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    Anna from Nica.

    If it is the same Anna from Nicaragua as I am thinking of I believe you had a gem.

    She is from Rivas and is super sweet. Not the hottest girl but such a sweet demeanor. A girl I feel deserves much better than What Her country offered her.

    Cocal overall is an experience every man should get to partake in if you like the beach, fun parties, and hot women from the Latin world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spivvv  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers! Thank you all, for the guidance and information about Hotel Cocal! I got to Costa Rica for the first time in late 2018, and I had a great time. Jaco was my last stop before heading back to San Jose for my return flight. I figured it was the easiest thing to stay at Hotel Cocal, near the chica action, and that was a great decision.

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    Hotel Cocal is AMAZING!

    Hello brothers! Thank you all, for the guidance and information about Hotel Cocal! I got to Costa Rica for the first time in late 2018, and I had a great time. Jaco was my last stop before heading back to San Jose for my return flight. I figured it was the easiest thing to stay at Hotel Cocal, near the chica action, and that was a great decision.

    First, the hotel (while pricey about US $150/ night) is excellent! It was the best hotel of my whole trip. The beds are comfortable, the showers are hot, the towels are fluffy, and the AC cranks. I recommend staying by the parking lot, rather than by the pool, as the music and party goes all night long and it gets loud.

    Sure, enough there are TONS of chicas, ranging from a few 5's to plenty of 8's, 9's, and 10's. They come from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, and of course Costa Rica. One evening, as I walked to the bar from my room, I scanned the crowd and confirmed that the chica-to-guy ratio really was about 10:1. That was at the height of the evening, but it happens every night. There are chicas there in the morning and afternoons, too.

    The chicas are very forward, and will easily approach you as you sit at the bar. It's a great set-up hang out at the bar, get a chica, and return to your room.

    Over my three nights there, I enjoyed three chicas:

    -Anna, from Nicaragua. Pretty brunette with a decent body. About a 7. Great attitude and fun to hang out with. She and I banged for about an hour, and she had three orgasms! Face: 8. Body: 7. Service: 7. Attitude: 9. Cost: $80. She wanted to see me the next night, too.

    -Daniela, from Colombia. A tall, beautiful brunette with a great boob job. A solid 10. Lots of fun to hang out with. We banged for an hour. She showered before and after, and wanted a repeat the next night. Face: 10. Body: 10. Service: 8. Attitude: 9. Cost: $100.

    -Karen, from Costa Rica. A beautiful blonde with a great boob job. She works in San Jose and speaks excellent English. She drives out on the weekends to work in Jaco. Super hot, but she was no fun once we got going. Face: 9. Body: 10. Service: 6. Attitude: 5. Cost: $100.

    All in all, Hotel Cocal is paradise on earth. Stay there when you're in Jaco, and make it easy on yourself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvaark69  [View Original Post]

    In Jaco and in San Jose are there strip clubs with a hotel attached? The idea is to find a chica in the club and then take her to the hotel, paying a fee for the room for an hour or so. Thanks very much.
    The Pirates Club in San Jose; has rooms available for ST. They have a website you can get add'l info from.

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    Question about Jaco and San Jose.


    In Jaco and in San Jose are there strip clubs with a hotel attached? The idea is to find a chica in the club and then take her to the hotel, paying a fee for the room for an hour or so. Thanks very much.

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    Jaco in Nov 16th.

    Hey mongers,

    Thanks in advance for your help. It's been about 10 years since visiting Jaco and going to spend the weekend of Nov /16th there with some friends. The beetle bar was the place back then, but I see from this forum that the Cocal is the main attraction plus some other local bars. I'm looking forward to tasting the local treats. Any info on this adults only hotel? Copacabana. The Cocal is full that weekend.



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    Thanks Shamester.


    Your updates are freaking awesome. I am going to Jaco in February so its nice to be able to picture what it's like! Thanks man.

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    When the dream goes awry.

    Just happen to come across this article and thought I'd share here. https://www.foxnews.com/world/americ...ce-family-says.

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    Visited Cocal on Saturday. Lame. Found a sexy petite nica. Exchanged numbers. Attempted to hook up on Sunday but couldn't secure a venue. Others attempted to contact me but unable to secure a venue. Passed on my Dominican. Departing for Belize.

    Sunday in the afternoon was horrible.

    My suggestion for cocal newbies is to every day at different times. Accumulate numbers and never pay over 100 for an hour. You shall be delighted what unfolds with discipline and patience.

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    Today, wanted to have sex in the morning. Texted contacts. My chica from last night responded. Scolded her about some issues from yesterday. She promised to obey papi. $100 for 1. 5 hours including ass. Generally not into that but she brought it up. Purchased lubricant from the pharmacia on the road to cocal. They had a good selection.

    Registered her at the hotel to avoid the $20 guest fee. She left her ID at the desk.

    Chica was stoned. It made her look incredibly sexy. Improved GFE. Gave a good BJ. Grabbed the lube and reverse cowgirl in her ass. She danced to the rhythm of Dominican music. Unbelievable show. She danced on my cock for a long time. Stopped when it was sore. Straight to pussy. Good cowgirl in her pussy. Attempted to finish in missionary. Finished with a HJ.

    Showered up and finished up with reciprocal massages and BJ. Chill chica. More relaxed.

    It was funny texting her about ass phuckin. Texts back ass is ready. Follow up texting is fun. Plays along. Walked around on a cloud for awhile.

    Todos noche is available tomorrow for $200. My guess part of the incredible price which still includes ass is the nice room with split air and a good shower.

    Suffice to say, my opinion of Dominicans has changed. Many of them offer ass at no additional price.

