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    I actually scored in Placencia, of all places. For those who haven't been there, it's sort of a nothing town but reportedly has the best beach of all mainland Belize.

    I actually met this Guate girl in the market in the produce section, if it can be called that. Out of desperation of having little to no mongering opportunities I struck up a conversation about the local produce making a juvenile joke about the size of the cucumbers. I offered to buy her dinner, which she accepted, and ended up being a kind of romantic evening with a quick screw on a beach chair. I tossed her a few bucks and never saw her again as I left the next day.

    Other than that, the mongering scene in Belize tourists is completely dead. Don't come here for the mongering.

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    Copacabana is closed

    I just got off of the phone with the current owner of Copacabana. The club is definitely closed. The owner (Mike) has put the property up for sale.

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    Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town

    As most of you know there is noooooooooo pussy for sale on the island. This was my second dive trip there and again I questioned the taxi drivers, the bartenders and everyone else I could think of asking. No pussy for sale.

    But I did get lucky one night. It was Friday night and all my dive friends had gone home. I hung out at Fido's just scoping the crowd. I met up with a local lady, mid 40's actually kinda looked like Whoopi Goldberg. We were both pretty trashed and talking shit.

    One thing led to another, the bar closed and it was time to go. She just lived off second street so I told her I would walk her home hoping to get lucky. We got to her apartment she invited me in I agreed. After a bit she started getting undressed, now ready for bed.

    To my surprise she left off her top and came to the bed with tities out and panites on. She grabbed a bottle of baby lotion and asked me if I wanted to give her a massage, bingo, I am gonn score. She lay on her back with her tits uncovered so I started right in on massaging them. She liked it allot.

    From there she rolled over and now I had her. I began a long massage, back, shoulder, arms, legs & feet. The to ground zero I started, yup inner thighs, briskly accidently rubbing against her pussy, each time I accidently did this she moaned. She was mine now.

    I turned around and sat on her back facing her ass, pulling her panties off I started massaging her ass and yes now in between her legs fingering her pussy, she loved it and responded with a bucking motion each time I went down under.

    Well one thing led to another, I stripped, did the finger smell test and decided it was sweet. From there we did about a 30 minute 69 on each other. She came, I came, it was good. So you never know boys and girls what may happen on our adventures, hang in there some pussy might come ur way.


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    Good luck and happy hunting in Roatan! I would not take a chance with CC. I did find it funny also that CC made the list in Maxim. It was funny b/c they said the beaches were good but from my reading it does not seem like there are really any beaches except the split, just piers that people lay out on and jump into the ocean from. I wonder if Maxim ever even went to this island or are thinking of Ambergris Caye


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    I still do not know how Caye Caulker could have made any list. There is not even a dive shop on the island much less anything to do. It is a little bitty spawn off island off the coast of Ambergris Caye. If you stay on Caye Caulker they come from Ambergris Caye and pick you up to dive.

    But thanks for the info, I will be in Roatan for 8 days, there are no local titty bars or massage parlours, but from what I am told the local girls are available and looking to make some extra cash, I hope sooooooooooo.

    Thanks for the write in Back, wish me luck.


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    Thanks Lion Killer! I did read about what you said about Ambergris Caye but Doubt98 paints a different picture about Caye Caulker. I just read a article in Maxim about the 10 best places for adventure, partying and chicks. Both Roatan and Caye Caulkner made the list. Good luck in Roatan and let us know the situation down there.

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    Did you not read my reports from Belize, Ambergris Caye? Ambergris Caye is the biggest island off the coast of Belize. Read my lips, there is no pussy, no pussy, no pussy on Ambergris Caye, much less the small little island (10 times smaller than Ambergris Caye) of Caye Caulker, your talking about going to.

    I am going to Roatan it 2 weeks, from what I have been able to get off the board (which is not much) the diving is comparable in both places, hence the same reef as in Belize, just a little further down the line. Pussy in Roatan? I will find out and place my reports here.

    But if your looking for pussy in Belize Ambergris Caye or the little bitty island of Caye Caulker forget it. Wish me luck in Roatan. I will report in 3 weeks.


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    I was looking to see which place is better to go Roatan or Caye Caulker, Belize? I am looking for good scuba diving and nightlife(women, bars/clubs and restaurants).


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    San Pedro, Amgergris Caye

    I was in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye over the Thanksgiving holidays, 2 months ago. There were no tourist chicks and no local chicks to be had. I hung out at all the bars and on main street, nothing was available for sale or for free. The streets rolled up by 10:00 PM.

