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    CDMX Incall

    CDMX Lovers: Anyone know any high quality incall in CDMX? I understand brothels and massage parlors aren't a thing in CDMX but I'll be there with co-workers this time so escorts aren't really a possibility for me this trip. Better to step into a place quietly, do my thing, and step out. Help me patronize a quality establishment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DramaFree11  [View Original Post]
    Please cover these girls faces, they have families and children. Show some respect. This should not be allowed.
    I think she posts pictures of her face. She may regret it in the future, but it is her decision.

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    Scarlett Sise / The Witch is Dead

    Yet another of her twitter accounts has been suspended. She has rebranded herself as ScarlettGeisha to thwart the Twitter censors. We can but hope that her new page will survive. She has posted one of my photos to her new page! She is pre-approving followers to avoid being reported, so send a message with your follow request and mention the Viejo Gringo or "the blog".

    PM me for her contact information. I will never post about a girl whose contact I will not share. I do have her permission and the permission of all girls to publish their photos. Those below I took when I saw her in February and in May.

    She continues to threaten a price increase. Her beauty, attitude, personality and quality of service do warrant prices beyond the norm. But she is already at the limit of my own budget. I talked her into extending, at least for a while, her special price for me and for ISG, which she knows as the "blog". So mention the "blog" or the Viejo Gringo when you contact her to schedule.

    At least for a while, her rates are:

    1 hour with BBBJ $2000.

    1 1/2 hour $2600.

    2 hours $3600.

    She does trios with her model girlfriends but I don't know at what rate.

    Don't be deceived by her announcement in English. She speaks only Spanish. But she does excellent French and Russian. No Greek. Don't ask.
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    Scarlett Witch

    Received Scarlett's contact from JC as well. She has been removed many times but this is my encounter.

    Made plans the day before and she was right on time at 4 pm. I was with five other guys and a bit tired so they went first. She took 3 guys: one each hour for 3 hours with about 10 min weed breaks in between the sessions. Squirted a lot on guys 2 and 3. They had never seen that before. They didn't mind. 1 HR = 2000 pesos. After 3 hours she was tapped out and decided she needed to get some rest so I had no personal experience with her.

    She pretty much looks like the pics posted but her face is not quite as smooth and flawless as in the pics. Just looks a tad bit older than the pics. Body is great: implants and very slim. Smokes quite a bit, but that was not an issue for us. Overall I believe all 3 guys would repeat because of the pricing and the service. Aside from the squirt all 3 guys reported she is very enthusiastic and energetic. Also English is extremely limited.

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    Cdmx first time

    Many thanks to JC for helping connect me and friends with his local contacts. This first review is for Vero, reviewed a few times on previous posts.

    She arrived very timely and as stated, is a bit older than the pics posted. She is very mature in personality and pretty worldly. Can carry a conversation on many different subjects. We started with a massage (on par with many professional massages) and then finished with BJ. She does rim and anything else you would want. Nothing is off the table. Easy to talk too and pricing was good 4-5 h for 4000 pesos. I just got one hour and gave her 2000, that included the massage and BJ. Too tired from the previous day to do more.

    Speaks very good English and fits right in with everyone bc of excellent communication skills. Would recommend if you are needing a great massage and BJ and some good communication. Can't comment on any other services.

    Thanks again JC. I reached out 3 days before my trip and he came through with many contacts! Many thanks!

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    Anitta bellucci

    I was able to finally see Anita after a big mess of trying to schedule with her.

    Quick details:

    Can speak a few words of English, but not in any way that you can carry conversation in. 3,500 for the hour, offers oral uncovered depending on hygiene, good service, her body looks identical to photos on her Twitter, face is pretty close but she does have some acne that she covers with makeup, and looks a little bit better in her Twitter photos due to filters. Overall still very attractive.

    I need to emphasize that she is the biggest headache to schedule I have ever come across. I only persisted because I became a little bit obsessed after following her Twitter and seeing some of her only fans content.


    She is going to be very flaky, late, terrible to schedule with. Despite this I persisted because to be honest I was a little bit obsessed. One of the reasons was because all the previews on MM date had already warned me of this, but they also informed me of very good service other than the scheduling issues. She is inconsistent with responding to messages, sometimes very quickly, sometimes not. For our first appointment she told me to check in with her 2 hours before they decided time, and when I did she just never responded. Fortunately, this prompted me not to go get a room at the hotel, and I just went to intenzzo instead as a plan be. I already had this as a fallback because of prior reviews that I have read, so I was half expecting something like this to happen. Despite this first experience of her ghosting me, I tried one more time and it eventually worked out. For our second appointment I purposely booked it early in the day so that I can make a better plan be if it does not work out. For our second appointment, it was scheduled for 1:00 pm But after many excuse and much delay, she finally showed up sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.


