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    Coping with outside looking in?

    Along my bucket list is "pornstar" and "Arab chick" and I've run across other users in different threads who say they have the inside on either Euro pornstar mecca or underground Arab girls mecca in heavily restrictive Islamic cultures.

    I'm all for treating a fellow ISGer to a nice steak dinner at Olive Garden (and I have twice so far), but these dudes were asking for some pretty steep finders fees.

    Am I just stuck with the reality some ISGers are just like that?

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    Twitter Links

    Telephone numbers and email addresses are prohibited in the forums, got it. But the rules are unclear about Twitter links. I often see Twitter links in posts by others but mine are edited out although I have not been gigged for an infraction. Please make clear the rules about Twitter links and please inform your administrators.

    Is difficult to know if is a personal account or commercial, for that reason we try to not allow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other apps links.

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    I just got an infraction. RCI.

    Can anybody explain to me what it means. I had commented on a thread titled "Asking for contacts" in the India section. I requested contacts of Indies as I thought the thread was meant for asking for contacts. I didn't know that was a mistake worthy of an infraction anyways my bad.

    May I know the rules of infractions? How many infractions before impounding? It says a period of six months and 1 point. What are points?

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    To postmaster.

    I fully respect the reprimand I got for planning in a public area a meeting with a non-paying reader. It should have been in the "meetings" rubric, or the best, in a private message.

    However, at the time, he had stated that he tried, but could not make payment the usual way. Therefor I was tempted to do this. I apologise, I am in full agreement with rules and will follow as my intelligence permits. G.

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    Is it approporiate to make negative comment on pictures posted?

    For excample to express how "ugly" that lady is and how can one "do" her.

    Please comment.

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    Infraction questions.

    I was given 2 infections for requesting contract info. I'm having trouble finding out more information on infractions on the website or FAQ. Is there a way to contest infractions or get more information on why they were given? I don't feel like I was requesting contact information.


    At the front page you have the Posting guidelines.

    You have two warnings because you're asking for contacts, and that is not possible to be answered in the
    Open Forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BoomBoom0  [View Original Post]
    Hi,Age of Consent vs Age of Majority

    What is the age of consent policy which is allowed to report on ISG?


    In the United States the legal age of consent is 18 years old. In Europe 17 etc.

    According to the US state department report, the legal age of consent in Laos PDR is 15 years old.
    Thank you Jackson. The only reason I asked this here was because I couldn't find the link to the forum rules on the website. Only Using google search I found it today, and off-course the answer to my question is there. (18). Please make that page findable. I wasn't trying to be a wiseguy with the question.

    I will further add that a US citizen is prosecutable if engaging in commercial sex with under 18 anywhere in the world.

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    Age of Consent in reports

    Hi,Age of Consent vs Age of Majority

    What is the age of consent policy which is allowed to report on ISG?


    In the United States the legal age of consent is 18 years old. In Europe 17 etc.

    According to the US state department report, the legal age of consent in Laos PDR is 15 years old.

    If I write a report about Laos, is it permitted to describe girls ages from 15 up? Or is ISG permits only by USA legal definition etc?



    Greetings Gentlemen,

    The Age of Consent is the age in which girls can participate in consensual, non-commercial sex with their teen-age boyfriend without said teen-age boyfriend being charged with statutory [CodeWord123].

    However, the Age of Consent is irrelevant to the members of this forum.

    What you need to focus on is the Age of Majority, which among other things is the age in which they can vote, get married, enlist in the military, and participate in commercial sex activities.

    Please exercise caution and govern yourself accordingly.



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    Regular member sending me PMs?

    I thought someone needed to be a Senior Member to message me. A regular member with just 6 posts, of which none can be read is messaging me.

    Don't both members need to be a senior member to message each other?

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    Name, Email while purchasing subscription

    Hi friends,

    I want to purchase the subscription to this site. But the gtbill site asks for.

    First Name.

    Last Name.

    Email Address.


    Cardholder name.

    My question is which of these information I need to provide of my real self? I do not want to associate my real name, real email address to a sex site.




    Let me address your concerns about using a credit card to purchase a subscription.

    1. Is there any danger that your credit card data might be stolen? No. Both the shopping cart service and the credit card service I use to process the credit card transactions are both conducted on secure, encrypted websites, so your credit card information is secure.

    2. Is there any danger that your credit card statement will show that you've purchased a membership to this forum? No. The credit card charge will appear as "GT*isginternetsale18888890788" which is more easily explained as a regular payment to anyone who might read your credit card statement.

    3. Is there any danger that a law enforcement agency might force me to divulge your forum username? No. I delete the shopping cart transaction data every few days, and that's the only connection between your credit card charge and your username. In other words, the credit card charge doesn't include your username, only the shopping cart database has this info, and I have total control over the shopping cart's database.

    In addition, the forum's servers are located in Hamburg, Germany, safely outside the USA legal system, and in a country where commercial sex is legal.

    4. Is there a possibility that I will take your money and disappear? No. This has been a membership website for several years, and nobody here has ever reported a single problem with using their credit card to purchase a subscription. Believe me, if there had ever been a problem, it would have been reported it here.

    5. Are there any options other than using my credit card? Yes. You can purchase an anonymous, pre-loaded credit card online and at numerous retail outlets. There is also an option to purchase a subscription by mail using cash.




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    I noticed I can't post my e-mail. Should I post my home postal address or landline telephone number, so somebody can contact me?



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask. The site states that you cannot name any person in codes like a*cx*v.

    Can I name that person in whole? Like abcxcv?

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    I was given an infraction for one if my post. I am not able to understand how it affects me. I searched but couldn't find anything on site. Can you please explain it to me.

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    Hi Forum Admins,

    I have a question around prohibition of writing names (of any kinds) in codes. IMHO, the advantage of writing names in codes is that the search string is unable to find it.

    Usually, LE don't go and read each and every page of the forum and will do a search option. Writing in codes will help people who are reading and will not be part of search queries. I don't think so, writing in codes does any way to avoid writing correct name; it is to avoid word being caught in search strings.

    Let me know if it makes sense.



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    Gents, I'm such a long time in that forum; is it possible to explain me.

    How to finish my postings?

    Sorry, maybe I'm too stupid, but I can't find a solution, only the edit form.

    To create a normal text.

    The original text with hughe letters and stopping every line is hmhhh.

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