    If you want some action in San pedro on Ambergris Caye bring it with you. I am going to Roatan, Honduras in May, I will let you know whats there in the Roatan board when I get back. Have fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FeedMeThai
    I'm looking for info on Caye Caulker.

    Where to stay, drink & women.

    Any info?
    There is a bar on the tip of the Island where the tourists hang out and watch the sun go down. Not a bad place to pick up the tourists. It is such a small island you will not have any problems finding the places to look. Everyone is friendly, just discreetly ask some of the locals who look like they may know. You'll understand when you get there.

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    caye caulker

    I'm looking for info on Caye Caulker.

    Where to stay, drink & women.

    Any info?

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    San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

    "Everything on San Pedro is more expensive than on the mainland and the chicas are no different. Frankly, you might be better off trying to pick up somebody at one of the many cool clubs and bars on the island, such as the Jaguar. One of the bartenders there, "Wayo from Cayo," can let you know about the action. The island is always crawling with locals and tourists. Plenty of drunk sweeties in bikinis all over."

    I agree, many cool bars and plenty of tourists. If you want pro go to the mainland. You'll probably be better off picking up a local or a tourist (for looks and quality) on the island.


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    Just returned from Belize and Guatemala. Here is my report for San Pedro.

    According to an employee of CopaCabana, the place is now a "family" place and not providing chicas. While we were there, kids were in the swimming pool. Not sure what they intend to do with the place. All the service rooms are still there and too small, in my opinion, to be used as hotel rooms.

    I do not know the old name of the place, something like "Maya Tuk", I think. We were told a place across the street was using that name (or something like it) and providing chicas. We went there and it was a small outdoor place with two girls at the bar. They were ok but we got a taxi driver and asked him to take us around.

    There are three main places in San Pedro now:

    1. South of the main part of town is a place called "Black & White." It's owned by a lady who used to be a worker herself. She also owns one of the two places north of town which will be discussed below.

    This place had a four girls there. Two were kind of cute. But none were as good looking as the owner and she was not available. Too bad.

    2. North of downtown is a place called "Alcatraz." Owned by the same lady above. Several cute girls but they were already busy with some potential customers. A really cute black chick was sleeping behind one of the bars and didn't want to be bothered. The girls there can be taken home only after 12am, otherwise you have to do your action there.

    3. Very close by is "Compadres." The best of the lot. Several really cute chicas. My buddy (a Belizan and veteran mongerer all over Belize and Guatemala) started to check some prices. To take one home for the night, they wanted $200 USD, which is a total rip-off.

    Everything on San Pedro is more expensive than on the mainland and the chicas are no different. Frankly, you might be better off trying to pick up somebody at one of the many cool clubs and bars on the island, such as the Jaguar. One of the bartenders there, "Wayo from Cayo," can let you know about the action. The island is always crawling with locals and tourists. Plenty of drunk sweeties in bikinis all over.

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    Was in San Pedro 7/24 - 8/1 and didnt see the Copa Cabana though I didnt ask around about it. I was approached on the beach by a rasta looking fellow that went by Jacob that offered several items including girls. I told him I was staying at the hotel 3 doors down from where I actually was and to meet me at 7. To my surprise he shows up with a crusty woman that I'd bet was in her 50's. Needles to say I declined the offer at any price. Opening bid was .75 and dropped to like .20 before I bolted. Lots and lots of hot civilians around but never got "the look" from any of them. Also heard reports that Almond Hill in Belize City was the place to go though I just passed through the airport so no first hand on that.

    Good luck and be safe.


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    For those who may not know, Copa Cabana in San Pedro has been closed to "action" for awhile. They've just functioned as a bar, while their pool has seemingly gone unused. They do have some rooms on the side and around the back that are made to look like thatched huts.

    Well, I was talking to a taxi driver today when all of a sudden he turned his head and started catcalling a bunch of cuties. Well, that's a bit unusual here on the island. Turns out, they were Hondurans, fresh arrivals, here to "work". Where at, you might ask? Why Copa Cabana of course! According to my driver, they are open for service.

    Well, this is a bit surprising to me, because there have been very few pros around here, and definitely not any known established house or brothel since Copa Cabana stopped serving anything more than a cold one. I know the island has been feverishly improving its resort image, building like crazy these past 2 years, could it be that the town council has finally recognized (or given in) to the idea that the revenue they need to continue improvements can come from such an establishment? Probably not, but this is definitely news. I may have to go check it out myself.


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