great ass. Sex was pretty awesome, we rotated through a number of positions, and when I wanted to take some rest and prolong the session, I asked her to masturbate with the dildo that was poking out of her hand bag. She does not do BBBJ, and charges 2500 for an hour. I thought it was money well spent. My friend saw her the following day, and he was pleased as well. I would repeat with her.


    Saw MoniSex the following day. Was initially scheduled to see Mayra, but she wanted to push the session back by a couple hours. I had plans for later, so scheduled with MoniSex instead. She was nearby and showed up to my room within 45 minutes. Slim figure, nice smile, has curly hair, maybe late 20's if I had to guess. Her face wasn't as pretty as Taira's. She made up for that in her attitude. Speaks decent English. Her BBBJ was absolutely amazing, and she sucked for at least 15 minutes. Rotated through all the positions. She squirted during DATY, and said she orgasmed. They kept smiling during the entire session, which made me wonder if she was high. She stayed well past the hour, and I finally had to gently kick her out as I had dinner reservations. All in all, a very pleasant person, and a great deal at 1300 an hour, BBBJ included. Probably won't repeat as there are many others to try.


    A lot has been said about Vero on this forum already, so I don't need to add much more. I had scheduled 2 hours with her, and was wondering what we'd do with all that time, since I am a one shot wonder. However, the time flew by, with most of the time spent fucking of course, and the rest of the time talking in English. I came only once, but it was at the end of an intense session. She showed me some new moves for sure. Vero is pretty open to anything, but she makes gentle suggestions on things to try. I would recommend you take her suggestions, as she knows what she is doing. Nice time at 2500 for two hours. I probably won't repeat though, as I only have limited opportunities to monger, and seek new experiences with ladies that are much younger.


    El Pepe set me up with Mayra. Mayra is very young and her youth and inexperience showed when she tried to charge me $150 USD for one hour. LOL. But with ElPapi's intervention, she came down to 1800 pesos, BBBJ included. Mayra is short, petite, light skinned, with nice natural boobs. She is my type. Smiles a lot, and speaks a little English. Sex with her was a little difficult. We struggled to find our groove, as I felt like she was trying to prevent me from penetrating her fully. I still had a great time. Finished with a blow job and came inside her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. She is studying homeopathic medicine, and also has a store in a mall. Promised to charge me less on my next visit. I would repeat with her.


    Mayra set me up with her friend Karla for my last session of the trip. Karla arrived in the morning, before I had to check out of the hotel. She is beautiful, nice smile, large, firm natural breasts and a nice ass. I was so excited to see her. She does not speak any English and is studying to be a lawyer. There was so much potential for this session, but it all went to hell in a hand basket when I was fingering her and saw my finger was covered in blood. She was on her period. I had just done some light DATY on her. Immediately used some mouth wash, and scrubbed my hand with soap and water. She apologized profusely saying that she was unaware and that her period came early. Anyways, decided to salvage the session as best as I could. Had her give me a blow job. She did this eagerly, as if trying to make up for being on her period. After a while, laid down a towel on the corner of the bed and fucked her standing missionary. Eventually finished in doggy. Condom was covered in blood. She rushed to get some tissue and cleaned me up. Some chit chat before she left. Seemed like a nice girl, but am disappointed in her dishonesty. Damage was 1800 pesos. Will probably not repeat.

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    Any info on these?

    Heading to Mexico City this weekend and would appreciate any input on these. Some of the photos look to good to be true but they all have a review or two.

    DMs are open as well if you have suggestions as well. Thank you for any help!

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    Vero is the ticket

    Had a awesome session with Vero. She is an absolute sex machine in every way.

    JC suggested her and he sure knows them!

    He is a beacon of DD.

    It saves you a lot of time, because there is a lot of scamming going on.

    Her hair is shorter now and she travels around a lot. So grab her when you can!

    She came dressed in "secretary" style with fishnet stockings.

    When she arrived we didn't waste any time and she was the leader in the session all the way.

    I felt like being her sex slave. She will do things to your body and soul that's unimaginable.

    She even had me rip her stocking from her beautiful body. Porn-style experience.

    Her menu is wide open, DATY, BBBJ, FK, rimming. But ymmv.

    Face 8/10.

    Body 8/10.

    Service 10/10.

    Communication 9/10.

    Price 1 hour 1700, 2 hours 2500.

    As per JC suggestion we did 2 hours and she left me exhausted and wasted.

    Thanks Vero.

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    Saw Scarlett as per JC's suggestion.

    We arranged to subs at the same time.

    She was cool to hang out with and had sexy / relaxed vibe.

    Good looking but I wouldn't say a stunner. Nice tight body.

    I normally prefer a natural look, but really liked her smooth skin and curves.

    Good for a pounding but maybe not the best for sensual sex.

    Fun to talk to if you know Spanish. I left her 3 k for 1. 5 hrs, but I think it was a but less.

    Looking forward to repeat with her after making the rounds.

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    Appreciation for Juan Carter / ElPapi

    Just wanted to write a short post to share my thanks to JC and ElPapi for connecting with me, sharing contacts and making it an experience that I could make happen. While I did not get the chance to book the thread's favorites as I'd like, it was still great experience and they were both extremely helpful.

    Cheers to you two!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WadeJohnson  [View Original Post]
    I'm heading to CDMX in 2 weeks and was thinking about Geisha Academy until I saw the thread and saw all the reviews on Vero. I'm curious about her now. Anyone mind sharing her contact? Are there any photos of her?

    I'm also curious about thoughts on Geisha. I liked that their website mentions something about ratings and quality control. Seemed convenient to deal with for my first time in CDMX.
    I will send contact by DM. Use the above thread search tool for photos. There are younger and more gorgeous but Vero's service quality is unsurpassed. Book her for a minimum of two hours, if you have the stamina. She is in CDMX this week.

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    Moni (SexMon13)

    I got Moni's contact from ElPapi who said she was recommended by Busti. I reached out and I was fascinated as she spoke great English and her prices are very good. I opted for 1 hour for $1300.

    We agreed to meet in the morning at 10 am. She did arrive late and was okay with communication along the way. Ended up showing up around 10:45 am. She has beautifully curly hair which I really love and she's got a great face, super smiley, cheerful, and a great personality. I really enjoyed getting to know her and she really enjoyed getting to know me as well. Soon, we proceeded and she mentioned if others have mentioned the scars she has on her ass. I said no.

    When she changed into something more sexy, I could now see it. There were multiple spots (seems like scars and bruises) across her ass, and it was not attractive at all. I've never seen anything like it and I was a bit scared. We proceeded anyway to BBBJ, multiple positions to finish across 2 rounds. The BBBJ was okay, a little teethy, but she's got great enthusiasm and I appreciate her energy. She had no quit in her as she was going down on the boy.

    I probably won't repeat but prices were decent enough.

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