    Overall she is very attractive, body is extremely fit, and looks basically identical and is expected based on her Twitter photos and videos. Her face definitely looks better online, but she is still very pretty, has some acne but nothing terrible. She does have a darker complexion in person as compared to the online photos, but I guess that is good or bad depending on your preference. I would say she is about 5 feet 5 inches without shoes. Despite her enhanced breast, she does not have any scaring around the area, but does have a small horizontal scar that is well healed and not bad.


    Service was very good. She was very fun and friendly overall, kisses without tongue, very expressive with her face during the session which I found very attractive. BBBJ was excellent. I don't prefer deep, and enjoy it slow which is what she provided. Overall had a really good time. She did set an alarm but we went over by maybe 10 to 15.

    Overall, I would say she is only worth considering if you find her to be your exact type physically and there is no other girl that will satisfy that itch. Fortunately for me, after some pain and misery in the scheduling process, that itch was scratched. Otherwise I don't think the headache of trying to set things up with her is worth it. Basically the flakiness, the ghosting, the showing up late was all well known and reported at some of the other forums, and I had experienced it exactly as they described as well. In the future, I might just try to schedule something with her earlier in the day or even in the morning, with the expectation that she will just flake. My biggest piece of advice is to check in with her before the appointment to make sure you don't end up at the hotel without her even confirming. Also, be ready for her to be quite late. I'm hesitant to make any specific recommendation to see her or not, but do want to provide detailing about the scheduling. The service and her very fun friendly personality during the session is why I understand some of the guys on the other forums are willing to put up with her BS.

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    She was the first VIP girl that I had tried. Good reviews on MM date.

    Quick details:

    Spanish only, looks just like her photos, 3,500 pesos for the hour, she actually showed up about 10 minutes early, good and enthusiastic service, gives you the full hour, but only the hour, sets an alarm.


    Easy to schedule with, but does not respond that quickly on WhatsApp, typically will get back to you in a couple of hours. Her responses are very brief and short, which made me nervous but we did not have any problems. She actually showed up about 10 minutes early to the appointment!


    Shockingly, she looks just like her photos, they are basically 98% accurate, the only difference is that she does have some stretch marks that are very very subtle around her belly that you can faintly notice if you look for them. In my opinion her face is actually pretty prettier in person. Something that is not seen on the photos that is noticeable is that she does have some scars from her surgeries, they are not bad at all, and actually fairly well done, but just wanted to mention that because some guys do not like it. To be specific, she has some faint marks around her breast for the augmentation, as well as one on her very lower pelvic area probably for a tummy tuck.


    Again everything covered. Despite that, I felt that she gave the best covered oral I have experienced in a long time. I know this might be a deal breaker for some people. Service was extremely enthusiastic to, she was pretty responsive. Very good cowgirl, normal and reverse. Good kisses but minimum tongue. She is pretty fair on the time, she sets an alarm for an hour. I know that this is a turn off for some people, but I think it is fair. Did not feel rushed at all despite that. Towards the end of our time I had not finished yet and she pretty much went all out and pulled out all sorts of different positions and easy combination of oral, hands, everything to try to help move things along. Again, I want to emphasize that this did not feel rushed, but more that she wanted me to have a good time.

    Overall, I think because of how easy she is to schedule, punctual, with good service, I would recommend her with an understanding of the limitations of everything covered as well as her being fairly strict on the 1 hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zirblarf  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to JC for all his help.

    Stayed at the Sheraton Maria Isabel in Zona Rosa. There was a large conference at the hotel this weekend and there was lots of foot traffic. No issues bringing anyone in and didn't have to pay a guest fee.

    Scarlett was recommended by JC and she did not disappoint. 2600 MXN promo for ISG members that included 90 min of massage, BBBJ, DATY. She doesn't speak English so Spanish is a must.

    Eren was also recommended but I only had Saturday in town and she couldn't make Saturday work. I will definitely be back and based on others' reports from her, Ill be sure to give her a try.

    I am not sure I would have known even where to start without JC's help. Thanks again!
    Spanish enhances the experience but it is sex, not courting. Speak the language of love.

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    Last-minute weekend visit

    Thanks to JC for all his help.

    Stayed at the Sheraton Maria Isabel in Zona Rosa. There was a large conference at the hotel this weekend and there was lots of foot traffic. No issues bringing anyone in and didn't have to pay a guest fee.

    Scarlett was recommended by JC and she did not disappoint. 2600 MXN promo for ISG members that included 90 min of massage, BBBJ, DATY. She doesn't speak English so Spanish is a must.

    Eren was also recommended but I only had Saturday in town and she couldn't make Saturday work. I will definitely be back and based on others' reports from her, Ill be sure to give her a try.

