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Thread: Vadodara (Baroda)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSMonger  [View Original Post]
    Hello seniors,

    I am in Vadodara for a couple of days. Need some food. Would really appreciate some SP or indie contacts / other info. Can reciprocate with contacts in NCR. DM is active.
    If you are looking for some spa action, then visit the spa under wellness chain near Atlantis height and you can take the service of Jig.

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    Need SP details.

    Hello seniors,

    I am in Vadodara for a couple of days. Need some food. Would really appreciate some SP or indie contacts / other info. Can reciprocate with contacts in NCR. DM is active.

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    Need SP contacts in Vadodara.

    Hello seniors,

    I am in vadodara for a couple of days. Need some food.

    Would really appreciate some SP or indie contacts / other info.

    Can reciprocate with contacts in NCR. DM is active.

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    Reports of 3 girls on spa on vasna bhayli

    New MP found on vasna. Full service within 5 k. 1. 5 k counter charges and 3 to 3. 5 k to the therapist. Includes licking, BBBJ, and FS. Have been there 3 times, girls might seem average, but, overall great service.

    Nini (average built, good experience), Apple (Bulky, above 30, average experience) and Mimi (slightly over weight, finest experience).

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    Please PM me number.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raju1974  [View Original Post]
    After many days of trying here and there could get what I want, to my satisfaction. Since Sps didn't had anything for today, I tried this one.

    In a MP. Out of innumerable ones in Vadodara and trying this and that today was a lucky day, where I had "almost" everything within my budget.

    I can't post here any specifics since I done want LE bust the place and those specific people leave the city again, as have happened before.

    Seniors many are already in touch with me can PM me to get details..
    Please send me mobile number. Please PM me.



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    Consolidated report.

    The few times I do opt for a release in the city, the see spa near the actress place is my absolute go to.

    Every single time, I've left with a shit eating grin on my face.

    The counter charges aren't too high, something around 1800-1900, and they always try to push you for a membership, which isn't the worst problem in the world.

    Been here a few times, including before relocation from down the road.

    The NEs, the Thais, doesn't matter. Every single one has been great. Always managed to chat them up a bit, which is surprising because I generally like to wander off and enjoy the massage. B2B is a bit higher than what I understand the average is, and I generally shell out around 2.5 k.

    Worth every rupee. The quality is far better than the electronic store down the road.

    WIR. My absolute go to, though have found it a tad bit annoying to get appointments at my preferred time (always here on work, so schedules are a bit tight).

    I've never asked for a particular therapist. Just wing it with whoever they send in. Though there was a petite, older Thai, M (her name is the letter pronounced phonetically), who was an absolute delight.

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    Thai back to back.

    Hello guys,

    Very disappointed by not getting a good girl who gives pure GFE. Yesterday booked a Thai girl Miss A at spa named by famous intelligent fish.

    Girl was chubby and heavy but not too much. Average massage. After 45 minutes she asked what I want, I said nothing. She said she can't let me go without any extra because she don't have money. Price offered was 4 k for BJ and B2B while 1.5 k for only HJ. I said fuck off and I am going shower. I offered 500 for HJ and 2 k for BJ and B2B. She didn't want to come down. After 5 minutes she was ready with 2 k for BJ and B2B. B2B was just like name shake and she has good big boobs. She gives really good sluppery BJ very nicely.

    Guys these all are really ready to do in 2 k or even less price if we ignore them.

    Keep enjoying and exploring.

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    Thai for your soul.

    Hello brothers,

    With the help of fellow senior brother I went to this MP near Akota Garden, yesterday and asked for a thai and managed to convince the counter guy to allow multiple foods in one session. So that I could taste the quality. So had 2, 45 minutes each.

    Normal massage started with grilling around the bum and within 15 minutes they are upfront asking about extra. Menu included HJ, B2B, BJ as usual. Asked 3 k for B2B, BJ but I denied as the quality was a turn off and it was too much. She look like she is in early 30's. There was no question of extra negotiation. See me in complete denial, she went very rough on massage and I had to ask her to stop. She unnecessarily, multiple times played with the tool (trying best to make it look accidental) and checking as if I am turn on and if I change my mind. But I was totally not into her trap, acted like a shakt lounda. Hehhe. After 45 minutes Asked her to send another. After 5 to 7 minutes wait, there was a knock.

