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    Covid Central

    Please have a thread for all things Covid. On the Thai section you have put Covid in with the BS stuff, which is good as it must be divorced from reports and what not. In the Philippines threads, random Covid posts still pock mark it.

    The issue is this. Until Covid rules change, none of us can really go anywhere and so there is no point reading threads. As I have an EU digital passport from having contracted Covid, I can travel around the EU until the end of January and fully intend to do so. Beyond that, my wings are clipped so it is irrelevant to me what, if anything, is going on in SEr Asia or Latin America.

    I am a sceptic in this. I contracted Covid so I cannot deny it. However, I am deeply suspicious of Big Pharma and the comprador class, the excuses for politicians enforcing their rules. If I can get away with not taking the "vaccine", I will. As regards inoculating kids, that is out of the Nazi playbook, though YMMV. As regards vaccinating the worlds' poor, it is not going to happen so Covid is here to stay. And so, it seems, are we.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. Please post reports consisting primarily of a commercial nature and/or reports with links to commercial websites in the Classified Advertisement section of the Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Filming our sessions


    A lot of us filmed themselves at least one while doing sex, maybe even while p4 p. I think a "filming" topic in "special interests" would be a great add.

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    Literature of Prostitution

    How do I make a new thread / subject?

    Amado, Jorge, "The Two Deaths of Quincas Water-Bray".

    Quote Originally Posted by Vagabundo1  [View Original Post]
    Literature of Prostitution.

    - article on legalizing prostitution.

    - Earnest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

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    New Thread

    Literature of Prostitution.

    - article on legalizing prostitution.

    - Earnest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

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    Global FKK or all inclusive clubs

    I'd like to have a special interest topic that includes all inclusive clubs / resorts or "most" inclusive. Places that arrange everything like Vikings Exotic Resort, Blackbeards, Dr. Nights, or Angels in Paradise. It would be a way to compare and contrast resorts directly, instead of resorts vs picking out local talent one by one. Or perhaps it would be like the German FKK thread, but with global coverage.

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    A Money Making Forum

    We should have a "Make Money" sub-forum under "Special Interests". This forum is a great sexual resource for men (and maybe some women?) However, we all know that travelling and mongering is not a cheap sport. I think a great and wildly popular sub-forum will be how to make money, especially while you're on the go, travelling remotely, and such.

    We can all contribute on what we know, and we can PM members if a certain skill comes up in the topic where members show interest in. This can also bring more members onto the forum when they realize that they need the power of the PM to learn more about a certain topic posted.

    Members can post guides they have honed on perhaps how to make money in the stock markets, making money doing digital design, or others. I think this can boost the credibility of the forum as well, and not just have people see us some kind of sex maniacs (not that some of us aren't).

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    Best Country and City to live in for expats

    We need some consensus on which country and City is best to live in as a foreigner expat. Also some clarification as to best for Asian or Caucasian.

    The best city to live in if you are Asian and especially Korean is Angeles City in the Philippines IMO.

    I am not sure about Caucasian expats so that is why I think this would be a good topic!

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    Up to date price list

    A thread where people only write the country. City - price. It will be a list that only can be added to, people will repost it when they want to add a new country. City - price in USD. We can also change a price if it goes lower or if it goes up a little to a maximum of 10% higher, but add a " to the ones changed. Any prices that go up more than 10% are an anomaly and should not be listed.

    Average Price List:

    Philippines. Angeles - $25 SW $60 BAR $90 FISHBOWL.

    Indonesia. Denpasar - $30 SW $25 HOUSE.

    Thailand. Pattaya - $30 SW $60 BAR $80 FISHBOWL.

    Colombia. Cali $20 SW $25 HOUSE $80 FISHBOWL.

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    FKK Sky Wuppertal under FKK Germany needed

    I'm a regular at SKY FKK in Wuppertal. The place is well known for South American chicas with amazing natural titties and heavenly asses to die for. The performance to price ratio is unbeatable! A new thread for FKK SKY under FKK Germany section would be awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamashutra  [View Original Post]
    There is lots of wrong information about duration of sexual act. What is average normal time. If it is premature what can done.
    Average time of intercourse is 5-7 minutes. Desirable is 10-12 minutes for women. Anything more than 15 minutes is too long and gets boring. Premature is within 2 minutes of insertion. Premature ejaculation and ED are two different things and I see a lot of them confuse both. ED is problems getting hard and PE is coming too early with no problems in erection. ED is mainly physiological and body related and needs medical attention. PE is more psychological because of performance anxiety, stress or too much stimulation. A good way to have a control and timing your ejaculation can be practiced using masturbation techniques like the stop and start method. With time you'll get confident and last longer. Just relax and try to have fun than comparing yourself to a pornstar. Some days are a hit and you last 10 minutes, some days it's a miss and cum under 5 so it's not that big of a deal. It depends on a lot of factors as to how much the pussy is wet and how good it grips your cock and the attractiveness of your partner. For me sometimes a sexy moan could push me over the edge, for others a pinch. Just live the moment instead of setting a stop watch every time you fuck. Good luck!

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    Pre-mature Ejaculation

    There is lots of wrong information about duration of sexual act. What is average normal time. If it is premature what can done.

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    Mother daughter threesome


    Could you please have a special interest thread for mother-daughter 3-some threesome. There are a few members who have done this and a few others who have this in bucket list.

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    Monthly budget

    In an Austrian forum there is an interesting discussion about how much people spend for the hobby every month, comparisons are quite revealing and instructive.

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    Miss isg

    Did we ever get a Miss ISG topic?

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