    I am not sure I would have known even where to start without JC's help. Thanks again!

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    Saw Eren based on JC's recommendation. Great experience overall.

    Some key points:

    -very petite, under 5 ft! She's one of the few girls I can do positions where I'm standing and holding her up in the air!!

    -speak zero english, fortunately my terrible Spanish was good enough.

    -very youthful and cute appearance, 21 per JC's sources.

    -I did 2 hours for 2500 plus 300 for BBBJ.

    Scheduling with her was easy, very responsive, no problems with that at all. She likes to book at least a day ahead because she lives pretty far away, about 1. 5 to 2 hours depending on traffic. Was very on time! Arrived pretty much on the dot. With most of the other girls, I spend some time talking for a bit before we get to the action, but after basic greetings for like 30 seconds she just started to get very handsy and with kisses, haha. I'm not complaining! She's more submissive and doesn't take the lead at all, but takes direction well, is open to trying any position. I had a great time. Compared to Vero, a very different experience, but I enjoyed them both nonetheless. Would recommend to check her out.

    Of note, I found Eren to be prettier in person than the photos!

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    Anitta Bellucci

    Anitta Bellucci.

    Was scheduled for her at 7 pm, but didn't work out. Communication was okay throughout although she did take a bit longer to reply than some of the other girls. Contacted her about 2-3 days ahead to set it up. The day of, she asked me to confirm at 5 pm before our 7 pm appointment, but she never replied and didn't see the messages, although they were delivered. Unfortunate, because the reviews of her online typical state the service is good, but many have similar problems with getting an appointment with her and her being flaky.

    I may try schedule with her once more, and have an appointment with Shanier Cano, another VIP girl. So far JC's recs have been very reliable with great service, but these VIP girls are less so. They are very hot though, which is why I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Will head to Intenzzo as a plan be and report back.

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    Had a few nights in CDMX and thoroughly enjoyed it thanks to JC. He is very knowledgeable, genuine and super company. He put me in touch with Eren who is quite new on the scene. She arrived at my hotel on time and was dropped off and collected by her mother, which I found very disconcerting. She speaks no English which is a shame. The service was very enjoyable. Kissing, DATY BBBJ and whatever position I wanted. Eren is quite young and inexperienced and because of the language barrier I found it a little awkward using Google translate after my first pop. But overall I still had a great time. If I remember correctly it was 1800 including BBBJ. A great time was had but I think I should have followed JC's other advice and gone with Luna. Be kind to Eren, she is a lovely girl.

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    Setup an appointment with Vero based on JC's recommendation. My report pretty much confirms the prior ones--excellent experience.

    Some quick info:

    -English speaking.

    -3000 for 2-3 hours, bit of extra time spent chatting about random stuff: mexico, food, travel.

    -not young like some of the other girls but still very pretty.

    -not slim as the prior photos show, she does have some weight on her but is still attractive.

    -VERY on time. I typically get the hotel quite early to shower, unwind a bit, texted her the room info. Didn't expect her to show up about 30 minutes EARLY to the appointment.

    -great communication throughout for setting up appointment.

    -excellent service, very passionate, great kisses, oral without condom.

    -she's a lot of fun and I can see why JC spent so much time with her!

    Might not be everyone's cup of tea in terms of looks and age, but otherwise I wouldn't hesitate to see her!

    Will try to see Eren based on JC's recs soon. Also hoping to see some of the VIP girls, Shanier Cano and Anitta Bellucci.

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    Three Weeks in CDMX

    I think I have posted reviews and my photos for each of the girls below. All are on my MustRepeat list. This post presents the choices that I made during my 3 week visit including three girls that I had not seen before. Vero and Eren are new favoritas. Marcela gives excellent and inexpensive service but for me Eren is worth the additional expense. I tried to give the ISG recommended Mara Marval a try but she never opened my messages.

    LunaSB. One two hour service and three toda la noche. It would have been more but she came into her period just as I arrived. The photos below are all Luna.

    Vero. Three toda la noche. English speaking. We spent a lot of time together off the clock.

    ReginaSB. One toda la noche.

    Eren. Two two hour sessions.

    Scarlett Sise. Two "packages # 2".

    Marcela fka Nahomy misspelled as Naiomi. One one hour session.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20191105_201358.jpg‎   IMG-20220601-WA0145.jpg‎   IMG-20220531-WA0202.jpg‎   IMG-20220601-WA0230.jpg‎  

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    Erotic massage in Polanco

    Accidentally posted this in wrong CDMX thread. Should be here.

    I'll be working in Polanco for a week. I will have 1. 5 hours off for lunch each day. It's not enough time for an escort, but anyone know if erotic massage is a thing in CDMX? Anyone know of any good ones, particularly in Polanco or even Roma?

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