    The second Thai was far better than former. Short and slim, looks younger. And her first question after entering the room is "what do you want". More massage? I said I don't mind. She said did you not like my friend. I said, naah. This girl again directly went inside the dispo and started her negotiations. I mean, I don't know wht she discuss with the first one, she thinks in that almost compromised position it is literally very HARD to negotiate. From 3 k I came to 2 k for B2B-BJ. She was just waiting for it. Asked me to wash it in soap, tookme to the basin and clean it up as per wish. Asked my johny to wear a cap. I said no way, that's not how BJ is done in India. Now this girl say, 500 more and nothing will be between us. By this time I knew where was it going and agreed on it. Pure B2B started. After so much grilling and touching since an hour, Could resist only 5 more minutes of pleasure. Overall it was good exp. Only trun off is these girls don't know English. Very difficult to communicate. Would love NE in with the same offerings than Thai. I guess it could be done in 2 k with right bargaining. We should not be paying these services more than it deserve to have the price controlled. Counter charge will be 1 k.

    Lets see.



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    Again Thai.

    Hi guys,

    Went to spa near akota garden. Counter was 1 k and in membership they give 8 in 5 k.

    Opted Thai girl named miss A. Good height and body but face I don't like and seems aged. Given good massage for 10 minutes and said she is hungry she can not do more. She asked for extra I said no as I didn't find her attractive to spend money. She then changed therapist and send some NE. She was also looks aged. Given good massage and for extra I said no to her too. Then manager asked me if want to try else. I said OK and he send new Thai girl name miss why. Looks was OK OK but seems attractive. She gave OK OK massage with towel. At the end ask for extra. I said what on menu and price. Asking 4 k for B2B and BJ. I said 2 k she was not ready she comes down to 2.5 k lastly I was OK for that. Started deed she said she will not remove panty I was out of mind and say I don't want to do anything as deal was for B2B and BJ. She again tell me only BJ and 2 k without removing cloths. I said no and took money back. And came back without any action as I don't wanted to waste money on just mechanical deed.

    Guys please keep all these Thai in their limit don't put sweets in their mouth as they asks.

    They always come down rate for hard bargain.

    Keep enjoying.

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    MP with amazing services!

    I have done a lot of mongering in and around Vadodara, it was getting late yesterday and after approaching a few spas and getting turned down, I ended up at a spa near Akota garden. The counter guy told me the girls told me the birds had left and said that he would call one Thai therapist if I was ready to wait.

    I ended up waiting for a good half hour and low and behold I was greeted with a legit Thai chicken about 25 years old.

    The massage was awesome and she was very upfront about providing extras, after asking her what was on the table I was told that a BJ was on the cards for 2500, I negotiated to 1. 5 K and she agreed.

    All in all she sucked really well BBBJ and CIM. She said come back again and we could fuck.

    Total cost. Counter 2 k + 1.5 k extra.

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    Spa in station.

    Went to MP with name station in Akota, because I had some nearbuy coupons. Turned out to be a shitty experience. Forget about extras, these newbies do not even know how to massage. I felt like my legs started from my knee. Don't know who hires these people. Anyways nothing much to share. I still have a lot of them to try. Keep posting.



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    Hail Russia.

    Hi friends,

    Recently had an awesome experience with a Russian therapist in one of the renowned spa chain. Sad that there's no extra offered. However the spa was very much sensual. First half and HR was normal msag. Thn the bare back and bump. There was a time the focus was totally around the AH and the tools near by but it was all in direct access. I was expecting an ask from the other side but there were none. I didn't know if I should have made a move of asking for menu but if was my first time so I choose to spectate. You guys can try your luck too. But I warn you it is double the normal damage. But worth it. Its near the chowk named with hindi of "letter" .

    Would give 8/10 for spa experience.



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    Difficult to find but available.

    Hi friends,

    Great to be here. I am sharing my first time experience with a bird from NE. Nepal to be specific. I got details of the SP from a friend's friend's friend. Too tough to get hold. 4 k. Had to take for 2 times so that we can fly outside. Didn't find the hosting place to be safe enough. I know it got costly but the package has quality worth paying. Everything allowed except France. Had some good time. BJ and other suckling. She was smiling at my face when enjoying which makes me remember her face. These birds change in a week. I had 5 options to choose. So it's up to you. No complaints. Will suggest to have your own place instead of oyo. You have to arrange transportation after or drop. Once in circle you will be informed when a new bird is available. Sry I am new here. Learning the abbreviations.

    Had few good MP experience as well. Will post them soon.



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    Quote Originally Posted by BoomBoomDesi  [View Original Post]
    Went there a few days back. Only NE staff. No extras offered. Don't go there if you are into mongering.
    I would say. It's decent MP. Cheap relax through nearby coupons. No extra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadugar  [View Original Post]
    I was going to one of the chains near famous mall.

    One small chick from Myanmar.

    Went to her for more than 10 times.

    And finally got the opportunity.

    Carried protection.

    Made a merry.

    After that she left for unknown place.

    Now not there.

    So, wait to gain.
    Please clear your msg box so that we can communicate to you. Please.

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