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    Loco Chicas

    Returned to Cocal around 1100 pm. Many chicas with not too many dudes.

    For some reason, overwhelming amount of older hoes and many day tripping SJ hoes. Also much less chicas of other nationalities. IMO its better to go before sunset and secure chicas.

    Pricing is all over the place. Some of the $150 chicas refuse to lower their price. LOL, they are still there at the end of the evening. The ones that get picked overwhelmingly are the curvey slightly overweight chicas with personality. The thin ones which is my preference are often overpriced statues.

    Accumulated some numbers. No desire to partake tonight. Planning for Saturday and Sunday.

    Found another sexy petite Dominican that lives three minutes from Cocal. Her place is available. Lives with a roommate. Perfect for me. Definite for today. All holes available.

    Many cunning chicas sitting at the bar trying to hustle drinks. Surprisingly some chicas were offering to do drugs during the session. Nancy, a local skinny home cons me into a corona and takes off. Tries to get me for 100 per pop. Forget about it. Texted her no sex because she is dishonest. She said no problem since there shall be someone else. Texts back later asking what I want from her. Replied nothing. Plus many hot chicas to select (supply and demand). She texts back she is one of a kind. Pass.

    My SJ chica finally replies she is in tarcoles.

    Then arrives to Jaco in a car with friends. Asks me where am I at 1:30 am. Wtf. Informs me we can meet up for awhile today. Her friends are unaware she is a prostitute. Oh well, what do you except from a teenager. At least she is cheap and makes an GFE attempt.

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    Finally participated in the Cocal lineup. The last few days rested up for tours and failed to visit the Cocal.

    Jaco has been raining off and on very hard. The rain and power going out was a deterrent to going out.

    Accu weather is fairly accurate. Timing activities according to the rain forecasts.

    Still keeping in contact with SJ chicas. One prima donna wants an uber. Pass. My 18 year old gem is supposed to be arriving today. Typical teenager.

    Visited cCocal in the morning. Some doable ones.

    Revisited around 300 pm. Small numbers but more good ones. The heavy rain is hurting the lineup.

    More girls from San Jose that arrive in the morning and leave around 600 pm. Then onto the hdr.

    Selected a petite sexy with a very nice ass Dominican named Melanie. She is an hdr regular that hangsout with the other Dominicans at the slot machines.

    Negotiated 100 for 1.5 hours and multiple pops. Ass is also on the table. Pay after and GFE. Snuck her into my hotel.

    Wears no makeup. Nice hazel eyes and hair. Kissing but not french. GFE is lacking. Gives good covered BJ. Uses teeth well.

    Reverse cowgirl is great. Viewing and grabbing that ass is great. She was also giving me lap dances at the Cocal. Feels darn good.

    Cowgirl is good because she doesn't Jack hammer you. Missionary is good. Screams with pse. Told her to lower her voice due to families being around. Multiple pops. Allows you to push her head down while performing BJ. Good tempo. Pro. No finger banging or pussy licking.

    Shall repeat and hit that ass.

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    Arrived to.

    Jaco on Monday.

    Good lineup.

    Chicas from Colombia, DR and Panama.

    Chicas are aggressive. Dry fucking and grinding.

    Negotiating is critical. Starting rates range from 100 to 150. Negotiated with a sexy Panamanian for 3 hours $200.

    Passed. Collecting numbers to follow-up later. Need to be ready for morning tours.

    Shall follow-up with an insanely hot Costa Rican Chica named Sofia. Slender with big tits. 120 might be worth it.

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    Jaco tidbits September

    I was in Jaco and many other small towns recently.

    I have read many of these threads and I guess it depends on what you want.

    If you go just for short terms fun, the Cocal is not a great option for reasons everyone before has said. Although I do advise going to eat dinner and enjoy the sites and some flirting. The food is decent too.

    However, many of these girls also go to other clubs like Orange Theory, Man Cave, Republika and more. There they lighten a bit are less mechanical and more fun. For $80-100 you should be able to find something fun. Keep in mind not all these girls work but when you talk, they will let you know.

    Great place to have fun.

    Also I was approached on the beach a few times also in day.

    My preference is to do Tinder. I love the young, sweet and amazingly sexy ladies I have found. You can always have them meet you in Jaco.

    Also Nicas, Venezuelan, and (Even Colombianas I have heard) can be found for $50-$60.

    I go there often and this is what I have found.

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    Jaco Beach. Balconie Del Mar.

    Headed to Jaco this weekend and staying at the Balcony Del Mar, which is very close to the Cocal.

    I've done as much research as possible and read the forums carefully (the rest of the Internet has no photos or advice on the Cocal scene). And my question is: where will the hot ones start their negotiating? I'm talking about the 9's and 10's: will they be willing to settle for $100?

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it and will post my report with as many photos as I can take.

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    Jaco August 2018

    Don't get me wrong there is a large quantity of women at the Cocal casino bar at the nighttime hours.

    Tonight was my first night back here in Jaco in about a year. I've been here many times before but tonight I just couldn't partake. The attractive ones had that silicon unfriendly look which from years and years of experience down here let me know ahead of time that it was most likely going to be an unpleasant experience.

    I wouldn't mind paying twice as much than they ask for if I knew they wouldn't get all snotty and unfriendly.

    Basically Jaco is what the Delray used to be, unfriendly girls, just much more expensive. Most of the girls are asking two hundred now. I don't know about the fat ones. I didn't ask. In other words, it is a sub par alternative to places like Colombia.

    Unless you seek oppressive heat and humidity (I have lived in South Florida and this is much worse you'll sweat even at night time), there really is no need to venture out to Jaco for this kind of activity unless you have one of those fetishes to be treated really bad and spend all your money.

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